Feb. 19th, 2016

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Yesterday's dinner was crazy..Danny and Jack had already started drinking while hanging out by the pool, so they were drunk when we went out for dinner. It was already loud in the restaurant, and with my family's loudness it was just crazy. Danny drank even more and was just SO drunk by the time we were done..he's not a nice drunk either, he's super obnoxious. I felt bad for our poor waiter..though Susan thought he was horrible and gave him no tip at all..wow. Eventually I just couldn't handle the stress and craziness so mom and I stepped outside for a little walk, which was awesome cause OMG KITTIES!! Apparently a bunch of feral cats live nearby..there were a whole bunch of them out there! Mom and I spent like 10 minutes meowing at them LOL. One cat let me get pretty close to it..it seemed like it did want somebody to pet it, but I guess it was a little too feral to trust humans though. It was still great seeing all the kitties though hehe. Eventually we went back in the restaurant in time for dessert and then then thankfully left (Susan and Patty were squeeing over the cats too hehe). I hoped Danny wouldn't have a too bad hangover in the morning..he was just yelling and embarrassing everyone. That was one of the craziest dinners I've ever been to lol

This morning we at met for breakfast..everyone was much calmer and back to "normal" (what passes for normal for my family lol). Danny said he didn't feel too bad, and he and Jack knew they both had overdone it. I didn't see either of them drink all day today, phew. After breakfast we hung out at the beach. Finally the wind was much calmer today. After reading and relaxing me, mom, dad and Carl went snorkeling! Thankfully the hotel has prescription goggles you can rent, otherwise I couldn't see anything. :P It was so cool, I loved seeing all the colorful fish and anemones and coral..no turtles though, boo. I'm glad I felt well enough to do it, it was fun! After the beach we moved to the pool. Mom and Susan and I went in the pool for a bit and then munched on nachos. For dinner we just got sandwiches at a market and now we're relaxing. I got more of a sunburn today, especially on my feet..ow. I'll have to be more careful tomorrow..

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