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FAIRBANKS — The sequel is rarely as funny as the original, but that didn’t stop a team of ducklings from committing a copycat crime Wednesday when they wandered into a Fairbanks hardware store.

The raft, as a group of ducks is often called, breezed in through the front door of the Alaska Industrial Hardware store on Airport Way on Wednesday afternoon.

The move mimics the meanderings of a young male beaver that found his way into a Lowe’s hardware store on the Johansen Expressway two weeks ago.

The five ducklings, each about the size of a tennis ball — or cordless drill battery pack — likely didn’t realize the derivative humor of their situation, but, as they say, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

To get to the store, the ducklings had to cross the four lanes of traffic that make up Airport Way, according to store employee Tammy Medeiros.

After entering the hardware store, the team of ducklings made its way toward the pressure washers.

Employees called Fairbanks North Star Borough animal control to report their duckling infestation, and were referred to the Fairbanks office of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. The federal service would hold jurisdiction over migratory waterfowl inside a hardware store — or seemingly any other type of store — according to Alaska Department of Fish and Game Spokeswoman Cathie Harms.

The tale turned tragic for one young duckling that took a wayward venture under a vending machine before Fish and Wildlife could arrive on scene, but technicians were able to safely remove the rest of the loitering litter from the hardware store without incident.

No one from the Fish and Wildlife Service could be reached for comment on deadline Wednesday, but Harms said the ducklings likely would be placed with one of two options. If the mother could be located, the ducklings most likely would be reunited with her. If she could not be found, the ducklings likely would be placed in the care of a licensed wild animal caretaker, who would raise them to adulthood and release them back into the wild.

Haha wow, the animals seem attracted to hardware stores lately. :P Next there's gonna be a moose in Home Depot lol. I hope they can be reunited with their mom!

Also, wow: It’s been a warm, dry spring for much of interior Alaska. On the afternoon of May 23, a new statewide record was set for the earliest day in the year with a temperature in the 90s. A daytime high of 91°F was noted by a cooperative observer in Eagle. Crazy! I'm glad it cooled off and we're getting some rain..

I hate rap and country the most..ugh

Day 1: Something you hate that people on the Internet post.
Day 2: A television show that you hate.
Day 3: A song that you hate.
Day 4: A class that you hated taking.
Day 5: A meme that you hate.
Day 6: A political belief that you hate.
Day 7: A character, person, or relationship on your favorite show that you hate.
Day 8: A question that you hate being asked.
Day 9: A commercial that you hate.
Day 10: Something that you have to do, but you hate doing it.
Day 11: A book that you hated reading in school.
Day 12: A personality type that you hate.
Day 13: Something that you hate about yourself.
Day 14: A famous person that you hate.
Day 15: Something that everyone else loves but you hate.
Day 16: One of your biggest pet peeves, that you just hate!
Day 17: A music genre that you hate.

Day 18: Something that you hate about your school.
Day 19: A memory where you recall hating someone more than you ever have.
Day 20: A movie that you hate.
Day 21: Something that people wear that you hate.
Day 22: A food that you hate.
Day 23: Something that you hated when you were a kid.
Day 24: Something that people post on Facebook that you hate.
Day 25: Something that a lot of people find funny but you hate it.
Day 26: A band/artist that you hate.
Day 27: A place that you hate going.
Day 28: A word or cliche that people say and you hate it.
Day 29: Something that you used to hate, but don’t hate it so much anymore.
Day 30: The thing that you hate most!

Today's trivia: Cats hate the smell and taste of citrus fruit

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Aww that is such a cute article haha ducklings are adorable! It does remind me of the beaver getting into Lowe's too! I hope they had a happy ending (besides the one that got stuck under the vending machine, eek!).

Wow I can't believe how hot it has been for you guys!! I remember other years where it was still snowing in May for Fairbanks!


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