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Like a lot of other people, I made a Dreamwidth account (same name). I don't think anything will happen to LJ (I would die!!), but a backup is always a good idea. I've been here since 2004 and would be devastated if I lost everything. I'll definitely keep using LJ though, it's the best! I'm sure the Russians would love my endless posts about Cherry LOL, so not too worried about security stuff either :P

Yesterday and today the weather was finally decent enough to go hiking! Yesterday we went to a place with giant boulders (I like that boulder. That is a nice boulder. Haha) and explored and found a couple geocaches (before that, we'd only found one on this trip! It's pretty hard to geocache when others in your group don't care about it lol)

Today we went to a place about an hour south of Payson. Mom decided to go down there because it's warmer and Ryan's super cold blooded (even today, in the 60 degree weather, his hands were still cold!). Except Ryan was like "I don't wanna drive and go out to eat and geocache etc etc." Ugh, he's one of the least fun people I've ever met..it's really frustrating! He just wants to stay home and watch TV. Meh. He did go anyway though. The weather was sunny and the perfect temperature for hiking. We were in the desert, and all the holes made by burrowing animals (snakes?) were creepy. O_o I kept feeling like something was going to bite me at any moment haha. It was a nice hike though (I think we did 3 or 4 miles maybe) and we found 13 geocaches!! (Sorry Ryan, we can't pass them up when they're right by the trail lol.) The mountains were so beautiful on the drive back to Payson. <3 So nice to see the sun again!!

some pics )
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Yesterday we indeed went to the plaza downtown and had lunch and went shopping..I found the PERFECT shirt..it's blue and has mountains and says "Santa Fe." It was screaming my name when I saw it haha. I also went to a "new" bookstore (and was happy to see many people shopping there). I like "used" bookstores better..they're more interesting (still won't say no to a bookstore though lol). After that we just hung out at Cindy and Dean's house. They watched The Worst Journey in the World docudrama with me (my 5th time!! I wish I had thought of it sooner, so Julie and the others could have watched it too..oh well :P). Now that I know more about Cherry and Antarctic history in general, it made more sense (like meeting Angela and the quartz thing and stuff). At the end they showed a pic of Cherry I had only seen in Sara Wheeler's book, so I had to take a screenshot to share LOL. When I went to my little trailer thing where I slept I was super hyper and just kept yelling "stick it!!!" haha! It's crazy Cherry still has that big of an effect on me..fun though :P

Today we drove back to Payson..so sad leaving, even if we had an extra day. It was super fun and I'm glad we could get together again! We stopped at the Petrified Forest again to stretch our legs..yeah, I am officially tired of looking at petrified wood now LOL. Still nice to get out of the car though. We got back in Payson just in time for it to START RAINING AND SNOWING AGAIN WTF. It's supposed to do both all week!! Wow, the weather is usually nicer than this here! Not cool :P

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Hi from New Mexico! On Monday we drove there..it was finally a beautiful day, yay! Ryan was all stressing out and saying how he had to ~talk to people~ if he went and stuff..so irritating, ugh. He's not the best person to travel with, but he has ended up having a great time so far I think (shh don't tell him though ;)). On the way we stopped at the Painted Desert and the Petrified Forest..such beautiful and interesting places! We just continued on to Santa Fe after that..it was so nice seeing everyone again!! The last time I saw my cousin Joelle (almost 10 years ago) she was like one or two years old and now she's 13! She said she didn't remember me, but that's alright, she was too young lol (Jessalyn said she remembered me though). Cindy and Dean made margaritas and Gina was like "I am SO happy you can drink with us now, I've been waiting years for this!" I felt the same way haha, it was nice lol. We had dinner and talked and I think just went to bed (it's been a busy few days, it's hard to remember everything haha)

Tuesday was a beautiful day, so we went hiking at Tent Rocks, which is a slot canyon with formations from volcanic eruptions. It was my first time in a slot canyon, and it was AWESOME. It was so cool!! I'll describe it more with my pics (easier lol). Very unique! After that we hung out at the house and then went to dinner at a Mexican restaurant that (except for the chips) wasn't very good at all..wtf, we're in New Mexico! Mexican food in *Fairbanks* is better than the food at that restaurant! Ew. After that we looked at the Christmas lights downtown (pretty!) and went home and did our White Elephant (we also called it Dirty Santa haha) gift exchange. Funnn..there's been LOTS of laughing these past few days lol. I stole this glowstick thingy, a tiara and chocolate covered cherries from mom ("CHERRY!!" *hugs it*). Gina called me Queen Cherry haha (yep, everyone knows all about Cherry now LOL). After that we decorated gingerbread cookies and went to bed (so tired!! Having fun is exhausting :P)

yesterday, and pics under here! )

And here's me reciting (from memory!) the last passage (one of the best) of The Worst Journey in the World! I hope I don't look dumb, but I think it's pretty good myself ;)
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Merry Christmas! Yesterday it snowed like crazy..beautiful, but I'd still rather have warmth and sun lol. I got a quilt mom made with cats on it (her very first quilt, it looks awesome! I'll get a pic one of these days lol), a wallet, and an Amazon gift card from Dana (I've been saving up books there till now, since I knew I'd probably get a gift card haha. Must add to my polar exploration collection :P)

Tomorrow we're driving to Cindy and Dean's house in Santa Fe! Not only will it be nice to see everyone again, but I'm also very tired of being cooped up in the house lol. Hopefully we'll get lots of pics!

Speaking of pics, I looked at a lot of old pics today..it's so weird, and sad since I can't remember a lot of the events in the pics (or very little). I'm taking some back to Alaska with me, I like having them around lol. Here's one of me and Snowy when he was a kitten!:
 photo 15726676_1527034327321717_3547373151838800188_n_zpsn58t3imy.jpeg
Aww. I wanted to take a pic of this picture (haha) last time I was here, but didn't for whatever reason. I made sure to this time! Mom made that cat outfit I'm wearing LOL..as you can see, I've always loved cats :P
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I got to see Dana for a couple hours today, yay! (I smell like her perfume now haha.) We had lunch and then went back to my house for awhile..I showed her some of my old school stuff, which she seemed genuinely interested in! I love that about her..no matter how obsessive I am, she's always supportive and interested. <3 She left when the weather started getting ugly..it started sleeting, eww. It's supposed to snow today and tomorrow..guess Payson will have a white Christmas lol

Here are a couple pics!

 photo 15726391_1524748010883682_2403862448454557467_n_zpsoqnluaor.jpeg

 photo 15697594_1524748014217015_6752508882370842778_n_zpsizaizq0t.jpeg
Yay, always nice seeing her again :D
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One thing I've learned when going through stuff in the garage: we never threw ANYTHING away..I've found price tags, empty boxes, and we still have our baby clothes and toys! Wow lol. It's interesting to see my old journals and schoolwork and stuff, but it's also..strange. A lot of projects I don't even remember doing. When I was bored in class I wrote out entire scenes from Lord of the Rings from memory. I must have driven my teachers crazy with my obsessions with Scotland, LOTR, Viggo Mortensen, etc..I constantly mentioned them. I found one of my swords though, which was pretty awesome. It's just WEIRD seeing all this stuff again lol

I get to see Dana tomorrow, yay! It's also supposed to snow..not fairrr lol

I'm loving the LJ Revival!! I'm always worried it'll shut down and I'll lose all the memories from here, so I'm glad people are rediscovering it!

a couple pics, and the pokemon update! )
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Yesterday we arrived at Payson! Getting up at 5 something was totally fun..yuck (you know you've gotten up too early when you put your glasses on and your vision is still blurry LOL). I wish I could have seen Denali or something, but between the darkness, clouds and moisture on the window from the de-icer thingy, I could hardly see anything lol (yeah I know I've flown around it many times, but I never get tired of seeing it :P). When we landed in Anchorage we had to RUN to our next flight, since the plane arrived late in Fairbanks to begin with (they let everyone who was going on that flight get off first..thanks Alaska Airlines, you are awesome!!). I hadn't run that far in years LOL. We made it just in time, phew. The captain of this flight was a woman, heck yeah! She was super awesome and nice and funny. I looked for glaciers after we took off, but I only saw one for sure. I wish I knew which one it was (I couldn't get a good pic with my phone, booo)..it's so hard to tell when you're not exactly sure where you are and when everything's so snowy lol. It was pretty big and ended in water though, which was cool. I wanted to see more, but apparently when you fly directly to Phoenix you go over more of the ocean than land (direct to Phoenix is almost 5 hours from Anchorage). On the flight I watched Kubo and the Two Strings (very, VERY good movie) and Ice Age: Collision Course ("the ice is too icy" LOLOL)..pretty ridiculous but still amusing lol. After we landed and got the car and stuff we ate at a yummy barbecue place near Phoenix and then drove up to Payson..it was cool seeing everyone's Christmas lights! Sleeping was nice lol (Also after I opened Pokemon Go at the airport like 10 Pokemon showed up at once haha..lots of Ekans and Sandshrews here lol..I got at least two new ones, yay! At the BBQ place there were two Pokestops right on top of each other! I'd never seen that before :P)

Except for going to the store, today's been pretty lazy lol. Ryan has a cold, ouch. I hope he doesn't give it to us! Being sick on vacation is awful. The weather's cloudy and it's supposed to snow this weekend..noooo, I came here to ESCAPE the snow, not find more LOL

One thing I love about coming to Payson is reading stuff I wrote when I was a kid and stuff, even if I read it last time I was here lol (dad put a box by my room that had school binders in it..pretty sure I had written on every inch of those things haha). I found a school journal entry that I have to share here:

Feelings about The Diary of Anne Frank: I learned that you should have a positive attitude no matter what situation you are in. Anne Frank always had a positive attitude. Even when she was in the concentration camps she never gave up hope that she would get out of there. While she was in hiding, she never gave up hope that they would go back to their normal lives. I think everyone needs to have a positive attitude like Anne Frank had

Wow..WOW. That's deep for a middle schooler!! I guess I got my positivity from Anne Frank then..there aren't enough "wows" in the world to describe how I felt after reading that..

lastly, some pics! )
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(Wow, that was quick lol.) Aww. I think Abby and Greyboy are like..the only cats ever that don't care about boxes haha

Speaking of Abby..
 photo 15589711_1510447252313758_8200715269243786388_n_zpsizf9anox.jpeg
I love snuggling with her! <3

2. an electrical outlet )
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 photo 15380307_1500586719966478_2758265534663907767_n_zps64zpggka.jpeg
Aw, Weezing is allergic to Abby! Hehe

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It got above 0 today! Much nicer than -20 haha. Too bad the clouds made the 3 hour and 46 minutes of sunlight still seem like twilight :/

Today's trivia: In France, Captain Sarret made the first parachute jump from an airplane in 1918
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1. You know those delicatessens that name sandwiches after famous people? What would be the ingredients of the sandwich named after you? Uhhh..turkey, onions and cheese??
2. What’s your favorite part of staying in a hotel? The novelty of being on vacation, etc
3. What was the last book you read, and how was it? Frozen in Time, about WW2 airplanes that crashed in Greenland. One group survived and were stuck on the ice for like 3 months!! The people trying to rescue them crashed and died, and a guy led a modern expedition to find the plane. It's pretty good!
4. What’s something super-unhealthy you’ve recently eaten? A cupcake
5. What do you do with all those Christmas cards with photos of friends and their kids? I don't really get those, but I would keep them

Today's was work's annual Christmas party..usually we do a White Elephant but this time we did it differently. We sat in chairs across from each other and had to pass the presents in the direction the story Paulette was reading said (like "grandma LEFT the house and went ACROSS the street"). It wasn't really that fun to me, but other people seemed to like it. I definitely prefer White Elephants. We opened the gift we ended up with one by one and got to trade them at the end if you wanted to. I got a really nice green and blue fluffy scarf..the person who brought it told me she made it!! That is SO cool, that makes it extra special :D

oh yeah, and worst journey in the world #4 LOL )
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I didn't post the update last week since I didn't catch anyone new, but this week I did!

 photo 15338871_1494610197230797_2434453207891109596_n_zpsol4hvdoe.jpeg
I can't believe this Pokemon's name is Lickitung haha! (Grr, Photobucket won't let me resize the pic..it has been annoying lately..)

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Another copy of The Worst Journey in the World was donated to the bookstore! Now I have four LOL..my coworkers probably think I'm insane :P

Day 18-Handwrite a few words that sum you up )

Today's trivia: The longest sneezing fit ever recorded is that of Donna Griffiths who started sneezing on 13 January 1981. She sneezed an estimated million times in the first 365 days and achieved her first sneeze-free day on 16 September 16 1983—the 978th day (wow O__O)
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I love doing this at the end of the year lol: Post the first sentence of the first post of every month in 2016 (as usual not counting the books I read lol)

January: 1. When were you last up on the house top?
February: This list may seem small compared to my lists last year, but The Worst Journey in the World was over 500 pages long haha
March: Reading "longer" books makes my monthly book lists look sad :P
April: That's more like it :D
May: Only one book finished this month?
June: The Fur Person by May Sarton (May 16) (I read this one in less than an hour..I read May's book in May!) [Well nevermind, I guess that one does count lol]
July: How is June over already? D:
August: Antarctica by Kim Stanley Robinson (July 8-24. Loved!!! A novel, but full of Antarctic history, and lots of mentions of Apsley Cherry-Garrard, who wrote The Worst Journey in the World)
September: Crossing Antarctica by Will Steger and Jon Bowermaster (Aug 23-31). This book sounded like a modern Worst Journey in the World..I'm surprised Cherry was never mentioned!
October: I probably could have finished a 7th book this month, but it just didn't happen lol..darn :P
November: Some guy in the introduction to The Home of the Blizzard said that book outshone The Worst Journey in the World..umm no lol
December: Also, my job is awesome

I love that The Worst Journey in the World was the first book I read this year. :D I didn't know it would change my life so dramatically though!

I just discovered the song I've been loving on the radio lately is "Smells Like Teen Spirit" by Nirvana. It's weird to Google a song to see if you've heard it before and it's one you hear all the time haha

dashing cherry is DASHING )

Day 17-Handwrite on something other than paper )

Today's trivia: Dachshunds were originally bred in 1600 to hunt dachs, which is German for badgers
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The Sea Shall Embrace Them: The Tragic Story of the Steamship Arctic by David W. Shaw (Oct 30-Nov 2)
Farthest North: The Incredible Three-Year Voyage to the Frozen Latitudes of the North by Fridtjof Nansen (Nov 3-13)
The Last Viking: The Life of Roald Amundsen by Stephen R. Bown (Nov 14-20)
In the Land of White Death: An Epic Story of Survival in the Siberian Arctic by Valerian Albanov (Nov 21-22)
A Negro Explorer at the North Pole by Matthew A. Henson (Nov 27-29)

Also, my job is awesome:
 photo 15220124_1484626391562511_7817089112259486660_n_zps6lfdimbo.jpeg
Aw yeahh, I love when books I've been wanting to read come in! Whoever donates books must read my mind, because that has happened a lot haha (another reason I love living in Alaska: books about polar exploration are easy to find!!). Epic win lol

Day 14-Handwrite your LJ crushes )

Today's trivia: Jim Morrison, singer of the The Doors, was the first rock star to be arrested on stage
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OMG I'm glad I'm going back to work tomorrow, I've spent waay too much time thinking about Cherry lol. Since I had luck with Ponting's pictures, I decided to watch his video of the expedition also to see if I could spot Cherry (where he's not named of course :P). Plus I just wanted to see him in "action" LOL. I'll post some screenshots, then I'm gonna try not to talk about him for the rest of the week :P

squee cherry! )

One of these days I'm gonna find something else to talk about.. :P

Day 12-Handwrite your name using the opposite hand of what you normally use )
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look a new pic of cherry i found!! )

a survey too! )

Dad's flying in later today! I can't wait to have yummy food lol


Nov. 25th, 2016 04:32 pm
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 photo 15181117_1477115542313596_1160351758809562676_n_zpsm8e11sxn.jpeg
OMG I can't believe my local bookstore actually had Cherry's book haha. I was completely freaking out LOL. I own it already, but I bought this version anyway..because Cherry. :P Day = made :D

pokemon update )
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Happy Thanksgiving! (We're having Thanksgiving dinner this weekend since dad's in California and couldn't get a flight in time, but that's alright.) I am soooo thankful I found an anti-depressant that works..I feel happy, alive and like a new person. This year by far has been better than last year. I know how depressed I was, but it still surprises me to read old posts and surveys and stuff and see how miserable I was. I would cry in bed and was getting in a scary state of mind..if I hadn't got help when I did..*shudders* It was hard just existing. I am NEVER taking happiness for granted again, and I'm definitely not going to let myself get depressed like that again. I'm sure everyone who has known me long enough has noticed (mom was getting very worried). Thank you, Prozac. :P lol

I'm also thankful for Cherry (shut up LOL). He is also a source of inspiration and strength..if I'm in a tough spot, I'll think "stick it stick it" or some other quote in my head (such a weird saying, but it really does work lol). He was an amazing person, and I love him <3

There are so many other things to be thankful for (family, my job, etc), but this post would turn huge lol. I love them too <3

speaking of cherry, have more pics of him :P )


Nov. 22nd, 2016 04:03 pm
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 photo 15179233_1473829609308856_2142145537490658992_n_zps24hbci5h.jpeg
This picture is in the book of Ponting's photos I got (the pic is online too, but this version is better lol). The caption says something about officers unloading the ship..Cherry wasn't an officer, but the second person to the right sure looks like him..that hat is one he wore, and it somehow looks like he's wearing glasses haha (either that or I'm imagining things, because I want it to be Cherry. :P I feel like I have a good idea of what he looks like now though). But..it FEELS like Cherry, and his smile is the same as it is in this picture. Dana said she felt the Cherry Aura too when I showed her the pic..I'm glad I'm not the only one that can feel it haha (I've spent waaay too much time staring at this picture LOL). He seems to be the right height in this pic too lol. I could be completely wrong, but I really feel like that's him :D (Yay, pointless Cherry posts :P)

I'm pretty sure apple apricot applesauce is one of the most disgusting things I've ever eaten. D: I got it by accident thinking it was normal applesauce..NEVER AGAIN. SO gross lol

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Today's trivia: In 1939, President Franklin D. Roosevelt moved Thanksgiving one week earlier than normal, believing that doing so would help bolster retail sales during one of the final years of the Great Depression


Nov. 21st, 2016 11:44 am
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When you read this, you're tagged. Take a picture of you in your current state, no changing your clothes or quickly putting on makeup. NO PHOTOSHOP. Show your flist the real you!

 photo Photo on 11-21-16 at 10.53 AM_zpsnkjrjhya.jpg

and a long cat survey! )

Today's trivia: In 1888 Thomas Edison invented the talking doll. After six weeks into production, the dolls were deemed too scary and pulled from the market


Nov. 14th, 2016 04:02 pm
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 photo 15079066_1463750036983480_5421963736018017000_n_zpsgxslbtth.jpg
For whatever reason, I'm ridiculously happy it's snowing right now lol (I couldn't wait to take pics after I got off work haha. I really like this one!). It's peaceful and beautiful and magical! I probably looked ridiculous staring at the sky and smiling, but I don't care LOL. I totally understand when someone told me once they moved here from Hawaii because they missed the snow..I'll definitely take this over 100 degree weather!! (I think I've become Full Alaskan now haha!)

 photo 15094987_1463750033650147_2821712266564003208_n_zpsgd1l67ak.jpg
I tried to walk home slowly since I was enjoying myself so much lol

Paulette stopped in today and told us the story of her husband Marc's passing..she was so grateful for her "work family's" support. It was good to see her and give her a hug. Marc's funeral is tomorrow..I've only been to one funeral in my entire life..it'll be so sad, but Paulette needs all the support she can get <3

Ewww it's only 4 PM and it's already getting dark :(

Day 9-Handwrite your favorite word )

Today's trivia: Between feeding, excavating nest cavities and drumming, woodpeckers can peck up to 20 times per second


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