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1. You know those delicatessens that name sandwiches after famous people? What would be the ingredients of the sandwich named after you? Uhhh..turkey, onions and cheese??
2. What’s your favorite part of staying in a hotel? The novelty of being on vacation, etc
3. What was the last book you read, and how was it? Frozen in Time, about WW2 airplanes that crashed in Greenland. One group survived and were stuck on the ice for like 3 months!! The people trying to rescue them crashed and died, and a guy led a modern expedition to find the plane. It's pretty good!
4. What’s something super-unhealthy you’ve recently eaten? A cupcake
5. What do you do with all those Christmas cards with photos of friends and their kids? I don't really get those, but I would keep them

Today's was work's annual Christmas party..usually we do a White Elephant but this time we did it differently. We sat in chairs across from each other and had to pass the presents in the direction the story Paulette was reading said (like "grandma LEFT the house and went ACROSS the street"). It wasn't really that fun to me, but other people seemed to like it. I definitely prefer White Elephants. We opened the gift we ended up with one by one and got to trade them at the end if you wanted to. I got a really nice green and blue fluffy scarf..the person who brought it told me she made it!! That is SO cool, that makes it extra special :D

oh yeah, and worst journey in the world #4 LOL )
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FAIRBANKS - A Fairbanks police officer was seriously injured in a shooting downtown early Sunday morning, according to a news release from the Fairbanks police department.

At about 12:01 a.m Sunday several people reported shots were fired on 7th Avenue between Noble Street and the Steese Highway.

The officer was responding to a report of shots being fired when he was shot multiple times. He radioed for help and later was flown to Anchorage for treatment. The shooter took the officer’s patrol car and abandoned it a few blocks away. He was not in custody as of 7 a.m. Sunday.

..omg that's right near where I live. D: D: Yikes, I better be extra careful walking to work now D: *shudders*

In cheerier news, yesterday the bookstore had a 50% off sale, and customers could go in the back too (we were way overloaded with books, so we decided to have the sale lol). I work one Saturday a month anyway, so I offered to help at the register. Denise was relieved because she doesn't have to worry about the register when I'm up there lol. It is fun working the sale, but I pay for it later (I usually get a migraine after those sales..ow). There were definitely lots of teacher bought SEVEN boxes worth of kids books! Her total was over $100, even with the discount! Wow. Another lady bought every Janet Evanovich and Stuart Woods books we had..the mysteries got demolished haha. I'm gonna be busy restocking them on Monday (if there's any left in the back lol). Me made over $1800!! Denise was hoping for $1600, so that's awesome! I wonder if anyone's gonna come in on Monday :P

Today's my parents' anniversary! See, 16 was a good number even before I was born :P

Day 11: Post a picture of you gaming )
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1. What book’s pages seemed to fly by as you read them? The Martian, for one
2. What’s a book you were pretty sure you would dislike but turned out to be great? I always worry I won't like a book when flipping through them looking for another to read lol..Game of Thrones might have been one of those lol
3. What book’s main character would you fall in love with if you knew him or her in real life, and why? Cherry LOL, he seemed like a great guy!
4. Who’s the author you’ve read the most books by? Robert Jordan, Charles Finch, etc
5. What’s a really long book you enjoyed? Hawaii by James Michener

Today at work a FedEx guy dropped off a package..he came up to me and was like "I need an ADULT signature for this." I was like "...I'm 27!!" and he said "fair enough." OMG everyone got a huge laugh when I told them haha! I didn't think I looked THAT young anymore lol

A name you love )
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I dealt with the WORST customer I have ever come across today. She's never pleasant to begin with, but today..ugh. She had 10 books and like usual the 11th one was free, which I put to the side. She had 9 books left over and I asked her if she had a punchcard..she said yes, but just gave me her credit card. After I finished putting her books in bags, she asked about getting a punchcard. I interpreted her as not wanting one (even though she said yes) since she just gave me her card, so I said "do you want one?" She VERY rudely said "well YEAH." I got a card out but she wouldn't stop yelling at me! She was like "I should have NEVER let you check me out, you pulled that last time I was here!" Huh?!? Pulled WHAT?? No one's ever said that to me before, so that hurt. I tried talking her down and explaining how many punches she had left but she STILL wouldn't stop yelling and being rude to me. J.R. was standing there too (someone was buying a refurbished computer and was waiting for me to be done) and I looked at him and we both ran to get Becky. Becky tried talking her down, BUT SHE STILL WASN'T LISTENING TO US. At that point I got someone to cover for me and went outside to cry and recharge for a few minutes. Becky and J.R. couldn't believe how nasty she was to me. Somehow Becky got her to leave with a smile..but UGH, why be so rude?? One time that lady told me she was at the store and asked the cashier to double bag her food..I guess she forgot and that lady's bag broke in the parking lot. She went back in and yelled at her and made her clean it up. She said the cashier looks terrified whenever she sees her. WELL I WONDER WHY. There's no need to be nasty, it just ruins people's days! Ugh. I'm worried she's gonna tell other people what a "horrible cashier" I am and to never shop there. Well I refuse to think I'm a horrible cashier and I always try to be pleasant to customers, and will continue to do so. Some people just are nasty for whatever reason. At least my day was brightened when INGRID walked in!! She's Bonnie's friend from Tennessee, and went camping with us earlier in the year. She such an awesome and fun lady, it was SO good to see her again! We'll have to go to dinner! I hope tomorrow is a better day..

Name five places you've been )

Today's trivia: Uganda has the youngest population in the world, with over 78% below the age of 30 years


Jun. 20th, 2016 07:17 pm
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"WOW! We just experienced our best day EVER in the bookstore!

Our total receipts for the 17th were $ 2,617.80. (The highest day prior to this was in March 2010 at $2,376.) The storewide sale brought in $1,175.58 from the sale of books and media and the yard sale proceeds for that day were $1,442.22. And, when we add all of the yard sale items that were sold prior to the event and on Saturday the 18th, the yard sale proceeds totaled $2040.72. This brings the grand total for the event to $3,216.30!!!!"

That is AWESOME!! Usually after a big sale the store is dead, but not today..we made around $516! I bet that newspaper article helped :D

I can't get over the epicness of last night's Game of Thrones..I've seen a lot of battles in movies/TV shows, but that was definitely one of the best. I bet it was hard to pull off!

List three favorite colors )

Today's trivia: Breastfeeding allows a baby to give germs to mothers so that her immune system can respond and can synthesize antibodies for her baby
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I am actually terrified to watch this episode lol..though it's one I've been looking forward to also (Jon vs. Ramsay!)

spoilers )

THAT EPISODE WAS AWESOME. Now I think I need a Xanax, my anxiety is through the roof lol

Forget-Me-Not Books made the paper!! Check out this pic of me that was in the paper too!

 photo 5762069b356cc.image_zpsztf7z7ik.jpg
Yay! I knew it was gonna happen, but it's still awesome :D

Today mom and I went to the annual Midnight Sun Festival, but we only had time to get some food before it started raining, so we went to the movies with Bonnie instead and saw Finding Dory. So funny and heartwarming lol

List one word that most describes you )
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1. Do you like smiling? I love smiling! It makes people feel better, even just a little bit. I like bringing happiness to people in a crazy world :)
2. Would you call yourself a happy or solemn individual? I try to be happy, but I have off days too
3. What was that last thing that made you smile or laugh? My cat probably lol
4. Do you believe that laughter is the best medicine? Yeah, it definitely helps
5. Are you smiling now? No, too busy snacking LOL

Today at work we had our annual Customer Appreciation Sale, where most everything in the store is 50% off and we also have a "yard" sale. It was CRAZY..I don't think I'd ever see it THAT busy before. Last year it poured rain and we had to bring everything inside and I was having a panic attack from the craziness..this time I asked just to be on the register..for some reason I just feel calmer and "together" on the register. I still made mistakes before I found my rhythm, but everyone on the register did and they're easily fixed, so it's not a huge deal. I definitely felt much calmer this time..the Prozac I bet helped too. That medicine is amazing! One reason we had so many people was possibly cause of the weather..unlike last year, it's sunny and HOT. When it was time for me to leave they had to practically drag me off the register cause I was having fun LOL. I got a basketful of books and a couple yard sale things for only $21.00! When I left, we had made over $2100!! We are awesome lol

List three favorite colors )
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Today is mom's 61st birthday! Lately it's been rainy and gloomy and bleh, but today is pretty much skies, low 70s, breezy..we had to find some geocaches, especially since mom was 5 away from 1000! The mosquitoes were intense, but it was so nice just to be outside on such a nice day! Mom indeed found her 1000th cache, woohoo! (I only got 4 since I had already found one of them, but that's alright lol.) Just as we were about to leave, the couple that hid the cache showed up! Oddly enough, it was his wife's birthday too, and they were going to get a drink at the nearby brewery. They thought it was awesome that one of their caches was mom's 1000th one hehe. We celebrated by getting pizza at Pizza Hut, yumm. I'm glad she had a great birthday, and I hope this awesome weather continues! (I've always been amused that mom's birthday is exactly a week after mine lol)

We've gotten a CRAZY amount of donations at work lately..poor Denise and Becky can't keep up with them. I'm glad for the job security though :P

List one word that most describes you )

Today's trivia: The story of Mulan had been told in China for almost 1,500 years before Disney decided to make it into an animated movie
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I discovered this song this weekend, and I really like it..the lyrics are interesting and it just sounds gets stuck in my head easily though :P

People must be doing spring cleaning, cause we've had a crazy amount of donations come in these past few days at work. There was one day last week where we probably got over 100 boxes! Wow..

I'm seeing a new clinical psychologist we were just talking about things that interested me to get to know me. He asked me what music I liked and when I said metal he was like "me too!!" He likes Blind Guardian (he saw them in concert once, jealous!), Rhapsody, Nightwish, etc. AWESOME lol. He was like "you have a great taste in music!" I can see we're gonna get along very well :D

Name one store you like )

Today's trivia: Queens, New York, was established in 1683 and is named after Queen Catherine of Braganza, wife of King Charles II of England (1630-1685)


Apr. 12th, 2016 03:36 pm
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It's crazy..after being bullied for years as a kid, I find myself being liked by a lot of people. I'm definitely loved at a coworker said I was cool and smart. The other day a customer told me she missed me when I was in Hawaii and that she likes having me around. I still kinda struggle with "why would people like me? I don't deserve to be liked," but I'm trying to embrace it too. It's nice finally finding somewhere I truly belong and not feeling like an outcast <3

There is a geocache named after me!! These two cachers from Anchorage (I think?) put out caches named after Alaska cachers..mine is near the Glenn Highway, but I think a lot of them in Anchorage too. Even so, I still feel special :D

List three girls' names you like )

Today's trivia: Bluetooth is named after King Harald Bluetooth who united Scandinavia into a single kingdom. The logo is his initials HB written in old Nordic runes (WHOA *stares at Bluetooth icon on computer in fascination*)
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Today was the annual Ides of March sale at the bookstore, where pretty much everything is 50% off and customers could shop at the back of the store..they asked me if I could help work it, so I did. Sometimes I get overstimulated and just shut down at big sales unless I know for sure what I'm doing, so I pretty much just worked the register. There were definitely lots of people, but somehow I just feel calmer in front of the register, like it's a "stress barrier" or something lol. It was amusing, as soon as Denise unlocked the doors people just poured in haha. We made over $1600, which is pretty awesome (there have been sales where we made over $2000, but anything over $1000 is great). One lady bought an entire shelf of kid's books..her total was over $200, and that's with the discount! (Most kid's books are $.50!) It was fun! The register was over by like $.35, which is pretty awesome considering all the transactions. Denise called Becky after we closed and was like "Heather did FANTASTIC on the register." :D Now I'm tired lol

10. A sport you don’t like, for whatever reason )


Dec. 30th, 2015 06:28 pm
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Today a customer dropped off some books and then he was like "I was here a few weeks ago and you waited on me, and when I asked if you were paid or a volunteer you said both, but with such an upbeat attitude, I could tell you love your job! It made me feel good inside for a couple days." Awww! It's hard not to love playing with books all day :P

And we're having an awesome Chinook:
Here's something you don't often see during an Interior Alaska winter: It was colder in Las Vegas this morning than in Fairbanks.

A record high of 40 degrees was set at Fairbanks International Airport at 5:56 a.m. Wednesday, according to meteorologist Scott Berg at the National Weather Service.

It was in the 30s in Las Vegas.

That record was topped a few hours later when temperatures warmed to 45 just after noon. The previous high temperature record was 35. The normal high for Dec. 30 is 3 degrees and the normal low is 15 below, Berg said. Overnight, the low was 23 degrees.

Day #6: Your favorite animal )
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I am home, I got back last night. We were able to get 8 geocaches before turning in the rental car..we found 56 during the trip, nice! One thing I noticed was all the dogs in the airports..there were at least two or three on each flight. Dad said he noticed that too last time he weird! It must be a new trend or something lol. One dog barked some on the flight, but I'd much rather hear that than a screaming baby (and we had plenty of those, ugh). It was cool seeing Flagstaff, Sunset Crater and the Grand Canyon after we took off from Phoenix. The red rocks in the canyon looked beautiful in the sunlight. It felt great going back to work today (even if I felt like a zombie when I woke up haha). I love that everyone is always genuinely happy to see me when I come back <3 (Abby was happy to see me too hehe)

Today's trivia: Eugenie Mikhailovna Shakhovskaya was the first female military pilot in 1914 during World War I


Nov. 5th, 2015 08:05 pm
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Today is the best I've felt in a REALLY long time..I've felt happy, bubbly, and energetic (I felt like I moved nonstop after lunch, it was great seeing the bookstore so busy! A couple days ago we made over $600!). I feel ALIVE, not just existing and being robotic and not caring about anything. It feels amazing!! The Lexapro (and maybe vitamin d, I heard it helps with depression) must finally be working (I read reviews where people said the same thing, that they're living and not just existing). Too bad all that energy gave me a migraine, but I had Excedrin to help with that. :P I really hope I've turned a corner and that I continue to get better. I was just bursting to write this entry lol, yay!

A guilty-pleasure album )

Today's trivia: According to the Theodore Roosevelt Association, Mr. Roosevelt was the first president to be submerged in a submarine; the first president to own a car; the first to have a telephone in his home; and the first to entertain an African-American, Booker T. Washington, in the White House
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Yesterday mom and I saw was pretty good, and very sad. The cinematography and the shots of the mountains was awesome too. They actually filmed at Everest Base Camp and Kathmandu and stuff, which is pretty awesome. We also found an EarthCache since yesterday was International EarthCache Day and you got a digital souvenir (ugh, I can NEVER spell that word right!) for finding one (I feel special and am always like "yaaay!" when I get one haha!). It was such a nice day!

Today Denise said that on Friday the bookstore made over $700!!! That's an AMAZING sale day for us. It was pretty busy and I was hoping we'd do well..I never thought it would be that epic though haha. Sweet!

An album you love the cover art of )

Today's trivia: A "belly builder" is someone who puts together the parts inside a piano
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1. What forms of media consumption do you pay for? Cable, Internet..
2. When did you last read a physical newspaper? *shrugs*
3. What percentage of your television consumption is watched live as it’s broadcast, versus on-demand, via recording, or some other stored or streamed medium? I rarely watch live TV..
4. What’s been the big local story in your area this week? Shootings, drownings, etc..ugh :(
5. What is the most recent thing you regretted clicking? *shrugs*

Since Erin left, the new bookstore manager is DENISE!! I was so hoping she'd get the job when she was interviewed lol. Denise is always on the Biz Bee team and is just a nice and fun person to be around. Yay!

17 Day- A Screenshot of your contact connected at msn )


Aug. 15th, 2015 07:44 pm
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This afternoon I had to work since no one else could come one point a customer came in and asked if we had any books by a certain author. I showed him where they were and he could not BELIEVE I knew exactly where they were..he was like "you found them so quickly, that's amazing!!" (Welll..being as I work in a bookstore, I should know my authors lol..I appreciated the compliment though :P) The books he was looking for weren't there, so I went to the back to look. As I was walking away I heard him say to his wife "what a nice lady, sharp too!" I couldn't stop smiling. :D I made his day, but he made mine too! It's nice being appreciated and making customers happy :)

9 Day- A Screenshot of a song that you are listening a lot lately, played in your favourite program )
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Today at work we had a going away party for a couple people that were leaving. One of them is a huge Harry Potter fan, so we had to make it Harry Potter themed haha. Paulette made wands made from licorice with frosting on top, cupcakes and we all wore Harry Potter glasses. It was soooo much fun!! The Literacy Council has the BEST parties ever. It was great seeing everyone having so much fun. We are awesome nerds :D

Here's a great pic of us:
 photo 11846745_771400081608_3368057632425541401_n_zps9k1tk5nj.jpg
From left to right: Kristin (the HP fan who's leaving), Melanie, Barrie, Erin (who's also leaving), Mike, me, Jackie, Becky, Paulette, J.R. My job is awesome :D

2 Day- A Screenshot of your tumblr page )

Today's trivia: Mark Twain invented the elastic bra strap
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This week I learned how to close the store (Paulette had to go to Anchorage and Erin is on vacation, so Paulette ask me to stay till 6 and close). It had always seemed intimidating to me (MATH) but once I got the hang of it it was fine (Paulette is seriously the best teacher..she's patient and knows the tricks to make you understand lol). Monday and yesterday I trained, but today I did it all on my own, which made me feel awesome!! Math isn't that bad when you have the right teacher :D

Looks like I made it home just in's POURING and thundering outside!! I could tell when I left it was about to storm..dark clouds, wind..I'm terrified of being stuck outside in a thunderstorm (Texas scarred me lol) so I walked quickly home. There's been thunderstorms since this weekend..weird, since we hadn't had any in so long!

Today's trivia: When the landmasses of India and Asia collided 40-50 million years ago, the impact crunched up massive amounts of stone into the Himalaya mountain range. This exposed massive amounts of “fresh” stone to the elements. This immeasurably huge stone bulk started chemically eroding, a process that removed significant amounts of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere over time. This, in turn, may have allowed the planet’s climate to cool enough to trigger an ice age
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Today mom and I saw was kinda dumb and the babbling of the Minions got annoying, but it was still amusing. I bet the kids watching it wouldn't have gotten a lot of the references, like the fake moon landing scene, the Nixon poster that said "Finally, a name you can trust," etc. It amuses me to see adult humor in kids' movies that kids would never understand haha

We've gotten a crazy amount of donations at work lately! I feel bad for Becky, who sorts the books..she can't keep up with them! After the movie (like 7:15) when we drove by the bookstore (it's on the way home lol) I saw that Becky was still there. Poor thing..she must be so stressed!

21:A favorite song with a person’s name in the title? )

Today's trivia: On the day that Alexander Graham Bell was buried the entire US telephone system was shut down for 1 minute in tribute


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