Jan. 4th, 2017 06:38 pm
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Like a lot of other people, I made a Dreamwidth account (same name). I don't think anything will happen to LJ (I would die!!), but a backup is always a good idea. I've been here since 2004 and would be devastated if I lost everything. I'll definitely keep using LJ though, it's the best! I'm sure the Russians would love my endless posts about Cherry LOL, so not too worried about security stuff either :P

Yesterday and today the weather was finally decent enough to go hiking! Yesterday we went to a place with giant boulders (I like that boulder. That is a nice boulder. Haha) and explored and found a couple geocaches (before that, we'd only found one on this trip! It's pretty hard to geocache when others in your group don't care about it lol)

Today we went to a place about an hour south of Payson. Mom decided to go down there because it's warmer and Ryan's super cold blooded (even today, in the 60 degree weather, his hands were still cold!). Except Ryan was like "I don't wanna drive and go out to eat and geocache etc etc." Ugh, he's one of the least fun people I've ever met..it's really frustrating! He just wants to stay home and watch TV. Meh. He did go anyway though. The weather was sunny and the perfect temperature for hiking. We were in the desert, and all the holes made by burrowing animals (snakes?) were creepy. O_o I kept feeling like something was going to bite me at any moment haha. It was a nice hike though (I think we did 3 or 4 miles maybe) and we found 13 geocaches!! (Sorry Ryan, we can't pass them up when they're right by the trail lol.) The mountains were so beautiful on the drive back to Payson. <3 So nice to see the sun again!!

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Yesterday we had lunch then went back to the mall to get Dippin Dots again..but they're not there anymore. Boo. Then we went to the Natural History Museum..it was alright. It was small..there were a bunch of bones and fossils, some geology pics and some lovely shiny gems haha. There was a rock on display full of opals! I love opals now that I have an opal necklace

Then we went home, got some supplies and drove to the desert to stargaze! It was an awesome drive..the scenery and wildlife were so cool. We saw deer, birds and jackrabbits! So cute. There was a scenic overlook that was 60 something..but in the desert it was 80! Wow haha. The desert is cool..it's amazing all the life there even though it's so arid. It was SO quiet too..some of the loudest quiet I've ever heard. :P It was weird hearing the tree branches rubbing together from the wind haha. The moon was really bright and washed out a lot of the stars but good company made up for it

Today I go back home. I'll miss Dana and Remy but I'm excited to see mom and Abby again hehe

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