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Hi from New Mexico! On Monday we drove was finally a beautiful day, yay! Ryan was all stressing out and saying how he had to ~talk to people~ if he went and irritating, ugh. He's not the best person to travel with, but he has ended up having a great time so far I think (shh don't tell him though ;)). On the way we stopped at the Painted Desert and the Petrified Forest..such beautiful and interesting places! We just continued on to Santa Fe after was so nice seeing everyone again!! The last time I saw my cousin Joelle (almost 10 years ago) she was like one or two years old and now she's 13! She said she didn't remember me, but that's alright, she was too young lol (Jessalyn said she remembered me though). Cindy and Dean made margaritas and Gina was like "I am SO happy you can drink with us now, I've been waiting years for this!" I felt the same way haha, it was nice lol. We had dinner and talked and I think just went to bed (it's been a busy few days, it's hard to remember everything haha)

Tuesday was a beautiful day, so we went hiking at Tent Rocks, which is a slot canyon with formations from volcanic eruptions. It was my first time in a slot canyon, and it was AWESOME. It was so cool!! I'll describe it more with my pics (easier lol). Very unique! After that we hung out at the house and then went to dinner at a Mexican restaurant that (except for the chips) wasn't very good at, we're in New Mexico! Mexican food in *Fairbanks* is better than the food at that restaurant! Ew. After that we looked at the Christmas lights downtown (pretty!) and went home and did our White Elephant (we also called it Dirty Santa haha) gift exchange. Funnn..there's been LOTS of laughing these past few days lol. I stole this glowstick thingy, a tiara and chocolate covered cherries from mom ("CHERRY!!" *hugs it*). Gina called me Queen Cherry haha (yep, everyone knows all about Cherry now LOL). After that we decorated gingerbread cookies and went to bed (so tired!! Having fun is exhausting :P)

yesterday, and pics under here! )

And here's me reciting (from memory!) the last passage (one of the best) of The Worst Journey in the World! I hope I don't look dumb, but I think it's pretty good myself ;)
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(Wow, that was quick lol.) Aww. I think Abby and Greyboy are like..the only cats ever that don't care about boxes haha

Speaking of Abby..
 photo 15589711_1510447252313758_8200715269243786388_n_zpsizf9anox.jpeg
I love snuggling with her! <3

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Just me reciting a great passage from The Worst Journey in the World lol (what I decide to do at midnight..haha). Filming yourself is hard, I always feel dumb lol. I'm suuuuper uncomfortable watching/listening to myself, so you'll have to tell me if it turned out alright. :P I'll type the passage here too!

A hard night: clear, with a blue sky so deep that it looks black: the stars are steel points: the glaciers burnished silver. The snow rings and thuds to your footfall. The ice is cracking to the falling temperature and the tide crack groans as the water rises. And over all, wave upon wave, fold upon fold, there hangs the curtain of the aurora. As you watch, it fades away, and then quite suddenly a great beam flashes up and rushes to the zenith, an arch of palest green and orange, a tail of flaming gold. Again it falls, fading away into great searchlight beams which rise behind the smoking crater of Mount Erebus. And again the spiritual veil is drawn...

Beautiful. *swoons* Like I said in the video: "Cherry is awesome!" hehe (he was such a great writer!)

Day 20-Handwrite a letter to somebody )

Today's trivia: Vultures have stomach acid so corrosive, they can digest even anthrax
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That is totally Greyboy, he loves being under the covers for whatever reason haha :P

Day 16-Handwrite whatever you want, filling up the whole piece of paper )

Today's trivia: The Castilian and Burgundian flags of Spain, the Mexican flag, the Confederate flag, and the flag of the United States have all flown over the land area that has become Arizona
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Abby's scared of the vacuum too, though she hasn't tried to destroy it yet :P

One of my cousins from California was in Fairbanks this weekend (briefly anyway)..I didn't even know till I saw his Facebook pics. It would have been cool to see him, but he didn't have enough time I don't think. He saw the Northern Lights too, nice! I asked mom to guess who was here and she was like:

Mom: Obama
Me: No
Mom: TRUMP??
Me: Nope
Mom: Hillary??
Me: Nope
Mom: Cherry!

LOL..if only that could happen..(I seriously think we would have gotten along so well..I was born in the wrong era :( *sniff*)

Ughhh I have to go to the dentist tomorrow. D: The hygienist is going to get onto me again about the medicine (Prozac) that makes my mouth dry. I'd rather have a dry mouth than depression, and I'm not going through the switching process all over again, especially since Prozac works so well! Hopefully she'll understand..

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Today's trivia: The first foreign aid bill was passed by Congress in 1812. The funds were for earthquake relief in Venezuela


Sep. 19th, 2016 03:53 pm
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Game of Thrones has won more Emmys than any other scripted show? Wow, that's awesome lol. I think it won Best Drama last night too..nice!

and yeah, cherry again. sorry :P )

Type of yogurt you’ve had )

Today's trivia: Toy poodles were once used as hand warmers by the aristocracy during the Renaissance
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lol who keep an iron on the top of the fridge?? Looks like Simon's cat actually won this time for once, nicee :P

new meme: google images )
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yeah i'm talking about cherry again, sorry :P )

I swear one of these days I'm gonna write about something else lol

Today's trivia: In ancient Rome it was considered a sign of leadership to be born with a crooked nose
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I have suddenly become absolutely obsessed with Antarctica and Apsley Cherry-Garrard (even his name is awesome!), who was on Robert Falcon Scott's expedition to reach the South Pole (Scott made it, but everyone with him died..Cherry found their bodies later, just 11 miles from a food cache!). His book (The Worst Journey in the World), has had a huge impact on me ever since I read it (and I think reading the novel Antarctica by Kim Stanley Robinson raised the obsession too. It was weird..all of a sudden at work it hit me full force, and then I was just staring into nothing being like "CHERRY ANTARCTICA YAY" LOL), so I was very excited to find this docudrama. Reading it and being amazed was one thing, actually watching it (even a dramatization) was I can't imagine it being -65 and not being able to light a match, having your clothes freeze solid, getting in sleeping bags that are frozen too, like in this part:'s amazing they even lived through that! Cherry has become one of my heroes

Here, have a pic of him :D:
 photo ddd31be8864422205d58d61a0eb7d119_zpsz5lhffej.jpg
SQUEE CHERRY. He's..kinda cute LOL (yeah I have the weirdest obessions :P)

I also think the last paragraph in his book is interesting: "And I tell you, if you have the desire for knowledge and the power to give it physical expression, go out and explore. If you are a brave man you will do nothing: if you are fearful you may do much, for none but cowards have need to prove their bravery. Some will tell you that you are mad, and nearly all will say, 'What is the use?' For we are a nation of shopkeepers, and no shopkeeper will look at research which will not promise him a financial return within a year. And so you will sledge nearly alone, but those with whom you sledge will not be shopkeepers: that is worth a good deal. If you march your Winter Journeys you will have your reward, so long as all you want is a penguin's egg"

I want to see Scott's hut SO bad..and I read the eggs they carried back are in the Natural History Museum in London..I'VE BEEN THERE! I guess I know where I'm going if I'm ever in London again :P

here's a pic of me squeeing over the book, and then i'll shut up lol )
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I felt bad for both the cat and the fish in this one lol

Mom got back from hiking the Chilkoot Trail with Bonnie this looked gorgeous and mom said she saw lots of glaciers, but that's too much hiking for me lol (33 miles). It's a great accomplishment though, especially at 61 years old! She lost her phone in a river (D:), but luckily she was able to get a new one with all her info since it was stored in the iCloud. Phew!

Name your favorite websites )

Today's trivia: Macadamia nuts are not sold in their shells because it takes 300 pounds per square inch of pressure to break the shell, making it the hardest nut in the world to crack
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LOLOL..I wonder how many times Peter and co. had to do that scene haha. "Benevolent" is kind of a tricky word lol

And WTF at this thing that I caught yesterday:
 photo 13615447_1332355436789608_2498544072440743625_n_zps51en0byg.jpg
I about fell over when he appeared on my screen haha. Mom and I were at a Lure and a bunch of people just converged's so funny how popular this game is haha. I got a bunch of Pokemon I hadn't had yet and like 10 Drowzees lol (I never though I'd get into the Pokemon craze :P)

I found $20 in the grass today! I think I should give it to someone at work that needs it more than me..

Name six things you love )

Today's trivia: Crocodiles swallow stones to help them dive deeper
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Ouch!! Haha. I've tried the laser with Abby but she gets bored quickly lol

This is so sad: Two Fairbanks teens were killed Monday afternoon after their SUV hit another vehicle and went into the Delta River.

According to an Alaska State Trooper news release, Carmella Flynn, 17, was driving a 2003 GMC Yukon northbound near 210 Mile Richardson Highway when she lost control on a curve. The Yukon crossed into the southbound lane and collided head-on with a 2011 Ford F-150 driven by Lucas Clooten, 37, of Fairbanks.

The Yukon overturned and was submerged in the river. Emergency responders pulled the SUV from the water and unsuccessfully attempted lifesaving measures on Flynn and her passenger, Theresa Runfola, 17, according to troopers

Carmella Flynn was the granddaughter of one of my coworkers. :( :( So sad!!

Name three characteristics you like or admire in your best friend )

Today's trivia: In 1999, Furbies were banned from the National Security Agency's Maryland headquarters because it was feared the toys might repeat national security secrets

Awesome <3

Jul. 7th, 2016 03:54 pm
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I love this! It doesn't matter that she can't speak out of her mouth, she has beautiful and inspiring words! (Like when she interviewed Channing Tatum she actually had interesting, deep questions.) I LOVE how happy she looks when the computer reads what she has typed. She wrote the song, the singer was bullied and has low self esteem, and the rapper has severe stuttering that goes away when he raps! (I watched an interview with him yesterday, and the poor guy could barely get a word out..but when he went onstage and rapped, all that went away and he was super confident and happy). Wow, what a great video!

List three areas in which you'd like to improve )

Today's trivia: Yawning and stretching at the same time is called pandiculating
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Hahaha.."I'm clean yay! *sticks face in bowl*" At least the big cat was trying to be nice this time :P

For some reason, "Stand" by REM reminds me of geocaching haha..maybe cause they keep singing about directions. When I listen to it I imagine myself walking in a forest lol

Name one thing that makes you angry )

Today's trivia: In beer commercials, liquid detergent is added to the beer to make it foam more
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Awww, poor scared kitty :P

Mom said that dad buried Snowy today..he's by a nice birch tree in the backyard. RIP little guy, see you on the other side!

List five things that are orange )

Today's trivia: Like today’s athletes, Gladiators did product endorsements. Particularly successful Gladiators would endorse goods in the arena before commencing a fight and have their names promoting products on the Roman equivalent of billboards
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I discovered this song this weekend, and I really like it..the lyrics are interesting and it just sounds gets stuck in my head easily though :P

People must be doing spring cleaning, cause we've had a crazy amount of donations come in these past few days at work. There was one day last week where we probably got over 100 boxes! Wow..

I'm seeing a new clinical psychologist we were just talking about things that interested me to get to know me. He asked me what music I liked and when I said metal he was like "me too!!" He likes Blind Guardian (he saw them in concert once, jealous!), Rhapsody, Nightwish, etc. AWESOME lol. He was like "you have a great taste in music!" I can see we're gonna get along very well :D

Name one store you like )

Today's trivia: Queens, New York, was established in 1683 and is named after Queen Catherine of Braganza, wife of King Charles II of England (1630-1685)
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Carly Fleischmann has autism and is non-verbal..with help from therapists, she found her voice by typing. Now here she is, hosting her own talk show with Channing Tatum! I never cared much about Channing, but my feelings for him just shot through the roof. He treated her just like anyone else and didn't seem uncomfortable at all, which is AWESOME. Carly is would have been so sad to miss out on her humor and inspiring words had she not learned how to type. ("Roger Ebert showed the world that his voice didn't necessarily have to come out of his mouth for people to understand him on television. Today I would like to continue to take the torch where Roger Ebert left off. I welcome you to the first nonverbal talk show host: myself, Carly Fleischmann. I'm going to prove that it doesn't matter what comes out of your mouth, it's the voice within that needs to shine.") Yesss, you rock! I hope she gets to interview lots more people and is successful (I wish I could meet her!)

Name something associated with Halloween )
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"That's what I do, I drink and I know things." LOL Tyrion is always awesome. :P Can't wait!!

List one word that you like for how it sounds )

Today's trivia: The most yolks ever found in a single chicken's egg is nine
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OMG hahaha..this one was awesome :P

Yesterday it got to almost 60 degrees and I was already too hot. D: The trees need to get their leaves already if it's gonna be this nice out..the landscape looks depressing and brown with most of the snow gone!

next meme: name one... )

Today's trivia: In 1972 Marlon Brando refused the Oscar for his role in The Godfather
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Coool. This volcano has been erupting for the past couple days (it's one of the most active volcanoes in the US). Flights were canceled, but the closest community is 37 miles away, so no one is in danger of lava or anything except for some ash fall probably. Nature is so cool!

The weather has been so gross today..rainy and damp, ew. It's annoying having to navigate around puddles lol

18. A selection of video games that you enjoy that perhaps you really shouldn’t )

Today's trivia: Men were the first sex to wear high heels. They were adopted by the European aristocracy of the 1600s as a signal of status. Women started wearing heels as a way of trying to appropriate masculine power


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