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Awww, poor scared kitty :P

Mom said that dad buried Snowy today..he's by a nice birch tree in the backyard. RIP little guy, see you on the other side!

List five things that are orange )

Today's trivia: Like today’s athletes, Gladiators did product endorsements. Particularly successful Gladiators would endorse goods in the arena before commencing a fight and have their names promoting products on the Roman equivalent of billboards
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I got C! You can request one if you want to also lol

Something I hate: Cancer. It's horrible and kills so many people. I'm really surprised it's 2016 and we still haven't found the cure for it yet..

Something I love: Cats! They are adorable and amazing and funny. <3 A purring kitty is one of the best things ever lol

Somewhere I've been: Carcassonne, France, in 2006. It was beautiful and it was fun visiting the medieval city. I'd love to go back!

Somewhere I'd like to go: Canada, to see Banff and more glaciers lol

Someone I know: Caitlin, a friend from high school. It's so crazy to me she has a kid now lol

A film I like: Chicago. Some musicals I just don't like, but that one was very well done and I love the music from it (especially "Cell Block Tango")

We're storing Snowy in the freezer till the ground thaws enough to bury him, and it's really weirding me out and sad. It might be better if we couldn't seem him through the bag..*shivers* I don't like death :(

17. The household chore that makes you want to shoot your own face off )
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1. Do you consider yourself young, old or middle aged? Young
2. When you think of your parents at your current age, did you consider them older than dirt? I might have thought being in the 20s was "old" when I was a kid, but most kids probably do :P
3. What were you really into when you were a kid? Trees, the states and memorizing all the capitals, swimming, etc
4. Who was your best friend in elementary school? Amanda, Katie, Meghan..
5. What do you bring with you everywhere you go? My backpack with my phone and stuff in it

Thanks for all your kind words about Snowy, it means a lot <3

16. Something in school you hated doing and it felt like everyone else loved )
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 photo 1208495_680243955334096_726151161_n_zpszjspkilk.jpg
Mom told me that Snowy died this morning. :( He wasn't doing well at all when I left on Sunday, and mom said he just got worse after I left. He had gotten super skinny and feeble and looked so uncomfortable, so I figured his time was almost up. This morning dad put Snowy on a footstool and he died peacefully (hopefully, dad said he wasn't groaning or anything) soon after. He was such a sweet kitty and I'm so happy we had a great 20 years together. I still remember getting him at a soccer game as a kid..he was so cute! I'm sad that he's gone, but it was for the was hard seeing him so uncomfortable. :( He'll always have a special place in my heart <3

15. A habit you have that other people bug you over )

Today's trivia: Pirates wore earrings because they believed that earrings helped to improve their eyesight

Old kitty

Feb. 13th, 2016 06:00 pm
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 photo 12687836_1191027790922374_2314259867870176855_n_zpsxhdwzor1.jpg
Snowy is 20 years old this He probably won't last the whole year, so I wanted to get more pics with him. I'm sure he must feel achy, I hope he's not in too much pain though

 photo 12705215_1191027794255707_3565758140697358203_n_zpsaw4hfhrc.jpg
Still snuggly <3

Day #29: Your favorite theme park )
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Today we drove to Phoenix (well Tempe, close enough haha)..since our flight back to Alaska leaves tomorrow, we thought it would be easier and less stressful to get to Phoenix a day early. We expected snow today too, but we didn't expect to wake up to a BLIZZARD. Luckily it kinda cleared up late in the morning, but it was still a little scary getting down the very steep driveway. When we got to Tempe we checked into the hotel and then went to the mall next door, Arizona Mills (like Grapevine Mills in Texas!). We ate at Rainforest Cafe and then went to the aquarium (a mall with an aquarium, that's a first!). It was a REALLY nice aquarium with lots of interesting animals and information. The sharks, manta rays and turtles were definitely some of the coolest animals (they rescued both their turtles..they had damage from boats on their shells, aww :(). That was a nice end to the's always sad to end a trip, but I miss Abby a lot and can't wait to hug her! It'll be nice to go back to work too lol

The other day mom and I went through some of the boxes in the garage and found TONS of pictures..we spent hours looking through them, and there's still lots more for next time. So weird seeing pics of myself so young..too bad I can't remember a lot of the events from the pics. I especially loved seeing pics of me and Snowy as a kitten!! Next time I should take a pic of one of them and post "now and then" pics. Lots of history in that box..
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 photo Photo20on2011-26-1520at202.2920PM_zpsraykyjzn.jpg
Yep, I think Snowy is very comfy right now haha. Looking forward to eating yummy food later lol. Hope yours is good too!

An album you really wish you had a hard copy of )
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This reminds me of Snowy time I was eating pizza and when I wasn't looking he bit into the crust haha!

12 Day- A Screenshot that makes you laugh )

Today's trivia: Queen Elizabeth II is related to Vlad the Impaler
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 photo 11064284_1012252778799877_5198590893480059522_n_zps5fz2qqvu.jpg
Hehe. That paw thing he does when he wants attention is so cute :P

21. A Picture of the last time you were happy )
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 photo 919ae5b3-cbda-4aab-9513-047759d117fc_zpsecb3c640.jpg
He's so cuddly and adorable hehe :D

 photo 10989040_10200268443589676_7983985841024758956_n_zpsf01c06f4.jpg

day 04 - a movie that makes you sad )
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 photo Photoon2-7-15at615PM_zpsa5c96d5f.jpg
This is how Snowy and I have spent most of the day haha. Lazy day is lazy. :P Having a kitty on your lap is one of the best things ever though <3

19. If you just won a million dollars, would you quit your job? )
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 photo 10154356_979404878742280_5543366046794857474_n_zps2a080525.jpg
Caching with Michael, Bonnie and mom

 photo 10392446_891061940918962_4212797314330547605_n_zps5de47a6a.jpg
D'awww Snowy fell asleep on my shoulder. He's so cuddly and adorable hehe

4. Your dream job )

Today's trivia: Window glass drops light speed to 120,000 miles per second
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Yesterday evening I was just sitting online when I heard this noise like a loud car was going by the house..then I felt the shaking and realized it was an earthquake. It felt like it lasted at least 15 rattled the pictures on the walls. It was a 5.07 43 miles north of of the biggest I've felt! It amused me how everyone on Facebook was immediately like "EARTHQUAKE!!" haha. I hadn't felt one in awhile. During the night I felt two more, a 3.49 at 12:10 and a 4.19 at 4:25 (aftershocks maybe?). There have been other aftershocks not felt here though. Kinda scary, but exciting haha. I wonder if there will be any more aftershocks felt here..

and a cute pic of snowy! )
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1. Lightly touching her forehead against you
Called head bunting, this feline act of affection is delivered only to the A-listers in a cat's life. Your cat will face you, lower her head and lean forward so that the top of her head touches your forehead, face or other body part. This loving touch can often release feel-good hormones called endorphins in your cat and you.

Yes it does lol. Snowy especially likes to cuddle with his chin buried in your hair and your chin resting on the top of his head

2. Cheek rubbing you
Think of your cat as a feline graffiti artist. To make her turf really feel like home, she will rub her cheeks against the corners of furniture and, possibly, your legs or hands when you pet her. This act secretes oils from her facial glands. It's her way of claiming you as her own. Just be grateful that she does so by cheek rubbing, not spraying.

Abby claimed me the moment I met her lol. It's kinda gross when she's drooling though haha :P

3. Twitching the tip of her tail
The feline tail acts like a mood barometer. The tail puffs out when your cat is frightened or agitated. Conversely, your cat expresses love to you when she approaches you with her tail hoisted lazily up in the air and the very tip twitches. In cat speak, she is saying, "You rock my world!"

That amuses me haha. I don't think Abby can do it like other cats though since I think part of her tail is missing..

4. Holding eye contact and sharing a soft blink
Don't expect a cat to maintain a steady eye-to-eye stare with a new houseguest. Cats save eye contact for people they know and trust, like you. The bond is accented when she blinks softly at you. This is the equivalent of a kitty kiss. Respond by softly blinking back.

I love when she does that <3

5. Turning on the purr power
This steady, rhythmic sound emitted when your cat inhales and exhales is often associated with contentment. But cats also purr when they need to self-calm or while nursing a litter; however, your cat saves the special full-bodied rumble as a smile directed to you. It is her way of saying, "I love you."

Purring is one of the best sounds ever <3

6. Sitting on you or beside you
Cats crave warm places to nap and sleep, but when they bypass a comfy cat bed or your bedroom pillow to perch on your lap, you should feel honored. Your cat has sized up her options and is conveying that she prefers being with you rather than being by herself in her cat bed.

I definitely feel honored when she (or any cat) sits on my lap..I love the warm and cozy feeling!

7. Kneading his paws on your lap
If you need a sign it is time to trim your cat's nails, nothing is clearer than when he perches on your lap, purrs and starts kneading your thighs with her front paws. But this is also a sign of affection. Experts say that this action beckons your adult cat back to a safe, welcoming memory when she was nuzzling his mother for milk as a newborn kitten. He is being affectionate and a bit nostalgic.

One reason I like putting a blanket on my lap..though she'll knead on my arm anyway :P

8. Licking your hair and earlobes
OK, neither of these actions may rate on your top 10 list of affection preferences, but your cat is regarding you as another cat - albeit a big one - in her inner circle. Only special "cats" are deemed worthy of these special grooming sessions. In a multicat household, mutual grooming is a sign of trust and friendship. Pay attention to which cats, if any, in your home team up for mutual grooming. You may be the only one meriting such a gift!

Abby likes to lick my cheek the most..kinda gross after she's eaten haha

9. Bringing you dead mice, birds and other so-called gifts
Evolution and domestication have not stripped your cat of her inner hunter. After a successful hunt, she may deposit a mouse head or lizard tail in a place she knows you will visit - like your pillow. Yuck? Yes, but your cat is sharing her prey prize with you, a true sign of trusted friendship.

Yep, and she's VERY proud when she brings it to me haha

Yay, Abby loves me. :D (But I already knew that hehe)

3. lose half your hair or lose half your hearing? )

Today's trivia: In 1778, fashionable women of Paris never went out in blustery weather without a lightning rod attached to their hats
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Wow, it's been in the 70s the last two days! It always amazes me how fast the seasons change here haha. The trees are budding out too (ugh allergies). It's supposed to get cooler next week though (maybe we're having a Chinook..). The kitties are enjoying it too hehe:

 photo 10338776_793043944054096_7529523222789818541_n_zps9ce8dd29.jpg
Cheetah and Snowy saw me giving attention to Abby and were jealous and wanted attention too haha. Greyboy likes to sleep on Ryan's bed during the day and go out at night..being a cat must be so hard :P

Day 29- What Pack Animal would you like to be? )
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 photo 10152497_784444854914005_1560804187345613601_n_zpsbdfd9d3b.jpg
Abby was loving rolling in the catnip in the sun hehe. She was drooling all over the deck. :P I wish I got a pic of Greyboy, he was covered in catnip haha

 photo 10153754_784444868247337_2052575191467596761_n_zps3e62327c.jpg

Day 17- An Animal that would be the most helpful to you )

Today's trivia: Mike Lanier and his twin brother Jim Lanier are the tallest identical twins in the world, born in the United States, and stand 7 feet 6 inches each
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Yesterday mom and I saw Pompeii..LOVED IT!! It was super epic!! Kit Harington is awesome (and yummy hehe). I bought the soundtrack cause the music was awesome too. We also found four geocaches and ate at a German restaurant for the first time (I had a schnitzel burger..yum!). A very successful day ;)

some kitty pics )
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I didn't get enough topics for February, so I'm changing it to March. Ask as many questions as you want so it can get full!! lol

Pick a day of the month of March, any day. Then, give me a topic to talk about in my journal on that date. You can also ask me a question to answer on that day, whatever you prefer.

March 1: If you were not allowed to have cats as pets, what kind of pet (if any) would you choose instead? ([ profile] foxydanish)
March 2: How did you fall in love with glaciers? :-) ([ profile] ice_queen82)
March 3: tell me about one of your favourite memories. ([ profile] northstarlights)
March 4:
March 5: If you got lost in the wilderness, do you think you could survive a week alone? ([ profile] veijukka)
March 6:
March 7:
March 8: What was the first metal band you loved? What was your first impression/the thing that first made you love them/why you decided to listen to more metal? ([ profile] websofsilk)
March 9:
March 10: Do you keep a bucket list? If so, what are your top 10 things you want to do. Explain, pictures, etc. If not, same thing but let's change it to places you haven't been (top 5) ([ profile] hamarakissa)
March 11:
March 12:
March 13: How would you describe a perfect day? ([ profile] hiddleasaurus)
March 14:
March 15: What's your favourite fandom and how did you get into it? ([ profile] ice_queen82)
March 16:
March 17:
March 18:
March 19:
March 20: what do you like the most and least about where you live? ([ profile] northstarlights)
March 21:
March 22: What are your top book recommendations? ([ profile] ice_queen82)
March 23: What is something about you that only those closest to you realize... not because you purposely keep it secret, but because it's something that might not be expected of you by someone who didn't know you that well? ([ profile] websofsilk)
March 24:
March 25: Earthquakes ([ profile] foxydanish)
March 26:
March 27:
March 28:
March 29: who or what has had the biggest influence on your life and why? ([ profile] northstarlights)
March 30:
March 31:

and a cute pic of snowy )
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 photo 1486773_720584187966739_2055549699_n_zps4b5dadf3.jpg
 photo 1528489_720586111299880_441569131_n_zps0f243bfb.jpg
Mobbed by cats! Hehe. Too bad Cheetah's not very cuddly/sociable..then the pic would have been perfect :P

Day 27 → a new years resolution )
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Merry Christmas! Hope yours was good. :) I already opened my gifts. Here's what I got:

A shirt that says "money can't buy happiness, but it can buy books, which is kind of the same thing"
A big cat PJ shirt that says "the sound of music"
Kitty PJs
A headlamp for geocaching
Geocaching trackables (you put them in caches and they travel around to different places. You can give them a goal too, like "travel to Iceland")
A card organizer
A kitty keychain
$100 from dad
A movie called The Big Year and a $50 Amazon gift card from Dana (all of her gifts haven't come yet though)
Money from my grandparents

I think that's are some pics!

it's christmas time in the city.. )


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