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look a new pic of cherry i found!! )

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Dad's flying in later today! I can't wait to have yummy food lol
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 photo 14494629_1406234226068395_6589121131904160392_n_zpsa83477er.jpg
Here are two of the bookshelves dad built for me..better than anything you can find in the store! He's awesome for doing that lol

Here's the third one:
 photo 14449024_1406234229401728_5813385111559528359_n_zps6mitbay7.jpg
Yay, now I have lots of room for new books!

Here's a funny story..Abby usually wants a snack in the middle of the night, so last night as usual I got her some food and put it in the bowl..except I didn't hear the usual "food in dish" sound LOL. I had accidentally put the food in her water bowl haha! I'd never done THAT before. :P Note to self: next time, turn on the light and/or put my glasses on haha (I couldn't see Abby's face, but I could tell her reaction was like "WTF" when I did that LOL). Sorry Abby :P

It snowed this morning! It didn't stick, but still..WINTER IS COMING *hides*

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Today's trivia: Today is Google's 18th birthday
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 photo 14370355_1398238093534675_8838395921219312945_n_zpsqtwfbpzf.jpg
My dad built me three bookshelves (thanks!!) so I took my books that were on the "to read" shelf in my room before and put them on the floor (one shelf isn't quite ready and the other two have to set or something). I knew I had a lot of books to read, but I didn't realize it was THAT many. O_o When the shelves are ready I'm gonna go through and donate ones I don't need/want anymore (mom said we're gonna have a book shelving party haha). Dad is awesome for doing that, I've needed new bookshelves for a long time lol (he can build ones that are way better than what you can get at the store)

Today's counseling session was so fun lol. Of course I was talking about Cherry and he was like "I bet you have a Cherry picture stash on your computer!" Why, yes I do LOL.."Cherry Picture Stash" sounds so cool haha. He said I need to practice Mountain Meditation again since I've been having trouble sleeping and since the changing of the seasons has a big effect on me. I'm glad I've been seeing my doctors regularly and that they care so much about me..I never want my depression to be as out of control as it was last year!

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Today's trivia: Singer Loretta Lynn was married at thirteen. She gave birth to her first child when she was 14 years old, and had three more children before she was 21 and was a grandmother at 29
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The National Weather Service has issued a winter storm warning for freezing rain in Interior Alaska through this afternoon.

Rain has been falling over Interior Alaska. With temperatures hovering at 32 degrees, the rain has been freezing in some areas. Driving conditions are highly variable, with ice up to two-tenths of an inch expected in some areas while other areas are wet.

The ice may cause scattered power outages.

Rain and freezing rain are expected to taper off this afternoon, but cooling temperatures overnight will again make driving conditions hazardous

It was so weird..yesterday was a nice sunny day and all of a sudden it got foggy and started to rain! It felt weird walking on frozen rain haha

Dad helped me clean books at work today :P

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Today's trivia: Silent letters in words like "knife" are called "apthongs"
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Abby gave me a scare today..I looked for her everywhere but couldn't find her. Sometimes she sleeps in Ryan's or dad's closet, but I didn't see her there (I tried bringing catnip to lure her out, but nope). I was concerned..she isn't usually a "hidey" cat..she likes being around people. I was worried she had gotten eaten or something. I went home without her, but told Ryan to text me when she showed up. After I went to the store and got home, Ryan texted a picture of her to me! He said she just showed up at the door. Soooo relieved!! I think she can sense when we're about to leave and must have hidden away somewhere (she still hates going in her carrier lol). Dad said he's gonna bring her by tomorrow..SO glad she's ok!!

Yesterday someone put a cache at a park a couple blocks from my apartment! I was like "aw mann!" since I was at my parents' house and I was sure someone would get first to find before I could get there. Well no one had found it after I went to the store, so dad and I (mom's in Anchorage right now) looked for it. Unfortunately we couldn't find it (boo..I hate DNFs!! Haha), but dad's gonna look for it again when he brings Abby. I wonder if it'll get found before then..

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 photo 21219_996473077044514_5855775678939874789_n_zpsqkbpse8y.jpg
For some reason all of a sudden dad got interesting in taught him how to use the app and we went to the valley to show him how it's done. It was a BEAUTIFUL warm day today, the perfect day for caching! Dad seemed to be really good at finding the caches haha. I found 9 and he found more since I found a few of them already. We walked to the last cache on the trail, over 3 miles round trip! Phew, tired now haha (but definitely worth it!)

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Friday five

Jan. 9th, 2015 07:04 pm
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1. What's your favourite smell in nature? Evergreen trees, fresh Alaska summer air, etc
2. What smell makes you nostalgic, and why? Chlorine, it reminds me of swimming a lot as a kid
3. What smell makes you happy? Food baking, etc
4. What do the seasons smell of? Summer smells fresh and lovely with flowery scents mixed in. Fall smells like highbush cranberries (EW) and woodsmoke. Winter smells like cold and nasty stuff like exhaust. Spring smells like life come again!
5. What is the last thing you actively remember smelling? The food smell on my hand haha

This morning dad came over before I went to work and turned the TV on..there were coyotes or wolves howling and Abby stared at the TV like "whoaaaa" haha!

3. What is the one thing you’d most like to change about the world? )
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Cold temperatures absent from Alaska this winter

ANCHORAGE — Weather watchers are taking note of a mostly mild winter so far in Fairbanks and Anchorage, which have seen lower-than-normal snowfall and higher-than-normal temperatures.

In Fairbanks, the city has not had a day this winter that the official temperature stayed below zero, making Tuesday the fourth-latest date that has happened since 1904. Nor has the mercury dipped lower than 20 below at any point, the fifth latest date so far, the Weather Service says. Despite some recent snowfall, Fairbanks is still below average for snow, with nearly 18 inches, about 14 inches below normal for mid-December.

As for the comparatively warm weather, it does not appear to be leaving anytime soon.

For as far into the future as meteorologists can reliably estimate the weather — about two weeks — there does not appear to be a significant cool down coming, said Rick Thoman, climate science and services manager for the National Weather Service in Alaska. That means that as time goes on, more records could fall, Thoman said.

In the mid-20s in December?? Yes please! Loving it haha. I remember last Christmas it was like -36. Too bad all the darkness makes it harder to geocache though..

The craziest thing happened earlier..I was craving a smoothie at work and was wishing dad could bring me one like he does sometimes..I sent a "bring me a smoothie" message to him hoping he'd hear my thoughts haha, but figured it would be a long shot. Then like..5 minutes later dad comes in with a smoothie!!! I was so shocked and amazed lol! It definitely hit the spot :D

Day 6: Who is your favorite reindeer? )

Today's trivia: Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End, at $341.8 million, was the most expensive movie ever made (adjusted for inflation)
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Yesterday were the annual bonfires at the and I had never been before, so we thought it would be fun to go. The bonfires celebrate the start of a new school year..a way of easing students in I think. It was indeed fun..there were 4 or 5 "stockpiles" they burned..OMG it was SUPER hot haha. My face felt like it was gonna catch on fire! I like to watch fire can definitely be beautiful. There was also this crazy music and a bunch of people were was fun just to take in the atmosphere haha (though I kinda felt "uncool" :P)

After watching the bonfires we went up to Murphy Dome to watch the Northern Lights! I had always wanted to do that, but hadn't had a chance. It was cool to see the lights in an arc across the sky. The stars and Milky Way were so pretty too!! It would be so cool to be up there when the lights are super active. We watched for almost an hour and then went back home. Fun night haha

bonfire pics! )
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Dad took me geocaching yesterday! He doesn't know much about it but I had been dying to go so he took me haha. I felt lost without mom haha..usually she's the navigator and pretty much knows where to go. Like the first cache I wanted to find I couldn't figure out how to get there without walking on people's property. Dad was like "well that was anticlimactic" when we left to find an easier one haha. The second one we found the general area but we spent like 30 minutes looking but didn't see it anywhere. We found the third one but the GPS on my phone was really off..we only found it cause of the hint. That made me wonder if my GPS was off on the other one too. There was a big solar storm going on (I didn't see any Northern Lights!!) so maybe that was messing with the GPS. The fourth one was really muddy and swampy and eventually we couldn't go any further unless we wanted to get really wet. That probably wasn't the best introduction to geocaching for dad haha, but at least we had an adventure :P

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Poor mom..

May. 18th, 2014 10:45 am
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Yesterday when mom woke up her face was really red, hot and puffy. She wasn't gonna go to the doctor (since she keeps going since her allergies have been bad) but when she got up to make breakfast she felt weird and she was gonna faint. It passed but then it happened again, so she had dad take her to the ER (I came too..I was too worried not to). They admitted her and gave her medicine for allergies and for an infection if it was that. The medicine would take 45 minutes to an hour to go through the IV so dad and I had lunch at the cafeteria. Her face looked a little better when we came back, and kept getting better. They released her and prescribed her more medicine (she's already taking so much for allergies!). They weren't sure exactly what caused her face to do that though. Mom's face was red again today when she woke up, though not as bad as yesterday. Maybe it's something in her room. The allergies need to leave her alone already..I hope the pollen is almost done..

14. have an extra hour every day or have $40 given to you free and clear every day? )

New house

Apr. 22nd, 2014 05:40 pm
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 photo IS-dfpx4alzqjq5_zps5f8fda6e.jpg
This is the house dad is planning on buying in Arizona. He's been wanting to buy a house there for ages, and it'll be nice to go somewhere nice for awhile when we get tired of winter up here. Dad said it's at 5000 feet and at night you can see every star in the sky. It has three decks too! It sounds lovely. He also wants to get everything out of the five storage units in Texas (it's expensive!) and bring it there

 photo IS-dfq4hs7pcc4d_zps77c2f52d.jpg
The view..sweet! It'll be nice to go here when we need a break from winter I think haha. If you would like to see more pics, go here!

Day 18-If you could talk to animals (like Dr. Doolittle), what would you say to them? )

Today's trivia: "PEZ" candy is short for pfefferminz, German for "peppermint"
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Yesterday Cheetah jumped up behind the chair I was sitting in, which I thought was weird since she doesn't usually do that. I looked behind me and she was like squatting on something like she was peeing. I got her to move and I saw a little blood where she had been sitting. I told mom and she put her in the bathroom. She kept doing the squatting thing and leaving little spots of blood on the floor. Dad picked her up and we saw a little blood on her bottom area. I was really upset and wanted to take her to the emergency vet, but my parents said to wait and watch how she does. She was walking around and meowing and purring, she seemed uncomfortable but not really in pain, she was still eating and drinking..I checked her later in the night and it seemed the bleeding had stopped. She seems ok this morning too..there's no blood in the bed she's laying in. Mom's gonna take her to the vet tomorrow..maybe she has a urinary infection. I hope she'll be ok..I hate seeing animals with something wrong with them :(

Day 2-Least Favorite Animal )
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Yesterday we drove to was so nice and clear! Spontaneous trips are the best haha. ;) The drive seemed to take longer than usual though..maybe cause we kept stopping (and the road was pretty bumpy..maybe mom was driving slower than usual). At one point I was poking mom cause I read about a flightseeing tour over the Wrangell Mountains and mom was like "I'm not Facebook!" OMG hahaha..that's hilarious. :P We of course hiked up to Worthington looked like it had receded more than it usually does in a year. I looked at pics from last year and the base of it was at this little definitely wasn't this year. Aw, poor glacier. :( I heard it's been pretty warm this year, so that's probably why. You could actually walk up on the glacier! Usually it's too steep. After that we continued to Valdez, checked into the hotel, had dinner, and relaxed at the hotel. I brought a fan ('s an air purifier thing, but it works haha) for white noise so I wouldn't hear dad snoring (I brought the one at my apartment cause it's pretty loud). It definitely worked..I didn't hear any snoring! Both mom and dad said it was nice (there are lots of glaciers in the mountains surrounding reason I titled this entry "glaciers everywhere!!" haha)

This morning we woke up to blue sky..woohoo! There were some clouds in the distance, but not those evil ones that rain on you and obscure the mountains. We had breakfast and took a walk before getting on the boat. The captain was happy to hear we'd been on the boat before. We saw sea otters, porpoises, sea lions, puffins, a bald eagle and other birds. No whales though..that's unusual. After checking out the sea lions we went over to Columbia Glacier! We were approaching this big ice wall and then the captain was like "that's not the REAL Columbia Glacier, the active ice is over here!" and he turned a corner and there was the huge face of the glacier..I think the face is 4 or 5 miles wide. Woww. Definitely the biggest tidewater glacier I've seen. We got a quarter of a mile from the face!!! Omg it was amazing. Since it was sunny, it didn't even feel that cold!! Normally I'm freezing and my hands are numb but I was fine, hot even! Wow..that never happens haha. I guess sun and no rain makes a difference. ;) The glacier was quite calved so epically too!! Mom was looking through her binoculars when this HUGE piece fell off..I didn't see it since someone was in the way, but it was super loud! I got some great pics of it calving, and mom got a great video! (You can hear me yelling excitedly in it..can't help it, I'm a Crazy Glacier Lady..haha!) I loveee being that close to a calving of the best feelings ever! I was definitely shaking after a big piece fell off and my legs actually felt weak..haha woww. It was such a beautiful day to be at the glacier. <3 Eventually we had to leave (booooo) and we went back to port. So pics are epic. After that we had dinner and went back to the hotel. All of our faces got sunburned haha. Now..bedtime! We drive home tomorrow

here are a couple phone pics to hold you over till i get the others uploaded ;) )
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It rained today! The air smells so nice and fresh and not smoky! It's nice..hopefully it's helping all the fires..

Lately dad keeps surprising me at work with a smoothie! Aw..that never gets old hehe :D

7. A .gif of someone that is crying )

Would you rather have all your wedding guests come down with food poisoning or have the father of your spouse try to squeeze the fannies of all the female attendants? Maybe the second one..

Today's trivia: Deborah means "bee" in Hebrew
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Yesterday my parents and I went up the Steese Highway to see the scenery and pick blueberries (mom said we were going on an adventure haha). We could see the Stuart Creek Fire had flared up again (it's been hot again..most of it's contained though) and saw another new fire further in the hills. When we got near Chatanika Lodge we could see more smoke close to the road..we hoped it wasn't the lodge! Luckily it wasn' was this old dredge across the way from the lodge. A guy said it was really historical and was sad to see it burning. He said fire trucks had come (which passed us) but they said it wasn't worth saving and were just gonna let it burn. He thought two GIs might have caused it (later the newspaper said these guys had pulled on a pulley which caused a spark. They ran to the lodge for help but it was too late). We walked up to see it. It was definitely interesting to watch it burn. There's only like 10 of those dredges around the Interior, and someone said that one was the best preserved. That's too bad! After watching for awhile we went down the road a little and picked blueberries. There were a ton of them! It looked like no one else had discovered that patch yet. After that we drove further to check out the Chatanika River. It got smokier too as we got close to that other fire. The river sounded so soothing..I wish I could sleep to it every night! <3 I wanted to see the other fire, but dad didn't want to drive "so far" (and it was late). Later I learned it was only like 5-7 miles further! Aw mann..though the firefighters didn't want people there anyway. We had dinner at Chatanika Lodge (the food took forever to get to us..they were messed up from the dredge fire and people calling and stuff) and drove home. I didn't expect that on the drive up there haha..guess we got our adventure. :P I posted one of my pics on the News-Miner's Facebook page and they posted it on their site! I'm famous! ;) Hehe

pics from the day )
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My parents and I are going to Denali tomorrow! We're gonna take a shuttle bus into the park since dad has never been before (I'm so glad he wants to do things now instead of just working at the house haha). The weather is supposed to be sunny. It better be..I've ridden the bus four times into the park and still haven't seen McKinley from the road! I know I've seen it plenty of other times, but it would feel special seeing it from the park. We have to get up early though..mehh :P

new meme: songs )

Would you rather have no skin sensations or have super-sensitive skin that feels everything ten times more intensely? The second one, since I basically do anyway :P

Today's trivia: Taki Taki, or Sranan, a language spoken in Suriname, has 340 words, the fewest words of any language

23, 24...

Jun. 8th, 2013 11:21 am
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Yay, thanks for all the birthday wishes hehe. Mom got me this cute little alabaster cat..aww. Later we're going to Chena's Alaskan can sit outside by the river there. It's a really nice day too! Mom got me a German chocolate cake too (o hai Tina ;)). Sounds delicious haha. It seems like 24 should feel old but I don't really feel that way :P

Dad's cleaning like crazy now that he's back haha :P

Day 30: Favorite book/episode )


Jun. 6th, 2013 04:02 pm
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We officially sold the house in Texas and most of the stuff there is in storage! Wow, that must have taken a lot of work haha. I'm glad we don't have that burden anymore! Ryan and dad are coming back here tomorrow night. I loved my alone time with mom though :P

I put off saying this (I didn't want to jinx myself haha) but I like Zoloft WAY more than Paxil. I've been continually happy for awhile now..Paxil just made me feel numb. It's awesome. :D Plus I'm less tired..I don't take so many naps anymore! I just hope it stays and that I didn't jinx myself haha

Day 28: Give some advice to one of the characters )

Would you rather have a mother who is a well-known prostitute or a mother only you know is a murderess? Ugh..a prostitute I guess

Today's trivia: The most sensitive cluster of nerves is at the base of the spine

Big news...

May. 2nd, 2013 02:08 pm
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WE'RE FINALLY SELLING THE HOUSE IN TEXAS!! About time haha. We're selling it to a realtor who has wanted it for awhile. I feel bad for dad having to pack everything up by himself though (we have a LOT of stuff in that house!). I think it's all gonna go into storage. Then we won't have to worry about having to go back to Texas to check on the house and won't have it be a burden anymore. Yaaayy..that's nice haha

Ughh sick..I didn't go to school or work today. I blame it on riding the bus..ew. I'm not sure if I'm gonna go to work tomorrow so I just went over to mom's house. I got some Airborne and other cold things..I hope this doesn't last very long!

Day 2: Favorite Quote )


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