Jun. 14th, 2017 04:20 pm
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Today at work Denise told me to go up front because someone wanted to see me..I thought it might be Ingrid back in town, so I was completely shocked when a customer presented me with a smoothie!! She said she appreciated all that I!! That was so kind of her..awww (another time a customer gave me an entire box of lens cleaning wipes for glasses..our customers are awesome lol)

On Sunday I had the awesome experience of getting an ingrown toenail removed. When the doctor was about to numb my toe with a big needle, he was like "this is gonna suck, don't move." Challenge accepted! I didn't even was just staring at me and later she said "I expected you to go 'ow ow ow!', but you were just calm, cool, and collected." I think even the doctor was impressed, because he kept saying how well I was doing lol. Now I'm terrified to trim my nails, I don't want it to happen again D: (they're super painful!)

I just read a book about Lieutenant Castner's exploration in Alaska in 1898 (that's who Castner Glacier in the Alaska Range is named after!) looked interesting, but I didn't expect his awesome sense of humor! Here are some interesting/amusing passages I found
under here )

pics for june 11-14 )

Today's trivia: Bob Hope hosted the Academy Awards a record 19 times

Heeehhh :D

Oct. 26th, 2016 07:47 pm
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 photo 14713525_1441204919237992_4564863097916944780_n_zpsrfkxmksl.jpg
What happens when mom and I both get dessert, and it comes with cherries, and mom says "Cherry!" when taking the picture LOL

 photo 14720330_1441204915904659_3647213833243531490_n_zpsjzfxpoks.jpg
Fuuun times LOL :D

The dentist yesterday went fine..the hygienist totally understood when I said I'd rather have a dry mouth than depression. It also helped repeating every Cherry quote I could think of in in my head haha ("stick it stick it" *stares intensely at the ceiling*). Other than the dry mouth, the dentist said my teeth look fine..phew!!

Day 2-Handwrite your LJ name )

Today's trivia: Police dogs are trained to react to commands in German because the German tone sounds harsher than an English tone, which immediately gets the dog's attention
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Abby's scared of the vacuum too, though she hasn't tried to destroy it yet :P

One of my cousins from California was in Fairbanks this weekend (briefly anyway)..I didn't even know till I saw his Facebook pics. It would have been cool to see him, but he didn't have enough time I don't think. He saw the Northern Lights too, nice! I asked mom to guess who was here and she was like:

Mom: Obama
Me: No
Mom: TRUMP??
Me: Nope
Mom: Hillary??
Me: Nope
Mom: Cherry!

LOL..if only that could happen..(I seriously think we would have gotten along so well..I was born in the wrong era :( *sniff*)

Ughhh I have to go to the dentist tomorrow. D: The hygienist is going to get onto me again about the medicine (Prozac) that makes my mouth dry. I'd rather have a dry mouth than depression, and I'm not going through the switching process all over again, especially since Prozac works so well! Hopefully she'll understand..

next meme: handwriting )

Today's trivia: The first foreign aid bill was passed by Congress in 1812. The funds were for earthquake relief in Venezuela
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Today I went to the eye doctor for my regular checkup (I couldn't read the numbers clearly on the gauge at the Chena Flood Control dam, and mom could just fine..I figured it was time anyway :P). My vision did get a little worse (ughh how can it even get any worse?? Haha), but nothing too crazy. My right eye is a lot worse than my left, it's -7.75 and my left is lol. I picked out new glasses too (they're gonna be blue and brown I think). Guess that's what I'm using my PFD for lol. They should arrive in a couple weeks I think..

I got The South Polar Times today, and it's gorgeous and amazing and OMG I love it. I about fell over when I read there's a mountain (Mt. Cherry-Garrard) and an icefall (Cherry Icefall) in Antarctica named after him!! I'd been wondering if there was anything named after him there, and I'm SO glad there is!! He definitely earned it anyway lol (new item added to bucket list: see Mt. Cherry-Garrard and Cherry Icefall :D)

Day 7: Post a picture of you without make-up if you usually wear make-up, or with make-up if you don’t usually wear it )

Today's trivia: One gallon of water can produce 1 billion snowflakes

Rainy June

Jun. 28th, 2016 04:41 pm
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FAIRBANKS — For the second time in three years, Fairbanks is chasing a rain record in June.

After the deluge on Sunday and Monday, the monthly total for rainfall at Fairbanks International Airport rose to 3.2 inches — less than half an inch shy of the all-time record.

“It’s certainly not out of the realm of possibility,” said Rick Thoman, a meteorologist for the National Weather Service in Fairbanks.

No matter what happens the final three days of the month, 2016 already ranks fourth all time for total rainfall in the month of June since reporting began in 1912.

Heading into the weekend, the airport had recorded 2.42 inches of rain in this month, but the thunderstorm that struck the Interior on Sunday brought another 0.44 inches, followed by another 0.38 inches Monday morning.

The amount of rainfall at the airport this June is more than double normal. To put the precipitation in perspective, the airport received more rain on Sunday than in the entire month of June 2013.

To get the record, this month would have to surpass 3.56 inches, the mark set just two years ago, in 2014. That year, an eleventh-hour shower late in the evening on June 30 brought 0.1 inch of rain, just enough to break a tie for first place between 2014 and 1949.

The airport would need to record 0.36 inches of rain before midnight Thursday to tie the record, but Thoman said it wouldn’t be totally surprising.

"The airport received more rain on Sunday than in the entire month of June 2013." WOW! That's crazy haha. At least it's sunny again after raining all day yesterday. It would be cool to break the record, just because haha

I love seeing my doctor and being able to say how well I'm doing..I get excited to tell her! Weird how Prozac works when all the other ones just stopped, but I'll take it :P

List three undesirable characteristics that you have )

Today's trivia: In 1968, Steve McPeak traveled from Chicago to Los Angeles on a unicycle. The trip took him six weeks
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On Friday I had an appointment with a wants me to get off the medicines I'm taking (they seem to be making me worse, not better) and I just need to be healthier. I had been curious about trying natural medicines too, so I wanted to go too. The naturopath (Aimee) said that the right diet can help relieve symptoms of anxiety and stuff..she said to go gluten free for a couple weeks to see if that helped anything, but that freaked me out, so I'm just gonna incorporate some gluten free stuff for now (I really need to lose weight, so I'm curious to see if that'll help with losing weight). Hopefully there are some yummy gluten free snacks I can find, since snacking is definitely a weakness lol. They can test you for food allergies, so maybe I should do that too (though it's expensive). Aimee also gave me a couple tinctures, one for anxiety/depression and another for a fungus on my feet (lol sorry TMI :P). She made them just for me, which is super cool! I'm supposed to drink a couple syringefulls of the one for anxiety/depression, and it definitely tastes SUPER planty called it "herbalicious," which is a great word to describe it too haha. There are probably more things she could give me, but she didn't want to overload me lol. I hope the natural stuff works, I definitely need to be healthier and happier

That 7.1 earthquake in southern Alaska sounded pretty crazy..people even felt it up here! I was a little jealous of people on Facebook who live down there going crazy about it lol..though that big of an earthquake sounds scary D:

Day #18: Your least favorite classic )
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This morning when walking to work I saw the clouds looked really cool and figured the sunrise would be pretty..I got distracted at work and would have forgotten to look had Becky not said to look outside. I was not prepared for THIS amount of awesomeness:

 photo 12507287_1163658633659290_2594392245733124135_n_zpsk3irknrp.jpg
It was incredible..SO pink and pretty! My coworkers and I were all gathered around taking pics haha. Everyone on Facebook was talking about it too. :P Probably one of the best sunrises I've ever seen! I love nature <3

Here is another. Too bad pictures don't do it justice lol:
 photo 12509359_1163658630325957_762084016778299354_n_zpsf22xzezk.jpg

So I got that birth control implant out wasn't working at all and just made me miserable. Too bad, it would have been awesome to not have a period for three years lol. My GYN said there aren't really any other birth control options that would help with pain..she did say Aleve would help keep the bleeding down and help with pain when you take it every day during your period. She also said there's this ablation (heh, like a glacier :D) surgery they could do that would burn away the bad cells or something. She was really concerned about doing it since I'm so young and might want kids later on and the procedure could scar the uterus or something (nope, I'm pretty sure mom and I convinced her I never want kids haha). She said to wait a couple or so months to see if I feel better without all those hormones and trying Aleve. I really hope it helps..I'm sooo tired of being miserable and feeling experimented on lol

Day #10: Your favorite original character (Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Goofy, etc.) )

Today's trivia: The fact that some pirates wore eye patches most likely had nothing to do with a missing eye, and everything to do with being able to see—specifically, above decks and below them. Pirates frequently had to move above and below decks, from daylight to near darkness, and the smart ones wore a patch over one eye to keep it dark-adapted outside. When the pirate went below decks, he could switch the patch to the outdoor eye and see in the darkness easily
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 photo 12088273_1107733612585126_1285518608278191617_n_zpszshrsyqf.jpg
I don't care that there's a huge snowstorm, I need my weekly smoothie!! Haha (it feels like I'm in a snowglobe :P)

Today I went to my OB to talk about a different birth control..the Depo shot was great at keeping my period away, but it made me depressed and grouchy. She suggested Implanon, which they put in your arm and it releases hormones more slowly. So I decided to try it..if it effects my mood they can just take it out. It stays in your arm for THREE YEARS, so I won't have a period for that amount of time!! AWESOME haha (I might get spotting though, which is fine). Hopefully it won't make me depressed lol

26 Day- A Screenshot of the official web page of your favourite band )

Today's trivia: Law enforcement Tasers have a range of up to 35 feet
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Today I saw a podiatrist..for years I have been complaining the way I walk is uncomfortable and just doesn't feel right. Getting the plantar faciitis finally convinced me to make an appointment. When reading about plantar faciitis, I came across the term overpronation, which definitely explained my discomfort. The podiatrist definitely confirmed I have overpronation..the plantar faciitis feels better this week, but when the podiatrist pressed on that spot it was definitely still sore. He recommended getting custom made insoles for my shoes, which I definitely wanted to do. It won't "cure" the problem, just hopefully make it better (surgery is an option for curing it, but I really don't want to do that if the insoles will help). I'm glad I found a term that describes my's frustrating struggling just to walk properly! It takes two weeks or so for the insoles to be made..I can't wait to see if they work haha

30. Reflect on the past 29 days, has your life gotten better? Do you feel any differently about things around you? )

Today's trivia: Scallops have up to 100 eyes around the edge of their mantles
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For the past few days or week or so, the heel of my left foot has been pretty sore and it hurts to walk. I had a doctor's appointment today anyway, so I told her about it and she said I have plantar fasciitis. I know people that have it, so it must be pretty common. Google said people with flat feet (like me) are more likely to get it..yay me. :P The doctor gave me these inserts to put in my shoes to see if that will help. I hope it goes away soon..

24. Dedicate a post to someone telling them what you think about them (positive things) )

Today's trivia: There are musical notes on every street sign in Mozart, Saskatchewan
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FAIRBANKS - Interior Alaska's snow cover is shrinking fast, and record temperatures forecast for the rest of the week will speed the process even more.

Temperatures from Fairbanks south to the Alaska Range could reach record highs on Thursday and Friday, according to the National Weather Service. A ridge of high pressure is stuck over the area, and a low-pressure system moving into the Gulf of Alaska is expected to pump warm air north.

Highs from the 40s to mid-50s are expected under mostly sunny skies.

The record high temperature for March 26 is 48 degrees, set in 1970. The normal high is 31 degrees

It's been so beautiful lately..I'm amazed at how much snow has melted already. I've seen blizzards in March, though hopefully not this year haha

Today I saw my OB cause the birth control pills stopped working (like..I'd skip the sugar pills and have a period anyway..didn't really help with the cramps either) and they were making me depressed and anxious. We decided to try Depo-Provera shots, which last for three months. I hope that works better than the pills..

4. A Picture you think will make someone else smile )

Today's trivia: Napoleon would make his servants wear his boots to break them in before he wore them
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Today was my appointment with the deep tissue massage..manipulator..person haha. She said what she does is she manipulates tissue and bones and stuff with her hands and in my case that should help with migraines (though the medicine my regular doctor prescribed for migraines is definitely working, yay!). I'm not sure if it helped since I'm really sore haha..we'll see when the soreness goes away. :P I have another appointment with her in three weeks to get any remaining tension out..

Today was a super gorgeous day!! It was warm and bright and the sky was so blue! (Now the snow needs to go away haha) It's supposed to be 42!!

day 28 - favorite movie from your favorite director )

Today's trivia: Pro wrestler and actor Dwayne Johnson (the Rock) has a degree in criminology and physiology
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Wish You Were Here by Rita Mae Brown (Jan 31-Feb 4)
Mountains in My Heart: A Passion for Climbing by Gerlinde Kaltenbrunner (Feb 4-16)
The Cat Who Couldn't See in the Dark: Veterinary Mysteries and Advice on Feline Care and Behavior by Howard S. Padwee (Feb 17-27)

Eesh, didn't so quite as good this month. :/ I've been having problems with anxiety and migraines, which makes it hard to read. One day Excedrin and two Motrins didn't help, so I had to go to the clinic and they gave me a couple shots, which thankfully helped. While waiting for the nurse I just started sobbing cause I was tired of being in pain all the time. My regular doctor prescribed me a migraine medicine you take at's supposed to make you sleepy and it can help anxiety and depression. I hope it works..I wanna feel "normal" again lol. I also made an appointment with this person that does deep tissue doctor said it worked for her headaches, so hopefully that'll work too

day 16 - a movie that you used to love but now hate )
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I just got back from the endoscopy..the nurses were all nice and the doctor described what they were gonna do. I also got three heated blankets. :D They gave me the sedatives and told me I'd probably forget what the doctor said after the procedure. They gave me the sedatives, turned off the lights and I was like "nap time! Wanna read me a story?" haha! Then I must have gone to sleep and the procedure was pretty short so I was awake soon after. The doctor apparently came in and talked to me after, but sure enough I don't remember that at all haha. Mom said the doctor said I had been having acid reflux and my stomach/esophagus was inflamed. He prescribed some medicine to tame the reflux and inflammation or something. The doctor usually calls the day after cause he knows the medicine they give you makes you forgetful, and I think he took biopsies and he'll tell me the results of those too. I'm sooo glad it was just that simple and easily treated!! Besides feeling dizzy and sleepy and forgetful haha, I feel fine. I hope this entry is coherent :P

3. Someone you're grateful for )

Woman stuff

May. 5th, 2014 04:06 pm
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Today I had an appointment with my GYN to see how I'm doing on the birth control pills. It's not making a huge difference..I'm still having uncomfortable cramps and kinda heavy periods (they might be shorter though..). So she said to try going 3 months without a period (I'd skip the sugar pills and go right to the next pack) to see if that helps any. Nice, 3 months without a period haha. If that doesn't work we'll have to try something else. Being a woman can be annoying :P

Brr, it's cold out today! I even saw a couple snowflakes! I guess this weekend's 70 degree weather was just a tease :P

next meme: would you rather? )

Today's trivia: Camels have three eyelids to protect themselves from blowing sand


Feb. 12th, 2014 03:57 pm
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Today I had the ultrasound to check for fibroids and other abnormalities. I had to drink 32 ounces of water before having it..ow haha. I was supposed to have an internal ultrasound too, but couldn't since I'm a virgin and have never used a tampon. Hopefully the regular pictures are good enough. It's freaky seeing the inside of me on a screen haha. The radiologist was supposed to review it today and send it to my OB..maybe I'll call them tomorrow and see if I can get the results..

Day 10: Five hobbies )

Would you rather lick the floor underneath a refridgerator or the underside of a toilet rim? The floor..ewww

Today's trivia: Eastport, Maine, is the most eastern city in the United States. The city is considered the first place in the United States to receive the rays of the morning sun

OB stuff

Feb. 8th, 2014 11:15 am
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Yesterday I saw the OBGYN about my endometriosis..she was super nice! You could just see the care in her eyes. She scheduled an ultrasound for next week (yay stuff shoved up my vagina! LOL) to check for fibroids (benign tumors) or other things. Both mom and grandma had them so it's a good possibility I have them too. She also prescribed me birth control to help with the pain. I used to be on them, but they made me depressed and really nauseous so I stopped taking them. This is a different brand, so hopefully it won't do that. It'll definitely be nice to be in less pain..

Yesterday was First Friday at the bookstore, so we had cartoonist Jamie Smith over to sign posters and stuff. Here's a pic he drew for me:
 photo 1656080_744653058893185_28353493_n_zps534f0275.jpg
A cat on an iceberg! Hehe. He titled it "One Cool Cat" :D

Day 6: Five favourite fashion accessories )

Doctor week

Feb. 6th, 2014 04:03 pm
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I saw the chiropractor again today..this time he "adjusted" my back a different way (craaaack) and it felt a lot better! I asked how long he's been a chiropractor and he said 32 years! I asked how he knew he was good at being a chiropractor (why else would he have started a practice? Haha) and he said "I don't know that I am, I'm still practicing! I'm still learning all the time." Wow! I was VERY impressed by that answer. He seemed embarrassed I thought he was good. More doctors should be like that. I also made an appointment to see an periods keep getting worse each month. I'm worried my endometriosis is worse too (it's always bothered me on my left side, and this month it's been really painful). Ugh. I hope it's not a tumor or something :/

Yesterday Abby woke herself up by hissing haha! Must have been a crazy dream. :P I spun the chair around and she went "mmmgh!" like she was telling me about her dream hehe

Day 4: Five favourite books )

Would you rather lose your mate to the same sex as yourself or to the opposite sex? The opposite sex

Today's trivia: The first product with a barcode to be scanned at a checkout was a pack of Wrigley's Juicy Fruit chewing gum
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 photo 1800223_743698548988636_1430655969_n_zps217a5ab0.jpg
I was like WHOA when I opened the blinds haha. It made the inside of my apartment red!
 photo 1779062_3901718957362_2119554690_n_zps24dfbafd.jpg
This one's mom's..amazing

Today I had to see a chiropractor cause since Saturday my back has been really sore and tense and twisted up (though today it's kinda better after starting my period..weird). The chiropractor indeed said the bottom part of my spine was twisted. I'd never been to a chiropractor, so all that popping was unnerving haha. He felt my neck and asked if I got headaches, which I said YES must have felt super tense! I told him I felt like an owl as he was "adjusting" my head haha. He wants to see me again tomorrow to see if it's any better..

Day 3: The last five songs that you’ve listened to )

Would you rather marry a person who loves you but whom you will never love or marry someone you love but who will never love you? How awful..

Today's trivia: In all of recorded history, only one man has ever been killed by a meteorite: Manfredo Settala (1600-1680)

I hate TMJ

Apr. 5th, 2012 03:55 pm
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Today I went to physical therapy for my TMJ..I had to stop wearing the splint thing after a couple days cause it just wasn't agreeing with me (I didn't like it either haha). The orthodontist said I could stop wearing it if I went to a physical therapist. I filled out paperwork saying how my pain was and stuff, then saw the physical therapist (Aisha). She also asked about my pain and felt in my mouth and face..she said my muscles were REALLY tight. She gave me some neck exercises to do (and found out my neck and back muscles are tight..jeez haha). She also said I need better leaning my head on my hand (NOOOO..I do that ALL the time D:), sit up straight, etc. She showed me the mouth "resting position" so I don't grind my teeth. I think this is gonna be hard haha

Day 76 - Something that annoys you )

Would you rather walk the stairs to the top of the Sears Tower while carrying a 40 pound backpack or with a large pebble in each shoe? Possibly the pebble

In the 1700s in London, you could purchase insurance against going to hell


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