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Yesterday we indeed went to the plaza downtown and had lunch and went shopping..I found the PERFECT's blue and has mountains and says "Santa Fe." It was screaming my name when I saw it haha. I also went to a "new" bookstore (and was happy to see many people shopping there). I like "used" bookstores better..they're more interesting (still won't say no to a bookstore though lol). After that we just hung out at Cindy and Dean's house. They watched The Worst Journey in the World docudrama with me (my 5th time!! I wish I had thought of it sooner, so Julie and the others could have watched it too..oh well :P). Now that I know more about Cherry and Antarctic history in general, it made more sense (like meeting Angela and the quartz thing and stuff). At the end they showed a pic of Cherry I had only seen in Sara Wheeler's book, so I had to take a screenshot to share LOL. When I went to my little trailer thing where I slept I was super hyper and just kept yelling "stick it!!!" haha! It's crazy Cherry still has that big of an effect on though :P

Today we drove back to sad leaving, even if we had an extra day. It was super fun and I'm glad we could get together again! We stopped at the Petrified Forest again to stretch our legs..yeah, I am officially tired of looking at petrified wood now LOL. Still nice to get out of the car though. We got back in Payson just in time for it to START RAINING AND SNOWING AGAIN WTF. It's supposed to do both all week!! Wow, the weather is usually nicer than this here! Not cool :P

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The Painted Desert with snow!

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Today was another warm gorgeous day! Mom and I did more caching (found 5!) to take advantage of the warmth before we go back to cold Alaska. Tomorrow it's supposed to rain..ugh
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Today we drove back to was rather weird seeing snow in the desert haha. We had lunch at a casino..I had never been in one before, so it was interesting seeing the slot machines and stuff (we didn't play any though). I felt pretty uncomfortable cause mom and I were the only white people at the restaurant (the casino is owned by the Navajos I think). We also stopped at the Painted Desert and the Petrified pretty!! I hadn't been there since I was a kid. Both places had such interesting landforms. Petrified wood is cool too, it has lots of colors! So weird to think that desert used to be a huge forest. I bought some petrified wood to take home with me. There's hieroglyphics there too, but they had you look at them through a telescope thing, which wasn't particularly fun. Kinda soon after we left the park, I saw a coyote!! So cool, I love seeing wildlife. :D Too bad it was dark when we drove across the Rim, I love that drive. We found at least 8 caches too..nice!

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