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Smoke from the Big Mud Fire burning roughly 37 miles southwest of Tanana drifted into parts of Interior Alaska last night and will to move over the northern Interior tonight, according to the National Weather Service. The Big Mud Fire, which has been burning in the Nowitna National Wildlife Refuge Smoke since the beginning of June and is now estimated to be 50,000 acres, became very active yesterday. Wind blew smoke into eastern Interior, mainly north of Nenana to the Yukon River this morning. Reports of smoke were received from Nenana, Fairbanks, Manley Hot Springs, Central and Allakaket last night. With winds turning more from the south this afternoon, smoke will impact central and northern Interior west of Fairbanks tonight. Rain should help over the next few days should limit the smoke. The Big Mud Fire received some light showers last night and this morning that has helped calm some of its fire activity.

A BLM Alaska Fire Service aircraft flew the area this afternoon to check on the fire and estimated it had grown to 50,000 acres due to the hot and dry weather the area received the past few days. The area was under cloud cover and more showers are expected today.

It was weird..all of sudden I smelled smoke, really strongly too. I got out of bed to see if I could find where it was (and if we'd have to evacuate D:). I was relieved that it wasn't close to us. I used to think forest fire smoke smelled good, but now it's just gross lol

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Jul. 7th, 2015 04:36 pm
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FAIRBANKS - Monday's scorching temperatures caused several wildfires in Interior Alaska to blow up. A reported 649 fires have burned more than 3 million acres in Alaska so far this season, putting the state on pace to break the 2004 record wildfire season record.

While the official high temperature in Fairbanks was 89 degrees on Monday, just shy of the record of 90 degrees, thermometers throughout the area showed temperatures several degrees warmer.

Heavy smoke was degrading the air quality in and around Fairbanks Tuesday, with visibility reduced to less than a mile in many areas. At noon, the state Department of Environmental Conservation Air Quality site showed concentrations of PM2.5 particulates at 315, a level deemed hazardous.

Paulette told me today the smoke was as bad as it was in 2004..I knew yesterday's 90 degree weather would be bad for the fires..the smoke now is some of the worst I've seen. I'm glad it cooled off and is in the 60s today..90 is way too hot for here!!

Colleen is the new kitty I'm sponsoring..she has epilepsy and kidney disease..aww. She's so cute though :)

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Today's trivia: England is the windiest country in Europe
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1. What is your fondest memory of something related to the stars or space? Watching the Northern Lights for the first time, for amazing!
2. What is a celestial body that you find particularly interesting? Saturn is pretty cool..its rings are quite pretty lol
3. When you look at the night sky, what thoughts cross your mind? Whoaaa..coool..are the Northern Lights out yet? Things like that haha
4. Have you ever seen anything weird or inexplicable up there? Some clouds have been pretty interesting looking..
5. Would you live in space or on another planet? No thanks..I'd miss Earth too much lol

It finally cooled off and rained today!! It felt amazing and was definitely needed. It didn't make the smoke better, but I bet it helped keep the fires from growing a lot though. Alaska now has 317 fires D:

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Today mom and I saw Jurassic World (we wanted to get away from the smoke for awhile. The movie was in theater 16 :D) was pretty good! The raptor trainer guy was awesome haha. That's amazing that it had the biggest opening weekend of all time in North America and that it's the 16th (heh) highest grossing movie of all time..nice!

Here are a couple pics of the smoke:
 photo 11027985_1050650261626795_4359150786159631741_n_zpslvivdb0y.jpg
Grossss..I hope we get some rain soon (the red building on the left is where I work haha)

 photo 11148502_1050650258293462_2334655006977653441_n_zpsxysntvwl.jpg
The sun always looks so eerie when it's smoky..

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Today's trivia: There are more than 25,000 islands in the Pacific Ocean
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You Are Sunflower Yellow

You are a cheerful person no matter what the season, but there's something about summer that makes you shine extra brightly.

You see summer as a time for play, adventure, and growth. Each summer is different, and you wouldn't have it any other way.

You have a natural glow and charisma. You are naturally confident and sure of yourself - you stand tall.
You have never been afraid of wanting a lot out of life. You aim high, and you're pretty sure you'll reach all your dreams.

I can't wait till Saturday when it cools off..the high is supposed to be 67! Hopefully it'll help put all the fires out..the smoke has been pretty bad today..makes me feel like I'm eating a campfire lol..ew

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Today's trivia: The composer Arnold Schoenberg suffered from triskaidecphobia, the fear of the number 13. On Friday, July 13th, 1951 he stayed in bed all day, sick with anxiety. This was both because it was Friday the 13th and due to the fact that he was 76 years old (7 + 6 = 13). He died of unknown causes roughly 13 minutes before midnight
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Thirty-eight new fires were reported around the state on Friday, most of which were sparked by lightning. Even with the arrival of hundreds of firefighters from the Lower 48, firefighting resources are spread thin.

Two fires -- one a fire that spread from a dump in Newtok, the other a lightning-sparked blaze near Nulato -- that normally would be actively fought have been placed in monitor status because of a lack of resources, according to the Alaska Interagency Coordination Center's daily briefing.

Eleven fires are currently staffed, with the top priority remaining the Card Street Fire on the Kenai Peninsula.

Fire crews responded to a blaze in Nenana at 315 Mile Parks Highway that claimed three buildings and two outbuildings, but did not spread far into the surrounding woods. Three Nenana engines and two Clear Helibase Tankers were on scene to help extinguish the fire. The fire was turned over to the Nenana Fire Department.

Hot, dry weather is expected to continue, with no rain in the forecast.

Yikes..they're saying the warmer weather is supposed to last until fall. D: I was looking at webcams throughout the Interior and saw this crazy smoke at I read there was a fire in Northway too. A bunch of people on the Kenai Peninsula have lost their homes..sad. I hope no more crazy fires start..cooler weather would be nice too..

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Yesterday mom was like "one of these days we're gonna get smoke from that fire on the Kenai" and what happened this morning? We got smoke from that fire. I guess the wind was blowing in just the right direction. Weird to be getting smoke from hundreds of miles away though. A lot of the smoke has cleared out now, though it may come back since the wind is still forecast to be coming from the south..

Everyone must be spring cleaning cause we've gotten a TON of books in lately (especially today). Yay, job security :D

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Today's trivia: A male ostrich can roar like a lion
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Yikes..this fire near Anchorage/Kenai has gotten pretty friends that live down there are all saying how bad the smoke is. It's 78,000 acres and was caused by a campfire..I'd feel SO guilty if my campfire did that. D: I don't think anyone's homes have burned though, which is good

One more:

I can't believe the chokecherry trees are blooming already..usually they bloom in June! They smell SO good haha

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Aug. 19th, 2013 04:03 pm
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Whoa..kinda scary, but it still looks super awesome! Nature will always amaze me..

I wish shirts nowadays weren't so low cut..or weird looking..or made so small only people size 0 can fit in them. It makes shopping so depressing anymore. :( Yesterday I even tried getting tanktops to go under the shirts but they were low cut too so it didn't really make any difference..ugh

11. A .gif from a reality show )

Would you rather be taken too seriously all the time or be thought of only as a partier? Be taken too seriously

Today's trivia: The farthest distance between two exits on any Interstate highway is the 49 miles from Yeehaw Junction/Exit 193 to Kissimmee St. Cloud/Exit 242 on the northbound lanes of Florida's Turnpike
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 photo 1098136_643130595712099_420240665_n_zps503a0303.jpg
The smoke has been really bad yesterday and today..ew. Last night it actually rained! It cooled off too, which felt amazing. The smoke just came back though (I read there were high winds in the Alaska Range from a Chinook and that may be a reason it's so smoky). I wonder if the winter will be this dry..

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Fairbanks continues to reinforce the record number of days with temperatures of 80 degrees or higher. The temperature yesterday climbed to 85 degrees at the Fairbanks Airport, which broke the previous record for August 7th of 83 degrees set back in 1968. Fairbanks has now had 35 days this summer with a temperature of 80 degrees or higher and 14 days with a temperature of 85 degrees or higher. The average number of days each summer of 80 degrees or higher is 11 and only 3 days are 85 degrees or higher. The hottest temperature observed this summer was 92 degrees on June 25th and 26th.

Woww..this is crazyy! August is usually rainy and cool! I heard another fire started on the flats (luckily not endangering seems like a lot of fires happen there). I'm tired of smelling smoke haha. The poor plants all look super stressed and a bunch of spruce trees are dying from beetle damage :(

I got a message on my home phone from a guy investigating the dredge fire and to call him back. Wow! (How did he get my number?? Haha) I should call him back but the phone is scaryyy. D: lol

Day 25 - A song you could listen to all day without getting tired of )

Would you rather eat a package of cookies for breakfast every day for a month or drink 15 cups of coffee a day for a month? Eww

Today's trivia: The squirting cucumber can shoot its seeds up to 40 feet
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Yesterday my parents and I went up the Steese Highway to see the scenery and pick blueberries (mom said we were going on an adventure haha). We could see the Stuart Creek Fire had flared up again (it's been hot again..most of it's contained though) and saw another new fire further in the hills. When we got near Chatanika Lodge we could see more smoke close to the road..we hoped it wasn't the lodge! Luckily it wasn' was this old dredge across the way from the lodge. A guy said it was really historical and was sad to see it burning. He said fire trucks had come (which passed us) but they said it wasn't worth saving and were just gonna let it burn. He thought two GIs might have caused it (later the newspaper said these guys had pulled on a pulley which caused a spark. They ran to the lodge for help but it was too late). We walked up to see it. It was definitely interesting to watch it burn. There's only like 10 of those dredges around the Interior, and someone said that one was the best preserved. That's too bad! After watching for awhile we went down the road a little and picked blueberries. There were a ton of them! It looked like no one else had discovered that patch yet. After that we drove further to check out the Chatanika River. It got smokier too as we got close to that other fire. The river sounded so soothing..I wish I could sleep to it every night! <3 I wanted to see the other fire, but dad didn't want to drive "so far" (and it was late). Later I learned it was only like 5-7 miles further! Aw mann..though the firefighters didn't want people there anyway. We had dinner at Chatanika Lodge (the food took forever to get to us..they were messed up from the dredge fire and people calling and stuff) and drove home. I didn't expect that on the drive up there haha..guess we got our adventure. :P I posted one of my pics on the News-Miner's Facebook page and they posted it on their site! I'm famous! ;) Hehe

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 photo 65311_629975567027602_558994019_n_zpsb372ca95.jpg
Hehe yay!

It's gotten hot again (it was almost 90 yesterday!) and that forest fire flared up again. It crossed the Chena River, but luckily not in the direction of civilization (they probably built strong firebreaks on that side). I feel bad for the firefighters..they must be so tired!

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Would you rather fill a large pail with beach sand using only your mouth or chew and swallow one pound of raw seaweed or kelp? The seaweed..hopefully I could flavor it haha

Today's trivia: Ty Warner, the guy who invented and marketed Beanie Babies, is now a billionaire who owns the Four Seasons Hotel in New York
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This video was taken by a firefighter on the other side of the Chena River from the fire. Wow, those flames were intense!! Pretty scary. I hope the cooler rainy weather of the past few days has helped get the fire down. The volunteer I talked about before came in today..he said the flames from the first fire were a half mile from his house!! D: He has other people and their dogs over at his house too. The residents up there are prepared to leave pretty quickly it sounds like. He was saying people haven't been sleeping cause they're so scared..aww. :( I was glad to see him and hear firsthand how it was going up there..

Ask three people 'what keeps you going?' and post their answers )

Would you rather know when your spouse is going to die and have to tell them or know when you're going to die and not be able to tell your spouse? Both sound awful..

Today's trivia: The South Pole gets colder than the North Pole because the South Pole is at an elevation of 9,000 feet, while the North Pole is close to sea level. Also, the South Pole is surrounded by ice-covered land, while the North Pole is surrounded by the Arctic Ocean, which moderates its temperature


Jul. 8th, 2013 05:03 pm
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The fire by Eielson is really starting to scare doubled in size to 79,037 acres (123 miles) and jumped the Chena River for a little bit. They ordered evacuations at Two Rivers (though they lifted it earlier today). What if they just can't fight it and it burns Two Rivers and heads towards Fairbanks? I know someone who lives in Two Rivers and has sled dogs..I hope he's doing ok. Though earlier it rained pretty hard when I was going to the store, and it looked like the rain moved off in the direction of the fire. They're saying rain and 60s the next few days..good, I hope it rains enough to get the fire under control. I don't want anyone to lose their home!

28. Which Friends character are you? )

Would you rather save all your photo albums from a house fire or save the family pet? Definitely the family pet

Today's trivia: The phrase "rock and roll" was coined by Cleveland disc jockey Alan Freed in 1951. He used the term to describe the music because he thought the racial connotation of "rhythm and blues" might turn off the white audience
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Yesterday we got up earlyish, had breakfast, then drove to my apartment so I could get my hiking boots and stuff. Mom's coworker Troy (who relieved her at Northway) and his wife Ashley met us there. We all got in his truck and he drove us there. The smoke in Fairbanks was REALLY bad..probably the worst it's been..ew. At Eielson AFB we saw this huge smoke plume! I was surprised, it hadn't been like that the day before! I later read the fire had grown and was now over 40,000 acres! They're saying it's zero percent contained..they're working hard but it's proving hard to work with..yikes! Thankfully we left the smoke behind after we passed Eielson. It was gorgeous, I was so happy seeing the snow covered mountains in the distance. <3 We went to the bathroom and had lunch at a lake near the glacier..there were these birds that seemed unhappy we were there and we saw a dead baby bird on a rock. Its mom was standing over it and a couple birds were standing nearby..they got angry at us if we got too close. Aww, they were in mourning! :( One actually divebombed Ashley, it was funny haha. We continued to the glacier down that crazy rocky road haha. We parked and started hiking! It was chilly but fine when you were moving. This hike was better than the first time I hiked to it since then I had just started Paxil and was feeling sick, plus I was disappointed I couldn't walk on the glacier. I was much happier this time haha, though it was still really annoying and hard walking over rocks the whole time. I was curious to see how much the glacier had receded, and it definitely had quite a bit..aww. :( As we got closer we saw a bunch of people on the glacier! We talked to one guy and said if you went around the bend you could get on the glacier from an ice bridge..yay! (Why I couldn't walk on it before, the ice bridge had melted) He said it was a lot of walking though. Another guy said he got up on the glacier and there was a nice view and it was well worth it. It was definitely a lot of walking..I think it was over three miles just to get to the face of the glacier. But we all made it and crossed the ice bridge to the glacier, fulfilling my dream of like 4 years to walk on it. :D It was pretty cool, and not even that hard to walk on! I got some fresh glacier water (yummm) to take home. We wanted to crest the top of the glacier but we soon saw that distances are deceptive and you'd probably have to hike a long way..the glacier is bigger than you think! We had already hiked so far and not everyone was comfortable going further, so we turned back. I was not looking forward to the long hike back haha (my feet were killing me!). Buuut we made it back fine..I'm surprised how well I did! Mom called it glacier fever haha. I was definitely proud of myself. I was sooo sore though. It was AT LEAST a 6 or 7 mile hike, maybe even 8. Woww. We drove back (Alaskan problems..putting your sun visor down at 10 PM :P), had dinner at Delta Junction and drove home. Luckily the wind was blowing the smoke somewhere else. My feet and ankles are quite sore today haha..but it was certainly worth it. :D Now pics, they're pretty awesome! (I borrowed mom's camera haha)

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Early this morning I woke up and heard it had been raining..nice, but it also smelled like a forest fire in my apartment. D: I looked outside to see smoke everywhere. The wind must have brought the smoke from the Skinny's Road Fire over to us. It was gross and smelled REALLY strong. I like the smell, but not THAT makes me feel unhealthy. I closed the windows and lit a candle (thank you Dana haha) and that helped. They're saying the fire is hard to control..they had to close the Parks Highway for It's a little cooler today..I hope it gets in the 70s again like they're predicting, we need a break from the heat haha

19. Do you drink enough water? )

Would you rather not be able to tell the time or not know left from right? Not be able to tell the time..I have a hard time with that anyway. Digital watches ftw :P

Today's trivia: Rice is thrown at weddings as a symbol of fertility
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Yesterday when mom and I were going to Weight Watchers around 6 mom said she smelled smoke and saw a plume (she wondered if someone was doing a controlled burn). I didn't, and forgot about it till the meeting ended at 6:30. I definitely saw a big plume then, and it definitely wasn't a controlled burn. I looked on my phone at dinner and found out it was at mile 16 or 17 Chena Hot Springs Road. I wanted to go and see it, but of course they blocked the road and would impede firefighters anyway. Two Rivers Lodge was in the path of the fire, but luckily a ton of people responded and no buildings were damaged (we saw one of the firefighting!). It definitely smelled smoky this morning (I'm weird and love that smell haha). I think forest fires are an exciting part of living here (as long as no one gets hurt or anything!)

some pics and an article )

Would you rather be too naive or too cynical? Too naive

Today's trivia: George Washington became a slave owner at age 11. He went on to own 300 slaves
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game of thrones spoilers! )

It's a lot cooler today, but it is a nice break from being hot. Just don't stay that way :P

There's a forest fire that's 5,000 acres 15 miles from Northway..eek! I wish I was there to hear the pilot reports!

Day 25: What Character’s Death Would You Be Ok With? )

Would you rather live until you are 80 and die after six months of unbearable pain that can't be helped with drugs or live to 55 and die peacefully? 55

Today's trivia: A company in Taiwan makes dinnerwear out of wheat, so you can eat your plate and utensils
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Yesterday a chinook came through (way to knock the pretty leaves off the trees already :() and stirred up the Dry Creek Fire again. It must have been smoldering or something. I could smell the smoke and could see it on the Ester Dome webcam. Looking at it now I can still see some smoke, though nothing as dramatic as last month. Here's a cool pic someone took last night:


26. Tears )

Would you rather get stood up at the altar or have someone stand up during your wedding and reveal that your spouse to be has been cheating? Get stood up

Today's trivia: Raindrops can fall as fast as 22 miles per hour


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