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I love how disgusted the cat looked when he spat out the broccoli haha. I've seen those videos of cats freaking out when they see zucchini, so that was a nice touch too lol

I have been on Prozac for a year now, and wow, it changed my life..pretty sure it saved my life too (my thoughts had gotten scary D:). My face was always in pain (from being tense or something) and I just felt awful, like a shell of myself (I was worried I was broken and nothing would help). I remember how calm I felt after it started working and it was AWESOME, even my dreams noticed haha! I'm so happy I found something that has continued working so well!

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Happy Thanksgiving! (We're having Thanksgiving dinner this weekend since dad's in California and couldn't get a flight in time, but that's alright.) I am soooo thankful I found an anti-depressant that works..I feel happy, alive and like a new person. This year by far has been better than last year. I know how depressed I was, but it still surprises me to read old posts and surveys and stuff and see how miserable I was. I would cry in bed and was getting in a scary state of mind..if I hadn't got help when I did..*shudders* It was hard just existing. I am NEVER taking happiness for granted again, and I'm definitely not going to let myself get depressed like that again. I'm sure everyone who has known me long enough has noticed (mom was getting very worried). Thank you, Prozac. :P lol

I'm also thankful for Cherry (shut up LOL). He is also a source of inspiration and strength..if I'm in a tough spot, I'll think "stick it stick it" or some other quote in my head (such a weird saying, but it really does work lol). He was an amazing person, and I love him <3

There are so many other things to be thankful for (family, my job, etc), but this post would turn huge lol. I love them too <3

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Yesterday mom and I arrived in San Diego. Our flight to Seattle was supposed to depart at 1:30 AM, but the flight with the crew were delayed in Anchorage because of a mechanical problem. A flight from Seattle was coming with crew that could go on our airplane the time we left it was around 2:30 AM and the sun was just coming up haha! The agents at the counter rebooked everyone with connecting flights before 7 AM (we were one of them). Alaska Airlines is AWESOME, seriously..they handled the situation well and we didn't have to wait ages for them to rebook us (and they weren't like "oh well, you'll just have to figure it out when you get to Seattle"). I was afraid they'd lose our luggage, but it got through just fine. The weather was mostly cloudy, but I did see the top of Mt. Hayes, Hess and Deborah. I kept falling asleep at the window haha, but I doubt I missed much. I did see a little glacier though (it was hard to tell between clouds and glaciers, but this was definitely a glacier cause I could see crevasses). Unfortunately on the rebooked flight mom and I both had middle seats..I was a little worried since last time I had a middle seat I had a huge panic attack and cried and yelled at my brother. D: I was determined not to freak out this time (and I had Xanax with me, just in case), and it worked! Sure sitting by two strangers was uncomfortable, but I got through it fine. I kept falling asleep and kept worrying that my head would fall on one of their shoulders LOL. When I woke up enough I watched some of The Finest Hours..I'll have to finish it on the flight home (I have the book too, though I haven't read it yet)

After we got our rental car and stuff, we drove to the was too early for a room to be ready, so we had lunch and found a couple geocaches, yay! (There's one like 400 some feet from the hotel lol.) The first one we looked for was HARD..we were looking for something tiny (a nano, in caching speak lol). This family saw us poking around and were like "wtf are you doing?? You look silly crawling around down there" haha. We told them we were caching and one of the kids was like "oh yeah, I found one once!" They actually helped us look for it, and one of the kids actually found it! Awesome, considering how tiny that thing was lol. And uh..I kinda downloaded Pokemon Go LOL..I've never been into Pokemon, but that game sounded like too much fun to pass up (it reminded me of geocaching haha). It is definitely addictive lol. We were so happy when our room was was so nice to take a nap and just hang out

Today we had breakfast and decided to pamper ourselves at the hotel's got a pedicure and a manicure and I just got a manicure (my first one! I feel like my feet are weird and don't really like showing them to people lol). The nail technician (yep, that was her actual title lol) was born and raised in California and loved seeing pics from Alaska and hearing moose stories and stuff (and weirdly enough, the waiting room had a picture of a glacier hanging up! Weird how glaciers follow me, even to places like Hawaii lol). After that we went to the store to get snacks and stuff and then met up with Dana for dinner, yay! We met at her house..I saw her cat Remy and started petting him but he was like "wtf who are you" and walked away (I forget that not all cats aren't like Abby and need time to get used to strangers lol). After a few minutes he came around and purred and was loving our attention..he even let me pick him up, which Dana said he doesn't usually do..he knows cat lovers when he sees them. ;) Her other cat Indra doesn't like strangers at all, so we just had to admire her from a distance haha. We had a lovely dinner at a Mexican restaurant..Dana's been busy with wedding stuff, so she was very happy to have down time. We're gonna see her on Friday for her rehearsal dinner too, so that'll be cool. After that we drove back to the hotel (weird driving in the dark!) and now we're relaxing. Tomorrow we have to shop for clothes and shoes for the wedding..ugh. D: I hope I find something I like, it's hard to shop for clothes nowadays..

I know I keep mentioning this, but I keep realizing how much I was struggling to function before I started taking Prozac. Before when I would see Dana I couldn't look her in the face for whatever reason, but this time I was able to without feeling super anxious. I feel like I can talk and joke around with ease and not sit there and just like..retreat into myself? It's hard to I just felt dead inside or something. I'm pretty sure last year was the worst year of my life. Prozac has literally given me my life back, and it's AMAZING. To everyone struggling with depression, don't give up! You WILL find something that helps you <3


May. 15th, 2016 02:00 pm
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FAIRBANKS - Fairbanks set another record high temperature on Saturday, breaking a mark that was set in 1915.

The thermometer topped out at 82 degrees at Fairbanks International Airport, 2 degrees warmer than the previous record. Fairbanks also set a record high of 79 on Friday. The normal high for this time of year is 60.

Interior Alaska, already under dry conditions, pulled through two days of record-breaking hot weather without a wildfire starting.

The fire service was ready for fire activity, Mowry said, as temperatures climbed on Saturday, hitting a high of 82 degrees at Fairbanks International Airport about 7 p.m. and setting a new record for a high temperature for May 14.

The old record of 80 degrees was set in 1915, according to National Weather Service meteorologist Ryan Metzger.

“(Saturday) was the first time we hit 80 degrees this season,” Metzger said.

It was so warm on Saturday that the low temperature, 59 degrees, broke a record too for highest minimum temperature on May 14. Metzger said the previous record, set in 2005, was 52 degrees.

Fairbanks’ low temperature on Saturday beat Chicago’s high temperature of 47 degrees, the meteorologist said.

Wow, 80 degrees in May. I'm glad it cooled off and rained some, especially since there has been so much pollen lately. I went to the clinic to get stuff for allergies and when the doctor looked inside my nose he was like "wow, it looks brutal in there!" It was too swollen to even breathe..luckily the stuff I got has helped some, phew

Yesterday I was talking to mom about how I still feel so much better on the Prozac..she was like "yeah, suddenly just one day it seemed this cloud lifted off you and I could feel your good vibes." Wow. I wish I had gotten help sooner, I felt like a shell of a person, existing but dead inside. It's given me my life back..I'm not sure why Prozac works so well for me when the others didn't, but I'm so happy I found something that works!

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So my doctor changed me to a new-antidepressant again..the Lexapro was working some, but not enough. My face/teeth have been hurting from being tense and grinding my teeth (last week it was's possible the high pressure that moved in didn't help either), I'm having a horrible time sleeping, been thinking of cutting my arms with my cat's claws (wtf?) and just feeling horrible. I am SO tired of being depressed and in pain all the time..I'm glad my doctor cares and heard my pleas of help..she changed me to Prozac and referred me to a psychiatrist (the counselor at UAF is ok, but I just need someone with more experience). I hope I'm not broken and that *something* can help me for more than a couple days..ugh (don't worry though, I won't hurt myself!)

Yesterday was Ryan's 24th birthday..when did we get so old?? Haha

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Today's trivia: Tsutomu Yamaguchi was in Hiroshima for work when the first A-bomb hit, made it home to Nagasaki for the second, and lived to be 93. Although at least 160 people are known to have been affected by both bombings, he is the only person to have been officially recognized by the government of Japan as surviving both explosions


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