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Tomorrow mom and Ryan and I are flying to Arizona for our vacation! (The flight leaves at 7 something AM, so we have to get up early..ughhh. D:) While we're there we'll also go to Santa Fe to visit Aunt Cindy and Uncle Dean..Aunt Julie and Gina are going to meet us there too! I saw Cindy and Dean a couple years ago, but I haven't seen the other two (and Julie's children) in years! It'll be cool to see them again. I'll also see Dana again, since we'll be there at the same time! I so love that we can see each other in person more often than once every few years lol (how did dad manage to buy a house in the same town her husband's parents live in?! We'll never get over that lol). One of my favorite things about going to Payson is looking at old pics I haven't seen in years (it's weird life is so completely different now that it feels like my Texas life happened to another person, in another lifetime haha). Dad said there's lots to look through, yay! We have Internet at the house now (we can turn it off when we leave and pay like $10 a month, so that's nice). Looking forward to nice weather and more sunlight too lol. It shall be fun :D

Today's trivia: Yakutsk, Russia, is the biggest city built on continuous permafrost. Its population is almost 300,000 and its average winter temperature is (−30 °F), which makes Yakutsk the coldest city of its size or greater in the world
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Abby's scared of the vacuum too, though she hasn't tried to destroy it yet :P

One of my cousins from California was in Fairbanks this weekend (briefly anyway)..I didn't even know till I saw his Facebook pics. It would have been cool to see him, but he didn't have enough time I don't think. He saw the Northern Lights too, nice! I asked mom to guess who was here and she was like:

Mom: Obama
Me: No
Mom: TRUMP??
Me: Nope
Mom: Hillary??
Me: Nope
Mom: Cherry!

LOL..if only that could happen..(I seriously think we would have gotten along so well..I was born in the wrong era :( *sniff*)

Ughhh I have to go to the dentist tomorrow. D: The hygienist is going to get onto me again about the medicine (Prozac) that makes my mouth dry. I'd rather have a dry mouth than depression, and I'm not going through the switching process all over again, especially since Prozac works so well! Hopefully she'll understand..

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Today's trivia: The first foreign aid bill was passed by Congress in 1812. The funds were for earthquake relief in Venezuela
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Today was our last day in Hawaii. The guys went on another bike ride since they hated their other one. Mom took them, so it was just me and Patty and Susan for half the day. We went shopping again for a couple hours and then went swimming and hung out by the pool. I fed the birds out of my hand again, awww. The guys enjoyed the ride, though they got in trouble for being on private property. After more hanging out we went to dinner..Susan was like "if Jack and Danny get drunk again we are NOT going!" She wanted a nice dinner and not like the dinner the other day. Instead of being loud and crazy, this dinner was weird lol. We took some family pics (siblings, etc) and then went back to the hotel

Except for the drama just being in a large group brings, I'm glad I got to see them again. I hope any of them can visit us some day. Seeing Hawaii again was nice too, though I'm tired of the hot intense sun haha. I'm disappointed we only found 7 geocaches, but it's hard when you're with other people that don't geocache too. I hope we can get more tomorrow before we leave. I hope the flight to Seattle isn't as long as when we flew here from there. I'll post the rest of my pics when I get home. It'll be nice to see Abby again hehe
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Yesterday the guys (except for Danny, he wasn't feeling well) went on a bike ride (it's tradition for them to go on crazy mountain bike rides on vacation haha), so everyone else went to a couple nearby towns to go shopping. We actually went back to this shop by that restaurant we ate at where all the kitties were..there was a kitty sleeping in the shop that let me pet him and he purred hehe aww. He was definitely not feral..the shopowner said he thought someone just left him there..ugh it breaks my heart when people do that. The guys were back from their ride when we got back..they said they hated it..too much uphill, no good views, and Jack fell and scraped up his arm. We had a great time visiting when we all met up again though, my stomach hurt from laughing so hard haha. At least two people walked by and were like "you are such a fun family!" Then we had dinner while watching the sunset and went back to our rooms to relax

Today my parents got up early to go snorkeling (they kinda tried to wake me up but I was too sleepy lol). After I got up I went with Susan, Patty and Carl to these shops where Susan bought these $200 sandals. That store was crazy..they had flip flops with shiny designs on them that were over $200. D: Nooo thanks lol. After a couple hours there we met up with everyone again by the pool. There were these cute little birds that ate right out of my hand! Susan, Carl, Danny and Patty went to go shopping at Kona, and me, my parents and Jack went up to Mauna Kea (13,796 feet) to see the sunset and the stars (mom luckily got a Jeep with 4 wheel drive, otherwise we couldn't have gotten up there). Mom and Ryan and I went up there last time we were in Hawaii, and I was wanting to go back. Luckily Jack wanted to anyway, so that was cool. It's like another world up there. It was super windy and freezing! I made the mistake of running to take a quick pic and running back to the was hard to breathe! You feel a little weird up there haha. The sunset was nice, but the bright almost full moon washed out a lot of the stars..ah well, you could still see Orion and Jupiter and stuff. Last time I saw the glow from Kilauea, not this time though. I'm glad I got to go back up there though. After stopping at the visitor center we drove back to the I'm going to bed :P
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Yesterday's dinner was crazy..Danny and Jack had already started drinking while hanging out by the pool, so they were drunk when we went out for dinner. It was already loud in the restaurant, and with my family's loudness it was just crazy. Danny drank even more and was just SO drunk by the time we were done..he's not a nice drunk either, he's super obnoxious. I felt bad for our poor waiter..though Susan thought he was horrible and gave him no tip at Eventually I just couldn't handle the stress and craziness so mom and I stepped outside for a little walk, which was awesome cause OMG KITTIES!! Apparently a bunch of feral cats live nearby..there were a whole bunch of them out there! Mom and I spent like 10 minutes meowing at them LOL. One cat let me get pretty close to seemed like it did want somebody to pet it, but I guess it was a little too feral to trust humans though. It was still great seeing all the kitties though hehe. Eventually we went back in the restaurant in time for dessert and then then thankfully left (Susan and Patty were squeeing over the cats too hehe). I hoped Danny wouldn't have a too bad hangover in the morning..he was just yelling and embarrassing everyone. That was one of the craziest dinners I've ever been to lol

This morning we at met for breakfast..everyone was much calmer and back to "normal" (what passes for normal for my family lol). Danny said he didn't feel too bad, and he and Jack knew they both had overdone it. I didn't see either of them drink all day today, phew. After breakfast we hung out at the beach. Finally the wind was much calmer today. After reading and relaxing me, mom, dad and Carl went snorkeling! Thankfully the hotel has prescription goggles you can rent, otherwise I couldn't see anything. :P It was so cool, I loved seeing all the colorful fish and anemones and turtles though, boo. I'm glad I felt well enough to do it, it was fun! After the beach we moved to the pool. Mom and Susan and I went in the pool for a bit and then munched on nachos. For dinner we just got sandwiches at a market and now we're relaxing. I got more of a sunburn today, especially on my feet..ow. I'll have to be more careful tomorrow..

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Yesterday me and my family mostly hung out by the pool (first I had to find a bathing suit, which was painful. It was so much easier when I was a kid lol). They're even crazier than I remembered haha. They couldn't stop talking about my tattoos, it was amusing. :P Aunt Patty has one on her ankle that says "meow" with a simple cat face on it, which is similar to the one I was thinking of getting next! Someone said of all of us, me and Patty seem the least likely to get tattoos, and yet we're the only ones of the group that have tattoos lol. We all got drinks..mine was a yummy fruity one..I'm so glad I can get drinks with them now haha. Mom and I stopped at one, but others just kept drinking throughout the day and getting wound up. Getting in the pool felt nice after sitting in the sun..I got sunburned, but not too badly. Mom and I found our first Hawaiian geocache too, woohoo!! Eventually it was decided to order pizzas, which mom would pick up since she only had one drink. Aunt Susan called our orders in and rode along with mom to get them. They were gone a long time..when they finally got back here we all congregated in Danny and Patty's room..when we opened the foil on the pizzas, it was a disaster. NONE of our orders were right..Susan said the restaurant was super busy and only one person was serving..she even called to complain but nobody even answered the She was pretty angry about that. Mom called it "the Hawaiian Pizza Fiasco" LOL. Eventually we had to escape to our room cause we couldn't handle everyone shouting and being so hyper..relaxing in bed was very nice after that :P

Today I woke up feeling horrible..I've been dealing with face/ear pain for a couple or so weeks and I just down and strange. I couldn't stand it anymore, and figured I had some type of infection, so mom took me to the closest clinic, 18 miles away in Waimea. The doctor said my sinuses are probably blocked and recommended some decongestants and stuff to try. He wrote me a prescription for antibiotics, but he only said to take them if I don't feel better by Monday. I do feel better after taking Sudafed and stuff. I hate being sick on vacation! Waimea is so's always rainy and cooler there, even though it's not THAT far from Kona (plus it's higher in elevation). Kona is like the one spot on the island that's always sunny and warm..I've always thought that was so weird lol. Mom and I decided to geocache on the way's still CRAZY windy, and we got soaked from the rain..brrr!! Misty Mountains Cold from The Hobbit suddenly popped in my head, since there were pine trees around and one of the lyrics is "the pines were roaring on the height" haha. We managed to find two caches (and two we didn't find)..even if i got soaked and cold and grabbed a dead fish that I thought was a rock (ewww haha!!), it's part of the adventure and makes it even more fun..we just had to laugh at how crazy the wind was. I love our geocaching adventures haha. Now I'm relaxing in the room, but I'm gonna join Susan and co. by the pool now (I didn't want to wait till tonight to update, I'd probably be too tired). We're gonna go to a yummy restaurant tonight, yay :)
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I am in Hawaii! The redeye flight to Seattle was faster than normal (the pilot was proud of that I think lol)..we got there at like 4 or 5 AM..ugh, being awake that early is the worst. D: We had breakfast and hung around for a few hours till our next flight left. The plane was too heavy and they were begging for volunteers to go on a later flight (as far as I know, only one person volunteered and they needed 8 altogether). Later we learned they had moved some luggage to a different flight..luckily ours came, but jeez, they should tell you that BEFORE you even take off!! There was a lady traveling with her cat, which I had to say hi to hehe. That flight must have been one of the LONGEST I've ever been felt never ending!! When I'd already watched a movie and thought we'd been in the air 2-3 hours I asked a flight attendant how much longer we had..she was like "a long time still, 3 or 4 more hours!" Ughhh. I watched He Named Me Malala..she is so amazing..she said she has no ounce of hatred for the Taliban that shot She seems funny and has a great relationship with her family. I also watched Inside started out funny and seemed interesting, but then it just got weird lol. It kinda weirded me out how Riley looked so much like me haha. I probably could have watched another movie too, but I was too tired and wanted to save some for the trip back. Mom and I were so happy when they announced they were serving Mai Tais haha..I'd never had one before, it was pretty good! The line for the bathroom was pretty crazy too..everyone seemed to get up at once and we were always having to squeeze past everyone..a flight attendant said the "waste" was full before we lol. I was so happy to finally land in Kona..phew! It was kinda weird seeing family I hadn't seen in ages..Susan, Carl, Jack, Patty and Danny are here so far. Carl's hair is longer than mine, and with his beard he looks so much like dad! After we got settled I had to take a nap and now we're just relaxing. It is SUPER windy here today..makes for good white noise though. Now time to find a Jacuzzi and then bed! I wonder what we're gonna do tomorrow..
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Yesterday dad called from California and we got to talk to a whole bunch of family we hadn't talked to in years. It was nice but tiring haha. Ryan did get off early..I think he got home at 5:40 something. We still ate late though. Mom's coworker friend Laurie came over which was cool (she lives alone). After we ate they were doing dishes at 10 PM! Thanksgiving is so much work haha. At least there's yummy leftovers :P

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Today I turned 22! I've felt so loved today haha..I got so many birthday wishes online! Pat gave me a card that said "to one of the best friends I have ever known." Awww. The Literacy Council got me a SUPER chocolaty cupcake and they were slow on the card and gift card but hopefully I'll get it tomorrow. I got a $50 gift card from Dana! :D I can't wait to use it haha. I went out to lunch with Nina..I got a strawberry daiquiri. It was alright. Mom and everyone are taking me out to dinner tomorrow (since Ryan has to work's a surprise where though!) and on Monday I'm going to lunch with Kathy and Pat. Wow haha. Mom picked me up after work and..I went to get my first tattoo ever! I had thought about it for a long time and then suddenly last week the idea came to me and it wouldn't get out of my head. Mom wasn't really thrilled but I'm old enough so..yeah haha. I talked to one of the tattoo artists in the shop and we looked at pics on Google and decided on a pic..which were cat paw prints. He sketched it out and then tattooed it on me. It did hurt but I could stand it for a short time. It was a small one so it didn't take that long. It originally cost $100 but since it was my birthday he only charged me $80! Awww. Then we went to Barnes and Noble and I got some books. Yaay hehe. Great of the best!

pics of my tattoo )

Would you rather laugh when you should cry and cry when you should laugh or never be able to do either one? I guess the first one..

Today's trivia: On June 10, 1958, a tornado was crashing through El Dorado, Kansas. The storm pulled a woman out of her house and carried her 60 feet away. She landed next to a phonograph record titled "Stormy Weather"
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Aunt Cindy and Uncle Dean had to put their dog Bandit to sleep yesterday. They had him a LONG time..I remember them having him as a little kid. They're probably really He had a good life though

here's an email from them )

Would you rather be stuck in an elevator with someone who talks too much or with someone who won't talk at all? Someone who talks too much

Today's trivia: It was once customary to use pieces of bread to erase lead pencil before rubber erasers came into use
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Cindy and Dean left last night. *sniff* Before they left we went to Chena Hot Springs. We first ate and then toured the ice museum. The last time I was there it was -20 and felt rather warm compared to outside. This time it was FREEZING haha. And our rafting guide and pilot who picked us up after just happened to be there too! Weirddd haha. There were some new Sarah Palin haha. After that we went into the hot springs. I love the way it makes my hands feel..soft and smooth. Eventually we got too hot and had to get out so we went into the indoor pool (also fed by the springs but not as hot). That was funnn. It was nice to swim freely again. After that we showered, got dressed and walked to the car. At the car I was feeling REALLY nauseous and my stomach was churning. I told mom I needed to go to the bathroom and I asked her to come with me and she was like "uh ok." I just felt worse when walking. There was a portapotty so we stopped there..I tried the door but it was locked. While standing there the world started reeling and I started walking around like I was dizzy. Next thing I knew I opened my eyes and I was laying on the ground with my ears ringing and people were standing above me. I asked what happened and someone said I had passed out. This lady I thought was a worker was talking about the hot pool making you dehydrated and stuff and then she said "I'm glad I took so long in the bathroom! It's just a hole and you would have fell in!" I asked her if she was a nurse and she said yes. SO WEIRD. Woww. According to mom I was "dancing" and then I passed out and mom caught me. Mom yelled out "Heather passed out!" and Stephanie was like "OMG" and came running. I looked really pale too. One of the workers got me some Gatorade and chips to replenish me. I'm so glad mom went with me, someone was in the bathroom and that she was a nurse. Someone was definitely looking out for me. time I go there I'll have to make sure to drink plenty of water

Grandpa and Stephanie leave tomorrow or Monday and tomorrow dad's coming again haha (he's bringing Ryan too). I think he's had it with Texas..

Today's trivia: Maine is the toothpick capital of the world


Jul. 12th, 2010 02:21 pm
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Tomorrow we leave to go on our vacation :D (we're gonna go to Denali, the Glenn Highway and Wrangell-St. Elias National Park). We probably won't have internet everywhere but if there is I'll try to get on. We'll be back on Tuesday. Cindy and Dean got here today but I haven't seen them yet since I had to work

Here's a cool meme..I'll post it (and the other question one) when I get back:
1. Ask me to take pictures of any aspect of my life you're curious about.
2. Leave your requests as comments to this entry.
3. Please look at the previous requests as to not do repeats.
4. I'll snap the pictures and post them.

Would you rather eat a whole vacuum bag full of dirt or eat all the lint that has been collected from 10 clothes dryers in three months? Hm..the lint I think. It didn't say I had to eat it all at once haha

Today's trivia: The world's most substantial cloudburst delivered 8.1 inches of rain in 20 minutes. The event took place in Curtea-de-Arges, Romantia, in July 1889
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Grandpa and Stephanie arrive tonight! Sweeeet haha. Cindy and Dean arrive on Monday and we start our vacation on Tuesday :D

Man..yesterday and the day before were such nice clear days (crystal clear over McKinley..rare in the summer. I so wanted to be there) and today it's clouding up. Too bad they didn't come yesterday..

Today's trivia: The state with the highest percentage of people who walk to work: Alaska (yay me! Haha)

I'm baaack

Jun. 21st, 2010 11:30 pm
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I'm home! I actually got home at 6 something but I took a really long nap haha. I had to get up at 5 to go to the airport..ughh. It was sad leaving..I don't know when I'll be back which made it even more sad. Aw. We drove back to Chicago..while waiting at the ticket line there was this lady FREAKING OUT..she was BEGGING the lady to check her bags even though she was too late. She kept saying "please" over and over but the ticket lady couldn't do anything. She screamed out one last "PLEEEEASE!" and the lady walked away to help someone else. It was quite uncomfortable. I wonder what happened to her and her son. We got on the loooong flight to Anchorage..I think it was longer this time..6 hours and some minutes! Eesh. Though it did have free Internet access! Coool haha. I used it till it didn't work in Canadian airspace. I got soo bored eventually..and the guy behind us was SNORING..LOUDLY. Ughh. Eventually there were mountains and after awhile we were suddenly in glacier was like we entered into the ice age or something. Huge glaciers with sweet moraines..and one was really long. Just as it started getting good it got cloudy! I waited to see if it would clear up..and it did..and the glaciers were still there. Except now I actually recognized the ones we were flying by! Harvard, Yale, Columbia, Coxe, Cascade, Barry, Knik, Harriman...EEE! It was 7589745 times more amazing than flying back from Seattle in March. It was soo pretty and amazing..woww. I may have taken a bit too many pics. :P Descending into Anchorage I saw Mt. Foraker and McKinley! I was excited for the view of them flying home! I think I saw a couple of volcanoes too but not sure which. After we landed I got a text from Ryan saying dad was coming to Alaska! Mom and I were like "WHAT??" haha. I called Ryan and he said dad was flying to Anchorage. It was REALLY funny since we had just landed in Anchorage. :P We had a bit of a layover at Anchorage so we had dinner at Chili's and checked out the place where Dana said she slept haha. We departed Anchorage and the view of Foraker and McKinley and mountains between them were really beautiful. I didn't really see any glaciers but I saw them last time..then it got pretty cloudy It seemed like we were in the air for like 10 minutes when we started to descend haha. It was nice weather in Fairbanks..sunny, warm..ahh. I get to see Abby tomorrow. :D I shall post my pics tomorrow too
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Last night Ron made a fire and we all sat around it..there was a lovely sunset and eventually the fireflies came out. We didn't have them in Texas so I'm always amazed when they come out. I love them. We were hyper and weird when we went inside haha. We also looked at the stars since I haven't seen them in like 2 months haha

Today is our last day in Wisconsin. *sniff* I really miss Abby but it'll still be sad to leave. We went hiking on the ice age kettle moraine trail. It was 3 miles long. The forest was lovely and full of rocks the glacier left behind. I was definitely hurting and feeling dizzy too. I got bitten by mosquitoes and Teresa got stung by a bee! We though it was funny cause we were just falling apart haha. We didn't have to walk all the way back cause this nice lady came along and said she'd drive Ron to where his car was so he could pick us up. I'm so out of shape :P

pics! )
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Today we went back to Watertown and went to the Octagon was pretty interesting. This guy wanted to build a house to impress his wife and there was a contest going on to see who could build the nicest house so he built that house (it was built in 1854). He had 8 kids and he was REALLY smart with designing the house..he was able to have heat, air conditioning, and heated running water. Woww. I have pics so I shall explain more with them

Guess what..grandpa and Stephanie are coming to Alaska next month! Stephanie is going with us on the RV trip with Aunt Cindy! Aw how cool is that? Grandpa hasn't flown in like 20 or 30 some years (he has an RV). Woww haha. He was like "we have to take our SHOES off??" :P

pics )


Jun. 14th, 2010 06:51 pm
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Today we went to the buffalo farm! It's right outside of Watertown. I went there for the first time in 2003 for an anniversary party/family reunion. I had a really, really good time and have really fond memories from's one of my most favorite places. Jacque (my third cousin) and her husband own the farm. They take REALLY good care of themselves so it looks like they never age when I see them haha. Their farm is on a hill that's probably a glacial drumlin haha. They were happy to see us. Jacque's daughter Jody and Jody's kids came over and we had lunch. I swear EVERYONE directly related to Jacque is really tall. One of Jody's kids was like 6'2 or 6'3 and 15 years old! Jeeeez. Debbie (who wasn't there but was at the reunion and another time I went to the farm) was 6'1 when she was THIRTEEN. I think she stopped at 6'3. And they expect Jody's kids to pass Debbie in height cause they're taller than her when she was their age. That's just..INSANE. After lunch we went into town. I LOVE Watertown..I could totally live there. We first went to a thrift I don't really care for them. Then we went to a bookstore (that's more like it :P). I got a couple of books about Wisconsin. We also got really good ice cream from a homemade ice cream place. We sat by the river while they finished theirs. Then we drove back to the house, said goodbye and drove back to Ron's house. I think we're gonna go back later in the week though (yay!)

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Today was the celebration of the June birthdays (mine, mom's, grandpa's). First we went to the Milwaukee Public Museum. They had science exhibits, exhibits from different countries, etc. It was honestly rather boring. We also saw a short film about ocean life at the IMAX theater. It was pretty cool. They closed before we saw everything though. And it kept reminding me of Night at the Museum. :P We had time to kill before going to a restaurant (we had a reservation) so we walked by the Milwaukee River. They wouldn't tell us about the restaurant so it was a surprise haha. We walked into this alley and saw a sign that said something and Ron was like "what's this? Let's go in?" We did and this guy greeted us and was like "hi! To make sure you're not enemy spies you'll need to tell us the password! Do you know the password?" and we were like "" so he told us to stand against the back wall and do a chicken dance. We did (except me..I just stood there horrified haha) and then he let us in. Turns out that was the restaurant and Ron was just feigning ignorance about wondering what is was and the password haha (I think they wanted us to experience everything :P). There's a camera so while you're eating you can watch the people coming in doing ridiculous things. :P The restaurant was obsessed with James Bond and spy stuff in general (they referred to the customers as agents haha). It was pretty cool and interesting. You even left by a secret had to find it and put a quarter in a pay phone thing and it told you a code to put in which opened the door. Then you walked through a tunnel thing. Coool haha. Then we went home

pics from yesterday and today )
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I am in Wisconsin! We left Fairbanks last night for Anchorage. When we got to the airport we talked to the ticket agent person cause on some flights we had middle seats (not together) and mom wanted to change that even though she thought it was full. Well she was able to give us window seats and put us together! I was like "EEEE" haha. That was my first time flying over Alaska with no snow covering everything! It was pretty cloudy but I did see this one random glacier on a mountain! Then I saw the tops of Mt. McKinley and Mt. Foraker (the wind was blowing the snow off the top of it..sweeeet) and then through the clouds I saw this AWESOME glacier with SWEET moraines. It may have been Muldrow Glacier. It was SO awesome haha. Then further from that one I saw another glacier! (Kahiltna?) I love seeing their moraines not covered with snow. :D We descended into Anchorage, waited some there and then got on the looooong flight to Chicago (at least 5 or 6 hours..guh). The sun was setting (11 something) and it got darker the further we flew. I still got to see this MASSIVE icefield and Bering and Malaspina Glaciers!! Those are impossible to miss in the right conditions..they are seriously HUUUGE. Mom kept telling me it wasn't those glaciers I saw cause we were inland and not near the coast but I saw the ocean in the distance and NO other glaciers look like that that I know of..they're unmistakable. It kept getting more cloudy and dark and gave up and tried to sleep (though we are coming back that way during the day so hopefully it won't be too cloudy and I can get better pics). Then I read..and it was cloudy for hours..and I just wanted to land when we were still 3 hours away haha. There was like a weird permanent sunset-sunrise from going into different time zones. We fiiinally land (hello boring Midwest scenery :P) and we're exhausted but we still had to get our rental car and drive 90 some miles to Ron and Teresa's house..ughh. I could barely stay awake. It's reaaaally humid here haha. I saw a sign that said "Glacial Drumlin Trail"! I was like "DUUUUDE" haha. We finally got to their house..Stephanie definitely has grown since I saw her Grandpa drove up from Florida to see us too! Hopefully we'll have a fun time (I may get so confused when it gets dark here at night though :P)

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Dad's coming to visit tonight! Hopefully he'll be able to see my apartment when he's here haha

When Aunt Cindy comes in July I think we're gonna rent an RV for a week and go to Denali, Wrangell-St. Elias National Park and Matanuska Glacier so we can walk on it. Sweeeet

We may go to Wisconsin in June too! We'll see Uncle Ron and Aunt Theresa and cousin Stephanie and go back to the buffalo farm!! YAY! I absolutely LOVE it up's one of my most favorite places. I have such great memories from there..especially the first time I visited

Today's trivia: "Speak of the Devil" is short for "Speak of the Devil and he shall come". It was believed that if you spoke about the Devil it would attract his attention. That's why when you're talking about someone and they show up people say "Speak of the Devil"


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