Jun. 20th, 2016 07:17 pm
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"WOW! We just experienced our best day EVER in the bookstore!

Our total receipts for the 17th were $ 2,617.80. (The highest day prior to this was in March 2010 at $2,376.) The storewide sale brought in $1,175.58 from the sale of books and media and the yard sale proceeds for that day were $1,442.22. And, when we add all of the yard sale items that were sold prior to the event and on Saturday the 18th, the yard sale proceeds totaled $2040.72. This brings the grand total for the event to $3,216.30!!!!"

That is AWESOME!! Usually after a big sale the store is dead, but not today..we made around $516! I bet that newspaper article helped :D

I can't get over the epicness of last night's Game of Thrones..I've seen a lot of battles in movies/TV shows, but that was definitely one of the best. I bet it was hard to pull off!

List three favorite colors )

Today's trivia: Breastfeeding allows a baby to give germs to mothers so that her immune system can respond and can synthesize antibodies for her baby
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Carly Fleischmann has autism and is non-verbal..with help from therapists, she found her voice by typing. Now here she is, hosting her own talk show with Channing Tatum! I never cared much about Channing, but my feelings for him just shot through the roof. He treated her just like anyone else and didn't seem uncomfortable at all, which is AWESOME. Carly is would have been so sad to miss out on her humor and inspiring words had she not learned how to type. ("Roger Ebert showed the world that his voice didn't necessarily have to come out of his mouth for people to understand him on television. Today I would like to continue to take the torch where Roger Ebert left off. I welcome you to the first nonverbal talk show host: myself, Carly Fleischmann. I'm going to prove that it doesn't matter what comes out of your mouth, it's the voice within that needs to shine.") Yesss, you rock! I hope she gets to interview lots more people and is successful (I wish I could meet her!)

Name something associated with Halloween )
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This morning when walking to work I saw the clouds looked really cool and figured the sunrise would be pretty..I got distracted at work and would have forgotten to look had Becky not said to look outside. I was not prepared for THIS amount of awesomeness:

 photo 12507287_1163658633659290_2594392245733124135_n_zpsk3irknrp.jpg
It was incredible..SO pink and pretty! My coworkers and I were all gathered around taking pics haha. Everyone on Facebook was talking about it too. :P Probably one of the best sunrises I've ever seen! I love nature <3

Here is another. Too bad pictures don't do it justice lol:
 photo 12509359_1163658630325957_762084016778299354_n_zpsf22xzezk.jpg

So I got that birth control implant out wasn't working at all and just made me miserable. Too bad, it would have been awesome to not have a period for three years lol. My GYN said there aren't really any other birth control options that would help with pain..she did say Aleve would help keep the bleeding down and help with pain when you take it every day during your period. She also said there's this ablation (heh, like a glacier :D) surgery they could do that would burn away the bad cells or something. She was really concerned about doing it since I'm so young and might want kids later on and the procedure could scar the uterus or something (nope, I'm pretty sure mom and I convinced her I never want kids haha). She said to wait a couple or so months to see if I feel better without all those hormones and trying Aleve. I really hope it helps..I'm sooo tired of being miserable and feeling experimented on lol

Day #10: Your favorite original character (Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Goofy, etc.) )

Today's trivia: The fact that some pirates wore eye patches most likely had nothing to do with a missing eye, and everything to do with being able to see—specifically, above decks and below them. Pirates frequently had to move above and below decks, from daylight to near darkness, and the smart ones wore a patch over one eye to keep it dark-adapted outside. When the pirate went below decks, he could switch the patch to the outdoor eye and see in the darkness easily
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I know I say this every year, but wow it went by fast. I hope 2016 is better than this year (especially since there's a "16" in it lol). Here are all the books I read this year, yay!

The Laws of Murder by Charles Finch (Jan 1-6) (5/5)
Interstellar: The Official Movie Novelization by Greg Keyes (Jan 7-11) (5/5)
Dewey: The Small-Town Library Cat Who Touched the World by Vicki Myron (Jan 14-16) (5/5)
Claws and Effect by Rita Mae Brown (Jan 22-24) (3/5)
Cat on the Scent by Rita Mae Brown (Jan 25-31) (3/5)

the rest )

My goal this year was to read 45 books, I actually read 65!!! That is awesome lol. Next year I want to read the longer books I kept putting off this year for the challenge lol

Day #7: Your favorite sidekick )
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Lou Whittaker: Memoirs of a Mountain Guide by Lou Whittaker (Mar 30-Apr 6)
The Litter of the Law by Rita Mae Brown (Apr 6-8)
Homer's Odyssey by Gwen Cooper (Apr 9-15)
The Cat Who Covered the World: The Adventures Of Henrietta And Her Foreign Correspondent by Christopher S. Wren (Apr 16-19)
The Mountain: My Time on Everest by Ed Viesturs (Apr 19-24)
The Incredible Journey by Sheila Burnford (Apr 24-25)
Tilting at Mountains: Love, Tragedy, and Triumph on the World's Highest Peaks by Edurne Pasaban (Apr 26-30)

WOW, 7 books in one month?? That is AWESOME haha. Goodreads says I'm 5 books ahead of schedule :D

next meme: things i hate lol )
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Wow, the last day of the year already. 2014 wasn't as good as 2013, but there were still good things that happened (getting the job I've been wanting, going on a biplane ride, etc). I hope 2015 is good, and I get to travel more than this year haha. I also found 368 geocaches this year..awesome :P

And now for one of my favorite things about the end of the year: the books I read in 2014!!

Mixed Emotions: Mountaineering Writings of Greg Child by Greg Child (Jan 1-8) (5/5 stars)
Through the Eye of the Glacier by Michael Pollen (Jan 9-20) (5/5)
Blind Corners: Adventures on Seven Continents by Geoff Tabin (Jan 21-28) (4/5)

the rest )

In 2012 I read 27 books, 2013 I read 31..this year I read 44!! Huge success haha. For 2015 I'm gonna try to read 45 :D

Bye bye 2014!

Day 20: What color ornaments do you put on your tree? )
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Cold temperatures absent from Alaska this winter

ANCHORAGE — Weather watchers are taking note of a mostly mild winter so far in Fairbanks and Anchorage, which have seen lower-than-normal snowfall and higher-than-normal temperatures.

In Fairbanks, the city has not had a day this winter that the official temperature stayed below zero, making Tuesday the fourth-latest date that has happened since 1904. Nor has the mercury dipped lower than 20 below at any point, the fifth latest date so far, the Weather Service says. Despite some recent snowfall, Fairbanks is still below average for snow, with nearly 18 inches, about 14 inches below normal for mid-December.

As for the comparatively warm weather, it does not appear to be leaving anytime soon.

For as far into the future as meteorologists can reliably estimate the weather — about two weeks — there does not appear to be a significant cool down coming, said Rick Thoman, climate science and services manager for the National Weather Service in Alaska. That means that as time goes on, more records could fall, Thoman said.

In the mid-20s in December?? Yes please! Loving it haha. I remember last Christmas it was like -36. Too bad all the darkness makes it harder to geocache though..

The craziest thing happened earlier..I was craving a smoothie at work and was wishing dad could bring me one like he does sometimes..I sent a "bring me a smoothie" message to him hoping he'd hear my thoughts haha, but figured it would be a long shot. Then like..5 minutes later dad comes in with a smoothie!!! I was so shocked and amazed lol! It definitely hit the spot :D

Day 6: Who is your favorite reindeer? )

Today's trivia: Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End, at $341.8 million, was the most expensive movie ever made (adjusted for inflation)


Dec. 10th, 2014 07:23 pm
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This is AWESOME..they did such a great job!! Especially since they just used simple household items. A+!

day 29: what If your friend could not have a child, would you carry her child for her? )

Today's trivia: Lobsters can mate only when females molt and shed their shells, which they do every two years, leaving them naked and defenseless. Males protect the females in their lairs for one week until the new shells come in

PFD 2014

Sep. 17th, 2014 04:07 pm
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$1,884. That's the amount of this year's Permanent Fund dividend as announced by Gov. Sean Parnell in downtown Anchorage Wednesday morning.

"I'm frankly grateful for the Permanent Fund dividend at whatever amount, and I know Alaskans are too, as they save it or spend it for their own needs," Parnell said.

The governor made the announcement in a small conference room at the Atwood building in front of a crowd of dozens of media and about a hundred state employees.

The 2014 dividend will be the third-largest check issued since the yearly distributions to Alaska residents began in 1982. The Alaska Permanent Fund Dividend Division said checks and direct deposits will go out on Oct. 2.

$1,884?!? OMG. Last year the PFD was only $900! That is AWESOME. I'll feel rich haha

Day 06- a quote about life )

Today's trivia: The high level of potassium in bananas makes them slightly radioactive


Jul. 22nd, 2014 07:18 pm
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OMG how awesome is that?! That must have been an awesome surprise for Game of Thrones fans :D

16. Your favorite Disney Princess movie )

Today's trivia: The dates 4/4, 6/6, 8/8, 10/10, and 12/12 all fall on the same day of the week during any one year


May. 26th, 2014 01:56 pm
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This morning after mom and I got up we saw we had an email that a new cache was put out..when we read the description it said there was a first to find trackable, a marble and a $2 bill in the cache!! We dropped everything and rushed over to be the first to find haha. We indeed found it first..I got the FTF trackable and money since I spotted it first (mom and I have a "rule" that whoever spots the cache first gets the trackable if there is one). That was a nice way to start the morning haha. That felt special hehe

22. hold your pee all day or go pee every 5 minutes? )
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May 20th was my ten year anniversary of being on LJ..for some reason I completely forgot on that day even though it's been in the back of my mind for the past few months haha. That's amazing..I've met so many awesome people and there's SO much history here! I'd go crazy without a place to document my adventures and stuff (sure there are other blogs, but none are as good as LJ..). I'll probably be on LJ for as long as it's around (don't ever shut down please!! Haha). Yay LJ!

18. be known as a drug dealer or be known as a liar? )

Today's trivia: A hedgehog's heart beats 300 times a minute on average
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Tonight I start on the journey to Florida! First we fly to Seattle, then DFW, then Charlotte, THEN Florida. Eesh, I'm gonna be so tired haha. I've never been to Charlotte'll be cool seeing a new place, even if it is just the airport :P

Recently Ryan's been watching this show called Alaska Gold's about these women who are descendents of a famous gold miner that got murdered before he could get his gold..the women wanted to continue his legacy and went mining. Well one of their mines is on Ester Dome!! That hill is like down the street from my parents' house!! (Well kinda still have to drive up there :P) I always wondered why part of the hill looked like it had been cut in half..I had no idea it was a famous gold mine haha! So cool..
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The Hill by Ed Hommer (Jan 29-Feb 7)
Ultimate High: My Everest Odyssey by Goran Kropp (Feb 7-14)
Learning to Breathe: One Woman's Journey of Spirit and Survival by Alison Wright (Feb 16-22)
Cloud Walkers: Six Climbs on Major Canadian Peaks by Paddy Sherman (Feb 23-28)

Wow, 4 books read in February, the shortest month of the year?? I'm impressed with myself haha. I finished the last one literally two minutes before midnight. I ran up to mom's room and was like "I MADE IT!" haha. She said I deserved a prize :P

We are indeed gonna travel in grandpa's camper when we go to Florida. We're gonna go to the Florida Keys!!! I went as a baby but obviously don't remember, so I've wanted to go back. Mom said we're gonna stop at each island and do a geocache so we don't just speed by the islands (and we're addicted :P). Yay, so excited!

Day 27: Five things you always buy in a supermarket )

Movie day

Jan. 12th, 2014 11:43 am
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Yesterday mom made a fire in the woodstove and we watched hours of mountaineering movies/documentaries on Netflix haha (nice to do when you're sick :P). One of them was The Eiger Sanction, which I had been wanting to watch for awhile. It was so awesome when it finally showed the Eiger and Kleine Scheidegg!! The movie was made in the 70s, but the town still seems the same today! They even showed the place where we walked up and I got my picture taken in front of the mountain (see icon)!! You could hear the cowbells in the movie too..haha awesome. :P I need to read the book now..(it'll magically appear at the bookstore this week now :P)

9. Do you have siblings? Talk about them; if not, talk about being an only child. )
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OMG this is amazing. He's so happy and cute!! Mom said we may go to New Mexico soon..if we do we must go there! Aww I want a hug from him <3 (don't read the comments though.."Lol I would never eat at this retards restaurant, he probably drools in your food." WTF?!)

3. Do you have any special talents? What? )

Would you rather perform a striptease for your teenaged children or watch them do it? Wtf..

Today's trivia: A female cowbird will lay her eggs in the nest of another songbird. She will keep an eye on her eggs from a distance. If they are removed, she will quickly destroy the eggs laid by the songbird and lay another batch


Oct. 24th, 2013 03:51 pm
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HARD ROCK CAFE IS COMING TO ANCHORAGE NEXT YEAR!!! YAY! I've been hoping one would come up here! Now I won't necessarily have to travel thousands of miles to go to one haha

Earlier I was walking down the sidewalk I saw a guy ahead of me that looked pretty drunk..he kept holding onto the fence for support. When I got closer I saw he had peed all over himself. He saw me and was like "hey sweetheart, what are you doing?" I was like "uhh nothing" and then he said "would you like to come to my place?" That was a definite NOPE haha. Ew..why do I always get stopped by the creepy people? :/

21. Your 10 favorite foods

1. Popcorn
2. Bread
3. Pasta
4. Strawberry smoothies
5. BBQ beans
6. Rice with mixed veggies Thai style
7. Chips and salsa/queso
8. Chex Mix
9. Onions
10. Fried okra

 photo 433283_600_zpsa52b8ade.png

Would you rather as a woman, discover that your boyfriend has been making calls to three other women or to a phone sex number? The first one

Today's trivia: Confederate general Robert E. Lee loved cats and shared his army tent with several of them that traveled with him during the Civil War


Aug. 28th, 2013 03:51 pm
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 photo 960015_664138973612960_966769203_n_zps56bdb1fa.jpg
I'm still uploading my pics, but here's an AWESOME pic of the Lu-Lu Belle (in the middle, by all the ice) in front of Columbia Glacier. Wow!!! That scale is AMAZING! Columbia is still a huge glacier, even though it has retreated so much..

16. A .gif of a music video )

Would you rather have a band of mariachi singers follow you everywhere or have one determined bagpipe player follow you everywhere? The singers maybe

Today's trivia: It takes a sloth about a month to digest a meal
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Today I was talking to my counselor (Cathy) about my trip to Gulkana Glacier..Cathy said she had been on glaciers before too and I asked which ones. She was like "oh the ones by Mt. McKinley when I climbed it." I was like " climbed Mt. McKinley?!" I asked if she summited and she had..THREE times!!! She also climbed mountains in Nepal and Aconcagua, the highest mountain in South America (22,837 ft) and she's walked on the Harding Icefield (and fell into a crevasse! D: She was roped up of course, but still..yikes! She said it was very blue) and been to Kilimanjaro. I had NO idea Cathy was a mountaineer!! I had talked about glaciers and mountaineering before but she didn't say anything then (though she did talk about mountaineering books I've read..hmm). That is super awesome!! I was definitely shocked haha

Someone stole Paulette's phone and $10 today..right off her desk! She had gone to fix her lunch and I went to tell a coworker someone was dropping books off..and someone took that opportunity to steal her stuff! Someone did see her (yes, her!) and wondered what she was doing..he didn't have a good enough description for the police though. Wow, that is awful :(

abby is funny )

Would you rather live in a country run by supermodels or live in a country run by professional football players? Football players..the supermodels would be a disaster. D: We'd all be anorexic..

Today's trivia: Dashboards were originally just to protect drivers from horse poop. Carriages and buggies had a "dash" board that were made of drop cloth or leather. The board kept the horses' feet from slinging up mud or poop as they dashed along through puddles and muck keeping the driver and passengers clean
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Tomorrow mom and I go to Northway! (She's working there for a week) There is a computer there but I'm not sure how fast the Internet is there. Hopefully I'll be able to check in haha. I'm bringing lots of DVDs and books. Northway is about 5 hours southeast of'll be cool to see new scenery! It'll be interesting to see mom at work too. Hopefully it'll be fun haha. We come back next weekend (I so wish I could have titled this North to Northway :P)

OMG GAME OF THRONES YOU'RE KILLING ME. Geez, he's killing everyone! (I'm on page 700 something in A Storm of Swords). I about had a conniption in the car haha. Ryan was so scared I'd give something away but I wouldn't do that. :P I swear when something good is about to happen it just gets ruined somehow. Before now I've never read a series where so many horrible things always happen. Yet I can't stop reading..

The final grade is posted! I got an 86 on the test (I kinda expected that, still good though!) and a 99 in the whole class!! Whoa haha, that's awesome for a math class!

Day 10: If you had a direwolf what would you name it? )


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