Dec. 11th, 2016

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I finished Frozen in Time, so I'm going to share some passages from the book I found funny/interesting lol

Greenland makes no sense. First there's the name, which as most schoolchildren know should be Iceland, but that was already taken. Almost nothing green grows in Greenland, where more than eighty percent of the land is buried under deep ice...Greenland's colorful name is blamed on a colorful Viking called Erik the Red. Erik went to sea when he was exiled from nearby Iceland in the year 982, after he killed two men in a neighborhood dispute. In addition to being an explorer, a fugitive killer, and a lousy neighbor, Erik was the world's first real estate shrill. He christened his discovery Greenland in the belief that a "good name" would encourage his countrymen to settle there with him

In a world where size generally matters, Greenland's doesn't. The island is globally overlooked despite being enormous: more than sixteen hundred miles from north to south, and eight hundred miles at its widest point. Greenland could swallow Texas and California and still have room for a dessert of New Mexico, Arizona, Florida, Pennsylvania, and all of New England...Yet Greenland is the world's loneliest place. With fifty-eight thousand residents, it has the lowest population density of any country or dependent territory. Only Antarctica, with no permanent residents, makes Greenland seen crowded. If Manhattan had the same population density of Greenland, its population would be two

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