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Last night I saw the Northern Lights for the first time this season! I got a blanket and laid on the grass and just watched the aurora dancing above me. <3 <3 There were thousands of stars and some random satellites and I even saw a shooting star! The lights just stayed white/light green, but their dancing is always beautiful. It was a great night and I am SO lucky to live here <3

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Yesterday mom and I drove home from was even sunnier, if that's even possible lol (weirdly enough, my coworker friend Kathy was also in Valdez this weekend! She went to Columbia Glacier..we both couldn't believe how nice the weather was lol). We had another nice breakfast with Thea and I think her boyfriend's name is Bob. They're fun people lol, I added Thea on Facebook. :P It was sunny the whole way back, which is impressive! I was sad seeing how much Worthington Glacier had retreated when we hiked up there..poor glacier. :( We found a few geocaches on the way back too..nicee. I also spotted Castner Glacier in the Alaska's tricky if you don't know where to look (and if there's snow)..not a fast look either since the trees get in the way, so I'm excited when I spot it lol. I think that glacier is a popular hiking/research spot. Poor Black Rapids Glacier is still there, but you can't see much of it anymore. :( Valdez is absolutely one of my favorite places..even when it's raining it's beautiful. <3 I love that I can take a two or three hour drive and just see glaciers everywhere! It makes me wonder how people can live in big cities and miss out on all that! My pics are talking forever to upload, so I'll post them tomorrow :P

I had to go to the doctor for the stupidest thing ever lol..I've been having bad anxiety and depression again...because of Cherry. I just could NOT get him off my mind, and it made me depressed that he was depressed and in bad health the rest of his life after coming back from Antarctica. And I was sad I'll never be an explorer like I'm wasting my life or something. My regular doctor didn't have anything available today, so I saw another doctor. I was super embarrassed to have to say that my crush on a long-dead explorer was making me crazy LOL. OMG I can't believe what the doctor wrote in his report though..I am not making this up: "she is perseverating in her ruminations about this historical figure. I want her to use clonazepam 1 mg up to twice daily as required to reduce the compulsion of the rumination." Hahahah what!! Clonazepam is like Xanax, but not as potent I think. I hope it helps till I can see my regular doctor. (This could be a funny conversation.."why did you last go to the doctor?" "I have a crush on a long-dead explorer that was making me crazy, what about you?" OMG lol.) I seem to be doing better now, so maybe it's helping. Having anxiety is so annoying! lol

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Today's trivia: The back of the Nobel Peace Prize medal depicts three naked men with their hands on each other's shoulders
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Last night mom and Bonnie and I went to a program called Dark Winter's where regular people tell a story of something that happened to them in Alaska (they broadcast it on the radio too). My favorite story was told by a guy who used to drive the buses in Denali. He was having a great time engaging the tourists and getting them to sing and they were seeing cool animals..but there was one person he kept looking at, a 10 year old boy with just a blank stare on his face..this group of people kept trying to engage him and encourage him but nothing happened. When they stopped for a break his mom came up and said his dad shot himself right in front of the kid a year ago and he hadn't said a word since..they were with a prayer group and they thought a trip to the wilderness would help the kid. The tour guide got a drum out and started singing and he was drumming with the kid's hand in his..and then he just started mouthing the words and beating the drum harder and harder till he destroyed the drum and fell to the ground. He said the kid's first words were "I'm thirsty" LOL. After that the kid kept asking questions and him mom was just sobbing. Wow. He said that now the guy is training to be on a talk show radio I think

Another powerful one was this guy who helped build the new Black Rapids Lodge (I think he served us lunch when we stopped there once). He and his friend and dog were caught in an avalanche while backcountry skiing..he was able to dig himself out, but it took two hours and he knew his friend and dog were dead. A couple months later he went back and dug them out..the dog was curled up by his friend and had a paw on his shoulder..OMG. So sad, but the dog provided comfort till the very end. I loved how people kept saying that even though Alaska can be a hard place to live, everyone bands together and helps each other. Alaska is our home, with amazing experiences (like one person said they saw amazing Northern Lights at a hot springs) and nice like-minded people :D

There was also a cute reindeer you could take pictures with!
 photo 12987229_1241829942508825_1986301895996131218_n_zpsmpkr6iyc.jpg
I pretty much turn into a five year old when I'm around animals LOL ("it's so cuteee!!!")
 photo 13000377_1241829939175492_7917223484229179392_n_zpsnxgbhrnx.jpg

We also found three geocaches, so it was a successful day :D

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Haha I love this!! So true too..such a special state :D

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Today's trivia: Rice is the first food a new bride in India offers to her husband and the first food offered to newborn babies


Nov. 22nd, 2014 07:19 pm
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 photo a864f80b-6087-4117-84d7-8de58d0aa0b2_zps4f5ab7bb.jpg
Mom and I went geocaching with Bonnie today and along the way we saw three moose! We turned around so we could take pics and then...

 photo a1534bc2-fb39-4cc2-876f-fc7121d92e36_zpsf6e23cee.jpg
...they crossed the road in front of us! I really like this pic..a mom and her calves close together. So cute hehe. I love seeing's been a long time since I've had a moose sighting that awesome!

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Mom and I heard the Northern Lights were supposed to be active this weekend, so last night we kept going out to see if they were out. When they got bright enough we went out and watched. For awhile they were there but not doing anything exciting. I said "they're not moving very much.." and thought about going inside but then like 5 seconds later BAM! They suddenly got SUPER bright and turned pink and danced and pulsed like crazy!! I've never seen them move that fast before!! Amazing..definitely one of the best viewings I've ever seen. They're supposed to be active tonight too..sweet!

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Sep. 4th, 2014 03:57 pm
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Wow, I need to go flying with them! I've never done a flightseeing tour out of Anchorage before. That panoramic view of Colony Glacier was super pretty and epic. *drools* I would LOVE to do the Prince William Sound Glacier Tour..OMG that sounds SO epic :D

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Today's trivia: Emus are picky eaters preferring the parts of plants that have concentrated nutrients such as seeds, fruits, flowers and young shoots. The rich foods they favor become abundant after a rainfall. Once the food in a specific area has been exhausted, emus often travel hundreds of miles following rain patterns across the arid Australian land. These nomadic birds have an uncanny ability to orient their movements toward areas where the rain will fall. They seem to be attuned to subtle weather cues, such as the sight of distant cloud formations and the sound of distant thunder, to lead them toward areas where rainfall will produce the rich foods they seek


Aug. 25th, 2014 07:25 pm
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 photo 10583905_10152407210067815_6735532117770940300_n_zpscc4142d9.jpg
OMG this picture of Kahiltna Glacier is amazing (I found it on Facebook). Alaska is so beautiful and stunning :D

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Today's trivia: Thomas Edison had a collection of over 5,000 birds

Alaska <3

Apr. 12th, 2014 04:41 pm
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32 Photos of Alaska Will Blow Your Mind and Make You Insanely Jealous

OMG this article is amazing..especially #3. There's nothing like standing next to a glacier in the fresh Alaska air <3 (I knew that was Columbia Glacier before reading the caption haha). It's such an honor to live here!

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Apr. 3rd, 2014 03:48 pm
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I got home last night, yayy! On one of the flights I watched The Secret Life of Walter Mitty..I had no idea Eyjafjallajokull was in that movie!! (Though they spelled it wrong..haha) It was so funny when the main character was failing miserably at pronouncing it haha. I loved the glacier scenes of course. ;) Iceland is so pretty. On the flight to Fairbanks I noticed a woman in a bright blue shirt that said "Fairbanks" on it. Well after we landed I was walking to the door to see if dad was there yet..well a guy came in and was like "hey I know you!" He used to work with mom, and relieved her at Northway! (He just retired) The woman in the blue shirt was his wife!! OMG so weird haha. I love the flights to Fairbanks, everyone is cheerful and seems to know each other and it just feels so relaxed. I think I saw the Northern Lights from the plane too, though they were! Abby was SO happy to see me hehe. <3 Awww. Today I went back to work..everyone was genuinely happy to see me. I so love that place and truly being liked. <3 I have a lot to catch up on though haha. It's nice to be at my own apartment again too!

Would you rather tell your wife at a fashion show what a fat pig she is or boo your child at their school play during their performance? WTF?!

Today's trivia: Two dogs were hanged for witchcraft during the Salem witch trials ( :()
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Last night I randomly decided to check Facebook and I saw a status that said someone saw the Northern Lights..they were out on a webcam I checked, so I went outside. They were kinda faint, but getting brighter (they were out super wasn't even 7 PM yet!). So we all went out to watch. They were super awesome, and also super weird!! They kinda looked like a bird stretched across the sky, with its feathers raining down on us. Then sometimes it looked like they were trying to tie a knot in the middle..weirdd haha. They also turned red!! I'd never seen a red aurora before! Must have been a powerful geomagnetic storm. I saw a shooting star too! So awesome. :D After they faded I checked outside again but it had gotten cloudy. Wow..lucky weather window! I'm glad I checked Facebook too :P

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Geocaching in Space was pretty was nice to put a face to the names I've seen online (you log your find online). People had some awesome costumes, and the house was decorated spacey too. We had food and talked and watched the launch (from Kazakhstan). I felt kinda inferior since a lot of them were like hardcore cachers who had like 400 collectables and went 30 miles on a snowmachine in the White Mountains to cache haha! They were all very nice though. After eating and stuff we went out to the bonfire..and the Northern Lights decided to come out!! (I was hoping they would, since it was clear) Aw, how cool and magical feeling! I loved when wisps of them danced right above me. :D It got COLD was like 2 degrees! It would have been too cold without the bonfire haha. They shot off fireworks too. What a great night! Nice to meet new people too and feel like I have a life haha

I think I'm gonna change my LJ name to glacier_kitty..if you see an unfamiliar name, that's me haha. goodnesglaciers is cool, but I want a unique name I thought of (plus the one s not being there drives me crazy haha). It combines two of my biggest passions, so yay :D

some pics from the night )

Would you rather have a sleepwalking problem that causes you to wander the streets at night or causes you to get up at night and pee all over your furniture? Uhh..the first one..

Today's trivia: "Silent Night" was first sung as part of a church service in Austria. A guitar was used because the church organ was so badly rusted it couldn't be played

30% Club!

Jul. 13th, 2013 01:09 pm
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Yesterday we drove to Denali..the weather was so gorgeous! When we got on the ridge we could see McKinley in the distance..yayy! (Also Hayes, Hess and Deborah on the opposite side of the range..epic!) When we got there we got our bus tickets and boarded. I don't know what was up with our driver, but she didn't want to spend a lot of time at anything..annoying. Finally I have seen the mountain from the park!! The driver kept saying how lucky we were haha..only 30% of visitors see the mountain in the summer. The bad thing about such a nice sunny day is you don't see as much wildlife. We saw a whole bunch of caribou for some reason. We didn't see ANY moose, that's unheard of haha! There were also a couple bears in the distance eating a carcass, and mom saw another through binoculars eating a caribou. McKinley looked so epic though..I know I've flown around it and stuff, but seeing it from the park that close is just different. It just looks so It was nice seeing where the mountain should be when usually it's cloudy. I love how pretty everything looked in the sun. By the time we got to Eielson Visitor Center clouds had gathered around the mountain and you couldn't see it very! We stayed awhile there and went hiking around this little trail. There was another that went to the top of this 1,000 foot looked very tiring. :P We took another bus back to the entrance..our driver didn't talk at all except to say how long we'd be at a rest stop and stuff..weird. After we got back we went to a couple shops (I got 30% Club pins and shirt..yayy!), had dinner (there was a drink on the menu called Sex on the it haha!!) and drove home. I'm glad I finally got to see Denali on a nice day!

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May. 6th, 2013 04:23 pm
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I'm at mom's house and earlier she showed me this big mess of feathers scattered outside that she discovered yesterday. It seemed like it was a big bird..maybe a grouse or something. Abby is a good hunter, but could she overpower something that big? Maybe the other cats helped, or it could have been a fox. Weird..I guess it'll remain a mystery. :P The feathers were pretty though..

Twice in the last week I've seen a bald eagle soaring through the sky. Way cool. :D I wonder if it's the same one?

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Apr. 10th, 2013 04:11 pm
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Today I have been living in Alaska FIVE years!! That's amazing..that went fast haha. After all those years it's still a novelty. I've changed so much. It's been awesome :D

Waking up to sun and blue sky: NICE. Yesterday we set a record of 2.6 inches of snow. Now don't snow anymore! Haha

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Would you rather in one sitting, eat 10 pounds of cheese or a bucket of peanut butter? CHEEEESE

Today's trivia: The fishbowl was invented by Countess Dubarry, Mistress of King Louis XV


Mar. 17th, 2013 11:12 am
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The Northern Lights were out last night! I hadn't seen them in ages haha. They were stretched out right over the house. :D When I first went out they were bright green and so pretty! They kept fading and turning green again. One of my friends that goes aurora hunting said she saw all sorts of colors..she probably stayed out all night though haha. I was so grateful to see them again though, they're so pretty and amazing. <3 They're supposed to be a 5 (very active) tonight. Aw man..maybe I'd be able to see them from the laundry room of the complex :P

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I'm back from Talkeetna! On Friday mom went to Laurie's house to load up the car with her stuff, Laurie came to mom's house to have breakfast, then we left. It was an uneventful drive down. Besides McKinley (which was cloudy then), I find the Parks Highway rather boring. I've driven the Richardson too many times's way more exciting. :P We got to Laurie's house, unpacked the car, hung out a little, then had dinner. We met up with another air traffic controller, his wife, a girl who played basketball with the controller, and another lady that I'm not sure what the connection was. I was rather annoyed..I was tired, hungry and it was really loud. Once I had some wine and food I was better though haha. There were cool mountaineering mementos on the walls (Talkeetna is the jump off for mountaineers flying to McKinley. I'd love to go in the summer when all the mountaineers are there!). Talkeetna is rather quaint. After dinner, we went back to Laurie's house, had more wine (we bought a bottle..Red Rock Merlot) and played Trivial Pursuit haha. Funn. After the game we went to bed

Yesterday I got up and when it was light enough started checking the webcams to see what the weather was at McKinley. It was clear over Talkeetna but I could see a thin layer of fog/clouds (depending on where the camera was) at McKinley. I was confident it would break up though. I checked later and..I was right! The clouds were breaking up and I could see the top of McKinley! I have good weather skillz I swear haha. ;) After breakfast we went over to K2 Aviation and they said once the pilot got the plane ready we could go flightseeing! Yaaay haha. While he was doing that we went over and checked out the flight service station where Laurie's gonna work (the guy from the night before was working then too). After talking with him we went back to K2 and went flightseeing! We opted for the Denali Grand Tour. :D (Don't worry, I saved up for this haha) One of the best feelings everr is taking off in a plane and seeing everything around you. THE FLIGHT WAS SO AMAZING!! Denali, Foraker, Hunter, etc were so clear and pretty!! Even the pilots were amazed. I could see in the distance it was cloudy over Anchorage and I heard it was snowing in Fairbanks. WOW haha. A good weather hole, just for me. ;) We got SUPER close to Foraker and other amazing to see the detail!! Seeing all sides of McKinley was pretty awesome too. All the glaciers were awesome cool seeing icefalls, crevasses, moraines. *drools* The mountains looked like ice cream haha. I took over 100 pics up there!! It was just amazing. <3 Laurie met up with us after we landed and had lunch and dessert at two different places haha. Ouch..I ate horribly yesterday. :P That just happens when you travel though. We also checked out the Talkeetna River (which had an AMAZING view of McKinley and co.), went to a gift shop, went back to Laurie's house and showed her our pics, then left to go back home. It was like 4:15 when we left! Oops haha. There was a nice mountain sunset though. The WORST part of the drive is after Nenana you just wind and wind through hills and you're so close to home BUT THE HILLS NEVER ENDDD haha. But we made it back to mom's house, unpacked the car and went to bed haha. Pics tomorrow or whenever I get them all uploaded :P

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The Northern Lights were out last night! They were pretty nice..bright green tinged with pink and dancing lazily. They were straight overhead too (ow my neck). It was windy and FREEZING though. Then I woke up in the middle of the night and happened to look out the window..they were still out! They were moving faster than before..awesomee. I'm glad mom's house is like the perfect place to watch them haha :D

And here's a video of a guy trying to drive through the Bentley Mall:

Apparently he was on drugs and when the police questioned him he thought he could "drive through the doors on one side, drive through the mall and drive through the doors on the other side." Nicee :P

There was ice floating down the river looked like breakup haha

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We talked about this plane crash in class today. Knowing what we know about glaciers we had to figure out how we would have got it out of the ice. They had to drill hundreds of feet into the ice, make a cavern and take the plane apart to get it out. Wow. I wish the video was more detailed, but here's an article:

Today was finally a day where the whole Alaska Range was clear..I'll never tire of that view <3

50. Breaking the Rules )

Would you rather have to put to sleep five puppies you just got or a dog you've had for a year? uwefhgyuegwfyv these kind of questions are too upsetting for me

Today's trivia: Rats are lactose intolerant
glacier_kitty: (kitty - blanket) may have to be from Alaska to appreciate it, but that was great haha. Alaskans are awesome :D

It is SO yellow outside! When you look at the hills they're just golden. It's so Texas the leaves just turned brown :P

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