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Today was International EarthCache Day, and you got a digital souvenir if you found one today. Mom and I went to the one at the Chena Flood Control dam..that was cool, I'd never seen it before! (They had to close the gates at least 2 or 3 times this summer so the river wouldn't flood Fairbanks.) It was a beautiful day, and warm for October! Amazing there's no snow on the ground (there's none in the forecast either). There's lots of geocaches in that area (a group put out 100 caches around Chena Lakes!), so we looked for more..I haven't logged them all yet, but I found at least 10 or 11 (too bad mom already had some of them lol). The trails around the river are beautiful. :) Yay, nice day lol

Now Fabio Lione and Alex Holzwarth have left Rhapsody of Fire..well there goes my desire to listen to their new stuff anymore. It's just NOT the same without Luca and Fabio. I never got to see them in concert either. :( I hope Fabio will continue to sing, he has such a great voice! I'm also REALLY glad all this didn't happen in like 2005 or 2006 when I was obsessed with them..I would have been a crying mess! Still sad though :(

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Hmm..not bad. The new guitarist is pretty good, though it's still not the same without Luca. Though I didn't even like Luca Turilli's Rhapsody's first CD..I haven't heard the just doesn't seem the same since they split up. It makes me sad :(

Though I have down moments, I'm still feeling pretty good on the Lexapro. It was driving mom crazy that I never wanted to do anything..even if I didn't say anything, she could always tell how miserable I was. I'm looking forward to enjoying myself in Arizona and doing fun things lol

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Today's trivia: The heaviest turkey ever raised was 86 pounds, about the size of a large dog


Apr. 8th, 2013 03:24 pm
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Today a "new" volunteer started at the bookstore..Paulette said she'd worked there before and said I'd remember her. I didn't, which is weird since I've been there a long time and usually remember past volunteers. I asked her where she lived and she said "7th Avenue, at Southall Manor!" I was like "no way, that's where I live!" It definitely bothered me I couldn't remember her from Southall either haha (she's lived here a few months). I asked what apartment she lived in and she said 104. Surprised again..I told her I lived above her! She was so excited to finally meet the person who lived above her haha! I asked her if I made a lot of noise (I always worry about that..I walk kinda heavily) and she said no. Finally I remembered seeing her standing on her balcony one day and wondering who it was. Wow..small world haha

I had a dream I was at a Rhapsody concert (everyone was talking and being rude and the band members were freaking out and only managed to play two one of the CDs didn't work..what? Haha) and I met Luca Turilli (LOL at Rhapsody coming on as I'm typing this!). I asked for a picture with him and he was like "sure!" He put his face right next to mine (squee!) and someone took a pic. I looked awful in it haha but I was excited I finally had a pic with Luca :D

Still's supposed to snow till Wednesday! Jeez haha

Day 8: A song from a film score with no words. )

Would you rather have the power to read minds or have the power to make anyone fall in love with you? Eh..I guess the second one

Today's trivia: The Dutch national anthem, "Het Wilhelmus," is the world's oldest. It was first performed in 1574
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Ummm..weird. It's just not the same without Fabio. I really didn't like they were just on a screen and YOU DON'T ZOOM OUT ON LUCA'S SOLOS COME ON NOW. Haha. Rhapsody's actually coming to Seattle in June but..why would I want to see them without Luca? It makes me sad I'll never see Luca and Fabio together anymore..

I signed up for Glaciers, Earthquakes and Volcanoes for the fall semester. Awesomee ;)

Day 8: A picture of you and someone you always turn to for advice )

Would you rather have brown teeth or a hairline just one half inch above your eyebrows? The hairline

Today's trivia: Steven Spielburg named the shark from Jaws "Bruce" after his lawyer


Aug. 16th, 2011 04:13 pm
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Rhapsody Of Fire's Luca Turilli And Alex Staropoli Split Off Into Two Bands

After 15 years of friendship, hard work, and passion fully invested in the creation of symphonic music and an epic saga that will remain in the history of heavy metal, Alex Staropoli and Luca Turilli decided to proceed with a friendly split.

"10 albums released and the end of the saga represent, musically and lyrically, an important artistic goal finally reached, underlined by the success of our last release 'From Chaos To Eternity,' for which we want to thank our wonderful fans once again. Now it came the time when new artistic stimulations need to be found, in respect of both parts' visions and perspectives and of our longtime friendship" say Luca and Alex.

Due to the latest legal agreements actually in force, Alex Staropoli will go on with Rhapsody of Fire, with Fabio Lione as singer, Tom Hess as guitar player and Alex Holzwarth as drummer. For the same agreements and the original name's common ownership, Luca Turilli will release his future works with a new Rhapsody band, including the band members Dominique Leurquin, Patrice Guers and Alex Holzwarth.

Alex says: "While wishing the best to Luca and his new band, I want to tell you that Fabio and myself feel motivated and stronger than ever and that Rhapsody of Fire are already planning a great worldwide tour. More information regarding the new bass player and the new second guitar player will follow. Stay tuned!"

bytvrbnfryws WTF?! That doesn't make any sense! Ugh..that's what I feared when they released their last album. I never got a chance to see them all in concert together :(

Day 47- A picture of you cooking )

Would you rather catch a porcupine thrown from a second story window or get sprayed by a skunk? Catch the porcupine..with gloves :P

Today's trivia: The word orchid comes from the Greek orkhis, meaning "testicle" because its roots reminded botanists of that male appendage
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Today's mom's 56th birthday! I'm taking her to Lavelle's restaurant on Friday and I found this hot air balloon tour company out of said she'd like to do that too. I called them but I got a message saying the guy would be out of town a lot and would only fly on the weekends. I left a message with my number so hopefully he'll call me back. As a kid I had a chance to fly in a hot air balloon but was too scared. I've regretted it ever since..hopefully we'll be able to

I got a package from Heather ([ profile] rdyfrde)! It's a Rhapsody shirt she got for me when she went to their concert in Italy (she wanted to get Luca's signature for me but couldn' time!). Yay! I've felt so loved this birthday hehe. Now I have 3 Rhapsody shirts :D

It can stop being cloudy and rainy now. I miss the sun and blue sky! photo from the meme today. Photobucket's under maintenance right now *sniff*

Would you rather live in a world where nobody cleans up after their dog or where everybody, including you, has to do it bare-handed? The first one..ew

Today's trivia: When the first regular phone service was established in 1878, people said "ahoy" instead of "hello"
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Yeahh :D

My legs are definitely sore from yesterday haha

Day 82 - A picture of someone you love asleep )

Would you rather get up one morning and open your dresser drawers and see 100 black widow spiders run out or see 10 large rats run out and hide under the furniture, behind the drapes and in the closet? Definitely the rats..Abby would catch them haha

Today's trivia: The average married woman in 17th century America gave birth to 13 children
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Today the executive director of the Literacy Council was showing these people of them saw me and was like "I remember you, I sat next to you on that flight to Anchorage!" I was confused at first then remembered he was with a lady I was sitting next to. Soooo weirdd haha. Alaska is so small :P

Both HammerFall's and Tyr's albums come out June 7..what a great birthday present. :D Haha (I think Rhapsody's comes out July too!)

Mmm it smells good outside *drools*

Day 71 - A picture of you with people you work with )

Would you rather eat a raw steak that has been left on a busy road for an hour or drink a glass that has been slowly poured through the wig of a sweaty woman with dandruff? Drink the glass (Whoever comes up with these questions has a disturbed mind haha)

Today's trivia: After the most recent North American glacier ended its southward advance about 11,000 years ago, it took more than 4,000 years for the mile deep ice mass to melt from the present site of Hartford, Connecticut, to that of St. Johnsbury, Vermont, a distance of 190 miles
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Italian symphonic metal band Rhapsody Of Fire has announced that Tom Hess, known for his online guitar courses, has joined the band as a permanent new member. He recorded most of the rhythmic parts of the new upcoming album "From Chaos To Eternity" (out on June 17th) and also two guitar solos.

Alex says: "I saw Tom Hess playing on stage several times and always got impressed by his great stage presence and his way of playing. When I have heard the rhythmic and the solo guitars he recorded for Rhapsody Of Fire I was blown away, I could feel that strong presence in between every single note."

Luca adds: "I know Tom since many years. He is a great person, a good friend of mine and I am not surprised of the success he’s having teaching his guitar techniques all around the world. I am really proud to have built a strong partnership with him and I will always thank him for the support he gave me when I decided to create my Neoclassical Revelation Guitar Course. Therefore I am really honored to present Tom to all the fans of Rhapsody Of Fire as I am sure he will be the one who, through his artistic talent and unique skills, will make the difference in this band for the years to come!"

Umm..I hope that means Luca isn't leaving! I hope he's good anyway (but doesn't overshadow Luca!)

Day 32 - A picture of what you did today )


Jan. 16th, 2011 11:58 am
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Yesterday I got an email from Amazon saying the next book in the Matthew Shardlake mysteries (Heartstone) was avaliable to preorder! I didn't know CJ Sansom was gonna write another one! I LOVE those books so that made me happy haha. I'll have to tell Becky since she likes them too

Rhapsody (already!) has a new album ("From Chaos to Eternity") being released this spring! Busy guys haha. I hope it's good

16. Someplace in your state that you liked to hang out at when you were younger )
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I graduated counseling today! Jennifer said I had met and overexceeded my goals and said I was doing great. Mom, Ryan and Abby even came hehe. We had popcorn and I played Rhapsody's new CD. Yay hehe. She said of course I could come back if I'm in a rough spot I can't get out of. I'm even on a low dose of Paxil (an antidepressant). Sweeeet :D

When I got to mom's house dad was here! What a surprise haha. He left Texas on Wednesday, got to Washington on Thursday and spent the weekend with Kristi and Jenni (my half siblings), and left there on Monday and got here today. I'm the only one that hasn't driven the Alaska Highway now :P He said it was crystal clear driving through the Alaska Range today..I love when the mountains are like that. :D I wonder how long he's gonna stay..

Day 21 – A photo of something that makes you happy )
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Italian symphonic metal masters RHAPSODY OF FIRE will release an epic monument called "The Cold Embrace Of Fear - A Dark Romantic Symphony" on October 15 via Nuclear Blast Records.

Comments RHAPSODY OF FIRE guitarist Luca Turilli: "For this special CD we composed a unique song of around 35 minutes divided in seven 'acts.'

"Looking at the title, you can easily imagine that such long and epic song will show the most cinematic and orchestral side of our band, all our passion for the world of cinema we love so much and that always represented our main influence while composing the RHAPSODY's music.

"Essentially it is a long huge song, sounding very symphonic, full of orchestral sections very soundtrack-oriented, narrations and spoken parts. More than in other cases we tried to create a real movie atmosphere with very dynamic musical results, also thanks to the help of the English actors that gave voice to different characters. You will just need to close your eyes and explore those new emotional dimensions we wrote the music for."
i can't believe it's august already )

Today's trivia: The sloth moves so slowly that green algae can grow undisturbed on its fur
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I finally got the new Rhapsody album and listened to it's pretty good. I LOVE Reign of Terror, Raging Starfire and On the Way to Ainor..SO epic. I don't really like Crystal Moonlight though..the echoey thing is dumb. Christopher Lee makes an appearance again too

UGH someone's car alarm keeps going off *hits head on desk*

Today's trivia: Would you rather go back to an unknown time or go forward to an unknown time? Go back

Today's trivia: Members of congress don't need postage stamps for official mail--their signature counts as a stamp
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I love seeing Fabio and Luca perform again. :D I squeed at Luca's solo haha

Would you rather that your parents kissed each other, long and sloppy, right in front of a group of your friends or that your parents talked really lovey-dovey and sappy for a while in front of your friends? Talked lovey-dovey and sappy

Today's trivia: A grasshopper can leap over obstacles 500 times its own height
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"The Frozen Tears of Angels"-Rhapsody. April 30
"Wicked Symphony" and "Angel of Babylon"-Avantasia. May 4 and April 13
"To the Metal"-Gamma Ray. January 29
"Design Your Universe"-Epica (I have this one)
Blind Guardian and Symphony X with unnamed albums later this year

Sweeeet upstairs neighbor is playing his music REALLY loudly. I can feel it vibrating in the floor! Gah *bangs on the ceiling*

Would you rather eat the chewed food out of a stranger's mouth or clean between a stranger's toes with your tongue? Grosssss..

Today's trivia: To make sure it doesn't lose its balance, a bald eagle will drop a feather from one wing if it loses one from the other
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Would you rather write "I am an idiot" 10,000 times without stopping or suck 75 thick milkshakes through a skinny straw without resting? The writing one..I would get sick if I tried to drink that many milkshakes..eesh

Today's trivia: "Old age" hasn't been allowed on death certificates in the United States as an official cause of death since 1951
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Italian symphonic metal masters RHAPSODY OF FIRE will release their new album, "The Frozen Tears Of Angels", on March 5, 2010 via Nuclear Blast Records. The CD was produced by Luca Turilli and Alex Staropoli and it was mixed and mastered by Sascha Paeth at the Gate Studio (AVANTASIA, EPICA) in Wolfsburg, Germany.

Commented the band: "We are finally proud to announce to the world that RHAPSODY OF FIRE are stronger than ever and finally ready for their glorious comeback!

"We just signed a worldwide-level agreement with the legendary label Nuclear Blast, at this time the greatest choice we could have ever done. Wonderful people, a great business vision and the best organization possible, for a relationship that can be anything else but successful for the years to come.

"In the last months, we worked very hard and now all we can say is that a great new album, a real masterpiece of power/speed/symphonic metal, is finally ready!

"We are looking forward to inviting you to the unexplored snowy and icy majestic landscapes of the north, that mystical dark frozen world where even the tears of our beloved angels can't be anything else but frozen!"

OMGGGG FINALLY!! I've been waiting soooo long for this!! And they're gonna sing about icy landscapes?? Rhapsody possibly singing about glaciers..SQUEEE!

Check out their new picture: I think Alex Staropoli should have worn something else haha. Mmm Luca. WOOHOO BABY!! \m/

Dana gets in at 4:14 :D
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Ooo today's a double Friday five!

Theme: International Travel
You have the summer and plenty of money to travel abroad. Where all would you go? Carcassonne
What foods would you be sure you got to eat? Uh good food? Haha
What landmarks would you be sure you got to see? Carcassonne, the church there..
What airline would you use? American?
Would your knowledge of other languages influence where you went? (i.e. would you be more likely to go to France if you spoke French) Eh

Theme: USA Road Trip
Who would you take with you on a road trip? Books, clothes, etc
What states would you visit? Texas, New Jersey? That would be a looong trip haha
What national parks and/or monuments would you go see? Yellowstone? Etc
Las Vegas: Overrated or a Must-See? Meh
How long would you be gone? *shrugs*

rhapsody news! )

Today's stupidest quote: Anne Baxter Proud of Her Grandfather's Erections (headline for an article about actress Anne Baxter--and her pride in having famed architect Frank Lloyd Wright as her grandfather)


Jul. 10th, 2007 09:50 am
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Yesterday I went to the college I'm going to (NCTC) and on Thursday I have to take the math part of the Thea test since my TAKS scores weren't good enough or something (and so I can register for classes). Why does math have to be so hard??

I think Rhapsody released their live DVD recently..mmm Luca and stage lights

Today's Latin: itum est ad piscendum (gone fishing)
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At church today people from Mexico were there...we sang in both Spanish and English and it was really beautiful and I felt like I was in a church at Mexico. A guy did the sermon in Spanish and another guy translated for us. Wooow the guy was sooo excited and into it! I thought he'd fall over cause he was so excited! He's VERY animated...his message was really good too. It was really awesome :) After church we had lunch the Mexicans was soooo good!!!

On Rhapsody's site there's a video of the making of Rhapsody's new CD AND LUCA TALKS YAY! His voice is so awesome :)

Today's Latin: ad vitam paramus (we are preparing for life)

"How shall we leave the lost road? Time's getting short so follow me. A leader's task so clearly to find a path out of the dark"--"Mirror Mirror," Blind Guardian


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