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AHH I'M SO HAPPY THIS BOOK EXISTS. I had a feeling it would arrive today lol. Mom was with me when I checked the mail and was wondering why I was acting so weird LOL..I was actually shaking I was so excited haha. Finally mom was like "WTF is wrong with you??" and then I completely fell apart and started giggling and blushing so hard (my cheeks were ~cherry~ red, ha ha) and I showed her the book. I was super embarrassed lol. Whenever I have a crush on someone, mom likes to repeat their name to me, so she was whispering "Cherry! Cherry!" which made me hide my face under a blanket and giggle some more. I think I need help LOL. She came over cause we were gonna look for more bookshelves, but she could see that there was no way I was in that mindset ("you need to get this Cherry thing out first!" LOL). We watched that docudrama instead..it was my fourth time watching it haha. I love how Cherry and his companions never got mad at each other and even said "please and thank you" even in those crazy conditions. What great people! *sighs happily* (We're gonna look for the bookshelves tomorrow, maybe I'll be saner. :P) I can't wait to read this book!!

The Northern Lights!

Name one color that looks good on you.
Name one thing that is yellow.
List three girls' names you like.
Name one color that doesn't look good on you.
List one thing that you're allergic to.
List one word that you like for how it sounds.
List one word that you like for what it means.
Name something that is blue.
Name something you'd find at a Renaissance faire.
List one spice you like.
Name something associated with Christmas.
Name a place you've never been before but would like to visit.
Name something you wish you had.
Name something you can't live without.
Name something associated with Halloween.
List three things that are green.
Name one store you like.
Name a cartoon character.
List five things that are orange.
List three boys' names you like.
List three animals you like.
Name something that starts with the letter "S".
List one illness or condition that you currently have.
List one illness or condition that you had in the past but no longer do.
Name one thing that makes you cry.
Name one thing that makes you laugh.
List five middle names you like.
Live five desserts you like.
List three fruits you like.
List one Starbucks drink you like.
Name one thing that makes you angry.
Name one thing that excites you.
List one of your favorite scents.
List one favorite song.
List one favorite author.
List five things you are good at.
List three words that describe you.
List three words that you wish described you more.
List one word to describe your bedroom.
List one word that most describes you.
List three favorite colors.
List three of the most painful things you have ever experienced.
List three of the most wonderful things you have ever experienced.
List one thing you'd change about your body if you could.
List three undesirable characteristics that you have.
List one word to describe your style.
List three words to describe your character.
List three things you often get compliments on.
List three areas in which you'd like to improve.
List your secret talents.
Name your best friend.
Name your first crush (if you are comfortable doing so).
Name three characteristics you like or admire in your best friend.
Who's your biggest role model?
What's the most physically painful thing you've ever experienced?
Name three things you hate.
Name six things you love.
List three things you'd change about your life if you could.
List three words to describe your dream wedding.
List three words to describe your ideal vacation.
List three words to describe your dream house.
List one thing you'd never do.
List one food you dislike.
Name a store you'd like to win a shopping spree at.
List your favorite toy as a kid.
Name your favorite websites.
Name one belief you have.
Name one opinion you have.
Name five places you've been.
List five places you've never been but would like to go.
Name something purple.

Name something beautiful.
List five celebrities you think are attractive.
Name someplace beautiful.
Name your first CD.

Today's trivia: World Tourist day is observed on September 27

Date: 2016-08-19 07:42 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] ragnarok-08.livejournal.com
That book sounds great!

Date: 2016-08-23 12:37 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] foxydanish.livejournal.com
Hehe yay! I'm glad it came! LOL your mom makes me laugh :P She's so great.


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