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Yesterday we indeed went to the plaza downtown and had lunch and went shopping..I found the PERFECT's blue and has mountains and says "Santa Fe." It was screaming my name when I saw it haha. I also went to a "new" bookstore (and was happy to see many people shopping there). I like "used" bookstores better..they're more interesting (still won't say no to a bookstore though lol). After that we just hung out at Cindy and Dean's house. They watched The Worst Journey in the World docudrama with me (my 5th time!! I wish I had thought of it sooner, so Julie and the others could have watched it too..oh well :P). Now that I know more about Cherry and Antarctic history in general, it made more sense (like meeting Angela and the quartz thing and stuff). At the end they showed a pic of Cherry I had only seen in Sara Wheeler's book, so I had to take a screenshot to share LOL. When I went to my little trailer thing where I slept I was super hyper and just kept yelling "stick it!!!" haha! It's crazy Cherry still has that big of an effect on though :P

Today we drove back to sad leaving, even if we had an extra day. It was super fun and I'm glad we could get together again! We stopped at the Petrified Forest again to stretch our legs..yeah, I am officially tired of looking at petrified wood now LOL. Still nice to get out of the car though. We got back in Payson just in time for it to START RAINING AND SNOWING AGAIN WTF. It's supposed to do both all week!! Wow, the weather is usually nicer than this here! Not cool :P

a few pics )
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FAIRBANKS - A Fairbanks police officer was seriously injured in a shooting downtown early Sunday morning, according to a news release from the Fairbanks police department.

At about 12:01 a.m Sunday several people reported shots were fired on 7th Avenue between Noble Street and the Steese Highway.

The officer was responding to a report of shots being fired when he was shot multiple times. He radioed for help and later was flown to Anchorage for treatment. The shooter took the officer’s patrol car and abandoned it a few blocks away. He was not in custody as of 7 a.m. Sunday.

..omg that's right near where I live. D: D: Yikes, I better be extra careful walking to work now D: *shudders*

In cheerier news, yesterday the bookstore had a 50% off sale, and customers could go in the back too (we were way overloaded with books, so we decided to have the sale lol). I work one Saturday a month anyway, so I offered to help at the register. Denise was relieved because she doesn't have to worry about the register when I'm up there lol. It is fun working the sale, but I pay for it later (I usually get a migraine after those sales..ow). There were definitely lots of teacher bought SEVEN boxes worth of kids books! Her total was over $100, even with the discount! Wow. Another lady bought every Janet Evanovich and Stuart Woods books we had..the mysteries got demolished haha. I'm gonna be busy restocking them on Monday (if there's any left in the back lol). Me made over $1800!! Denise was hoping for $1600, so that's awesome! I wonder if anyone's gonna come in on Monday :P

Today's my parents' anniversary! See, 16 was a good number even before I was born :P

Day 11: Post a picture of you gaming )


Sep. 14th, 2016 07:14 pm
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Earlier I went on Facebook and saw "Grapevine Lake" under the trending column..that surprised me, since that isn't really a newsworthy place (and near where I grew up), and this is what I read:

GRAPEVINE, TEXAS - A dismembered body that had also been lit on fire was found at a park near Grapevine Lake early Wednesday, according to police.

Police said officers were sent to Acorn Woods Park, a densely wooded area with trails on the south side of the lake, around 6:30 a.m.

Grapevine officials confirmed to News 8 a woman's body was found burned and in "several pieces" near the water.

WTF??! That's awful!! I spent a lot of my childhood at Grapevine Lake, so that's even more disturbing to me. That's so sad :( (I always worry one of these days I'm gonna find a dead body when I'm geocaching D:)

Favorite color )

Today's trivia: When the mummy of Ramses II was sent to France in the mid-1970s, it was issued a passport listing his occupation as "King (deceased)"
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I dealt with the WORST customer I have ever come across today. She's never pleasant to begin with, but today..ugh. She had 10 books and like usual the 11th one was free, which I put to the side. She had 9 books left over and I asked her if she had a punchcard..she said yes, but just gave me her credit card. After I finished putting her books in bags, she asked about getting a punchcard. I interpreted her as not wanting one (even though she said yes) since she just gave me her card, so I said "do you want one?" She VERY rudely said "well YEAH." I got a card out but she wouldn't stop yelling at me! She was like "I should have NEVER let you check me out, you pulled that last time I was here!" Huh?!? Pulled WHAT?? No one's ever said that to me before, so that hurt. I tried talking her down and explaining how many punches she had left but she STILL wouldn't stop yelling and being rude to me. J.R. was standing there too (someone was buying a refurbished computer and was waiting for me to be done) and I looked at him and we both ran to get Becky. Becky tried talking her down, BUT SHE STILL WASN'T LISTENING TO US. At that point I got someone to cover for me and went outside to cry and recharge for a few minutes. Becky and J.R. couldn't believe how nasty she was to me. Somehow Becky got her to leave with a smile..but UGH, why be so rude?? One time that lady told me she was at the store and asked the cashier to double bag her food..I guess she forgot and that lady's bag broke in the parking lot. She went back in and yelled at her and made her clean it up. She said the cashier looks terrified whenever she sees her. WELL I WONDER WHY. There's no need to be nasty, it just ruins people's days! Ugh. I'm worried she's gonna tell other people what a "horrible cashier" I am and to never shop there. Well I refuse to think I'm a horrible cashier and I always try to be pleasant to customers, and will continue to do so. Some people just are nasty for whatever reason. At least my day was brightened when INGRID walked in!! She's Bonnie's friend from Tennessee, and went camping with us earlier in the year. She such an awesome and fun lady, it was SO good to see her again! We'll have to go to dinner! I hope tomorrow is a better day..

Name five places you've been )

Today's trivia: Uganda has the youngest population in the world, with over 78% below the age of 30 years


Jul. 21st, 2016 04:38 pm
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FAIRBANKS—High water continues on the Chena River, causing continued minor flooding upstream of Fairbanks and the cancellation or postponement of two weekend boat events.

According to the National Weather Service, between 1 and 3 inches of rain fell over the region earlier this week, raising the Chena River to minor flood stage in Two Rivers and North Pole. The Army Corps of Engineers closed flood gates at the Moose Creek Dam at 6 p.m. Wednesday, with a goal of limiting the Chena River flow to less than 12,000 cubic feet per second in downtown Fairbanks.

The flow was 8,550 cubic feet per second as of 11:15 a.m. today in downtown and was forecast to peak at 4 a.m. Friday. at 9,010 cubic feet per second, according to the Weather Service model.

As of Wednesday evening, the Chena River had begun dropping upstream of the Granite Tors campground, and a crest of water was moving toward the Moose Creek Dam. It is expected to reach the dam sometime today.

Minor flooding is expected to continue in low-lying areas in the Steamboat Landing neighborhood and may affect Freeman Road, off of Nordale Road. Drivers are cautioned not to drive their vehicles through flooded areas.

Heavy rain fell overnight and into this morning, and more is forecast through Friday.

When I flew back to Fairbanks on Monday I saw the river was pretty high when we passed over it. I'm glad we have that dam, otherwise we'd get flooded out! And shouldn't have to be cautioned not to drive through flooded areas..DUH. lol

Today walking home from work I saw a guy holding his phone..he saw I was holding mine too and was like "Team Mystic!" LOL. We were at a Pokestop, so he assumed I was playing too (which I was..sorry not sorry :P). I did happen to choose Team Mystic, though I haven't battled anyone or whatever you do at those gyms lol (I'm nervous about trying it and messing something up lol). I only caught a Zubat thing this time..he was in my way!! Haha, I love this game :P

I hate the news these days..all these shootings and today I read about teenagers that burned puppies alive and posted it to Snapchat and another about an abandoned cat with her kittens tied to her..they rescued the kittens, but they all died. WHY?? How can people be so awful?? I wish the world would get better :(

Who's your biggest role model? )

Today's trivia: There's a 230-foot-long sea organ on the coast of Croatia. The organ, designed by architect Nikola Basic, has 35 tubes that make music whenever the waves crash into them


Jul. 6th, 2016 03:42 pm
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 photo 9479284ed5b33009e3828cfd8fcc4738_zpsxeizpsih.jpg

Sorry if I'm overreacting for a dumb reason, but I've suddenly noticed people are making fun of Forest Whitaker's eye or using it for's called ptosis, not "Forest Whitaker eye." I have ptosis in both eyelids, though mine is fixed (you can see the scars where I had the operation above my eyes, and I still can't look up with my eyes all the way unless I tilt my head. Why I sleep with my eyes open too..I'll dream about something I'm "looking" at in my sleep, it's weird haha). It just..bothers me when people make fun of something someone can't help having (he could have surgery too, but he himself said his eye is unimportant to him). Like, I just found this: "OMFG NOOB FOREST WHITAKER'S EYE IS SO WEIRD. ITS ALL DROOPY AND SHIT. WHICH WAY ARE YOU LOOKING ASSHOLE?!" WTF. Leave his eye alone! Sorry, this has just been bugging me lately :( (Unrelated, but he was great in ER lol)

List three things you often get compliments on )

Today's trivia: Upper and lower case letters are named 'upper' and 'lower', because in the time when all original print had to be set in individual letters, the 'upper case' letters were stored in the case on top of the case that stored the smaller, 'lower case' letters
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The Martian by Andy Weir (Sept 2-3)
Last Man Off: A True Story of Disaster and Survival on the Antarctic Seas by Matt Lewis (Sept 3-5)
Murder on Kilimanjaro by Charles G. Irion and Ronald J. Watkins (Sept 6-13)
A Cat Named Darwin: Embracing the Bond Between Man and Pet by William Jordan (Sept 13-17)
Plane Insanity: A Flight Attendant's Tales of Sex, Rage, and Queasiness at 30,000 Feet by Elliott Hester (Sept 18-24)
The Call of the Ice: Climbing 8,000 Meter Peaks in Winter by Simone Moro (Sept 24-28)

A Cat Named Darwin is one of the WORST books I have ever read. The guy didn't even like cats at first and said stuff like "cats are dumb and useless beasts and humans are the best things ever." Eventually he found out Darwin had leukemia and he kept getting sicker until he couldn't eat anymore and his stomach was tender and the guy was like "well if he can't eat himself, I'm going to MAKE him eat" and force fed him with a dropper. WTF?? Why even keep him alive at that point? He even adopted another cat, which attacked Darwin..he guy was so angry he wanted to pound the other cat into the ground, but instead sprayed his face with a bottle till it was dripping. Then he decided to leave poor Darwin outside. He kept bragging about how he killed/abused animals in the name of science. Ughhh. When he did finally decide to put Darwin to sleep, he didn't even stay with him in the room. If that was me, I'd be cuddling Abby till the end. I felt so bad for Darwin..he suffered needlessly for months..the guy should never have owned cats. That book made me sad and angry..poor kitty :(

28 Day- A Screenshot of your anti-virus )

Today's trivia: A new skyscraper is built in China every five days


Sep. 30th, 2015 07:54 pm
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Today when I walked to work this guy said hi and then started introducing himself (weirdness monitor elevated) and then asked for my number so we could hang out (weirdness monitor intensifies). I was like "..uh no, I just met you" and then he asked if he could give me his number (weirdness monitor off the charts). He kept insisting we hang out and was looking for a pen and finally I was like "I have to go to work, bye" and walked away as quickly as possible. He was like "that's it then?" Uh..seriously?? Who DOES that?? I am definitely NOT giving my number to some guy who randomly stops me on the street. Not getting involved in that..he could have been a rapist for all I know. Ugh, so weird O_o

Yesterday's snowstorm was the heaviest snowfall on record in 23 years..we probably got over a foot of snow!! Lots of people lost power (mine just flickered)..they even canceled school. We even made the Weather crazy!

27 Day- A Screenshot of all your songs from your favourite band )

Today's trivia: Human saliva contains a painkiller called opiorphin that is six times more powerful than morphine


Aug. 29th, 2015 09:54 pm
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Yesterday we drove to was sooo cold and windy..ugh. Our hotel suite is AWESOME's more like an apartment! I think after we settled in we looked in a couple shops, had dinner (best sourdough bread EVER *drools*) and then relaxed at the hotel

Today the weather was even worse than yesterday..cold, windy, rainy and, a full on snowstorm. Ugh wtf. We still went hiking at Savage River (mom and I hiked there before, it's really pretty). It was a two mile hike round-trip. It's amazing how much my special shoes help when I hike now..I don't feel like I'm flailing and tripping all the time (mom noticed too!). I'm amazed just a pair of shoes helps my ankle problems! On the drive back to the hotel we saw two moose! A lot of people got out of their car to take pictures, which isn't really a good idea, especially if it's a mom and her calf! I wasn't even comfortable being that close in the car..eesh. You could definitely tell the mama moose was alert and a little stressed. We had lunch at the hotel, went to a bunch of the shops (I got a really cool opal vein rock!!), had dinner (the snow was REALLY coming down now), looked in more shops and now we're relaxing

Tomorrow we're going to Girdwood and staying at a ski resort (mom and I stayed there once a few years ago). The forecast says it's supposed to be CLEAR down there and other places we want to go to down south. It BETTER be, I am soooo tired of the rain and cold. I don't know what is up with the weather in the Interior, but I can't wait to get out of it and see the sun!!


Aug. 13th, 2015 03:45 pm
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So I'm reading a book called Murder on Elbrus and something WEIRD happened in chapters six and seven..I have NEVER seen that many typos in a book before..I counted FIFTY THREE!! I had to correct them as I read lol. Here are some of the sentences:

"close friends of min, loyal American, would become his guardians"
"Tarja and I are hardly friends," I sai,. aAnd she certainly doesn't listen to me"
"One was a traditional mud bath, while another was a series of therapeutic pools fed by the hot springs streaming from the mountain behind us. Still otherinfeaturing steam baths and massage suites"
"These small, marble buildings formed an irregular semi-circle rimmias an enormous swimming pooh that more closely resembled a lake in size"
"There was r moderator, positioned at a small table with a white coverem"
"I don't think Pyotr and Merab have seen each other in the lasrsdecade"
"I glanced at some of the dishes withoun recognizing any of them and settled on a sort of Russian pancake called blini. Not bad with jam. I finished with a strang-tasting omelet"

I'm confused on how some of those typos were even made (I have no idea what "rimmias" is supposed to be). It kinda seems like a computer flipped out and squished words together or something lol..weird how it was only those two chapters though O_o

7 Day- A Screenshot of your blog )

Today's trivia: The word "time" is the most often used noun in English
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I cannot BELIEVE Interstellar didn't win the Oscar for Best Original Music Score..seriously?!? That soundtrack was amazing!! I'm glad it won Best Visual Effects though..when they announced it I threw my hands up and yelled "YESSS!" haha! It DEFINITELY deserved more than one Oscar though..sometimes I think the Academy is blind. :P I thought Neil Patrick Harris was a terrible host though..his jokes seemed..strained or something. Lady Gaga did an AWESOME job singing The Sound of Music though..I didn't think she could sing *that* well!! It was fun "watching" it with people on Facebook haha

And wow, check this out:
Alaska broke warm weather records again this week, while southern states braced for cold weather and the eastern seaboard was buried under more snow.

From the Arctic to the Interior and into Southeast Alaska, several regions in the state were warmer than the U.S. East Coast and South. In Louisiana, Gov. Bobby Jindal declared a state of emergency in anticipation of the arrival of severe winter weather.

Meanwhile, Anchorage was experiencing much milder weather. On Monday, it was 37 degrees in Alaska's largest city, while New York was 28 degrees and Boston was 19.

The Interior was also experiencing weather -- and temperatures -- similar to locales much farther south.

The Fairbanks North Star Borough School District shut schools down Monday because of icy road conditions and freezing rain, while the University of Alaska Fairbanks canceled classes. Parts of Texas and Arkansas were also experiencing sleet and freezing rain, the Weather Channel reported.

Austin, Texas was 32 degrees Monday, while Fairbanks was only a bit colder at 30 degrees


day 10 - favorite classic movie )

Today's trivia: During a particularly bad storm on May 9, 1934 in the Dust Bowl Era, over three tons of dust for every American alive traveled across the country covering Chicago, New York and Atlanta. The storm spanned 1,800 miles and weighed 350 million tons

Oh my..

Sep. 27th, 2014 03:07 pm
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Flower Mound man accused of shooting, killing estranged wife

..this happened in the neighborhood I used to live in. D: D: That's awful :( (Mom used to tell me they named Heather Glen after me, but eventually she told me she was joking. I still want to believe her though :P)

Last night I saw the Northern Lights for the first time this season! There were bands across the sky and a little dancing, but nothing crazy. Still, it was nice to see them :)

Day 16- quote from a tv show )

Onion chip

Sep. 16th, 2014 06:35 pm
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You Are an Onion Chip

You are a true friend, and very loyal to those around you. You can be counted on.
You are steady and stable, but you aren't boring. You have that little zing that everyone is looking for.

You are more of a follower than a leader, but you never blend in. People like to have you around.
In the right company, you really shine. You are shy at first, but you open up when you're a part of the group.

Today someone actually said to me "for a girl with autism you sure are pretty." Seriously?! Autism has noting to do with being pretty..

Day 05- a quote about the future )

Today's trivia: The CSS Shenandoah is notable for firing the last shot of the American Civil War, at a whaler in waters off the Aleutian Islands

D: D: D:

Jun. 29th, 2014 02:38 pm
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 photo 10440856_827531830605307_8356716576776983006_n_zpsb5c55ff9.jpg
Mom came in from mowing the grass and was like "oh my God!!" and I was like "what?!" and she said "there's a sinkhole under the deck!!" I went out and this is what I saw. SCARY. Must have been from all the rain. It's pretty deep too. I hope it can get fixed easily..

two more )

DAY 25: Best vegetarian/vegan meal you’ve ever eaten? )
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FAIRBANKS — The first big rain of the summer brought a return to winter in the Alaska Range on Wednesday.

While more than 2 inches of rain were reported in some areas around Delta Junction as of late Wednesday afternoon, up to 5 inches of snow was reported in parts of the Alaska Range farther south.

There was enough snow that the Department of Transportation had to break out snowplows to clear the Richardson and Denali highways, DOT spokeswoman Meadow Bailey said.

The weather service said more rain — 0.41 of an inch — had fallen at the Fairbanks International Airport as of 4 p.m. Wednesday than had been recorded the entire summer previously — 0.38 of an inch

Uhh..5 inches of snow in the middle of June?! This summer's beginning to look like the summer of 2008 where it rained every day for at least 3 weeks. The rivers are starting to flood too..yikes

DAY 15: Favorite food show )

Today's trivia: Singapore is the only country with one train station


Apr. 15th, 2014 04:16 pm
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Today at work a customer just came up to me and was like "I was gonna say 'can you take my money?' but then I was like 'you're a woman, of course you can!'" Ummm..WTF. I was rather shocked/offended by that..ugh

I totally forgot about the lunar eclipse last night..I woke up at 4 AM and was like "..oops" haha. I've seen a red lunar eclipse before though..I was still kinda jealous looking at people's pics though :P

Day 11-Your Favorite Animal from a Storybook )

Would you rather live in a world where you needed a quarter to get into every bathroom (including the one in your home) or where every bathroom only had one square of tissue? The first one

Today's trivia: The scientific name for the back of the hand is "opisthenar"
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Today I felt the warmth of the sun..what an amazing feeling!! It's weird how you "forget" certain things after awhile..

Yesterday Bjorn told me he was named after tennis player Bjorn Borg..then later that night I was doing a crossword and one of the clues was "tennis great Borg." I was like "no way!!" That is sooo weird haha

The other day I was sorting and one book in the box was half burned (it even had ash on it!) and the other half had water damage. Just..what?? It's crazy seeing how damaged books can be..

27. List some things you’d like to do before you die )

Would you rather discover that space aliens are superior to us or inferior? Inferior..I've seen too many movies where they want to blow up earth haha

Today's trivia: Nike was named for the Greek goddess of victory


Jan. 9th, 2014 03:56 pm
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WTF?!? That is CRAZYY haha. It's like a glacier on speed. ;) That would have been amazing to watch..

6. What is your opinion of Lady Gaga? )

Would you rather find out that your neighbor installed a camera years ago that has taped everything that's gone on in your bedroom or your bathroom? My bedroom

Today's trivia: Pufferfish toxin is 1,200 times more poisonous than cyanide. Poisoning victims become paralyzed but remain fully conscious as they slowly die of asphyxiation. There is enough toxin in one pufferfish to kill 30 adult humans, and there is no known antidote
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OMG this is amazing. He's so happy and cute!! Mom said we may go to New Mexico soon..if we do we must go there! Aww I want a hug from him <3 (don't read the comments though.."Lol I would never eat at this retards restaurant, he probably drools in your food." WTF?!)

3. Do you have any special talents? What? )

Would you rather perform a striptease for your teenaged children or watch them do it? Wtf..

Today's trivia: A female cowbird will lay her eggs in the nest of another songbird. She will keep an eye on her eggs from a distance. If they are removed, she will quickly destroy the eggs laid by the songbird and lay another batch
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Happy 2014! Yesterday mom and I saw the New Year's fireworks in Goldstream. They're 100 times better than the university's haha (someone else watching the show said the same thing too). Last year my camera died after like a minute, but this time I brought an extra battery and my phone haha. My hands were soooo cold, but I got epic shots! (There was also a guy at the bonfire who was smoking weed and kept asking mom if she wanted to try his lol)

here they are! )


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