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FAIRBANKS — We’re a long way from Golden Days 2016, but already two Fairbanks groups have Chena River events planned for Sunday, July 24, 2016, designed to fill the void left by the cancellation of the KUAC Red Green Regatta.

For 19 years, public radio and TV station KUAC held a homemade raft competition inspired by the title character of the “Red Green Show” on PBS. KUAC announced this year that it is discontinuing the event because it was too much of a time commitment for the organization’s staff, which has shrunken because of budget cuts in recent years.

As the Red Green ship sails, two groups are eyeing the Sunday of the Golden Days celebration for their own aquatic events. One is tentatively titled the River Regatta, an event inspired by the KUAC regatta, but without the PBS character association. The other is the quasi-annual Dawg Gone Canoe Race, a fundraiser for the Yukon Quest that’s older than the Red Green Regatta. Neither event is really a race, they’re both flotillas that prize creativity over speed.

The new Friends of the River Regatta group announced the new raft regatta in a news release Wednesday. For now the group consists of private radio station owner Last Frontier Mediactive, Mammoth Marketing (the new name of advertising firm Neumuth Advertising) and GCI. The event will be a fundraiser for a to-be-determined Fairbanks nonprofit, according to the news release.

Much remains to be determined about the event including its official name. It’s simply the River Regatta for now, and may keep that name, said Mediactive Operations Manager Glenn Anderson.

Anderson said he started working on a replacement for the Red Green Regatta the day he learned KUAC was stopping the annual event. It’s too important a Fairbanks tradition to lose, he said.

“I started calling around and just went ‘no, no, no no, this can’t happen,’” he said. “So it’s not gonna.”

Like the Red Green Regatta, the new River Regatta will encourage “Alaskan ingenuity” but may not focus so much on duct tape, the construction supply highly prized by the Red Green character, Anderson said. Organizers may move the course to avoid Veterans Memorial Bridge on Barnette Street, which can impede tall rafts when there is high water in the Chena.

Yay, I knew someone else would adopt it lol. It is definitely too much fun and a great community experience for it to go away

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