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Movies watched this week: LOTR: Return of the King

OMG last night after skiing mom and I went into this building and this guy came up to me and was like "I swear I've seen you before" and then he realized we were on the tour boat in Valdez!! His sister was there too! I met them getting boarding passes the day before the tour and they said they were from Fairbanks. They're reaaally nice and I hung out with the sister (I don't know her name! Oops) a bit on the boat. I was wondering if I'd ever see her again or meet her randomly in town and I did!! Haha we exchanged email addresses this time. Haha wowww

Work is having a party today cause it's their 30th something anniversary (we're having cake at 2 :D). Yesterday we guessed how many people would sign the guestbook and people earlier were like "OMG SIGN THE GUESTBOOK!!" haha. Also guess who is here?? I have these books from a cartoonist named Jamie (I looked at his books when I first moved cartoon is a guy pointing a hairdryer at a glacier and the caption says something like "he sped up global warming by personally receding a glacier" haha). He lives in the area I do (Goldstream) and I kept looking at houses wondering which was his. Well JAMIE IS HERE!! Earlier someone said a cartoonist was here and I went to look at his work and I was like "OMG I recognize this!" I talked to him and he shook my hand :D He has a nice voice too hehe

Yesterday I was pricing books and I found a 1911 version of Phantom of the Opera!! It was signed by the previous owner in the 1920s or something in REAL ink (like quill and ink ink)! I totally bought that haha

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Today's stupidest quote: I'm sounding worse than Jessica Simpson right now. She's looking like a rock scientist (actress Tara Reid)
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POTO was awesome!!! Way better than the movie! The raising of the chandelier was awesome! The guys took the cover off it and there was a flash and a loud bang and it got dark and Overture came on and the chandelier was slowly raised and it was soo awesome! The song POTO was awesome too...there were candles and fog to make it look like a waterway and the boat was looking like it really did sail on the water. When Christine took Erik's mask off he freaked out of course then fell on the floor and rolled up in a ball and started crying...then as he was singing he was pulling himself on the floor to Christine with one hand...ow! Then All I Ask of You Reprise came and Erik was on this angel suspended in the air...Raoul and Christine were singing "anywhere you go let me go too" etc and Erik kept wailing "no no!" and covered his ears...then Erik yelled and pointed his finger at us, "YOU WILL CURSE THE DAY YOU DID NOT DO ALL THAT THE PHANTOM ASKED OF YOOOOU!" and he was raised up and then the chandelier fell which really wasn't that exciting. Masquerade was awesome though the cymbals were really annoying...then Erik showed up as Red Death and started walking down the stairs and almost fell! He recovered himself well. He came to Christine and tore the ring from her neck and yelled "your chains are still mine, you belong to ME!" and something exploded and Erik was suddenly at the top of the stairs again! Then awesome pyrotechnics shot up from the floor! Pyrotechnics in POTO haha! Christine was at the graveyard and Erik and Raoul showed up and Erik's staff shot out orange things! At PONR Erik had a cape which the hood covered his entire face and had eyes. Christine took it off and seemed surprised and so did Erik...she took his mask off and I was too far back to see his deformity well. Then Down Once More...SO SAD! Christine gave Erik the kiss then he let her go with Raoul...Christine came back and Erik was sobbing and was saying "I love you" and Christine left and he was still sobbing "I love you" and fell to the floor where Christine's bridal veil was and sobbed into it. Then the mob was climbing down the gate and Erik sat on his chair and put his cape over him and when Meg went to see...he was gone and only his mask Amazing show...not to mention how high and long those people can sing!!!!

Then I went to Scarborough Faire...I almost said I didn't wanna go cause of the time (it was like 5) but I didn't say anything. *phew* We got there around 5:30 and mom and I started walking towards Frank's carillon...I saw a back door open with people talking and I walked past there...Frank was inside and he didn't have his mask on! He just stared at me as I walked past and I was afraid he'd be mad at me...he was bald and looked very Native American...his last name DellaPenna means "of the feather" so that would make sense. There was another show at 6 (!!) and we watched it and Frank was so insane on some parts! Getting into it...A LOT. When he was done he told people he'll be around to talk for a few minutes and he seemed in a VERY good one was moving and he commented in a funny way and then walked up to us and started talking!!! Mom and I had a whole conversation with him!!!! I think his ego went way up from some of the things I said haha. I didn't think he'd wanna talk to us again...I think he'd talk to us every time...he has a heart the size of Texas!!! He's never annoyed when people ask him to sign stuff (or so I've seen). I asked him to play Drunken Sailor and he said "next time I see you in the audience I'll play it just fot you!" Ahhh I about died!!!! Then we left and he waved goodbye to us and I was blushing so bad my ears turned red. There was only 30 minutes left of Scarborough...I bought a fake black rose and mom bought a wind thing with a crystal...then we saw the closing ceremony and this guy was gesturing and after awhile I realized he was doing sign language! Then a cannon shot off and we left and that was my awesome day!!

Today's Latin: quo signo nati/natae estis? (what's your sign?)

"Majestic winds of the northlands, protect our heroes from the deadly Naroth, cover their tracks with snow, rage on with all your fury"--"Sacred Power of Raging Winds," Rhapsody
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I'm seeing Phantom at 2 PM, yaaay! Mom's braiding my hair Legolas style as I type this...everyone say hi! After Phantom we're probably gonna go to Scarborough Faire!! *dances* Prepare for a looong entry tomorrow

[ profile] rdyfrde sent me some Gamma Ray songs yesterday...they're really awesome!! She sent Armageddon and Blood Religion...I love Blood Religion...I think it's 10 times better than Armageddon...I sent them to Kathryn and she loved them too. Heather I think I know why you obsess over them haha ;)

Mom got Narnia!! It has the most epic cover evah! I wonder when I'm gonna watch Ben-Hur haha

Haha mom: "how does your music player know what you wanna listen to??"

Today's Latin: festum festorum (Easter, the greatest of the feasts)

"Now all you sinners, this is the prophecy, the revelation of your own destiny"--"Armageddon," Gamma Ray
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I watched Elektra was good. Goran Visnjic, who plays Luka in ER, was in it *drools* My favorite characters didn't die! Amazing!! Now I need to see Daredevil...since Elektra is the sequel (haha I have a habit of watching the sequel first). I still have Ben-Hur to watch *cowers in fear at the almost 4 hour long movie*

Ooo tomorrow's Easter...and I get to see POTO! *dances around*

I had this dream last night Kathryn and I were at Grapevine Lake and we were watching some awesome pyrotechnics and then they were shooting fireworks. They erected a barrier so you could be safe and Kathryn and I were right at the barrier...then a guy said "this firework is gonna make a really loud noise!" and we're like "oh no!" and went underwater so we couldn't hear it. Then Kathryn was swimming back and I followed and got tired in like 5 seconds but I still kept going and almost passed her. Then we were...somewhere and I got out a photo album to show her but it was Amanda who was there instead of Kathryn and so were the pictures in the album. Odd...

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Today's Latin: in libris libertas (in books there is freedom)

"We're the troops of metal and we do as we please. We are the restless, we are the wild, burning hearts that never die"--"A Legend Reborn," HammerFall
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Today's Wendy's birthday! Happy birthday!!! She's 17. And she gets to see her boyfriend this weekend (he lives in New Orleans). Hope she has fun. I also invited her to Scarborough Faire and she said she may be able to go if she's free...that would be awesome if I could go with her!!

My Latin teacher just HAD to give us a project...and it's research oriented and we have to give a 10-15 minute presentation...AHHH HELP MEEEE!!!!!!!! *dies*

I'm going to see POTO this weekend on the 16th!!! Sooo can't wait...and 16 is my favorite number! Haha awesome

My school newspaper has something about POTO and heavy metal in it! *hugs newspaper forever*

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Today's Latin: hoc ei propinabo (I'll drink to that)

"Fly to the crystal sky, glorious and proud. Never forgotten friends of all, heroes of the whole known world"--"Never Forgotten Heroes," Rhapsody
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In Latin I called someone shiny and he looked at himself and then was like "OMG I'M SHINY!! That's the best thing I ever heard! That's the best compliment I've ever gotten!!" And he kept telling people "Heather called me shiny! Isn't that the coolest thing ever?!" Haha wow *blushes*

We had a US history test and I wrote funny things on the test haha (Wendy does too). Like it asked about the Italians Sacco and Vanzetti and I wrote next to their names "Italians *drool*" Haha it was fun. Then I saw a pic Wendy had drawn and it was anime but it was sooo awesome. It had wings and awesome clothes and it's titled "descent of the archangel" (hehe my idea) and she's gonna scan it and I get to have the original!!! Yay!!! I'm gonna hang it on my wall with my other drawings...oh and at lunch we had to go behind the stage to get something and it made me think of POTO and I expected to see Erik or have a backdrop fall or was awesome

Haha did you know nemo is no one in Latin? So Finding Nemo is really finding no one lmao

Um this is gonna ruin the mood of this entry but I'm tired of not putting it in here. I really really really hate that time of the month (which was last week). I keep getting so depressed and gets worse every time. All last week it seemed like Wendy was ignoring me at lunch and just talking to her friend and so on Friday I freaked out majorly...ugh. I kept freaking out on Kathryn too. And like the littlest (wow that's so not a word) things make me so depressed. I'm scared of next time now...I dunno what to do...*phew* Man I'm glad I finally said that...

Today's Latin: hic nomen subscribite (sign here). Huh? That looks more like "sign this name"...

"Once and for all and all for once, nemo my name forevermore"--"Nemo," Nightwish (and that definitely makes no sense)
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You know the TAKS paragraph thingy we wrote in English? I got the highest score possible!! That's never happened before...if I get it back I'll write it here to see what you think. They should give a topic I can write about like that all the time...and I'm glad I saw POTO! Not just for that reason of course...I met Kathryn cause of it too

I got Kathryn's letter today...she designed the envelope SOOOO cool!! It's Italy-Luca-Rhapsody themed...YOU ARE AWESOME KATHRYN!!! I haven't read the letter yet but I shall after I type this

One project done (post WW2), 2 to go...hopefully I'll finish the Latin one this weekend. The English one will be done next week...then I have a chemistry one...grrr...though that one is only like a week too...I LIKE short projects...this English research paper is the only one I've done in a short amount of time...for me that's much less stressful

And I'll probably get to talk to Amanda this weekend! OMG!! I don't remember the last time we talked...she's been busy with her job and school and stuff. It'll be sooo great to talk to her again...

"Dies irae, regina nell'oscurita'"--"Rain of a Thousand Flames," Rhapsody
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Mrs. Hooker loved the Rhapsody CD! Her fave songs were In Tenebris and When Demons Awake. WHEN DEMONS AWAKE?? I thought she would hate that song...I warned her not to listen to it cause it had screaming. I can see why she likes In Tenebris though. I gave her Legendary Tales to listen to today...that is my fave Rhapsody CD...hope she likes it was much as I do

Very odd dream I had last night...I turned on my computer and it was liked messed up from viruses and stuff and I couldn't go online or anything. I kept trying and trying and eventually it worked and I was relieved. Yeah I know my computer is infected with Spyware and may crash forever BUT STOP TORMENTING ME ABOUT IT IN MY DREAMS!!!

One side of my face is bruised from surgery still and this one person was like "OMG what happened to your face??" and I said I had surgery and he was like oh...ahhh I'm the phantom of the opera only not! *hides in an underground lair and plays the organ to the tune of Guardiani...*

"A hammer made of steel from the river of blood, with magic, forged in flames"--"Born to Rule," HammerFall
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Today is my mom's 50th birthday...I'm gonna take her out to a Mexican restaraunt called Christina's (I just called it Christine' mom did it too...POTO is taking ooooover). Christina's isn't the best Mexican restaraunt, but she wanted to go there. I think the best are Mi Patio and Don Pablo's

The dentist said my wisdom teeth are growing in...and may need to get them removed cause they may not fit...I think they have big heads from too much wisdom!

My CDs were shipped yesterday...they should get here in a few days. I'll probably be chasing UPS trucks down the road (hey, I did that with Renegade)

"The chosen one let himself fall into the deep marshes constraining the black king, with the emerald sword again in his hands, not to move. They became food for the snakes of the abyss"--"Gargoyles, Angels of Darkness," Rhapsody
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Today I've been married to Guardiani for 7 months...that went fast...*sings random line*...unera di sangue di oscure memorie!! For some reason that's always been my fave line from Guardiani

Today I have to go to the dentist and maybe the library and maybe I'll order the Kingdom of Heaven soundrack and Legendary Tales by Rhapsody! Then me, Kathryn and Amanda can obsess more over Luca's insanely fast and awesome guitar solos! And I get to hear more awesome Rhapsody music...Rhapsody rules

On the POTO board I hear people talking about when before Christine goes to kiss Erik, she mouths "I love you" to Raoul...I could never find it...till yesterday. I was like "so it IS there!"

"Gods are raging, leading my red steel. Heads and limbs are falling down"--"The Mighty Ride of the Firelord," Rhapsody (haha yes it's gross but i LOVE the way that's sung!)
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Ok Amanda made 3 really depressing entries so that's why I'm worried...anyway, Dracula 2000 came yesterday and I watched was really bad. Gerry was Dracula and he whispered like the whole time. It was also very gory and weird. AND GERRY DIED! Hopefully Tomb Raider 2 will be better...I also watched POTO so I saw lotsa Gerry lol!

I had another dream about Frank DellaPenna! 3 days in a row...I must be more obsessed than I thought. I dunno why but he was outside of Grapevine Mills mall...dressed like Westley from The Princess Bride...

Amanda's calling me today...*gets phone shy*...I wanna call Kathryn too...*gets more phone shy*...oh dear...*thinks about Nick calling*...ahhhhh!!!

"Light fails at dawn. The moon is gone and deadly the night reigns"--"Time Stands Still (At the Iron Hill)," Blind Guardian
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I told that to Kathryn when I was sending her more songs...then I got the brillant idea of sending her all the songs I have and listening to them at the same time. It's sooo fun cause we can both talk about it and know what you're talking about and I get to see if she likes it or not...and she's liked all I sent...even the ones with heaby guitar solos (like Dawn of Victory). I NEVER thought I would be sending her metal songs, or her liking them. Maybe cause symphonic power metal RULES! Or she has an open mind...yaaaay!

I got an early birthday present yesterday from Kathryn. It was 2 loooong letters and a binder with Gerry pics, POTO in 15 minutes, and a poem. Soooo cool

I have an obsession with violins...DARK TOWER OF ABYSS HAS LOTS OF THEM!!! *drooool*

"There's one young girl hidden in the farthest corner. She's shocked and afraid but at least she's alive...alive!"--"Dark Comet's Reign," Luca Turilli
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Amanda said I talk with a Scottish accent when I pronounce and stress some words. I never thought anyone would tell me I talk with a Scottish accent. Sometimes I delibrately try to...but me having a Scottish accent when I don't?? I didn't think I had any accents...

I noticed something new while watching POTO last night. During 'Stranger than you Drempt it,' Erik's jacket is green and shiny in some places! And in Down Once More, when Gerry is singing "so do you end your days with me..." he says "doh do you end your days with me" instead of "so." Haha funny I was melting so bad on MOTN...and I think I got the note right on "soar" when he says "let your spirt start to soar." I didn't think I could sing that high. Whenever I try to hold the note "night" at the end of MOTN I can't do it cause I start laughing...and Kathryn can do it

I made another ya go

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"Black angel, I call you! King Chaos is raging in the torment of my heart!"--"The Mighty Ride of the Firelord," Rhapsody
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It took forever to drive where we needed to be, but it wasn't boring, cause we listened to Frank DellaPenna's CDs the whole way. We got there and found my mom's coworkers. We ate some food and went into the place where you watch the game (gaaaa what is it called?). It was kinda boring at first. There was a guy named Erik and every time he went out I yelled "ERIK!" Then he got 3 strikes and I said, "poor, unhappy, Erik!" Then I was really hyper and did \m/ to the mascot...the home team won. Oooo and one of the players got in a fight with the bad temper. Then we drove home and listened to random classical, opera, and Broadway songs on the radio. Kathryn woulda loved a song with AWESOME violin power and "Traditon."

EVERYTHING reminded me of POTO's taking oveeeer aaaaaaah!

"Black is the rose that's now in my hand, black for the blood of the fallen"--"Agony is my Name," Rhapsody
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It is now summer vacation (but still spring)! My IPC final was ok and Spanish 2 was easy...I know I passed Spanish cause the teacher showed us our grades. lol this year had so many good memories...I admit, I do wanna go back next year...but I wanna go back to UA toooo...ahhh *head explodes*

Tomorrow I have to go to a cookout with my mom's coworkers and to a baseball game...AHHH I'M GONNA DIE OF BOREDOM! Maybe I'll bring a DVD player and watch POTO...

Does it seem weird to any of you that me and Amanda are obsessed with chandeliers? I imagine the ones at my house crashing to the floor with organ music

"Fire of wisdom light the sky. Let me go through this dark evil ground"--"Beyond the Gates of Infinity," Rhapsody
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Haha yeah, me and Amanda talked for a long time and it was a really good convo too! I also talked to Kathryn, but it wasn't as good. I am so posting it here. Let's just say I hope my POTO obsession never's too fun lol!

My mom is home today! I asked if we could go to Scarborough Faire but it's kinda hot. I think we may see Kingdom of Heaven. It looks soooo good. My mom said to wait on Star Wars 3...

My brother was mad cause I've had Timeline too long so now we have to mail it infinitum...

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"In the temple of the fallen one their hope will be born"--"Lux Triumphans," Rhapsody
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Guess what movie we watched in IPC today??? PHANTOM OF THE OPERA!!!! I brought it, but I thought I had no chance. The teacher did cause the same person always brought movies and we watched them. The class was soooo mad we had to watch person in particular kept complaining and she sounded like a 5 year old. Haha but I don't care cause I had too much fun...we only got to Il Muto though...of course I'll finish the rest Spanish subtitles oooo ;)

Tomorrow I'll have had my LJ for a year, yay!! That went fast...

I'M HIGH ON POTO RIGHT NOW, YEAH!!!!!!!!!! Yes, POTO is a perfectly healthy drug...GERARD BUTLER!!!!!!!

"The way is long, time is too short. This little footpath seems never to end"--"Where Dragons Fly," Rhapsody
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I got a 90 on my Spanish test from yesterday! I didn't even study lol. Today we took the speaking portion of our final was kinda easy. Then we had to listen to ourselves soon as I heard "Heather" I covered my ears and stopped listening. OMG I sound...low and different...then I realized it sounds like how Amanda talks...

I got my yearbook today! It's really big and heavy. But there's lotsa cool stuff in it...and I already have had 3 people sign it...wooo!

OMG...CAN'T WAIT FOR SUMMER!!! Seeing Amanda will be fun and we can obsess in the same room (as Amanda said) and do other fun stuff

We watched dancers in one of our classes today. They were pretty good, but one time the music just stopped in the middle and I had a really strong urge to say "it's the phantom of the Opera!" and then I kept seeing images of backdrops falling on people...oh yeah...

"Away, away in time, every dream's a journey away"--"Away," Nightwish
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Call me weird and insane and stuff, but yesterday I broke by record of how long I can stay on the Internet...without me even knowing it lol. The old record was 15 hrs and 14 mins, and now it's 16 hours! It was worth it, cause yesterday was cool. Amanda came on and we had a long conversation, then I watched some of Timeline, then later (like 11 or 12) Kathryn came on, Dean/Lews came on, and I added a phan from the POTO board on IMDb, and I talked to them all at once. LOL that definitely kept me destiny. Dean sent some cool songs by Therion...they even did O Fortuna! Then Kathryn and the other phan were talking about Gerry (this wasn't a group convo) and it was sooo fun and we we like melting over him...haha look:
lol it's almost 2 here
guardiani_italian (12:52:18 AM): a warm bed feels nice...with gerry...OMG I DID NOT JUST SAY THAT!
mystery_at_heart44 (12:52:49 AM): lol anya wanted to sleep down here and i said, "so we could sleep with phantom?" and that was so wrong lol
guardiani_italian (12:53:00 AM): haha GLADLY

Just a little obsessed lol...way too much time on the POTO board yesterday...

"At the end of floor stairs of ancient stone lead me to a vision, an unreal hall"--Wisdom of the Kings"
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LOL POTO in 15 Minutes ( is one of the funniest things I ever read. The person who wrote it is a genius...I think I've read it like 20 times and it's still when I watch the movie I think of lines from 15 I should watch POTO with the Spanish subtitles on

It stormed last night and it was scary and cool. I knew I couldn't sleep while it was storming so I read my journal (not this one...I have a paper one). My old entries annoyed me so much from the way I wrote (like this: "we are going to Colorado today. I'll write you later Palmy. We are now on our way to the airport. I'll write you later Palmy. We are now in the airport. I'll write you later Palmy). I'm soooo glad I don't talk like that anymore. At the end of this I'll write one of my extremely annoying entries. I think like every sentence has a exclamation point too...and don't ask why I capitalized palm lol

I wanna see Kingdom of Heaven soooo bad...*goes crazy*

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"We stay as we are, now the first crusade is won. Let it be written, let it be done"--"Keep the Flame Burning," HammerFall


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