Feb. 18th, 2016

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Yesterday me and my family mostly hung out by the pool (first I had to find a bathing suit, which was painful. It was so much easier when I was a kid lol). They're even crazier than I remembered haha. They couldn't stop talking about my tattoos, it was amusing. :P Aunt Patty has one on her ankle that says "meow" with a simple cat face on it, which is similar to the one I was thinking of getting next! Someone said of all of us, me and Patty seem the least likely to get tattoos, and yet we're the only ones of the group that have tattoos lol. We all got drinks..mine was a yummy fruity one..I'm so glad I can get drinks with them now haha. Mom and I stopped at one, but others just kept drinking throughout the day and getting wound up. Getting in the pool felt nice after sitting in the sun..I got sunburned, but not too badly. Mom and I found our first Hawaiian geocache too, woohoo!! Eventually it was decided to order pizzas, which mom would pick up since she only had one drink. Aunt Susan called our orders in and rode along with mom to get them. They were gone a long time..when they finally got back here we all congregated in Danny and Patty's room..when we opened the foil on the pizzas, it was a disaster. NONE of our orders were right..Susan said the restaurant was super busy and only one person was serving..she even called to complain but nobody even answered the phone..wow. She was pretty angry about that. Mom called it "the Hawaiian Pizza Fiasco" LOL. Eventually we had to escape to our room cause we couldn't handle everyone shouting and being so hyper..relaxing in bed was very nice after that :P

Today I woke up feeling horrible..I've been dealing with face/ear pain for a couple or so weeks and I just felt..run down and strange. I couldn't stand it anymore, and figured I had some type of infection, so mom took me to the closest clinic, 18 miles away in Waimea. The doctor said my sinuses are probably blocked and recommended some decongestants and stuff to try. He wrote me a prescription for antibiotics, but he only said to take them if I don't feel better by Monday. I do feel better after taking Sudafed and stuff. I hate being sick on vacation! Waimea is so weird..it's always rainy and cooler there, even though it's not THAT far from Kona (plus it's higher in elevation). Kona is like the one spot on the island that's always sunny and warm..I've always thought that was so weird lol. Mom and I decided to geocache on the way back..it's still CRAZY windy, and we got soaked from the rain..brrr!! Misty Mountains Cold from The Hobbit suddenly popped in my head, since there were pine trees around and one of the lyrics is "the pines were roaring on the height" haha. We managed to find two caches (and two we didn't find)..even if i got soaked and cold and grabbed a dead fish that I thought was a rock (ewww haha!!), it's part of the adventure and makes it even more fun..we just had to laugh at how crazy the wind was. I love our geocaching adventures haha. Now I'm relaxing in the room, but I'm gonna join Susan and co. by the pool now (I didn't want to wait till tonight to update, I'd probably be too tired). We're gonna go to a yummy restaurant tonight, yay :)


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