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FAIRBANKS - Interior Alaska's snow cover is shrinking fast, and record temperatures forecast for the rest of the week will speed the process even more.

Temperatures from Fairbanks south to the Alaska Range could reach record highs on Thursday and Friday, according to the National Weather Service. A ridge of high pressure is stuck over the area, and a low-pressure system moving into the Gulf of Alaska is expected to pump warm air north.

Highs from the 40s to mid-50s are expected under mostly sunny skies.

The record high temperature for March 26 is 48 degrees, set in 1970. The normal high is 31 degrees

It's been so beautiful lately..I'm amazed at how much snow has melted already. I've seen blizzards in March, though hopefully not this year haha

Today I saw my OB cause the birth control pills stopped working (like..I'd skip the sugar pills and have a period anyway..didn't really help with the cramps either) and they were making me depressed and anxious. We decided to try Depo-Provera shots, which last for three months. I hope that works better than the pills..

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1. A Picture of you smiling
2. A Quote that makes you smile
3. A Text that you saved because it made you smile
4. A Picture you think will make someone else smile

5. A Song or Song Lyrics that make you smile
6. A Picture of someone famous smiling
7. Something you found when searching “Smile” on Google.
8. Something you found when searching “Happiness” on Google.
9. A site that makes you happy.
10. A Youtube Video that makes you happy.
11. A Story of something that made you happy this day.
12. A Description or Picture of someone who makes you happy.
13. A Movie that makes you happy.
14. A Convo that makes you happy (from a movie or chat or whatever)
15. A T.V. Show that makes you smile
16. Tell about the happiest day of your life.
17. What Inspires you?
18. Something on your desktop that makes you happy
19. Something you found when searching “Love” on Google.
20. Define Happiness in your own words
21. A Picture of the last time you were happy.
22. A Picture that gives you hope
23. An Activity you find fun
24. Dedicate a post to someone telling them what you think about them (positive things).
25. Post a sticky note or sign somewhere with a nice message. (take a picture and post it)
26. Promote a blog that makes you happy
27. A Picture of a heart, smiley face, peace sign, or any other symbol of happiness.
28. Post something that you dream about.
29. Make a list of 50 reasons to be happy daily.
30. Reflect on the past 29 days, has your life gotten better? Do you feel any differently about things around you?

Today's trivia: Napoleon would make his servants wear his boots to break them in before he wore them

Date: 2015-03-28 01:05 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Wow, hooray for warm weather all around! It's been so hot here the last couple days, in the low 90s.

I hope the Depo-Provera shots work better for you than the Pill... That would definitely be convenient.


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