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Today mom and I went to this Japanese restaurant where they cook everything in front of you..we didn't know it was that kind of restaurant before going there, and I don't think we had been to one like that before, so it was really cool! The chef was all fancy with his equipment and stacked onions on top of each other, poured oil in the middle and made a "volcano" by setting it on fire haha. It was fun! It must take a lot of skill to cook like that. :P We'll have to go again!

Post your favorite 90’s ROCK song )

Today's trivia: The Ace of Spades playing card symbolizes death


Jun. 3rd, 2014 03:51 pm
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June 18th, Boston's Restaurant and Sports Bar located on the Old Steese Highway will close its doors. Opening in its place around Labor Day will be a new Alaska themed family restaurant and Sports bar.

The "Banks Alehouse" will feature a non-smoking environment along with a new and expanded menu, 40 beer brands including locally and Alaskan made brews, and local sea food and game meat products. The new facility will have a complete outdoor Alaska appearance inside to enhance the rustic look

Ugh, why do my favorite restaurants up here always close?? Especially the ones everyone can agree upon? I'll definitely have to go there again before they close. The new place sounds interesting though..I'll have to try it out

28. be deaf and have no legs or be blind with no arms )

Today's trivia: WD-40 stands for Water Displacement, 40th attempt. That's how many tries it took Norm Larsen, a chemist, to concoct a formula that would prevent corrosion by displacing water
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Yesterday mom and I went to visit a guy she used to work with (Gus) that recently retired and his wife and four kids. They live an hour or so from grandpa's house. Along the way we shopped at Bealls and got lunch, which was a mistake cause his wife made lunch and like forced us to eat two sandwiches haha. They're both from Jordan, which is cool. We hung out at their house for awhile and checked out some shops after their kids got home from school. We went to dinner at a Persian-Mediterranean restaurant. I really wasn't hungry yet, but I still ate was pretty good. I was STUFFED but Gus's wife was like "eat more, please! Get some more!" I was like OMG no way lol. I hate when people do that. :P On Friday and Saturday they have a belly dancer for entertainment. That was cool..I could never move my body like that haha. People literally threw money at her haha! She performed three times..the third time was like 9 PM and we were some of the only customers left, so it was like a private show haha. Gus's wife danced with her..she OWNED it. She was so good!! I kinda wanted to dance to, but I was way too shy and scared. After dancing with other people at our table, she looked at me and I was like "uh oh, it's my turn!" haha. I grabbed mom when she took my hand and was like "you're coming with me, I'm not doing this alone!!" We probably looked like awkward flailing people, but whatever, it was fun haha. It's very rare I can let go like that, but I was like "you only live once right?" Gus's wife got us on video. D: I'm not sure if I ever want to see that haha. It was a fun night though. It was like 12:30 when we got back to grandpa's house..bed was nice :P

I keep hearing thunder and there are storms on the radar..we're under a tornado watch. Ughh..I hope we don't get anything too bad
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Yesterday we got to the campground we're staying at near Vero Beach (thankfully nothing broke this time haha). After we got settled we went over to grandpa's friend's house and talked for awhile and had dinner at Texas Roadhouse. The music was WAY too loud, but at least the food was good :P

Today we had breakfast and met up with more of grandpa's friends (all of them are married). They had 9 motorcycles, an RV, a tractor, a boat, a fancy sports car, a model oldish car and a Model T. WTF..where does one get that kind of money from?? Haha. The lady gave me four books to read from her "extras" shelf haha (she buys her favorite books from a used bookstore to give to people haha. There are customers at my bookstore that do that too :P). I hope I have room in my suitcase for all these books haha. After visiting with them grandpa drove over to his old house (I loved that house, I was sad when he sold it). That must have felt weird to him haha. It didn't really look that familiar to me though (the only thing I recognized in the area was a treasure museum I went to haha). We also checked out the beach for about 20 seconds haha and found a couple caches. Grandpa's friend he was trying to get ahold of finally called him when he was in the bathroom..he was like "I'm in the bathroom, I'll have to call back, you'll never guess what I have in my hand! I have to put stuff away!" OMG HAHAHA. That is HILARIOUS. :P This couple we visited I swear must be superhumans. The guy (Doc) is 96 and the lady (Dolly) is 93. Doc takes no medicine at all and went skydiving on his 80th birthday. They live in an independent living facility and are in excellent health. You would NEVER guess they are in their 90s. They looked at least in their 70s or 80s. They even still drive. Dolly said she usually stays up till 12 or 1 AM!! I have never heard of an elderly person staying up that late haha! Doc is a World War 2, not many of those left! It was really cool seeing them..I know people younger than them (like 60) who are in way worse health than I bet they're gonna live to be 100. After visiting with them we went to dinner at Olive Garden..yayy! Mmm breadsticks and four cheese ziti. *drools* I feel so fat from this trip haha

Tomorrow we go back to Crystal River..good, I really need to do laundry :P
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Yesterday grandpa drove mom and I around and showed us where he used to live and other of his friends' houses (one where I went swimming when I was like 4..such a weird feeling). It was cool to finally see the the places grandpa has always talked about. Mom and I also found a couple geocaches and hung out a little at the beach. That beach water was definitely the warmest I've ever felt haha. The water was so clear and was shallow for a long way too! Then a little later we all went to dinner at this Italian restaurant..they had the fastest and most efficient service I've ever seen at a restaurant haha..they probably even moved a little too fast. Wow was good though. Then we just relaxed at the house

This morning Pete and Rose (grandpa's friends) took us out in their boat! They have stone crab pots and Pete checked them..I was alarmed when the first one he got he broke one of its claws off! The claws grow back, but I wasn't expecting that haha. In other pots there were lobsters and a pufferfish! It was fun to hold them haha. It was nice to sit in the sun. We also explored some of the canals in the area (peoples' houses back up to them, like Pete's). Mom and I are gonna go geocaching again soon..the weather's too nice not to!

more pics! )
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On Wednesday mom and I found our first geocache in Florida. It was less than a mile away, so we just walked to it. So nice to not have to freeze and wade through snow and bundle up to go caching haha

Yesterday we met grandpa's neighbors that live across the street from him. They are very nice. They have four dogs, three horses and a squirrel! It was fun to visit with all the animals hehe. They said to come over anytime and that they might put the horses in the front pasture so I could pet and feed them..aww. After visiting we went to Chili's..yayy! Sooo good. My leftovers today were so delicious haha

Today we went geocaching at this state park near grandpa's house. We wanted to take him since he had never done it before. It was warm and sunny and the trail was nice..a good day for walking. Geocaching in Florida kinda freaks me out since there's alligators, spiders, scorpions, ticks, snakes and whatever else is out there haha. We didn't see any, but we did see an armadillo! We found five caches. The trail was 2.1 miles altogether. Grandpa said he enjoyed Now it's relaxation time :P


Oct. 24th, 2013 03:51 pm
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HARD ROCK CAFE IS COMING TO ANCHORAGE NEXT YEAR!!! YAY! I've been hoping one would come up here! Now I won't necessarily have to travel thousands of miles to go to one haha

Earlier I was walking down the sidewalk I saw a guy ahead of me that looked pretty drunk..he kept holding onto the fence for support. When I got closer I saw he had peed all over himself. He saw me and was like "hey sweetheart, what are you doing?" I was like "uhh nothing" and then he said "would you like to come to my place?" That was a definite NOPE haha. Ew..why do I always get stopped by the creepy people? :/

21. Your 10 favorite foods

1. Popcorn
2. Bread
3. Pasta
4. Strawberry smoothies
5. BBQ beans
6. Rice with mixed veggies Thai style
7. Chips and salsa/queso
8. Chex Mix
9. Onions
10. Fried okra

 photo 433283_600_zpsa52b8ade.png

Would you rather as a woman, discover that your boyfriend has been making calls to three other women or to a phone sex number? The first one

Today's trivia: Confederate general Robert E. Lee loved cats and shared his army tent with several of them that traveled with him during the Civil War
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Today mom and I went into London. We took the train there since it's near grandma's house. Omg so many people. D: They always seem to be in a hurry and bumping into you too. London also smells pretty bad..especially after it rained..eww. I think I'm spoiled by living in Alaska where there's not many people and the air smells fresh. It's so exhausting always dodging people haha. I guess after Alaska I'm more impressed by amazing nature and mountains than hectic cities. Oh well, enough complaining. :P The train let us off near the Thames River and Big Ben and stuff..we had breakfast and walked around by the river. I think we went to the British Museum after that (we took the still smelled just like I remembered it :P). It was raining, so it was a good time to go to the museum. There were lots of Roman, Greek, Assyrian, Egyptian, etc artifacts (like the Rosetta Stone). It's a nice museum. I don't understand how people walk around London and museums with high heels and other uncomfortable looking shoes. feet hurt just wearing regular shoes. After we were done in the museum we sat outside to figure out what to do next..this pigeon hopped up on the bench next to mom and mom started talking to it and the pigeon was tilting its head like it was listening..then it hopped onto mom's lap!! It fell off but it hopped on her lap kept doing that several times! (It pecked at mom's hand like it was food haha) It was SO funny haha..I think it liked her. ;) I was getting pretty hungry so we walked back to the subway station..but on the way I came across this super awesome antiquarian bookstore! They had a whole bunch of old books in there..I even saw a couple from the 1700s!! They were in great condition for being so old! One was a interesting. I saw one called The White stood out to me for some reason. I was thinking of the Tower of London since it there's a building there called the White Tower..but it was actually a mountaineering book!! So awesome! I also found these..drawings or prints or something of places in Switzerland..a couple were of a glacier! I definitely had to buy those and the book haha. What an awesome place to find! There were tons of bookstores in London haha..we went to another used bookstore, but the other one was cooler. I was sooo hungry by now..we took the subway near where Hard Rock Cafe was (for some reason this time we had trouble finding things and kept going the wrong way :P) and walked to the restaurant (it's by Green Park and Hyde Park..after the city craziness, it sounded very appealing to go to the park haha..maybe next time). There was a 45 minute wait (SO. HUNGRY.) so we browsed the store and I got a shirt and pin. Eventually it was our turn (yay!) and ate dinner. The music was SUPER loud..eesh. After that we walked down the street to check out Piccadilly Circus ("circus" meaning "circle"..Piccadilly is an intersection of streets). The neon signs looked cool in the dark. After that I was so done haha..we took the subway back to the train station and took the train back to grandma's house. OMG..West Byfleet was SO quiet and seemed deserted compared to London haha! It's nice to relax now! I need to take a shower, I feel and smell so gross. :P I think I'll post my pics tomorrow..
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Today we went to Chili's! Yaay, I've missed Chili's since they closed in Alaska. We also went to Kohl's..they used to have nice clothes but they're ugly like everywhere else now..ugh. We also went to a glasses place cause mom needed new nosepads (I got some too..mine were gross). Stephanie and I were trying on nerdy was so funny haha. I like hanging out with them cause they're so easygoing and funny..we always make lots of inside jokes :P ("cilantro tastes like soap!). We were gonna go hiking but it's been raining all day so we didn't (we went on a 3 mile walk around the neighborhood yesterday though). Tomorrow we're gonna go to the buffalo farm..yayy!
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I am home! (At mom's house anyway haha) Yesterday we went to another museum, the Anchorage Museum of History and Art. It was ok..there were a lot of Native artifacts and stuff there. That stuff just doesn't interest me. There was also a floor with hands on stuff for kids, a temporary aviation exhibit, and the 4th floor was a few pieces of modern art scattered about. So there were three kinda crushed water jugs with this furry thing on top with a light shining on the wall. Ooook. After having lunch and browsing the gift shop we drove back to Windy's house. She made us dinner of chicken and rice! Aw nice. Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince was on TV and we had fun watching that and eventually we went to bed. She's so nice hehe

This morning we said bye to Windy (she had somewhere to be again), packed up and drove to a restaurant Windy recommended. The guy behind me started smoking! It was SO nose was burning. (I thought they outlawed smoking in restaurants??) We moved to the bar but people were smoking in there too and I could just see the smoke wafting in the sunlight. That was it, I had to leave. Grossss. My hair reeked of smoke and it took awhile before it got out of my nose. Blech. It was an hour till there was another open restaurant, a Subway (at the Talkeetna turn off). It was lunch time by then haha. We ate and continued the drive home. The mountains were so pretty in the sun! For some reason the audiobooks wouldn't work in the car's CD player so I used my laptop. It did make time go by faster. Now to relax and upload pics! I still hate the new makes my pics giant sized and when I resize them I have to save them and upload them again for it to work. Sorry if they break your computer haha but I really don't want to do that. :P It keeps putting my pics out of order too. Grrr. Looks like I'll have to get used to another LJ profile change too :P
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Yesterday mom and I went to Chena's Alaska Grill to celebrate (dad and Ryan hate going out to eat and didn't go D:). I was looking at the drinks and saw one that said Permafrost Vodka Blue Glacier Martini..I had to try that haha. It was rather strong and I didn't exactly like the flavor, but I still drank most of it (I was paying for it after all :P). It was nice :)

sunset pics and more )
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My friend Judy, who used to volunteer at the Literacy Council, invited me with her to go to the animal shelter where she now volunteers to pet the kitties. I couldn't say no to that haha. We went today. The kitties were friendly and purring when they were in the cages..but when you took them out they freaked out and growled and stuff. They were probably scared. Only one purred when we took it out. It was cool though. After that we went to Alaska Coffee Roast and got drinks and food and just talked. It was nice..I hope we can do it again!

Last night I dreamed that my brother and I were walking on a dark snowy path..I was scared of animals so I turned back only to see a moose. It charged me as fast as it could. I tried to hide under the snow but it found sniffed my head and bit it and tore some of my hair out. Wtf haha

6. Break Away )

Would you rather if you had to come up with $50,000 in five days to get a sibling out of jail, try to steal it or go to Vegas? Go to Vegas

Today's trivia: The world's oldest crow is estimated to be 118 years old
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I am homeee! (Well at mom's house but still haha) Longg drive. :P At one point mom pulled over at a pull out and took a 10 minute "power nap" haha. That made me take an hour nap heh. The weather was rainy till we got to the other side of the Alaska was still cloudy but somewhat better. We had dinner at The Monderosa outside of Nenana..our favorite dinner spot coming home on the Parks Highway! When I got out of the car I realized how WARM it felt!! I'm glad I'm back to summer haha. The coast is lovely and the glaciers are awesome but I couldn't live there..winter in June, no thanks. After we left it started raining again. I am sooo happy to be home haha. Now I can just relax, upload pics, maybe do surveys..ahhh :D

I have to work tomorrow at noon..good thing cause I must sleep in haha. I wonder how much I have to catch up on :P

There were some dumb tourists the guys throwing stones at a beaver house (betting each other $100 to see if they could hit it!!). A guy in their group said Whittier had the best halibut and another lady said "what's that??"; the lady who was walking to Exit Glacier that had a rhinestone purse, nice clothes and was all made up and some other ladies on the tram yesterday with super high heels (who were also drunk and obnoxious). You're in Alaska on a mountain..really?? Jeez people :P

I turned 23 doesn't feel like my birthday haha

Day 32: A picture of your country you're currently living in's flag )
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Today Nina and I dropped my applications off at Barnes and Noble and Gulliver's. Now I just have to wait haha. There's a new Japanese restaurant next to B&N and Nina wanted to see what it looked like..and ended up taking food home for dinner haha

The trees and hills are getting GREEN. That makes me super happy haha

Day 4: A picture of your best friend(s) )

Would you rather as a man, have your testicles eaten off by a squirrel or your eyeballs pecked out by a bird? Wow D:

Today's trivia: The average cat has a total of 24 whiskers
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Heyy I am in Seattle. Well..actually in a city named Tukwila but whatever haha. The Greyboy Alarm (haha) woke me up and I got ready and mom drove me to the airport. I had to go through a body scanner for the first time..ugh. The plane was supposed to leave at 8:45 but we left early. I love Alaska Airlines..they always leave early haha and are really nice. The people I sat next to lived in Goldstream in mom's neighborhood!! That's it, Alaska is small haha. I got the right side for McKinley but when we took off and started flying down the Richardson Highway I realized I had forgotten we don't go that way direct to Seattle. But..I saw an awesome view of Hayes, Hess and Deborah!! I tried to find Black Rapids Glacier since we were still following the road but I think it got too cloudy then. I thought I saw some glaciers but they could have been frozen rivers too..hard to tell in winter. I did see some other glaciers in between clouds's more exciting seeing them when their moraines aren't covered with snow though. :P We got into the Seattle area and could see it was a gorgeous day. We landed, I picked up my bag and called the hotel shuttle to pick me up. They did and it was a short ride to the hotel. I checked in, put my stuff in the room and then decided to go shopping! OMG I walked outside and about felt SO nice and everything was green and flowery and smelled of life. After Fairbanks winter..BEST FEELING EVER. SUPER happy haha. I bet I looked like a fool gawking over the plants and birds haha. First I decided to OLIVE GARDEN!! Oh yeahhh..I totally picked the right hotel. ;) Looking at the empty seat in front of me I wished Dana was there. I had the four cheese ziti..yum. The waitress said I was her third Alaskan customer of the day! Woww haha. After that I crossed the parking lot to the mall. That felt SO weird..since Fairbanks doesn't really have a mall haha. A lot of the clothes shops were super teenage blah stores, but I did get some shirts at Banana Republic (I've had luck there before). Guess I had to buy something since when you walk in they're like "CHOOSE COUPON NAO AND SAVE." Jeez, leave me alone, I just wanna shop without everyone being like "are you ok?? What brings you in here today?" Whatever haha. That mall didn't even have a bookstore! Booooo. So I gave up and walked to Barnes and Noble! That's more like it. ;) I bought a bunch of books (crazy they had such a different selection from Fairbanks..) and then I was really tired and my feet hurt and so I went back to the hotel and took a nap. I'm still realllly tired though

I'm not sure when dad will get here tomorrow..but tomorrow the ferry leaves! Exciting haha. I don't know if I'll have Internet after tomorrow..the ferry gets in to Whittier on Thursday and mom said she's gonna drive and meet us there and we may spend a day in Anchorage. Coool haha

pics from today. the new lj cut is cool haha )
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Yesterday for Easter dinner I went with mom and Laurie (her friend at work) to Chatanika Lodge. I was excited when mom came home and told me "we're going on a drive!" haha. I think it's on mile 20 something on the Steese Highway. I had only been out that way once said we were picking berries but all I really remember is miles and miles of burned hills. it was nice and sunny so it was a good day for a drive. The lodge only had a tiny buffet till was good but we were disappointed cause we wanted to order off the menu. The owner had two very fat old beagles haha..they like to visit you when you were eating hehe. We'll have to go back to see their regular menu

Today was my first day ever of jury duty. It was interesting, though the questioning process and waiting for stuff took foreverrr haha. We were on the 4th floor so it was cool seeing Fairbanks (and the mountains!) up high. I'm probably not allowed to talk about the trial till it's over though. I'd never been in a courtroom was cool hearing the court lingo haha (objection your honor!). I was STARVING though..I was happy they didn't select me just so I could go eat something :P (and this is my last week with AmeriCorps *sniff*). It was around 1:30 when they let us go and I went straight to River City Cafe for a smoothie so I wouldn't die of hunger. :P I went to work for a bit didn't feel right not going haha. I wonder if they'll call me again..

pics from yesterday )

Would you rather on a first date, wear a t-shirt that says "I'm with stupid" or a t-shirt that asks "who cut the cheese?" The first one..maybe

Today's trivia: The first automobile to cross the US took 52 days in 1903, to go from San Francisco to New York
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Aweeeesome. Though I hate the people that are all like "OMG GLOBAL WARMING AL GORE BLAH!" People..Perito Moreno IS AN ADVANCING GLACIER. Every few years it makes a dam and then calves and the dam gets destroyed when the water pressure gets too great (before this year it last happened in 2008). Nothing to do with "global warming." Ugh

MY PHONE LIVES!! My new battery came today and it works! YAY! That makes me SO happy haha

Nooo..they closed Chili's in Alaska! But..I just ate there last week! Boo :(

Day 48 - Your best friend )

Would you rather spend a week at school in your underwear or attend two classes completely nude? In my underwear

Today's trivia: Cincinnati was named for Cincinnatus, a politician who ruled Rome for 16 days in 458 BC
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There's this restaurant in town called Ichiban and I never really wanted to go cause the outside of it is painted purple and it just looked meh. Yesterday mom and I finally decided to try it..and it was really good! Mom had Mongolian beef and I had rice and veggies in just kept getting better and better with each bite haha. Apparently the owner wants to sell it and and I were like "why didn't we come sooner??" haha. Fairbanks does have weird paint jobs yellow and green or something like that on a building..ew :P

Day 30 - Your breakfast )

Would you rather marry your first boyfriend/girlfriend or marry someone your parents chose for you? My first boyfriend..if I had one

Today's trivia: Kayaking is a required subject in Greenland's schools
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What event in the world has most shaped your worldview? Moving to Alaska possibly. I love nature more than ever. It first happened when I went to's such a pristine wilderness and I felt deeply touched
What personal event in your life is the most noteworthy to you? Moving to Alaska, traveling, etc
What is something you hope to see in the future? The Alps
What song reminds you of the happiest day of your life? *shrugs*
What song reminds you of the saddest day of your life? No One Would Listen?

Olive Garden is coming to Anchorage!! I'm SO going next time I'm there

Day 3- Favorite book that you own )


May. 10th, 2011 09:44 am
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Yesterday after Dana got home from work we went to a Mexican restaurant by the ocean. I had a strawberry margarita and Dana had a really strong drink (we switched cause mine was too strong haha). This strawberry margarita was way better than the one I had at Chili's..just the right amount of alcohol and flavor. Yum. The food and company was good too..yay hehe. It was really hard to talk after drinking the margarita haha..and I felt all weeee. :P When we got home we watched another episode of Wonders of the Solar System..mmm Brian Cox..

Dana's kitty is liking me more now..yesterday he curled up right next to me..awww. He was so cute hehe

Day 56 - A picture of you all bundled up )


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