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I got to see Dana for a couple hours today, yay! (I smell like her perfume now haha.) We had lunch and then went back to my house for awhile..I showed her some of my old school stuff, which she seemed genuinely interested in! I love that about matter how obsessive I am, she's always supportive and interested. <3 She left when the weather started getting started sleeting, eww. It's supposed to snow today and tomorrow..guess Payson will have a white Christmas lol

Here are a couple pics!

 photo 15726391_1524748010883682_2403862448454557467_n_zpsoqnluaor.jpeg

 photo 15697594_1524748014217015_6752508882370842778_n_zpsizaizq0t.jpeg
Yay, always nice seeing her again :D
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One thing I've learned when going through stuff in the garage: we never threw ANYTHING away..I've found price tags, empty boxes, and we still have our baby clothes and toys! Wow lol. It's interesting to see my old journals and schoolwork and stuff, but it's also..strange. A lot of projects I don't even remember doing. When I was bored in class I wrote out entire scenes from Lord of the Rings from memory. I must have driven my teachers crazy with my obsessions with Scotland, LOTR, Viggo Mortensen, etc..I constantly mentioned them. I found one of my swords though, which was pretty awesome. It's just WEIRD seeing all this stuff again lol

I get to see Dana tomorrow, yay! It's also supposed to snow..not fairrr lol

I'm loving the LJ Revival!! I'm always worried it'll shut down and I'll lose all the memories from here, so I'm glad people are rediscovering it!

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So Saturday was Dana and Matt's wedding! Before the wedding, mom and I were determined to find more than one or two geocaches, or looking for one and not finding it (caching in such a busy place is hard! Especially when you have to figure out where to park). We ended up finding ELEVEN!! Heck yeahh. I think that's my third best day of caching (my second is 16 I think and my best is 20). That was satisfying lol. After that we got ready for the wedding. It was pretty much the best wedding ever..Dana looked perfect and gorgeous and just bursting with happiness. When the officiator was reading his notes both of them stood there looking at each other bursting with love and happiness. It was so awesome when they were finally pronounced man and wife!! They were made for each other. <3 After that was happy hour or something, or "standing around eating and talking" lol. Mom and I snuck up to our room to get a book since that's neither of our fortes lol. After that was dinner..I met Matt's mom and stepdad, the ones that live in Payson. None of us can get over how dad bought a house in the same town Matt's parents live haha. There was also a photobooth (fun! I'm gonna hang those pics on my fridge :D) and dancing. Mom and I hung back at first (we're the worst dancers ever, and shy lol) but when Uptown Funk came on (a great dancing song!) we decided to go up there. Might as well let loose and have fun! We might have been flailing more than dancing LOL, but whatever. Poor Dana was getting tired though (it was fun dancing with her too! She saw the rare side of me lol). Mom and I left around 11 and Dana said the party wound down around midnight. The Best Man and Maid of Honor made great speeches too, which were 100% true. It was a great night!! So happy they're finally married :D

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 photo 13606865_1326529250705560_8803877779284784484_n_zpshotlzz1y.jpg
Mom and I visited Aunt Susan and Uncle Carl and their kitties today (twice in a year, woohoo!) and after we left we went to Redondo Beach. WOW it has changed! I don't even remember the last time I was there, but still. THERE WERE SO MANY PEOPLE OMG. California has gotten so crowded. :( We managed to get one geocache, so yay lol

Mom and I actually fly home tomorrow, not Tuesday. I'll be glad to get back to calm Alaska, though it was super awesome seeing Dana again <3 (best wedding ever!!). I'll post more in depth about the last couple days and more pics after I get home. I'm so glad I wasn't there this past week, it was in the high 80s and maybe ever 90s in some places!! Yikes. At least in San Diego there's air conditioning lol. I hope I see cool scenery on the flights home..
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I'll update more extensively about Dana's wedding when I'm not tired lol, but here are a couple pics!

 photo 13659181_10102144380870587_4370937491958223792_n_zpsb7glulnj.jpg
I could totally feel the excitement and love coming from them. They are so perfect for each other <3

 photo 13697186_1325726157452536_225661252718663304_n_zpsoeiav5ua.jpg
This is definitely one of the best pics of us together. <3 Yay!
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Yesterday mom and I had to shop for wedding clothes..ugh, clothes are SO weird and ugly nowadays. D: We went to Macy's, when we probably should have gone to JcPenny instead (much cheaper)..oh well, next time. It took awhile, but thankfully we found something. After that we were just completely done with malls and crowds and noise and just wanted to relax at the hotel for awhile. I so prefer the slower less crowded pace of Alaska (and freeways are completely scary and stressful D:). We did that and then went for a walk by these parks and the ocean before it ~got dark~ (omg). THAT was much nicer than the stress of the mall, and we got three geocaches! (We got one at the mall too.) After that we just went back to the hotel

This morning I was looking for bookstores in San Diego, and found one that had cats! (Adams Avenue Book Store) I was like "YEP, we are going there today!" haha. So we did, and yay kitties!! Hehe. One didn't mind getting pet (and mom said when she sat in a chair she and the cat had a conversation haha), but after a minute the other cat put its paw up like it was gonna scratch me, so I had to stop. :( I'm glad the other cat liked to be pet lol. I found some books too, so that was cool. After that we went to the USS Midway, a decommissioned aircraft carrier turned into a museum. It was pretty cool! I've been on military ships before, but I think this was the first time going to an aircraft carrier. It was huge, like a floating city! We saw everything from the engine room, sick bay, post office, air traffic control area (mom loved that, of course lol), kitchen, bridge, etc. Cool place. After that we went to Dana and Matt's rehearsal dinner. They wanted an evening to just relax with the people that are closest to them (aww, honored <3). It was cool seeing people she talks about a lot, and seeing people I've met before too (like her parents..when I visited Dana when she lived in New Jersey we crossed the Delaware River into Pennsylvania and they always think of me when they go over that bridge..aww!). It was definitely nice, though planes flew over us like every 5 minutes, which was rather annoying (we much have been right under the flight path)..oh well. :P After that mom and I went into the Jacuzzi when we got back to the hotel since the evening was actually kinda chilly and we were tired of being cold lol. It definitely felt nice, and we got to see the fireworks from Sea World too (they're like practically across the street from the hotel lol). Long day!

Yay, Dana and Matt's wedding is tomorrow!! So exciteddd!! :D
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Yesterday mom and I arrived in San Diego. Our flight to Seattle was supposed to depart at 1:30 AM, but the flight with the crew were delayed in Anchorage because of a mechanical problem. A flight from Seattle was coming with crew that could go on our airplane the time we left it was around 2:30 AM and the sun was just coming up haha! The agents at the counter rebooked everyone with connecting flights before 7 AM (we were one of them). Alaska Airlines is AWESOME, seriously..they handled the situation well and we didn't have to wait ages for them to rebook us (and they weren't like "oh well, you'll just have to figure it out when you get to Seattle"). I was afraid they'd lose our luggage, but it got through just fine. The weather was mostly cloudy, but I did see the top of Mt. Hayes, Hess and Deborah. I kept falling asleep at the window haha, but I doubt I missed much. I did see a little glacier though (it was hard to tell between clouds and glaciers, but this was definitely a glacier cause I could see crevasses). Unfortunately on the rebooked flight mom and I both had middle seats..I was a little worried since last time I had a middle seat I had a huge panic attack and cried and yelled at my brother. D: I was determined not to freak out this time (and I had Xanax with me, just in case), and it worked! Sure sitting by two strangers was uncomfortable, but I got through it fine. I kept falling asleep and kept worrying that my head would fall on one of their shoulders LOL. When I woke up enough I watched some of The Finest Hours..I'll have to finish it on the flight home (I have the book too, though I haven't read it yet)

After we got our rental car and stuff, we drove to the was too early for a room to be ready, so we had lunch and found a couple geocaches, yay! (There's one like 400 some feet from the hotel lol.) The first one we looked for was HARD..we were looking for something tiny (a nano, in caching speak lol). This family saw us poking around and were like "wtf are you doing?? You look silly crawling around down there" haha. We told them we were caching and one of the kids was like "oh yeah, I found one once!" They actually helped us look for it, and one of the kids actually found it! Awesome, considering how tiny that thing was lol. And uh..I kinda downloaded Pokemon Go LOL..I've never been into Pokemon, but that game sounded like too much fun to pass up (it reminded me of geocaching haha). It is definitely addictive lol. We were so happy when our room was was so nice to take a nap and just hang out

Today we had breakfast and decided to pamper ourselves at the hotel's got a pedicure and a manicure and I just got a manicure (my first one! I feel like my feet are weird and don't really like showing them to people lol). The nail technician (yep, that was her actual title lol) was born and raised in California and loved seeing pics from Alaska and hearing moose stories and stuff (and weirdly enough, the waiting room had a picture of a glacier hanging up! Weird how glaciers follow me, even to places like Hawaii lol). After that we went to the store to get snacks and stuff and then met up with Dana for dinner, yay! We met at her house..I saw her cat Remy and started petting him but he was like "wtf who are you" and walked away (I forget that not all cats aren't like Abby and need time to get used to strangers lol). After a few minutes he came around and purred and was loving our attention..he even let me pick him up, which Dana said he doesn't usually do..he knows cat lovers when he sees them. ;) Her other cat Indra doesn't like strangers at all, so we just had to admire her from a distance haha. We had a lovely dinner at a Mexican restaurant..Dana's been busy with wedding stuff, so she was very happy to have down time. We're gonna see her on Friday for her rehearsal dinner too, so that'll be cool. After that we drove back to the hotel (weird driving in the dark!) and now we're relaxing. Tomorrow we have to shop for clothes and shoes for the wedding..ugh. D: I hope I find something I like, it's hard to shop for clothes nowadays..

I know I keep mentioning this, but I keep realizing how much I was struggling to function before I started taking Prozac. Before when I would see Dana I couldn't look her in the face for whatever reason, but this time I was able to without feeling super anxious. I feel like I can talk and joke around with ease and not sit there and just like..retreat into myself? It's hard to I just felt dead inside or something. I'm pretty sure last year was the worst year of my life. Prozac has literally given me my life back, and it's AMAZING. To everyone struggling with depression, don't give up! You WILL find something that helps you <3
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Tonight (well, technically tomorrow morning lol) I start on my journey to San Diego! Dana ([ profile] foxydanish) is getting married on Saturday..I'm so excited, I'm getting butterflies and I'm not even the one getting married haha. Mom and I are going a few days early (it's too long of a journey from Alaska to just go for a couple days)..I also can't wait to find my first California geocache and get my digital souvenir. Maybe we'll go to some museums and the beach and stuff too. We come back home Tuesday night. I hope I see some glaciers to or from Seattle! It's gonna be weird having it get dark at night there haha (most Alaskan statement ever :P)

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Today's trivia: The words sung at the beginning of The Lion King are Zulu for "Here comes a lion, father" and "Oh, yes, it's a lion"
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Today mom and I met up with Dana and met her fiance Matt for the first time..he's very nice and easygoing. It was great seeing her again, it had been a few years since we'd seen each other in person. We showed her around the house and decided to go to Montezuma Castle, with a stop at Tonto Natural Bridge along the way (mom and I went there in January too). The hike back up the hill from the bridge is a killer, especially since the altitude is above 5000 feet (I'd die trying to climb Mt. Everest D:). We also taught them to geocache, which was fun..Dana found the second one we looked for all on her own, nice! Montezuma Castle was cool (more exciting than the ruins we saw yesterday lol). Building the dwellings into the side of the cliff must have been hard work! After that we were hungry and saw that Sedona wasn't that far from where we were, so we decided to have dinner there, yay! Sedona is so beautiful. Unplanned adventures are the best lol. We had dinner at a Mexican restaurant, yum. I liked seeing all the Christmas lights as we drove back to Payson. I'm sooo happy I got to see Dana again..definitely one of the best days this year! They're getting married next July, so I'm glad I won't have to wait years to see her again lol. Yay <3 (Dana was mentioning how cool it was that we've been to so many states together..Texas, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, New York, California, Alaska, Arizona..nice!)

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Dec. 5th, 2015 08:34 pm
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Today mom and I found 5 caches and went to some very unexciting Indian ruins lol..basically there were just rocks scattered everywhere. :P "Archaeologist" was even spelled wrong on one of their signs..FAIL haha. It was a BEAUTIFUL warm sunny day though..I can't believe how hot 60 degrees feels here!! I couldn't imagine being here when it's over 90. D: I managed to step on a little cactus too, ouch!

Tomorrow I'm gonna meet up with Dana and we're gonna go to Montezuma Castle (some of the best preserved Indian cliff dwellings in North America) and geocache along the way. Yay! I love going on adventures with her lol

Friday five

Nov. 6th, 2015 03:35 pm
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1. What dehydrated foods (meant to be consumed that way) do you enjoy? Not sure..
2. What’s your favorite dish made by stuffing one food with another? Turkey and stuffing
3. What’s your favorite dish made by rolling something up? Burritos, etc
4. What’s a meal you frequently consume primarily because the cleanup is quick? Microwavable pasta and stuff
5. What’s a food that’s made much better because of what you sprinkle on it? Oatmeal

Next month mom and I are going to Payson for a couple weeks! Dana and her fiance Matt are going in December too, so she invited us to come if we wanted to (it's still so crazy to me that we bought a house in the town Matt's family lives in haha!). I haven't seen Dana in person in a few years, so it'll be cool to see her again and finally meet Matt. Yay!

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Today I turned, I'm old haha. Crazy how fast time goes by. I got an Amazon gift card from Dana, $50 from grandpa, Barnes and Noble gift cards from Aunt Gina and Nina, geocaching stuff from mom, a call from Aunt Julie and lots of love haha. The weather seems to be nice so far..maybe we'll go caching again. Mom said she was 25 when she met dad..that's weird to think about haha

Mom and I signed up for summer BOW (Becoming an Outdoor Woman) in August. We haven't been in like 3 years (and only once at the summer one) so it was time to go again haha. I'm taking Wild Edibles, Survival, Track & Sign and Birding in Alaska. One of our geocaching friends is going too..should be fun!

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Friday five

Jan. 3rd, 2014 04:30 pm
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1. What item in your house is pleasantly useless? Cat figurines and stuff like that haha
2. What item in your house was used exactly once and will probably never be used for its intended purpose again? Maybe a blender thing haha
3. What situation do you continue to attempt repairing though your efforts appear to be useless? *shrugs*
4. What are your thoughts on belly buttons? They're kinda weird haha
5. What food item at your grocery store keeps calling out to you, though you have no idea what you’d do with it? *shrugs*

I got the rest of Dana's presents today! I got a Glacier National Park hoodie with a moose on it and piney scented candle that smells soooo good..yay!

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Dec. 27th, 2012 04:20 pm
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I indeed got Dana's presents..I got a $50 Barnes and Noble gift card (I was just there a few days ago..good thing I didn't buy anything haha), these paw print keychain things (one says I <3 my Cat and the other has sequins on it) and a 2013 Glaciers calendar. Awesomee haha

Work was busy today! I always love going back after a long break. :) Though now New Years' break is coming..must not go crazyyy

125. Insomnia )

Would you rather eat a steak that's been left on a busy freeway for an hour or drink a glass of wine that has been slowly sifted through the hairpiece of a sweaty fat man with dandruff? The steak..hopefully cooking it would make it edible :P

Today's trivia: Modern hair conditioners were introduced at the turn of the last century to soften men's hair, beards and mustaches
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Yesterday after mom got home we opened our presents! I got a new bracelet holder (I had been needing a new one for a looong time) and TONS of new bracelets mom made! Yaaay..I've needed new ones to freshen up my collection haha. Dana sent me stuff but I haven't been to my apartment since Friday..hopefully they'll be there today haha. Ryan made a nice simple dinner of Cornish game hens, mashed potatoes, green beans and there was yummy Riesling wine. Nicee haha

Abby and Snowy slept with me last night. Aww. Greyboy wanted to but he took one look at Snowy and ran away. :P I'm loved hehe

a pic of my bracelet holder and bracelets )
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Finally haha. Dana indeed had a bunch of the ones I lost..yay! I'll mark hers with DP

Birch Lake

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Jul. 13th, 2012 06:00 pm
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That lady never called me back so I went to the camera store and got a new battery. I opened it in the store and put it in the camera..nothing. My camera was totally dead. They said I could send it in to possibly fix it but it would take like a month..might as well get a new camera. They also tried getting the pics off the card..also nothing. Turns out the card was the wrong one for the camera and I had been taking pics through the internal memory the whole time. Wtf. So I lost the pics from driving home..I'm SOO glad I put most of them on my laptop at the hotel. I think Dana has some of the same pics from driving home so I'll just steal them from her haha. So I bought a new camera with the right card this time. :P Why do my cameras break so often?? I've bought more (digital ones) in the last few years than ever haha. My other one broke last time I was at Meares Glacier. Wth Meares?? Why do you keep breaking my cameras? Haha. Mom said that glacier's bad luck..I hope not. D: Hopefully my new camera will last awhile for once..

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Dana and I are back from Valdez. The weather was somewhat better than yesterday..of course, since we're not on a glacier cruise. :P I actually found a Valdez shirt this time! Finally haha. :P The mountains were gorgeous, but THERE WAS FRESH SNOW ON THEM! DUDE haha. I bet last winter's snow isn't gonna melt by winter. Usually you can see all the glaciers clearly but if you didn't know they were there you wouldn't have seen most of them cause of all the snow. Once we got 50 some miles inland the weather became nice and sunny. There was fresh snow in the Alaska Range too!! Last winter's snow hasn't melted all the way there either. Hopefully some glaciers will be growing now. ;) Mt. Deborah and stuff looked amazingg and so pretty..they're always snowy but the extra snow in the sun was just..*drools* I love mountains. We made it home pretty quickly I think, even after stopping for lunch at Paxson and getting ice cream at Delta Junction. We saw two moose! Her vacation is complete. ;) Haha. Dana leaves soon. *sniff* It was awesome though, sharing Alaska with her. I bet she loved it :D (Pics in the next few days..too tired to upload them now :P)

“Climb the mountains and get their good tidings. Nature's peace will flow into you as sunshine flows into trees. The winds will blow their own freshness into you, and the storms their energy, while cares will drop off like autumn leaves.”--John Muir
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Today Dana and I went on the wildlife/glacier cruise! The weather was of course rainy and cloudy. :P I guess it was a little better than last time I was on the cruise since you couldn't see into the bay to Columbia Glacier and you could some today (they said even if it was clear you couldn't really see it anyway since it's retreated so much. They said it's split into two glaciers now!). There were some pretty cool icebergs from the glacier though. We saw a bunch of wildlife too..sea otters, humpback whales, porpoises, etc. Porpoises are so fun to watch hehe..they like the pressure from the bow and jump and play in front of the boat. We eventually got up to Meares Glacier..we got SO close to it haha..soo awesome. :D Again I heard it creaking and splitting omg. *swoons* It kept calving little chunks of ice (but it was still so loud!) and the captain was like "usually when it does that the whole part calves!" and like 5 seconds later it did!! MOST EPIC CALVING EVER!!! OMG this huge section of the face just broke off..I think the biggest calving I've ever seen! Omgomg. *SWOONS* Meares Glacier does not disappoint. :D It didn't really calve after that..but still, the one we saw was AWESOME. BEST SOUNDS EVERR. And for once I actually thought we spent a good amount of time at the glacier..still sad leaving it (heart..*breaks*) but I left it feeling very satisfied. Definitely makes up for Aialik and Portage. Being at a glacier face is so addictive haha..and also one of the happiest feelings for me. <3 AND I got a PICTURE of it calving!! That's sooo hard to do's unpredictable and your hands are FREEZING and it was hard to see what was on the screen. I win haha. Thenn we made our way back to Valdez with a couple more stops. Then we got dinner and now we're relaxing. We go back to Fairbanks tomorrow and Dana leaves that night. *sniff* I bet her trip was epic though ;)
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Heyy I am in Valdez with Dana! Saturday night I picked her up from the airport..she couldn't believe how light it was haha. We got a rental car and went to my apartment. Sunday we had breakfast at Sourdough Sam's, went to Gulliver's books, went to the visitor center, walked by the river, went walking at Creamer's Field and got attacked by 239679 mosquitoes, watched some of a movie, then went to mom's house for a barbeque. She saw all the kitties and heard Greyboy's weird meow haha. We watched a movie after dinner then went back to my apartment, watched more of the other movie and went to bed. Busy tired!

Today we got up early (to sunny skies..I am sun bringer :D), got stuff from Fred Meyer and started the trip to Valdez! So exciting to drive the road with someone who never has before. I'm so glad the weather was pretty nice and the mountains (mostly) weren't hidden by clouds. She was awed and couldn't get over how beautiful it was. We stopped at the good places of course..the Knotty Shop, Rika's Roadhouse, random pullouts, etc. We of course hiked up to Worthington Glacier. :D There was still last winter's snow on the glacier and in big piles on the side of the road and in the parking lot! WOW haha. I'm glad Worthington doesn't change as dramatically as Exit Glacier. Then we continued to Valdez and got our hotel room. We were STARVING haha..dinner at the Italian restaurant I usually go to was soo good. :P Now we're just relaxing yayy. The wildlife/glacier cruise is tomorrow! It would be nice if it was sunny, but I will be happy if the clouds aren't obscuring the mountains and they just stay high up. Wow I'm SO tired now *skips meme* :P


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