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FAIRBANKS—High water continues on the Chena River, causing continued minor flooding upstream of Fairbanks and the cancellation or postponement of two weekend boat events.

According to the National Weather Service, between 1 and 3 inches of rain fell over the region earlier this week, raising the Chena River to minor flood stage in Two Rivers and North Pole. The Army Corps of Engineers closed flood gates at the Moose Creek Dam at 6 p.m. Wednesday, with a goal of limiting the Chena River flow to less than 12,000 cubic feet per second in downtown Fairbanks.

The flow was 8,550 cubic feet per second as of 11:15 a.m. today in downtown and was forecast to peak at 4 a.m. Friday. at 9,010 cubic feet per second, according to the Weather Service model.

As of Wednesday evening, the Chena River had begun dropping upstream of the Granite Tors campground, and a crest of water was moving toward the Moose Creek Dam. It is expected to reach the dam sometime today.

Minor flooding is expected to continue in low-lying areas in the Steamboat Landing neighborhood and may affect Freeman Road, off of Nordale Road. Drivers are cautioned not to drive their vehicles through flooded areas.

Heavy rain fell overnight and into this morning, and more is forecast through Friday.

When I flew back to Fairbanks on Monday I saw the river was pretty high when we passed over it. I'm glad we have that dam, otherwise we'd get flooded out! And shouldn't have to be cautioned not to drive through flooded areas..DUH. lol

Today walking home from work I saw a guy holding his phone..he saw I was holding mine too and was like "Team Mystic!" LOL. We were at a Pokestop, so he assumed I was playing too (which I was..sorry not sorry :P). I did happen to choose Team Mystic, though I haven't battled anyone or whatever you do at those gyms lol (I'm nervous about trying it and messing something up lol). I only caught a Zubat thing this time..he was in my way!! Haha, I love this game :P

I hate the news these days..all these shootings and today I read about teenagers that burned puppies alive and posted it to Snapchat and another about an abandoned cat with her kittens tied to her..they rescued the kittens, but they all died. WHY?? How can people be so awful?? I wish the world would get better :(

Paulette, mom, etc..adults who are good at adulting LOL

Name one color that looks good on you.
Name one thing that is yellow.
List three girls' names you like.
Name one color that doesn't look good on you.
List one thing that you're allergic to.
List one word that you like for how it sounds.
List one word that you like for what it means.
Name something that is blue.
Name something you'd find at a Renaissance faire.
List one spice you like.
Name something associated with Christmas.
Name a place you've never been before but would like to visit.
Name something you wish you had.
Name something you can't live without.
Name something associated with Halloween.
List three things that are green.
Name one store you like.
Name a cartoon character.
List five things that are orange.
List three boys' names you like.
List three animals you like.
Name something that starts with the letter "S".
List one illness or condition that you currently have.
List one illness or condition that you had in the past but no longer do.
Name one thing that makes you cry.
Name one thing that makes you laugh.
List five middle names you like.
Live five desserts you like.
List three fruits you like.
List one Starbucks drink you like.
Name one thing that makes you angry.
Name one thing that excites you.
List one of your favorite scents.
List one favorite song.
List one favorite author.
List five things you are good at.
List three words that describe you.
List three words that you wish described you more.
List one word to describe your bedroom.
List one word that most describes you.
List three favorite colors.
List three of the most painful things you have ever experienced.
List three of the most wonderful things you have ever experienced.
List one thing you'd change about your body if you could.
List three undesirable characteristics that you have.
List one word to describe your style.
List three words to describe your character.
List three things you often get compliments on.
List three areas in which you'd like to improve.
List your secret talents.
Name your best friend.
Name your first crush (if you are comfortable doing so).
Name three characteristics you like or admire in your best friend.
Who's your biggest role model?

What's the most physically painful thing you've ever experienced?
Name three things you hate.
Name six things you love.
List three things you'd change about your life if you could.
List three words to describe your dream wedding.
List three words to describe your ideal vacation.
List three words to describe your dream house.
List one thing you'd never do.
List one food you dislike.
Name a store you'd like to win a shopping spree at.
List your favorite toy as a kid.
Name your favorite websites.
Name one belief you have.
Name one opinion you have.
Name five places you've been.
List five places you've never been but would like to go.
Name something purple.
Name something beautiful.
List five celebrities you think are attractive.
Name someplace beautiful.
Name your first CD.

Today's trivia: There's a 230-foot-long sea organ on the coast of Croatia. The organ, designed by architect Nikola Basic, has 35 tubes that make music whenever the waves crash into them

Date: 2016-07-22 03:21 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
WHY?? How can people be so awful?? I wish the world would get better :(

You and me both.

Date: 2016-07-31 10:38 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Wow that's nuts about the river being so high! I agree that you shouldn't have to caution people about driving through flooded areas, but people are so dumb sometimes haha!

And yes, speaking of people being sick - WTF is up with all that :( That's AWFUL, I don't understand how any human being is capable of doing the most atrocious things to such innocent animals. :(


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