Jul. 15th, 2016

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Yesterday mom and I had to shop for wedding clothes..ugh, clothes are SO weird and ugly nowadays. D: We went to Macy's, when we probably should have gone to JcPenny instead (much cheaper)..oh well, next time. It took awhile, but thankfully we found something. After that we were just completely done with malls and crowds and noise and just wanted to relax at the hotel for awhile. I so prefer the slower less crowded pace of Alaska (and freeways are completely scary and stressful D:). We did that and then went for a walk by these parks and the ocean before it ~got dark~ (omg). THAT was much nicer than the stress of the mall, and we got three geocaches! (We got one at the mall too.) After that we just went back to the hotel

This morning I was looking for bookstores in San Diego, and found one that had cats! (Adams Avenue Book Store) I was like "YEP, we are going there today!" haha. So we did, and yay kitties!! Hehe. One didn't mind getting pet (and mom said when she sat in a chair she and the cat had a conversation haha), but after a minute the other cat put its paw up like it was gonna scratch me, so I had to stop. :( I'm glad the other cat liked to be pet lol. I found some books too, so that was cool. After that we went to the USS Midway, a decommissioned aircraft carrier turned into a museum. It was pretty cool! I've been on military ships before, but I think this was the first time going to an aircraft carrier. It was huge, like a floating city! We saw everything from the engine room, sick bay, post office, air traffic control area (mom loved that, of course lol), kitchen, bridge, etc. Cool place. After that we went to Dana and Matt's rehearsal dinner. They wanted an evening to just relax with the people that are closest to them (aww, honored <3). It was cool seeing people she talks about a lot, and seeing people I've met before too (like her parents..when I visited Dana when she lived in New Jersey we crossed the Delaware River into Pennsylvania and they always think of me when they go over that bridge..aww!). It was definitely nice, though planes flew over us like every 5 minutes, which was rather annoying (we much have been right under the flight path)..oh well. :P After that mom and I went into the Jacuzzi when we got back to the hotel since the evening was actually kinda chilly and we were tired of being cold lol. It definitely felt nice, and we got to see the fireworks from Sea World too (they're like practically across the street from the hotel lol). Long day!

Yay, Dana and Matt's wedding is tomorrow!! So exciteddd!! :D


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