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Well that's appropriate haha

 photo 16002732_1583240418367774_3112859217726639010_n_zpsyhqh4exa.jpeg
Ooo, it warmed up to -33! Last night it was -40 at my place lol. Tomorrow the high is supposed to be -9, which is MUCH better lol

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8. a bookshelf )

Today's trivia: James II of England had a huge red birthmark on his face, which led to the nickname "Fiery Face"


Jan. 18th, 2017 03:56 pm
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FAIRBANKS - Fairbanks International Airport recorded a low of 50 degrees below zero this morning, the first time since Jan. 29, 2012 temperatures have dropped to that level.

Temperatures around Interior Alaska frigid Wednesday, as an arctic air mass settled over the region, according to the National Weather Service. At 10 a.m., it was minus 54 in Tanana, minus 52 in Nenana, minus 51 at Fort Wainwright, Bettles and McGrath, minus 49 at Eielson Air Force Base and minus 47 at Denali.

Dense ice fog formed in several areas, limiting visibility to a quarter mile in low-lying areas and making travel difficult.

The extreme cold temperatures are expected to persist through Thursday night before moderating a bit as clouds move over the area. Wednesday, highs were expected to remain below minus 40, with colder temperatures overnight.

Brr!! Dad is awesome though and has been driving Ryan and I to and from work! It feels like cheating somehow though. :P (It's "only" been around -37 at my apartment.) The ice fog is pretty thick, and doesn't smell good either lol. Yesterday I read there was a 101 degree difference across McGrath it was -51 and in Annette it was 50. Wow!!

And this is cool: Traleika Glacier in Denali National Park is about to surge! Awesome!

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Today's trivia: When howling together, no two wolves will howl on the same note. Instead, they harmonize to create the illusion that there are more of them than there actually are


Jan. 17th, 2017 04:08 pm
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I really should post more of my childhood pics here that I brought up from Payson, but this one's too hilarious not to share RIGHT NOW LOL:

 photo 16105805_1580803528611463_6171269878902999845_n_zps3km4d9jn.jpeg
Hahaha what the heck?? I do not look happy about wearing a lampshade on my head, which makes the picture even funnier. I bet that was my brother's idea LOL. I'm pretty sure we still have that plant that's behind me's pretty old I think..

Also, BRRR:
... Arctic cold to settle into the interior...

Temperatures will fall to around 40 below for much of the interior over the next 24 hours. Some areas outside Fairbanks may see 55 below before the end of the week.

As the snow ends and skies clear a pool of cold air over the high Canadian Arctic will move southwest into the eastern interior Tuesday and settle in across the interior for the remainder of the week. Low temperatures in the valleys will fall to 40 to 50 below with the coldest temperatures expected in the upper Yukon Flats around Fort Yukon and in the central interior around Tanana where temperatures may fall to around 55 below. Valley locations will not see much change as highs will be in the 30s to around 40 below.

Higher elevation areas will not be spared as they will see temperatures in the 30s below overnight with highs only in the 20s below.

There will be a slight warming trend for most locations this weekend, but lows will still be in the 30s below. much for it being milder than predicted lol. It's supposed to get warmer next week..I'm glad it's not going to last long :P

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Today's trivia: The first condensed soup was made in New Jersey by the Campbell Soup Company in 1897
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FAIRBANKS — The skies began clearing Monday afternoon over the Interior, and the temperatures began dropping.

In addition, the National Weather Service is predicting several snow storms will move north across the Interior, starting tonight.

Monday’s high temperature at Fairbanks International Airport was 1 below just before 6 a.m. Since then, the temperature steadily dropped to 10 below just before 2 p.m.

According to the Weather Service, lows Monday night were to drop to 25 below zero. The north wind could drop the temperature to 40 below with wind chill in areas.

It’s likely Fairbanks won’t have 30 below weather until early next week, Fischer added.

It’s been more than a year since Fairbanks experienced temperatures colder than 25 degrees below zero.

For reference, the coldest temperature recorded last winter was 29 below, in November 2015. It marked 2015-16 as only the second winter in 109 years that did not see 30-below-zero temperatures. On average, Fairbanks experiences 25 days at or colder than 30 below during each cold season.

Temperatures for the next week are expected to be highly variable, with lows around 25 below to highs in the single digits above zero.

It was weird..yesterday it was 0 and when I woke up today it was suddenly -21! Me and a coworker were also talking about how warm it was last winter (compared to -40, -29 is warm lol). I should probably start wearing my goggles now (so I can cover my face without my glasses icing up), but I feel so ridiculous wearing them lol (maybe pretending to be Cherry trekking through Antarctica would help haha). I guess that's better than worrying about frostbite though :P

Yesterday Becky was like "I have a book for you in my office, it was written by your boyfriend!" haha. I was like "you found The Worst Journey in the World??!" She and Denise were laughing because I kept hugging the book LOL. Now I have three editions of the book, yay! Haha (well, I went one day without mentioning Cherry at least :P)

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Today's trivia: The Toltecs, 7th century native Mexicans, used wooden swords in battle so they didn't kill their enemy
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 photo guardiani_italiansWebcam1_zpsc94692d6.png
Yay! I hate getting used to a stronger prescription though haha

It was painful coming home to hurts to breathe in too deeply! I did see the Northern Lights from the plane though, which was cool. I love how everyone at work was happy to see me come back :D <3

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Today's trivia: At Chicago-O’Hare Airport, one of the world’s busiest, planes take off or land every 37 seconds
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It's been warm the last few days, but somehow mom and Bonnie and I decided to go geocaching on one of the coldest days so far was -18!! It's not really fun caching when it's so cold, but I can only be lazy in the house for so long haha. It was pretty at least..

here are some of bonnie's pics! )


Feb. 16th, 2014 10:52 am
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Alaska sets new wind chill record of -97 degrees. The Weather Service's Facebook page says the threshold was broken at 3:39 p.m. Friday. A temperature of -42 degrees with a sustained northern wind of 71 mph was recorded. Howard Pass is uninhabited. Meteorologist Eddie Zingone in Anchorage said Saturday the area had wind chills of -90 or below for much of the day

Jeeeeez. D: D: I'm glad it's not usually windy here in the winter. -40 is bad enough without 70 mph winds D:

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Dec. 26th, 2013 05:20 pm
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Yay, work was open again today! I wasn't up front much, but when I was up there it looked pretty busy (someone was buying like at least two boxes worth of books!). They must have missed us. ;) Too bad it was -32..I thought about taking a cab but my Tough Alaskaness (TM) haha won out and I just dressed warm :P

Yesterday I went geocaching at -36 (ok so it was a quick park and grab, but still :P). Bragging rights ;)

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Today was the Golden Days Parade downtown. The Literacy Council starts it by having a one mile race (they call it "the Golden Mile"). Krystin asked if I wanted to help hold the banner and I said sure. She got me an "olden days" dress to wear haha. I had to wear long underwear cause it was rainy, windy and FREEZING. I was fine walking, but it was so cold just standing around. People cheered for us hehe. They had a timer at the end and we walked the mile in 16 minutes and 45 After we finished mom and I decided to watch the parade. Even though I've lived here five years it was my first time seeing it! First there were old cars and then..nothing. It took a really long time for the other floats to get where we were! Mom was about to give up cause it was so cold haha (good thing we had a blanket to wrap up in :P). Finally the other floats got there. It was cool..I hadn't been to a parade in years! I just wish it wasn't so cold and windy! There were a lots of floats it seemed like..these people walked by and was like "the parade is halfway done!" WHAT. We were too cold to stand outside anymore and watched the rest from the car. It should not be this cold in July. D: The festival and rubber ducky race is also happening today but I'm done being cold haha

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FAIRBANKS - Interior Alaskans lulled by the lengthening days and recent weeks of relatively warm weather got a cold dash of reality Tuesday morning as temperatures took a nosedive.

The low dipped to minus 43 degrees at Fairbanks International Airport, with readings of 42 below in Nenana, 41 below at the Denali National Park Visitors Center, Eielson Air Force Base and Fort Wainwright. Delta Junction recorded a low of 40 below.

Umm -43 you were not invited rude. :P It's getting a lot sunnier/brighter now though which is really nice

I feel sort of better..I'm still really sensitive but the shocking feeling has mostly gone away. I'm getting my humor back which in my opinion is an important part of myself. Yay for getting better hehe (thanks for all your support too <3)

167. Discovery )

Would you rather by your actions, project the message "I'm an easy mark" or project "leave me alone"? Leave me alone

Today's trivia: An inch of snow falling evenly on 1 acre of ground is equivalent to about 2,715 gallons of water

Fun at -40

Jan. 28th, 2013 03:16 pm
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Eeesh..sorry about all the darkness (hard trying to open the door while filming! Haha) but this is what happens when you throw hot/boiling water outside at instantly vaporizes! SO fun to do haha. I don't know how cold it got at my thermometer stopped working at -40. Mom said it was -47 when she went to work this morning. D: The ice fog was crazy thick. I so didn't want to get out of my warm bed. :P Luckily by Wednesday they're saying it could warm up to 5-20 (depending on if you're in the hills or something)!! Good :P

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Would you rather become allergic to all your favorite foods or all animals? NOOOOOO D:

Today's trivia: The New York borough of Queens was named for the queen consort of Charles II of England
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FAIRBANKS - Frigid temperatures are gripping Fairbanks and North Pole this morning.

Fairbanks International Airport is reporting temperatures of minus 48 degrees, but residents around the area are reporting lows of nearly 60 below zero.

A dense ice fog advisory is in effect through noon, with visibilities reduced to less than a quarter mile in some areas. An air quality alert has also been issued for the North Pole for unhealthy levels of particulate pollution.

Highs could reach the minus 20s today, before dropping again tonight to near 50 below. Temperatures are forecast to begin moderating on Tuesday, with highs above zero predicted later in the week.

Oh jeez..I am not looking forward to going out in this later D:

It so amusing to watch Abby watch the birds haha..sometimes she jumps at the window and chatters at them hehe

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LJ survey!

Jan. 26th, 2013 12:14 pm
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How did you come to start your LJ? My friend wanted me to get one since she wrote in hers a lot and it would probably be easier to stay in contact with I got one
How did you find your first friends? I knew them other places..IMDb, Quizilla..
Are those first friends still on your FL? I think just one is
How long have you been on LJ? Since May 2004..9 years this year!
Do you have more friends or communities on your FL? Friends
Do you do a lot of friends cuts? Not really..if you're not constantly negative or brag about drugs I generally like you haha
What do you like in an LJ friend? Interesting posts, interested in my posts, just seem nice and caring, regular updates, etc
What do you dislike in an LJ friend? Ones who are negative ALL the time (it just gives me an awful feeling and I can't deal with it), bragging about drugs, too many political posts, etc
What would make you un-friend someone immediately? Abuse
Have you been caught up in a lot of LJ drama? Yeah, ugh. Luckily it doesn't happen much anymore. There's someone on the surveys community that said I'll never get a boyfriend and am stupider than a 3 legged dog cause of my survey answers. Wtf..luckily I haven't seen her in a long time
the rest )

I'm glad I didn't have to work's -40 in town D:

143. Duel )


Dec. 20th, 2012 06:06 pm
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The low is supposed to be -53 tonight. Joy. The ice fog is pretty bad today..I smell so gross after walking in it..

118. Roleplaying )

Would you rather suck fresh milk directly from the udder of a cow or drink store-bought milk two days after it's gone bad? From the cow

Today's trivia: The oldest working lighthouse in the US is on Sandy Hook, New Jersey, which was built in 1764


Dec. 17th, 2012 04:07 pm
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Yesterday when I got back to my apartment it was was like 58 degrees!! I called maintenance but it didn't seem like anything got fixed. Last night was pretty awful..sitting there shivering even bundled up. Everything in my apartment was so cold when I touched it. Not a good thing when it's -34 outside! When I went to bed I turned on my electric blanket and piled my bed with was nice haha. Except when I got up..OMG COLD. I called maintenance again this morning. Other people said they were cold too, so it was the whole building that was messed up. They're doing renovations and turning stuff on and stuff so maybe that messed the heat up (yeah wait till it's -38 to do It's now 60 in here. Still chilly but a little better I guess. I REALLY hope they fix it soon. I need to get a space heater in case this happens again..ugh

And then there's this: "The low temperature of 48 below this morning at the Fairbanks Airport is the coldest pre-Christmas temperature in Fairbanks since 1977... when a low of 52 below was observed on December 13th. This morning's low at the Airport is also the coldest temperature observed during the month of December since 1999. Although 48 below is quite chilly... it does not break the record for December 17th of 52 below which was set in 1933." AGHHH I'm glad I'm going to Hawaii soon (Only in Alaska do we say -48 is "quite chilly"..)

115. Idle )

Would you rather chew the beak of a chicken or bite the legs off half a dozen mice? WTF

Today's trivia: Worldwide, there are more statues of Joan of Arc than of anyone else. France has about 40,000 of them
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Photobucket fog. The steam coming out of the power plant looks apocalyptic..going straight up and spread across the sky. Reminded me of a tornado..

one more )

Would you rather swallow a live goldfish without water or swallow a teaspoonful of cold fish eyes? Nooo

Today's trivia: Twit is the official term for a pregnant goldfish
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OMG awesome..I like!! Very nice choice for the new singer! I just got the new CD..sounds promising so far! I've heard some new ones lately that were just awful/ Nightwish and Luca Turilli's Rhapsody. When I looked in the CD booklet I saw that Luca was their Latin consultant! That is awesome haha

-34 this colddd

101. Life )

Would you rather turn back the clock and be able to say or do one thing you never got to say or do or take back one thing you said or did? The first one

Today's trivia: A human being requires about 100 muscles of the chest, neck, jaw, tongue and lips to produce one phrase
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1. What’s a film, adapted from a book you liked, that was as good as (or better than) its source material? The Hunger Games
2. What’s a good film based on a book you disliked? Maybe a version of Romeo and Juliet..
3. What film, adapted from a book you liked, was horribly disappointing? Eragon maybe
4. What book, not yet made into a film, would make a really good film? *shrugs*
5. What’s a book you’ve read because you liked the film that was based upon it? Timeline (the book was way better..except for Gerard Butler haha ;))

Ughh I think I have food poisoning or gastroenteritis..I'll spare the details but it started early yesterday morning. We had that ice cream at school and I had some chicken later. I researched and this virus called Campylobacter is from undercooked meat and unpasteurized maybe it's that. My stomach is just blah (though better than before). I've hardly eaten anything either (and lost my taste for popcorn chicken too). I didn't go to work either. I hope it goes away soon..

it's cold )


Nov. 28th, 2012 05:36 pm
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It's so gross..when I go up to the university I can see all the nasty brown pollution hanging in the valley (there's a big inversion since it's been cold for so long). When I go inside my hair smells like that stuff..eww. I feel so unhealthy living in and breathing in that stuff. There isn't really any sign of it warming up either. Ughh

We finally got our glaciers exam back..I originally got a 93.65, but with the extra credit and stuff I got a 103.3!! AWESOME haha. :D We made ice cream in lab was delicious haha

Because of the inversion and the sunset, there was a pretty sweet Fata Morgana mirage over the mountains today. Mt. McKinley looked HUGE haha. I is a huge mountain haha but from Fairbanks it's smaller of course. A lot of the time it's hard to see behind a hill but you could easily see it over the hill today. So cool
here be pics! )

Would you rather have to eat five peach pits or half a pound of watermelon seeds? The seeds..peach pits are poisonous

Today's trivia: Adding three or four sugar cubes to a suitcase before storage will help prevent musty odors
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Apparently the Leonid Meteor Shower was supposed to peak last night..I looked the past two nights and saw nothing. Of course it was -5 with 25 mph winds so I didn't really want to stay out a long time. I heard it's a weak showing anyway. Guess I'll wait for the next one..

Abby will eat canned food and chicken at mom's house now..maybe she's learning to like it haha

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