Aug. 15th, 2016

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I dealt with the WORST customer I have ever come across today. She's never pleasant to begin with, but today..ugh. She had 10 books and like usual the 11th one was free, which I put to the side. She had 9 books left over and I asked her if she had a punchcard..she said yes, but just gave me her credit card. After I finished putting her books in bags, she asked about getting a punchcard. I interpreted her as not wanting one (even though she said yes) since she just gave me her card, so I said "do you want one?" She VERY rudely said "well YEAH." I got a card out but she wouldn't stop yelling at me! She was like "I should have NEVER let you check me out, you pulled that last time I was here!" Huh?!? Pulled WHAT?? No one's ever said that to me before, so that hurt. I tried talking her down and explaining how many punches she had left but she STILL wouldn't stop yelling and being rude to me. J.R. was standing there too (someone was buying a refurbished computer and was waiting for me to be done) and I looked at him and we both ran to get Becky. Becky tried talking her down, BUT SHE STILL WASN'T LISTENING TO US. At that point I got someone to cover for me and went outside to cry and recharge for a few minutes. Becky and J.R. couldn't believe how nasty she was to me. Somehow Becky got her to leave with a smile..but UGH, why be so rude?? One time that lady told me she was at the store and asked the cashier to double bag her food..I guess she forgot and that lady's bag broke in the parking lot. She went back in and yelled at her and made her clean it up. She said the cashier looks terrified whenever she sees her. WELL I WONDER WHY. There's no need to be nasty, it just ruins people's days! Ugh. I'm worried she's gonna tell other people what a "horrible cashier" I am and to never shop there. Well I refuse to think I'm a horrible cashier and I always try to be pleasant to customers, and will continue to do so. Some people just are nasty for whatever reason. At least my day was brightened when INGRID walked in!! She's Bonnie's friend from Tennessee, and went camping with us earlier in the year. She such an awesome and fun lady, it was SO good to see her again! We'll have to go to dinner! I hope tomorrow is a better day..

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Today's trivia: Uganda has the youngest population in the world, with over 78% below the age of 30 years


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