Dec. 19th, 2016

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Tomorrow mom and Ryan and I are flying to Arizona for our vacation! (The flight leaves at 7 something AM, so we have to get up early..ughhh. D:) While we're there we'll also go to Santa Fe to visit Aunt Cindy and Uncle Dean..Aunt Julie and Gina are going to meet us there too! I saw Cindy and Dean a couple years ago, but I haven't seen the other two (and Julie's children) in years! It'll be cool to see them again. I'll also see Dana again, since we'll be there at the same time! I so love that we can see each other in person more often than once every few years lol (how did dad manage to buy a house in the same town her husband's parents live in?! We'll never get over that lol). One of my favorite things about going to Payson is looking at old pics I haven't seen in years (it's weird life is so completely different now that it feels like my Texas life happened to another person, in another lifetime haha). Dad said there's lots to look through, yay! We have Internet at the house now (we can turn it off when we leave and pay like $10 a month, so that's nice). Looking forward to nice weather and more sunlight too lol. It shall be fun :D

Today's trivia: Yakutsk, Russia, is the biggest city built on continuous permafrost. Its population is almost 300,000 and its average winter temperature is (−30 °F), which makes Yakutsk the coldest city of its size or greater in the world


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