Jun. 28th, 2015 04:48 pm
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Wow, I'm glad that cat was ok! I bet it was terrified! The peoples' reactions were pretty amusing though :P

9:A song that makes you happy? )
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Thirty-eight new fires were reported around the state on Friday, most of which were sparked by lightning. Even with the arrival of hundreds of firefighters from the Lower 48, firefighting resources are spread thin.

Two fires -- one a fire that spread from a dump in Newtok, the other a lightning-sparked blaze near Nulato -- that normally would be actively fought have been placed in monitor status because of a lack of resources, according to the Alaska Interagency Coordination Center's daily briefing.

Eleven fires are currently staffed, with the top priority remaining the Card Street Fire on the Kenai Peninsula.

Fire crews responded to a blaze in Nenana at 315 Mile Parks Highway that claimed three buildings and two outbuildings, but did not spread far into the surrounding woods. Three Nenana engines and two Clear Helibase Tankers were on scene to help extinguish the fire. The fire was turned over to the Nenana Fire Department.

Hot, dry weather is expected to continue, with no rain in the forecast.

Yikes..they're saying the warmer weather is supposed to last until fall. D: I was looking at webcams throughout the Interior and saw this crazy smoke at Northway..today I read there was a fire in Northway too. A bunch of people on the Kenai Peninsula have lost their homes..sad. I hope no more crazy fires start..cooler weather would be nice too..

5:A song that needs to be played LOUD? )
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Wow, scary. D: Those poor people..that earthquake was awful. I read that the climbers above the Khumbu Icefall are trapped cause the earthquake made it too dangerous to go through (it's dangerous even on the best of days..). So sad..

28. Post something that you dream about )

Today's trivia: The thinnest skin is found on your eyelids. It's a mere 0.05 mm (two thousandth of an inch) thick there

Ice palace

Feb. 22nd, 2015 12:47 pm
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 photo 10428659_1103519166340470_5702976730479648622_n_zpsef30cb1e.jpg
It rained last night..this was taken from a road weather camera early this morning. Yikes! It's been in the high 30s..I like the warmth, but freezing rain is annoying. It smells different outside too..sometimes there's even a fog-mist thing since it's so humid. People on Facebook are saying how bad the roads are..even the airport is closed. I may have to stay at my parents' house again tonight if the roads don't get better..

My eyelid won't stop twitching D:

day 09 - a movie with the best soundtrack )


Nov. 19th, 2014 08:03 pm
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5 inches of snow an hour?!? That is CRAZY. Poor people. It's so weird, we've hardly gotten any snow. Wow..

day 9: what If you could commit any crime and get away with it, what would you do? )

Today's trivia: When the poet Lord Byron was informed that his dog was not allowed to come with him to Cambridge Trinity College, he retaliated by bringing a bear instead


Oct. 7th, 2014 07:51 pm
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I think there's something wrong with my throat/esophagus..a lot of the time it feels tense and like there's something stuck in it..and I had another choking episode today (luckily I wasn't alone this time). I went to the doctor and he ordered this test where they put a scope down your throat to see if they can spot anything abnormal (they'll call me with the time they can do it. Luckily I'll be half-asleep when they do it). I'm rather scared to eat now..I'll have to be super careful and slow. I hope the test is sooner rather than later..this is scary!! Ugh (I hope it's not cancer D:)

Day 26- quote you’d want on a tshirt )

Today's trivia: The deathwatch beetle, to attract mates, create a tapping or ticking sound that can be heard in the rafters of old buildings on quiet summer nights. They are therefore associated with quiet, sleepless nights and are named for the vigil (watch) kept beside the dying or dead, and by extension the superstitious have seen the death watch as an omen of impending death
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Denali's Howl: The Deadliest Climbing Disaster on America's Wildest Peak by Andy Hall (Aug 28-Sept 4)
The Last Blue Mountain by Ralph Barker (Sept 5-12)
I Am Malala: The Girl Who Stood Up for Education and Was Shot by the Taliban by Malala Yousafzai (Sept 12-21)
The Eiger Sanction by Trevanian (Sept 22-30)

The scariest thing happened yesterday..I started eating a burrito and started choking. I tried drinking something to push it down but that seemed to make it worse..I literally couldn't breathe at all. That was such a scary feeling!! I actually thought I was going to die. I rushed out and knocked on a neighbor's door, but somehow the blockage shifted or something and I could breathe again. Thankfully my body expelled the blockage on its own. That was definitely one of the scariest moments of my life. Everyone I talked to about that told me about this chair Heimlich maneuver, which I had never heard about. I still feel shocked about coming that close to death..wow. I hope that never happens again..

Yay, I got to hang out with mom today :D

Day 20- quote you would write on your bedroom wall )

Today's trivia: College Park Airport in Maryland, established in 1909 by Wilbur Wright, is generally agreed to be the world's oldest continually operating airfield

Yikes D:

Aug. 27th, 2014 07:31 pm
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FAIRBANKS — A grizzly bear is again showing up in yards in the Goldstream Valley and Goldhill areas, likely the same bear that frequented these areas a few weeks ago.

Five bear reports have come into the Alaska Department of Fish and Game in the last few days. People in the area have reported seeing an adult grizzly that’s appears to be searching for garbage and dog food, according to Alaska Department of Fish and Game area biologist Don Young. It ran when one area resident yelled at it, indicating it hasn’t lost its fear of humans, he said.

Young suspects it’s the same bear that was seen a few weeks ago. It’s an adult bear, possibly a young adult, and seems to not have any cubs with it.

“We’ve had a bear that was hanging around and this particular bear was in that vicinity. In some ways it acts the same in terms of its behavior. It hasn’t gotten into a lot of mischief,” he said. “It hasn’t shown any signs of aggression to people.”

On Saturday, a bear was spotted on Jones Road in the Goldstream Valley and Monday another bear sighting was reported near Ann’s Greenhouse on Sheep Creek Road, an area a bear was seen at earlier this summer, he said.

There were additional reports Monday night and Tuesday morning from Mammoth Drive off of Sheep Creek Road and a few blocks away on Schloesser Drive. Another report came in from Roxie Road off of Goldhill Road, he said.

Uhhh..mom and I just recently went geocaching at Jones Road. D: *shudders* That is way too close to mom's house for comfort. At least we brought bear spray! We'll definitely have to be cautious caching now..

Favorite theme song of a cartoon )

Today's trivia: A flamingo can eat only when its head is upside down

D: D: D:

Jun. 29th, 2014 02:38 pm
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 photo 10440856_827531830605307_8356716576776983006_n_zpsb5c55ff9.jpg
Mom came in from mowing the grass and was like "oh my God!!" and I was like "what?!" and she said "there's a sinkhole under the deck!!" I went out and this is what I saw. SCARY. Must have been from all the rain. It's pretty deep too. I hope it can get fixed easily..

two more )

DAY 25: Best vegetarian/vegan meal you’ve ever eaten? )


Jun. 23rd, 2014 02:44 pm
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ANCHORAGE, Alaska (AP) — A magnitude-8.0 earthquake was widely felt in communities along Alaska's sparsely populated Aleutian Islands on Monday, but there were no immediate reports of damage.

The earthquake recorded at 12:53 p.m. local time was initially reported with a magnitude of 7.1, but Ruppert says that was upgraded to 8.0. The quake was centered about 13 miles southeast of Little Sitkin Island.

It was recorded at a depth of 60 miles, which is relatively shallow for an earthquake in the Aleutian Islands. The shallower the quake, the more likely it will be felt.

The National Tsunami Warning Center in Palmer, Alaska, issued a tsunami warning for coastal areas between Nikolski to Attu, on the Aleutian Islands. A warning means significant inundation is possible or occurring. Residents are being warned to move inland toward higher ground

"The shallower the quake, the more likely it will be felt." Um, duh? LOL. That's definitely a strong earthquake..I hope there isn't much damage!

DAY 19: Favorite grocery store )

Today's trivia: The longest swordfight on film, lasting six and a half minutes, was between Stewart Granger and Mel Ferrer in the 1952 film Saramouche


Jun. 21st, 2014 10:51 am
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The Moose Creek Dam was activated this morning to restrict the flow of water through downtown Fairbanks. It's the first time in six years the flood control project has been activated.

Flooding continues in the Chena, Chatanika and Salcha rivers. Some roads in Two Rivers flooded overnight and are impassible.

Water is still running across Chena Hot Springs Road at 36.9 Mile and may be impassible for some vehicles. Caution is urged. The Chena River is also carrying a significant load of sticks and debris, according to the National Weather Service.

More rain is expected today. Another 1/2 inch could fall over the region before clearing on Sunday

Wow..I do remember when the flood control project was activated in 2008. Yesterday when I saw the river it was almost at the overlook thing downtown. It's supposed to rain again next week too. Ughh..so over it now

DAY 17: Favorite Italian dish )
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Yikes..this fire near Anchorage/Kenai has gotten pretty bad..my friends that live down there are all saying how bad the smoke is. It's 78,000 acres and was caused by a campfire..I'd feel SO guilty if my campfire did that. D: I don't think anyone's homes have burned though, which is good

One more:

I can't believe the chokecherry trees are blooming already..usually they bloom in June! They smell SO good haha

20. be your favorite video game character or be your favorite movie character? )
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Yesterday mom and I were going to dinner when we saw this big plume of black smoke. Being the curious people we are we had to check it out haha. A few months ago they tore down these apartment buildings and the fire was burning in the rubble. The firefighters kept pouring water on it but it kept spreading..yikes. If it was anywhere other than Alaska people would be standing around seriously but the people around us were like "did anyone bring the marshmallows?" and "wow, that firefighter's hot!" LOL..I love Fairbanks. :P We watched till a police officer shooed everyone away. I wonder what caused it..

some pics )

Poor mom..

May. 18th, 2014 10:45 am
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Yesterday when mom woke up her face was really red, hot and puffy. She wasn't gonna go to the doctor (since she keeps going since her allergies have been bad) but when she got up to make breakfast she felt weird and shaky..like she was gonna faint. It passed but then it happened again, so she had dad take her to the ER (I came too..I was too worried not to). They admitted her and gave her medicine for allergies and for an infection if it was that. The medicine would take 45 minutes to an hour to go through the IV so dad and I had lunch at the cafeteria. Her face looked a little better when we came back, and kept getting better. They released her and prescribed her more medicine (she's already taking so much for allergies!). They weren't sure exactly what caused her face to do that though. Mom's face was red again today when she woke up, though not as bad as yesterday. Maybe it's something in her room. The allergies need to leave her alone already..I hope the pollen is almost done..

14. have an extra hour every day or have $40 given to you free and clear every day? )


Feb. 16th, 2014 10:52 am
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Alaska sets new wind chill record of -97 degrees. The Weather Service's Facebook page says the threshold was broken at 3:39 p.m. Friday. A temperature of -42 degrees with a sustained northern wind of 71 mph was recorded. Howard Pass is uninhabited. Meteorologist Eddie Zingone in Anchorage said Saturday the area had wind chills of -90 or below for much of the day

Jeeeeez. D: D: I'm glad it's not usually windy here in the winter. -40 is bad enough without 70 mph winds D:

Day 14: Five people you can’t stand )


Dec. 2nd, 2013 03:07 pm
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I love how those guys were like "that whole face is about to break off" while they were sitting right under it. :P That would be WAY too close for me haha. They're lucky they didn't get hurt..

Day 29: Surprise! )

Would you rather as a woman, have the string of your tampon hang out of your bikini or have a significant amount of visible public hair? Ugh..I guess the first one

Today's trivia: In 1916, people could bring their old, dirty money to Washington, DC, to be washed and ironed
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A Winter Storm Warning for freezing rain and heavy snow remains in effect until 6 PM akst Sunday.

* Snow... 4 to 8 inches total accumulation... heaviest over hills.

* Freezing rain... will cause ice accumulations up to one half inch.

* Blowing snow... will cause low visibility at times over summits.

* Timing... snow and blowing snow will change to freezing rain today. Freezing rain will change back to snow and blowing snow late tonight with the snow and blowing snow continuing Sunday.

* Impacts... ice may cause trees and power lines to break. Travel and outdoor activities will be very difficult. Snow may accumulate in large drifts over summits

I like Chinooks but ewww, that does not sound pleasant. D: A good weekend to stay home..

I had a dream I couldn't breathe well and I woke up and Greyboy was sleeping like on my chest! He's heavy haha

Day 6: Mother nature )
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Yesterday we left Switzerland. :( We had to change trains in Bern and Geneva before getting to Paris (it seemed we left the mountains fast :(). Thankfully we had a bus take us to the other bus station there. Omg..driving in Paris is CRAZY. It doesn't really seem like there's rules and lanes so everyone's driving every which way and trying to squeeze in at weird angles and bikes/motorcycles are squeezing between the cars too. Crazyy. D: But we made it to the station ok and then rode the train back to London. We said bye to the group (*sniff*) and found our cab (same guy as last time) and drove to grandma's house. So nice to sleep! Today is laundry day, we have a mountain of dirty clothes haha

last of the switzerland pics )
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This video was taken by a firefighter on the other side of the Chena River from the fire. Wow, those flames were intense!! Pretty scary. I hope the cooler rainy weather of the past few days has helped get the fire down. The volunteer I talked about before came in today..he said the flames from the first fire were a half mile from his house!! D: He has other people and their dogs over at his house too. The residents up there are prepared to leave pretty quickly it sounds like. He was saying people haven't been sleeping cause they're so scared..aww. :( I was glad to see him and hear firsthand how it was going up there..

Ask three people 'what keeps you going?' and post their answers )

Would you rather know when your spouse is going to die and have to tell them or know when you're going to die and not be able to tell your spouse? Both sound awful..

Today's trivia: The South Pole gets colder than the North Pole because the South Pole is at an elevation of 9,000 feet, while the North Pole is close to sea level. Also, the South Pole is surrounded by ice-covered land, while the North Pole is surrounded by the Arctic Ocean, which moderates its temperature


Jul. 8th, 2013 05:03 pm
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The fire by Eielson is really starting to scare me..it doubled in size to 79,037 acres (123 miles) and jumped the Chena River for a little bit. They ordered evacuations at Two Rivers (though they lifted it earlier today). What if they just can't fight it and it burns Two Rivers and heads towards Fairbanks? I know someone who lives in Two Rivers and has sled dogs..I hope he's doing ok. Though earlier it rained pretty hard when I was going to the store, and it looked like the rain moved off in the direction of the fire. They're saying rain and 60s the next few days..good, I hope it rains enough to get the fire under control. I don't want anyone to lose their home!

28. Which Friends character are you? )

Would you rather save all your photo albums from a house fire or save the family pet? Definitely the family pet

Today's trivia: The phrase "rock and roll" was coined by Cleveland disc jockey Alan Freed in 1951. He used the term to describe the music because he thought the racial connotation of "rhythm and blues" might turn off the white audience


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