Apr. 5th, 2016

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On Sunday we drove to the start of the trail to the cabin..we were worried there wouldn't be enough snow on the trail since most of the way there was barely any snow at all. There were spots with no snow, but we managed. That hike was HARD..everyone kept postholing and falling over. Ingrid carried a heavy bundle of firewood a lot of the way since Bonnie's sled was so heavy..I was impressed, that thing was heavy and Ingrid's almost 70! It took us three hours to get to the cabin..it was so nice getting in there and starting a fire and having dinner lol. That cabin has AMAZING views of the Alaska Range and is right near a lake..it was the perfect spot for a cabin! It was so hard sleeping..I was on the top bunk and it was SUPER hot and there was some snoring..

..buut we all made it to Monday morning, though none of us felt super great lol..mom said she felt like she got run over by a truck (pulling that sled looked hard!!). We lazed around by the fire and had breakfast and then went for a hike..the mountains were SO beautiful..it's scenes like that which make me love Alaska. I'm surprised we didn't see any moose since there were lots of droppings around. Eventually I reached my limit so mom and I turned back..I'm always nervous hiking or geocaching with Bonnie since she never seems to want to stop lol. I think she and Ingrid hiked 6 miles, they were gone a long time! They saw caribou though, nice! I need to get in better shape lol..mom said I did well anyway though. We got a text from Bonnie's friend Christine that she was gonna join us for the night..we played Apples to Apples while we waited for her..that game is so fun lol. She got there earlier than expected, probably because she wasn't pulling a sled lol. After she got there we had dinner..mmm pasta. After dinner everyone else played Yahtzee while I just lazed in bed lol (I hate Yahtzee, too many numbers and thinking lol). It was too hot on the top bunk again, so I moved down to mom's bunk (luckily there's room for two people!). We also opened the window for awhile, which helped. We didn't start the fire again, so I was too cold the rest of the night..no happy medium I guess. :P Christine also snored like crazy..eventually I did sleep though

Today we had breakfast and then packed up and left..I was dreading the hike back, but it was soooo much easier than when we hiked up..it was early enough (10:05) that the snow was thicker and there was pretty much no postholing (we saw our deep tracks from before though, poor us!! Haha). Those two miles took exactly an hour..we took a break and took pics by the Pipeline and then continued down, which took maybe 30 minutes. We were all glad it was so easy lol. We stopped in Delta Junction for food and then continued home..weirdly enough, we didn't stop for any geocaches (we did stop for one on the way up though). Taking a shower and a nap in my bed felt amazing lol. I'm glad I went, it was fun! It was nice to get home, but I usually still feel a pang of sadness returning to "real life" haha. I'll post pictures soon!


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