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Mom talked to me about going to summer school at the college and taking would give me something to do..and I love Latin haha

Dad called and all the cats are ok..yay hehe

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Today's stupidest quote: instructions for a game of Go
The goal of the game is:
1) With the own pieces area to encircle and with it possession to take. Each intersection within the wall which is made by own piece counts score of the settlement
2) Through encirclement the pieces of adversary caught to take. A piece is encircled, when it or the concatenation pf pieces of the same color has no rectilineal combination for an unoccupied intersection. Each one which is caught counts acore of the settlement
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Movies watched this week: Phantom of the Opera (1925 version)

Aunt Gina sent dad and I gift cards to Barnes and Noble. Books yay! Haha

I finished the Harry Potter series..that made me sad haha. At least there's two more movies on the way. I remember Magister talking about the Latin in the books and that it wasn't good Latin or something.'s a real Latin word, and so is accio *looks up more* Uh yeah..I think she did her research *raises eyebrow at Magister*

Today's stupidest quote:
Family Feud host Ray Coombs: A food that makes noise when you eat it
Contestant: Really loud hamburger
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I was one of the first to the Latin party..I saw Lizz (the person hosting) had parrots and one said hello to me haha..they were LOUD. There were new and old people there..I wasn't the most social but ah well. I wonder what happened to all the food haha?

Last night I drempt I was at ProgPower with [ profile] joansies..Rhapsody was there (first time dreaming about Luca in a long time!) and others..and this scary guy (darn Lon Chaney show) who lived in a freezer or something..

Today's Latin: ad finem (to the end)


Oct. 29th, 2007 03:48 pm
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The Latin party is today..not sure what time it is though. I'm guessing 7:30?

The next (and last) essay in English is to watch a documentary on an issue and argue their point. It has to be 4-5 pages long, 8 sources, a 20 minute presentation..oh boy haha

Your Halloween Costume Should Be

Candy Corn

Today's Latin: ex post facto (after the fact)
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There's a Latin party next Monday (this is still FMHS) and the person who's hosting it said I could go..I'll surprise Magister? Haha

Meme: Ever wonder which characters your friends find you similar to? Well, I'm asking you who I remind you of. Characters can be from any fandom, list as many as you can think of, along with reasons why. Then repost this to your own journal, and see what characters people relate you to.

Today's Latin: suppressio veri suggestio falsi (suggestion of the truth is the suggestion of falsehood)


Jul. 12th, 2007 12:30 pm
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So i took the math part of the THEA..I walked to the classrooms and it wasn't how I expected it to look..the hallways were regular (though small), the classroom was what was I expecting? I guess I was expecting the classroom to have seats above each other (think stadium seats). Are colleges even like that, or have I seen too many movies?

I got my Latin AP test score back..baaaad haha

Today's Latin: natura appetit perfectum (nature covets perfection)

I win!

May. 26th, 2007 09:41 am
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=====PokerAddict wrote=====
Latin is a dead language... why would you devote your life to something that doesnt exist? :)

for your information, latin is NOT dead..and it doesn't exist?? where have YOU been?? if it didn't exist no trace of it would be here! haven't you ever heard people say "status quo" or heard of "summa cum laude"? english and other languiges comes from latin! sometimes i can figure out words from their latin roots. bands i listen to have latin in them and i like translating it..i like reading real latin from thousands of years's pretty amazing..go to rome and you'll find latin (and old churches too)..i like the thrill of being able to translate it. even movies have latin in them. latina est non mortuua!

It's one thing to day Latin is dead, but to say it doesn't exist?? Silly people haha

Friday five since yesterday's hadn't updated yet (I picked one from the past):
1. What is your favorite board game? Pictionary
2. What is your favorite card game? Egyptian Rat
3. Do you like to play games on the computer or on a gaming system? Gaming system
4. If so, what is your favorite game to play? Medal of Honor, Super Smash Bros, Mario Kart..
5. Do you like to play games with people or to play them alone? Both

Today's Latin: date mihi quietem (give me a break)


May. 18th, 2007 04:21 pm
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Grandma (on mom's side) got in a car accident and broke her collerbone..I hope she'll be ok. Then today Ryan told me she's divorcing her husband Chuck and had an affair with her friend Jack (Cindy's neighbor) in London and she's gonna move there and marry Jack. I didn't believe him at first but dad confirmed it. Well I think she should divorce Chuck cause he's creepy..but she's hardly spent time with Jack (that I know of). She's on her NINTH marriage..should she really rush into marrying Jack like that??

Grandma and Grandma Hopkins (mom's side) sent me $100 for a granduation present!!! That's waaay generous haha

I took the Latin AP test was somewhat hard. After I finished I had like an hour left and I wrote and drew all over the booklet thingy haha

Friday five:
Have you ever gone skinny-dipping? In my pool
When you're home alone, do you strip down to get comfortable? Do you ever go out without underwear (bra and/or panties) because it's more comfortable? No
Have you ever/Do you use the bathroom with the door open? Are you comfortable using public facilities? I have..and not especially
When getting intimate with your significant other, lights on or off? n/a
How comfortable are you with body exposure/nudity of others? Group shower rooms?, topless/nude beaches?, breastfeeding in public? Not comfortable

Today's Latin: hocine vobis habetis iocum? (is that your idea of a joke?)

Mmmm Latin

Apr. 1st, 2007 03:47 pm
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On Friday after lunch we drove to San Antonio (or near there). It stormed. We got to the school near 10:30 and the hotel at 11 something I think. We had to get up at 6 something yesterday...I went to bed at 1 something (as did the others in the room). Yesterday we took our tests (and I turned my photo for judging). This mottoes test was kinda easier than the one at area. After tests we hung out...I went to the auditorium and checked out the stage lights. There was also a talent was a martial arts guy and did sweet stuff with a sword! There was also a juggler who was juggling an apple and plastic balls and she bit into the apple while still juggling! Whoa. There was a person dancing an Irish jig...that was pretty cool. And finally at 6 something was the awards ceremony. There was a MASSIVE amount of screaming so it was hard to hear. When the ceremony was finally over (too..much..screaming *melts into the floor*) Magister got all the scores of the tests, etc and I looked on the bus...and I got second place for my picture!! The pic was one of the Colisseum I took in Rome. So I can go to nationals if my school decides to go!! Who knew the pic would hold that fate haha? Aaaand today we drove home. Whooo for nationals!!


Today's Latin: de nihilo nihil (nothing comes from nothing)
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Tomorrow I'm going to San Antonio for Latin state competition! I'm coming back on Sunday

Today in tech theater for a reward of actually doing our work (apparently the teacher has problems with first period) we got to watch the band perform. I say near the front so I could see the stage lights better haha. The second band was symphonic band and the first song they played was AWESOME. There were even timpanis haha (thanks Dana *grins*)

Today's Latin: dictum ac factum (no sooner said than done)
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[Error: unknown template video]This is from the Latin competition on it, it's funny!

Today's Latin: inter spem et metum (between hope and fear)

"Some of this pain is sole subjected, but what was I to do? Some of this pain will always stay, deep and true"--"This Pain," Kamelot

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This year's area Latin competition was sooo much more fun than last year...probably cause I actually have friends. We drove there and Emily and I looked at sights...when we got to Sherman there were these two AWESOME churches but I couldn't get a good pic of them. The school seemed kinda poor but they had A LOT of stage lights. We went to the auditorium for opening ceremonies and then took our tests. OMG mottoes was sooo hard! I hardly knew anything haha and I was sure I wouldn't win anything. Latin derviatives was better. After the tests I saw a room called the little theater and went inside and they announced Monty Python and the Holy Grail was gonna be shown in the little theater. Haha so we watched it and then had lunch and sat around for awhile. I brought the Movies in 15 Minutes book and people loved it. Then we looked at the art people made (some was really good) and then watched Anchorman...we walked in during the middle of it though. I need to see the beginning haha. Then we watched certamin (Latin jeopardy). Then we hung out some more and then it was time for the award ceremonies. I was freaking out before it started cause the stage lights were changing colors haha. I was sure I wouldn't win anything BUT I WON SECOND PLACE IN MOTTOES FOR LATIN 4!!! Wow I must be a good guesser! Now I can go to state for FREE! YAY! Then we drove home and I ate something and went to bed (it was 8:30 something haha!). And now for pics! I also took a video which I'll's funny haha

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Today's Latin: edepol, utinam hi parietes veteres dicere possint (boy, if these walls could talk). Yesterday's Latin: insanus omnis furere credit ceteros (every madman thinks everyone else is mad)

"Embroidery of the stars, undress my feelings for this earth, send me your salva to heal my scars and let this nakedness be my birth"--"Astral Romance," Nightwish
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"Without the darkness, the light is utterly meaningless" is such an awesome quote. Dean put it in his LJ and it's sooo true. Yay for deep quotes!

Emily (tech theater) said I should wear make up to school, straighten my hair, and wear tight fitting clothes and look "cute" *shudders* NO WAY AM I WEARING MAKE UP TO SCHOOL. And I'll wear what I want, thanks. I like being comfortable and tight clothes aren't. And my hair is fine too

Latin area competition is tomorrow!

Friday five:
1. Would you rather serve in heaven or rule in hell? Serve in Heaven!!
2. If you had evidence that would catch a killer, but also put you in jail, would you use it? Why would it put me in jail??
3. If you could work the worst job you have ever had, for three years and then never have to work again, would you or would you rather work the job you always wanted but not be able to retire until well past the age of retirement? The job I've always wanted!
4. If you could write four newspaper headlines, which would come true, what would they be? "Rhapsody is in Dallas," "Luca Turilli loves Heather," "Heather is part of Rhapsody," "Latin isn't dead!"
5. A video of children in Florida fighting, while adults cheer on, was posted on the popular web site MySpace, The popularity of "gang videos" has also increased, and there has been renewed interest in re creating the infamous "Faces of Death" video series, do you feel there should be laws limiting extreme videos? That would violate our rights..

Today's Latin: iniquia numquam regina perpetui manent (unjust rules never endure forever)

"Trial is by water, no one can win, drowned and you're innocent, guilty you swim, the gallows are waiting, they're lighting the fire, there's no release from the monster's desire"--"Witchfinder General," Saxon
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We learned about lighting instruments in tech theater today...*squeee* The one in my userpic is an that's an awesome word. I love how the teacher says he has just the right voice for it. It's so cool to learn all this stuff haha

Magister's room now has two couches in it!! Yay for the Epic Couches of Latin!

Latin competition is this Saturday...we gotta be at the school (to get driven to the right place) at 6:30 AM!!! OMG I HATE getting up that early! *cries*

It's soooo nice outside!! A wonderful 70 degrees!! Eee!

Today's Latin: quid te sollicitat? (what could possibly go wrong?)

"My queen of northern sunlight paint skies with rays of light, lie in the infinity of cosmos and embrace my lost eternal soul"--"Mother Nature," Luca Turilli


Feb. 15th, 2007 04:44 pm
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The Latin word for turtle is turtur...haha that's funny. Sounds like something Ryan would say haha

And now for a survey *bows*
1. Do you peel your banana from the stem thing or the bottom? I don't eat bananas
2. Does toothpaste foam drip onto your chin when you brush your teeth? Sure
3. When was the last time you asked someone to borrow a pencil? Dunno
4. Would you say you have an extended vocabulary? Yeah
5. What book are you reading for English class right now? Not in English now
6. Do you have fake plants and flowers in your house? Maybe
7. Have you ever made a voodoo doll? No
8. Have you tried Tab Energy drink? No
9. Did anything happen today that made your heart smile? Yeah
10. Do you know how to play Checkers? Dunno
11. Do you know how to play Chinese Checkers? Dunno
12. Do you read the World Records books? Not so much anymore
13. Are you afraid of your laptop exploding? Is that possible?
14. Would you say you own up to a cynical characteristic? No
15. Do you believe, the less social you are, the higher your grades? Not necissarily 16. Do you say the pledge of allegiance or just stand there? Just stand there
17. How did you find out about Xanga? Not sure
18. Do you make great first impressions? *shrugs*
19. Do you hate how almost all of my questions start with "do you"? No
20. Did your parent order school pictures this year? Senior pics
21. Do you plan on buying a yearbook? Why or why not? Yeah cause I like them
22. When was the last time your flicked someone off and why? Never
23. Do you like to eat tuna? EWWW no
24. What do you do when you have trouble sleeping? Roll around
25. How do you feel about people eating dogs? Horrible
26. Do you stare at people during class? Yeah
27. Do you like clowns? No
28. Have you been to to get mp3s? No
29. Name somebody who wears "mom pants" Huh?
30. Do you watch That 70s Show? No

Today's Latin: o tempora, o mores (o the times, o the manners)

"Fly with their wings, they make you feel so free but you may fall, flee from their light, they'll maybe drag you down or make you fly"--"Ljusalfheim," Therion
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Top ten reasons Texas winters aren't real winters:
The week before the "cool front" comes, you're wearing a t-shirt and flip flops
As soon as people hear the words wintry mix, they rush out and buy enough groceries to get through the Apocalypse
The use of the words wintry mix makes you believe that some sort of seasonal treat will be falling from the sky
The sand from the road that blows around after the ice melts makes you feel like you're back in the old west
1/8 of an inch of sleet falls and the whole state shuts down
No matter how little slow falls, the roads always manage to get icy, making you car feel like a hockey puck on wheels
All snowmen end up under two feet tall due to lack of resources
The kids who are outside sledding are doing so in recycle bin tops
People tell horrific tales of a light layer of frost that covered their car in the morning. They state emphatically and with wide eyes that they almost couldn't see through their windshield
All major networks neglect any other news story in order to cover the "tundra-like conditions"

We're translating poems of Catullus in Latin now...I like Ovid better haha

Today's Latin: circumit ad idem, unde profectum est, reveniet (what goes around, comes around)

"Did they die for God and glory, drowned in mist, cast from the light, trapped inside the line of fire, vale of tears, passage of shame on this day of doom?"--"And Hecate Smiled," Virgin Steele
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Thursday I signed up to go to area Latin competition. I'm doing Latin derivitives and mottoes. I hope I picked the right things haha. Area is in February

Yesterday I read Star Wars Epidode 2 in 15 Minutes...this part was kinda funny haha: A long time ago in a galaxy so far away it seems like it exists in the future and is peopled with humans just like us... The last three to read are LOTR...YAY haha

Today's Latin: divide et impera (divide and conquer)

"Walking down a misty road into the unknown, heavy winds may blow into our faces, you can't kill the dream in killing the dreamer, can't tear it down, always carry on"--"Into the Unknown," Avantasia
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We got class ranks at school today...I'm 498 of 668 people...I rose haha! I used to be in the 500s

I found Google in Latin! It's so cool haha:

The Friday five hasn't updated so I shall do this gotta put your initial and write a word for the category that starts with that letter
Your first initial: H

1. Actor/Actress: Helen Hunt
2. 4 letter word: Horn
3. Street name: Heather (seriously haha it's in my neighborhood)
4. Color: Henna?
5. Gift/present: Hot Luca...bwahahahaaaa
6. Vehicle: Horse drawn carriage
7. Tropical Location: Haiti
8. College Major: History
9. Dairy Product:
10. Thing in a Souvenir Shop:
11. Boy Name: Harold
12. Girl Name: Hilary
13. Movie Title: Highlander
14. Beer:
15. Occupation: Historian
16. Flower: Hibiscus
17. Celebrity: Helen Hunt
18. Magazine:
20. Band: HammerFall

cool trivia )

Today's Latin: amicus verus rara avis est (a true friend is a rare bird)

"To live in honor, quoting freedom's name, a noble stance bearing a proudful mane, noble savage"--"Noble Savage," Virgin Steele
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My Latin calendar came's just like the one I have now but with different phrases (I checked a day to make sure). I wonder if Magister will get one (he has the one I have now)

I drempt I was in Latin 4 and we were learning math...THE HORROR! The real assigment was to tell your favorite movie's plot and other things. Then I think I was alone with Magister and I told him I got a Latin Bible and he was like cool...then I had a dream I was in this place and I was begging mom and dad to take me to see a church but they wouldn't so I decided to walk but I didn't find it..

Friday five:
1. Are you related to anyone famous or do you have any famous friends? If so, who? One of my now dead relatives worked on the Empire State Building, some came over on the Mayflower I think...and there's Frank ;)
2. Do you have any autographs or memorabilia? Frank's
3. If you could meet any 3 celebrities who would they be? Luca Turilli, Fabio Lione, Viggo Mortensen
4. What would you want to be famous for doing? Writing, fencing, preserving old buildings..
5. Who's the most annoying celebrity? Hilary Duff!

Today's Latin: nolite id cogere, cape malleum maiorem (don't force it, get a bigger hammer)

"I didn't know, I couldn't hear the answer, my mind was blank, I should have known, I hold it back but somehow there is someone else, another stranger me"--"Another Stranger Me," Blind Guardian


Dec. 26th, 2006 09:35 am
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Apparently yesterday was the first time dad heard me say "that's epic"...where has he been haha?

A few days ago I bough a Latin calendar kinda like the one I have with phrases every day...I love those haha

I'm gonna cash in my money at the bank today and I think mom, Ryan, and I are gonna see Happy Feet (we promised mom we would)

Today's Latin: spes est (hopefully)

"Under tortured skies from a land with no sun, I will come for you, from seven points of darkness, beyond the mountains and the ruins, I will come for you"--"I Will Come For You," Virgin Steele


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