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I used to be friends with Amanda ([ profile] minuetcat). I met her on Quzilla and we talked on imdb through private messages. One day she told me about LJ and that she was on there so I decided to get one. Awesome decision :D

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Movies watched this week: The Lost World: Jurassic Park

Who was your first friend on LiveJournal? Are they still on your Friends list?

That was [ profile] minuetcat. We were talking on IMDb through private messages and she told me about LJ and that I should get one. She also introduced me to Myspace and got one cause of her too (I got LJ in 2004 and Myspace in 2005). We've since parted ways though..

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The Pipeline: Shorthand for the trans-Alaska oil pipeline, a large piece of plumbing built to carry Alaska crude oil from the North Slope oilfields to Valdez. In addition to supplying America with fossil fuel, the pipeline provided boomers with jobs and Alaska governments with billions of dollars
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I joined this site (thanks to Amanda) that lets you take a survey a day and they pay you 80 cents for each survey!! I guess I could say my job now is taking surveys? Hahaha

It's (tech theater) Emily's 16th birthday today..whoo! Hope it's good

*goes to do my job ;)*

Today's Latin: ne simus inter nos advenas (let's not be strangers)
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I watched Rain Man was kinda good. I don't like Tom Cruise though. The autisic guy was amazing at doing math and rememering things

Titanic in 15 minutes is really funny too! Iceberg: Hi has to be one of the funniest things I've ever read!!

Happy birthday Amanda!! Hope it's good!

I was interviewed by Dana:
1) You go to your bedroom to get ready for bed, and, to your surprise, Luca Turilli is sitting on your bed! What do you do? Do you really wanna know lol? ;)
2) You are given a choice to live in Carcassonne, France, or Rome, Italy. Which city do you choose and why? Carcassonne cause it's so beautiful and I feel more of a connection there than Rome
3) What is one of your favorite bands? Why are they your favorite? Rhapsody cause they're awesome and epic and Luca ;)
4) What would you do if you found out that your best friend fell suddenly ill and has a 50/50 chance of living or dying? Pray for them, hope they live, be sad, hope I could visit them
5) What is the best vacation you have ever gone on? What made it better than all of the other ones? Ohhh I've been on so would be really hard to have one fave

Today's Latin: altissima quaeque flumina minimo sono labiuntur (the deepest rivers flow with the least sound)

"Sound the trumpet, crack the mountain, let the arrow fly, through the land of lamentation, let the tidings fly"--"A Symphony of Steele," Virgin Steele
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I PASSED THE MATH TAKS OMG!!! I almost cried when I was told!! Eee!! *dies over and over*

I have to analyze a poem called Composed Upon Westminster Bridge...I hope it's not hard..

Two years ago Amanda married me to the song Guardiani...huzzah shiny anniversary! It's also Gerard Butler's birthday..

Today's Latin: haec olim meminisse iuvabit (time heals all things)

"Oh your deepest emotions are a sign of our life and our love. No robot can stop us, take my hand"--"Until We Rise Again," Edguy
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Today the people whose cats are feeding are coming back...they had pretty cool cats. One mom called gargoyle cause he sat on the stairs just looking at us. Maybe I could get a summer job of taking care of people's pets...

I haven't seen Amanda ([ profile] minuetcat) in awhile...she's never not updated her LJ in so long and I'm worried for her...

Yesterday I went to Mi Patio...yay!

Today's Latin: sedate vos, posteriores (settle back down there)

"The scarlet rose has died, lost inside the night. Left in my mind like a dream and full of pride, the scarlet rose has died"--"Scarlet Rose," Edguy
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Well I took the retest of the TAKS math test was kinda easy. I hope I passed this time!

This time last year I was in Galveston with Amanda *rejoices in the shiny memory*

In Europe we had a morning song called A Contracorriente and it's sooo awesome. It's on my Myspace if you wanna listen

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Today's Latin: ex animo (from the heart. Sincerely)

"You can fly, reach for the sky, it's the rise of the morning glory. Scream and shout, cry it out loud, we are coming back to life"--"Rise of the Morning Glory," Edguy

Yay music!

Jun. 11th, 2006 10:24 am
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I went to the mall yesterday and bought The Metal Opera 2 by Avantasia and The Phantom Agony by Epica! I've heard Adyta, Cry for the Moon and Feint by Epica so's sooo good. I also bought The Lexicon of Stupidity...Amanda talked about it and I decided to get it and it's really funny so far. I also went into the store Hot always scared me cause it's so dark and all but it's not all that bad. As Wendy said, the people who work there are really nice. I got some black pants (I'm wearing them now and they're tight and uncomfortable) and fake black roses. I kinda felt weird cause I was kinda the only one in there with my mom. We also tried to look for black gloves like Frank's but didn't really find found some at the house though and I'm wearing them now...haha I'm so weird

Today's Latin: iucunde sapit. Quid est? (this is delicious. What is it?)

"O nate vulnerate cito veni ad me. Te amplectar et vulnera tua linguam utinam te haberem, mi amor caelestis"--"Adyta," Epica
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I went to Scarborough Faire today!!! It was one of the best trips ever!! First we went and saw...Frank DellaPenna!!!!!! Well we got there first and we got the best seats. His carillon looked smaller this time compared to last was weird. Then he came and started playing and I was like "OMG!!" Maaaan it was awesome...listening to the CDs is nothing compared to seeing it live!!! He played Raging Water, Tubular Bells/POTO, Summer Guests, and Carol of the Bells. I got his new CD too (I'm waiting to listen to it with Kathryn). Then when he was done mom and I walked to where he was and got out her camera and I was seriously melting by now. I told him I saw him last year and he was like "you did?" and I nodded and then he said "come here" and put his arm around me and mom took our picture!!! Ahhhh!!! He also signed the CD. Haha I was smiling like a fool. I also saw someone with a Blind Guardian shirt!! Go him!! Then I got two dragons, one for me, one for Kathryn. I also got Luca's name on a grain of's inside a heart. And I GOT ANOTHER SWORD!!!!! It's a katana and it's AWESOME! I bet I was the only one there wearing two swords. ;) I'm uploading the pics that were taken right now. Awesome awesome awesomeeee!!!

I found the music video to The Ancient Forest of Elves by Luca yesterday...OMG it's awesome! Luca...haha he's insane...he's also a king! Amanda said one of the horses in the video was headbanging. Haha. ;) Haha check it out:

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Today's Latin: quod bonum, felix faustumque sit (may it be good, fortunate and prosperous)

"I wish I had an angel for one moment of love"--"Wish I Had An Angel," Nightwish


Apr. 1st, 2006 09:52 am
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We're supposed to go to California for the wedding today...but no one is ready or anything. Did they decide to not go and not tell me? It is April Fool's Day but I don't think this possibly could be a joke. This is really odd...

Once is the coolest Nightwish CD ever!! Amanda made it for me long ago and I remember not liking it the first I mean I can see on some songs but on Ghost Love Score I know I would've liked it. Planet Hell rules too. I'm never listening to Wishmaster the beginning I seriously hear "master, apprentice, hard porn, Steven Seagul, inside me, the wishmaster." *dies* It was fun obsessing over these with Kathryn

I watched an episode of ER yesterday called "Faith" and OMG it had tons of epic speeches *drools*

Edit: We're not going to California cause the flights are all full. Man!!! Why didn't anyone tell me?! So mom's taking me to Ft. Worth to a Mexican restaraunt and to her work cause she needs to get caught up with things. Wonderful :)

Today's Latin: primo vere (in the beginning of spring)

"Save yourself a penny for the ferryman, save yourself and let them suffer, in hope, in love"--"Planet Hell," Nightwish (man that part's addictive)
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I was worried about Kathryn cause she wasn't online when she usually is and I dunno what was happening cause I hadn't talked to her...well I called her at around 9:40 and she said she went somewhere and MSN wasn't working for her (it did eventally) and we had an awesome talk! It was kinda short but still fun...grandma talked to her also...and I wasn't even scared when I called her!! I must be getting less phone shy. I was wanting to call Amanda but from her last LJ entries I dunno if she'd want me to. After we hung up we talked on IM and it felt good cause I haven't done it in awhile...can't wait to talk tonight

I was watching Cutthroat Island and I paused it to come and write this...the best part is about to come...a battle with cannon and swords *drool* I have the music stuck in my head. Grandpa was kinda watching too and he liked it I think...I hope he watches the battle...I think Kathryn would like it cause it's not all that gory...I don't remember how bloody the battle is but I shall see. Oh and it had this one part where a guy said something in Latin but it didn't really sound like Latin...I couldn't really understand him. I bet it was bad Latin

We're going to a national park soon...I wonder what it's like?

I'm making lasagna today with grandma...yes-a!

Today's Latin: nonne corpus amisistis? (have you lost weight?). Eh? Isn't corpus body?

"A ship! I find myself being fired upon by an entire ship!!"--From Cutthroat Island (I love that line!)


Feb. 19th, 2006 11:28 am
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Yay my mom bought the Narnia soundtrack! Now I can put the music on my ipod...the cover is awesome...haha and a Narnia song comes on now *drools at the violins* When does it come out on DVD?

Dean sent me two more Therion songs yesterday...they're really good and really epic...

It's 30 degrees outside...YAY HEATWAVE! Haha

This day last year I first met Amanda in person...yay!

Today's Latin: ipsa scientia potestas est (knowledge itself is power)

"I heard the armies of the world hail them without end, and their voices of victory carried long and far throughout the land!!"--"The Warriors Prayer," Manowar
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HAPPY 19TH BIRTHDAY AMANDA!!! I hope it's awesome. *gives you a shiny cake and some SoBe* I wonder what it's like being 19...

I have to go to a People to People meeting thingy's two hours long and they said to bring that travel packet I got and Luca a journal...whatever for? We taking notes? I wonder what we're gonna do...

Today's Latin phrase: nullo modo (no way)

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"Countdown, descending down to zero, bursting into flames. Can't you see the coming of a hero on this enchanting day?"--"Blood Bound," HammerFall
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Ok so in US history we have to read every night and take notes and we can use our notes on the quiz the next day. I thought I took good notes the first two times but definitely's like the most obscure things I don't write down he puts on the quiz. Yesterday I took two pages of majorly detailed notes and I put everything that I think the teacher would put on the quiz. If I fail this quiz...ergh!! I shall have to talk with him...

I didn't think I'd talk to anyone on IM since Kathryn's gone but I'm talking to Amanda...yay! I hope Kathryn gets her computer fixed soon...

I had a dream I went to Italy last night...I had that exact dream the night before...and one like it a few night someone trying to tell me something??

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"And then there was silence, just a voice from the other world. Like a leaf in an icy world, memories will fade"--"And Then There Was Silence," Blind Guardian
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Well it looks like I'm gonna lose another friend...oh boy. It's probably my fault too. I bet she won't even care either...all she cares about her boyfriend and how wonderful her life is...I make perfectly fine comments on her LJ and she's like RAAAAR *attack*...and she may be kinda ignoring me...well and Kathryn too. Are we like the most shunned people on earth? Well she better GET OUT OF HER IMAGINARY DREAM AND NOTICE THINGS OTHER THAN HER BOYFRIEND!!!!! She's gonna sooo kill me for saying this but it's true. "My life is so beautiful I don't care what *word* it throws at me!" WTH?? That is a horrible attitude! I mean my life is beautful and I care about things like that...they're unavoidable and you have to deal with them...I'm extremly tired of this and I don't care what she says cause she knows it's true!!! I'm tired of being ignored and shunned...SEE THINGS FROM MY POINT OF VIEW FOR ONCE!!! You're probably thinking "OMG I feel guilty and I'm a horrible person" right? Well don''re not a horrible person and if you feel guilty...that's the makes you think and all. Wooooow this felt good to say. You know...I don't really care if I lose her least Kathryn actually cares for me EVEN when she had a boyfriend and it true...even when we have fights. Man I hope I don't get unfriended for this...

Don sweeee don sweeeee don sweeee....

"They all hail the mighty chosen one reaching the skies with their cry. They are ready to reach Ancelot, Arwald's calling loud"--"Lux Triumphans," Rhapsody
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I'm afraid I'll never get to talk to Amanda on IM again. Sure Christmas break is coming but she'll be working then too and probably won't wanna talk cause she hasn't done it in awhile and will be depressed or something...and I don't wanna call her cause I'm afraid I'll interrupt her or her dad or Linda will answer. *shudder* Ah well, at least I have Kathryn, Caitlin, Heather ([ profile] rdyfrde) and David...but I promise, I will never be too busy for friends...I've experienced it. I've seen what it's done to people. I'd feel horrible...

I feel a change in myself. I dunno how it happened. It just...did. I mean I can tell my mom what's bothering me instead of just drowning in my depression. I can ask teachers for help and raise my hand. I couldn't have done these things a few years ago...I'm conquering autism, yay!

Could this week be going any slower?! *wants to see Trans-Siberian Orchestra*

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"Mementos of summer retrieves your mind like a drizzle afternoon cleans the air"--"Memento Mori," Kamelot
glacier_kitty: (Default) mom and I went to the People to People meeting and the trip looked very fun. I tried not to get my hopes up and be excited cause I didn't think I could go...well after the trip mom was like "you need to get those three letters of reccomendation in and pass your interview and help me raise money!" and I'm like *big eyes* *gape* I may go to Italy next year...*laughs amd runs around screaming* We're going to Pisa so I get to see Fabio Lione's birthplace, yay! Too bad we're not going to Trieste...

My brother's at is Kathryn...and Amanda...I think Texas has long vacations...

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"Round and round it goes on and again, oh I can't get it out of my head"--"Wait for an Answer," Blind Guardian
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I sure don't look like that when I'm awake...that's more like...insane. Anyway, LJ movied their servers or something last night so now it's really slow and least it's not down for days, like someone said

I had some really weird dreams last night...I have no clue how to explain them either...I know in one I had a face deformity and a guy was really sick

My mom said we could go to a bookstore today...yaaay I always loves more new books and their lovely smells (do I sound like Amanda, [ profile] minuetcat to anyone else that knows her?)...I WANNA WORK IN A BOOKSTORE TOO!

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"So come mighty warrior to light the lost hope, for Tharos the dragon and your cosmic soul"--"Dawn of Victory," Rhapsody
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Today was Latin club...they moved induction again!!! It's now December 9th...I'll laugh so hard if it gets moved again. Also on the Monday after Thanksgiving Break we are going to Cici's...yaaay! That's also the day I get my retainer thingy that's pulling that one tooth up off. And the shirts come in next week! It has a gladiator on the front and it says "always use protection" in Latin on the back in pink letters...the background is black

I had a dream last night I was pregnant...I suddenly felt contractions and I told my mom and she said "get Ryan to take you home, I'll be there later." He did and the contractions were worse and I asked Ryan to help and was like "meh" and waved me off. I got rags and towels and stuff and layed them on the couch then I layed down...the baby came immediately. It didn't cry and I looked at it and realized it was dead and it had a bruise on his face. I woke up and I had to go to the bathroom. WHY AM I NOW DREAMING OF GIVING BIRTH?!!!

Amanda...if you like fantasy books you'll love Eragon!! You must read it!! It's incredibly good and beautiful...*is obsessed with it*

"Waiting for morrow you're lonely, I name your solitude, I speaketh the truth"--"March of Mephisto," Kamelot
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I gave my Rhapsody DVD to Mrs. Hooker yesterday and today she was like "may I keep it one more night?!" She said hearing Luca's voice makes him very very more charming. Then I recited what Luca says and she's like "how did you memorize that?!" Luca power :)

Wow lotsa things are happening lately...I have a Latin club meeting Thursday, initiation Saturday, and Sunday is Gerard Butler's birthday and my one year anniversary of being married to Guardiani (which Amanda won't be here for, dangit). That went really fast...

House tonight...yayness

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"Riding the holy winds, winds of eternity I'll fight you forever, nightmares sons"--"Riding the Winds of Eternity," Rhapsody


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