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2016-08-18 06:11 pm


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AHH I'M SO HAPPY THIS BOOK EXISTS. I had a feeling it would arrive today lol. Mom was with me when I checked the mail and was wondering why I was acting so weird LOL..I was actually shaking I was so excited haha. Finally mom was like "WTF is wrong with you??" and then I completely fell apart and started giggling and blushing so hard (my cheeks were ~cherry~ red, ha ha) and I showed her the book. I was super embarrassed lol. Whenever I have a crush on someone, mom likes to repeat their name to me, so she was whispering "Cherry! Cherry!" which made me hide my face under a blanket and giggle some more. I think I need help LOL. She came over cause we were gonna look for more bookshelves, but she could see that there was no way I was in that mindset ("you need to get this Cherry thing out first!" LOL). We watched that docudrama instead..it was my fourth time watching it haha. I love how Cherry and his companions never got mad at each other and even said "please and thank you" even in those crazy conditions. What great people! *sighs happily* (We're gonna look for the bookshelves tomorrow, maybe I'll be saner. :P) I can't wait to read this book!!

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Today's trivia: World Tourist day is observed on September 27