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I love doing this at the end of the year lol: Post the first sentence of the first post of every month in 2016 (as usual not counting the books I read lol)

January: 1. When were you last up on the house top?
February: This list may seem small compared to my lists last year, but The Worst Journey in the World was over 500 pages long haha
March: Reading "longer" books makes my monthly book lists look sad :P
April: That's more like it :D
May: Only one book finished this month?
June: The Fur Person by May Sarton (May 16) (I read this one in less than an hour..I read May's book in May!) [Well nevermind, I guess that one does count lol]
July: How is June over already? D:
August: Antarctica by Kim Stanley Robinson (July 8-24. Loved!!! A novel, but full of Antarctic history, and lots of mentions of Apsley Cherry-Garrard, who wrote The Worst Journey in the World)
September: Crossing Antarctica by Will Steger and Jon Bowermaster (Aug 23-31). This book sounded like a modern Worst Journey in the World..I'm surprised Cherry was never mentioned!
October: I probably could have finished a 7th book this month, but it just didn't happen lol..darn :P
November: Some guy in the introduction to The Home of the Blizzard said that book outshone The Worst Journey in the World..umm no lol
December: Also, my job is awesome

I love that The Worst Journey in the World was the first book I read this year. :D I didn't know it would change my life so dramatically though!

I just discovered the song I've been loving on the radio lately is "Smells Like Teen Spirit" by Nirvana. It's weird to Google a song to see if you've heard it before and it's one you hear all the time haha

dashing cherry is DASHING )

Day 17-Handwrite on something other than paper )

Today's trivia: Dachshunds were originally bred in 1600 to hunt dachs, which is German for badgers
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I heard this song on the radio today, and I really like it! It's so catchy lol. I love coming across songs I just immediately connect with..

pokemon update )

Today's trivia: Just before the Nazis invaded Paris, H.A. and Margret Rey fled on bicycles. They were carrying the manuscript for Curious George
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YAY I finally caught some new ones! I read they increased the spawning rate of certain ones or something (like Zubat and Ghastly, for Halloween). Good, I was getting tired of the same guys (*cough*DROWZEE*cough*) all the time lol

bold = new )

I was doing a music survey a couple days ago and about fell out of my chair when I saw these lyrics from "Speedhoven" by Edguy:

Welcome to this wonderworld
Everybody take your sledges
Winterland Plutocracy
Down the slope don't fear the hedges

Sledges?? Like..Antarctic sledges??! Now that's a word I never expected to see in a metal song haha. I didn't think it was even widely used anymore. I kept putting that part on repeat haha..awesome :P

Day 3-Handwrite your LJ headline )

Today's trivia: In Disney's Fantasia, the sorcerer's name is "Yensid" (Disney backwards)
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Hahaha.."I'm clean yay! *sticks face in bowl*" At least the big cat was trying to be nice this time :P

For some reason, "Stand" by REM reminds me of geocaching haha..maybe cause they keep singing about directions. When I listen to it I imagine myself walking in a forest lol

Name one thing that makes you angry )

Today's trivia: In beer commercials, liquid detergent is added to the beer to make it foam more
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I discovered this song this weekend, and I really like it..the lyrics are interesting and it just sounds gets stuck in my head easily though :P

People must be doing spring cleaning, cause we've had a crazy amount of donations come in these past few days at work. There was one day last week where we probably got over 100 boxes! Wow..

I'm seeing a new clinical psychologist we were just talking about things that interested me to get to know me. He asked me what music I liked and when I said metal he was like "me too!!" He likes Blind Guardian (he saw them in concert once, jealous!), Rhapsody, Nightwish, etc. AWESOME lol. He was like "you have a great taste in music!" I can see we're gonna get along very well :D

Name one store you like )

Today's trivia: Queens, New York, was established in 1683 and is named after Queen Catherine of Braganza, wife of King Charles II of England (1630-1685)
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Hmm..not bad. The new guitarist is pretty good, though it's still not the same without Luca. Though I didn't even like Luca Turilli's Rhapsody's first CD..I haven't heard the just doesn't seem the same since they split up. It makes me sad :(

Though I have down moments, I'm still feeling pretty good on the Lexapro. It was driving mom crazy that I never wanted to do anything..even if I didn't say anything, she could always tell how miserable I was. I'm looking forward to enjoying myself in Arizona and doing fun things lol

An album that has to be listened to from start to finish )

Today's trivia: The heaviest turkey ever raised was 86 pounds, about the size of a large dog

Aww yeah!!

Jun. 16th, 2015 04:04 pm
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Wow, that is so beautiful!! Interstellar will always be amazing <3

Their Game of Thrones tribute is pretty cool too:

next meme: music )

Today's trivia: Cinnamon is native to Sri Lanka
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*drools* I love Of Monsters and Men (though their music videos seem to be weird haha). Their new album is coming out June 9!! What a great birthday present lol. They're gonna tour the US later in the year..they'll be in Washington August 9th, but I'm already going on vacation in August, so I probably can't go then. They'll be in San Diego in October though..maybe I could do that. It would be cool to see them with Dana :D

Day 19: A memory where you recall hating someone more than you ever have )
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FAIRBANKS — Summer is here, and it’s even a bit ahead of schedule this year.

The temperature at Fairbanks International Airport hit 70 degrees for the first time on Wednesday, a milestone that should kick off a significant stretch of warm weather in the Interior.

The first 70-degree day came a week early, compared to the average arrival on May 20. However, it didn’t quite get to the record of 76 degrees, set in 1930.

National Weather Service meteorologist Ben Bartos said a ridge of warm weather is heading into Interior Alaska and the Yukon, bringing rising temperatures with it. The forecast calls for weekend temperatures in the mid- to high 70s, with only slightly cooler weather forecast after that.

Temperatures could possibly hit 80 degrees this weekend in the Eastern Interior, with the hottest areas between Tok and the Canada border.

“It’s hanging on for the foreseeable future,” Bartos said.

Wow, it got warm fast! I hope it doesn't get in the 80s though, it makes my apartment feel like an oven. D: I'm really thankful the pollen has been mild too, last year mom and I were so miserable..

I'm listening to the new Kamelot album, I'm really enjoying it so far, especially "Citizen Zero" :D

Day 8: A question that you hate being asked )

Today's trivia: The harmonica is the world's best-selling musical instrument


Mar. 16th, 2015 03:50 pm
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Yesss..I love how happy Floor looks! I kinda wish it was heavier and more "epic," but maybe there's one like that on the album (it comes out the end of the month!)

day 27 - a movie that you wish you had seen in theaters )

Today's trivia: New Hampshire was the first colony to declare its independence from Great Britain and to establish its own government
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"Cooper, what are you doing?"
BOOM! OMG I can't believe how epic this music is. I can't get enough of it!! It was so awesome in the theater too. It's been a long time since I've found new music THIS epic. Last night I was squealing and dancing around my apartment haha! I can't BELIEVE it's not on the soundtrack though..seriously?! It's one of the songs I wanted most on it! Definitely one of the best pieces of music everr. I'm glad my love of glaciers made me see the movie haha :D

Day One Dark is epic too:

OMG I can't help squealing when at 0:40 it just explodes with epicness after a sweet build up. *SWOONS* Music is amazing haha

day 10: what If you could have only one food for the rest of your life (assuming that this strange situation would not affect your health), which food would you choose? )

Today's trivia: A tortoise drinks through its nose
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Heck yeah!! HammerFall always releases great new music. :D I can't wait to download their album (my new computer doesn't have a CD slot) in a few days!

Animaniacs or Tiny Toons Adventure? Why? )
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Cool, Of Monsters and Men has a song on the Catching Fire soundtrack! Just another reason to see that movie haha. Their woman singer has such a unique voice..

19. What do you collect?

Glacier books/postcards/pictures/etc, cat books, rocks from places I've been (especially at glaciers), pins, etc

 photo 433283_600_zpsa52b8ade.png

Would you rather in a fight, be armed with only a ping pong paddle or a Wiffle bat? A Wiffle bat

Today's trivia: The longest siege in military history was the Ottoman siege of the Venetian ruled city of Candia, Crete, which lasted 21 years, from 1648 until 1669
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I keep hearing this song on the radio and finally looked it's ALSO by Of Monsters and Men! I thought it sounded similar to Mountain Sound. I'm really loving this band, their music is so pleasant and just..different. Better than most of the stuff they play on the radio (I love they get played on the radio too!). One of the best musical discoveries of the year..their music makes me so happy <3

My friend from high school, Caitlin, got engaged yesterday! That is so weird to think about haha. Congrats to her :)

9. A .gif from a cartoon )
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Ummm..what the heck?? Haha. I'm rather enthralled/amused by this video (and I don't even LIKE rap music! Glaciers make everything better ;)). The lyrics are so amusing, like "sweating so much, man they thought I was an iceberg!" haha! In Alaska, we rap about glaciers :P (I love the way he says "glacier" too haha)

4. A .gif of someone that is excited )

Would you rather be very clumsy or very forgetful? Clumsy..I am anyway :P

Today's trivia: The first job of a newborn queen bee is to kill the other newborn queens so she can rule alone
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We listen to Pandora at work and today this song came on. I thought it was interesting and quite liked it, so I looked to see what it was. It's called "Mountain Sound" by Of Monsters and Men..they're from Iceland!! So cool haha. I'll have to see what their other songs sound like..maybe that's what I'll use my iTunes gift card on. I kinda feel like a hipster listening to it, but whatever :P

Ew, I hate when people smoke and it comes through my windows. Blech

Omg this song..I think it's impossible to listen to Misty Mountains just still gives me chills! It's so amazing <3 (I wish it was longer though!)

12. A picture of you and an animal )

Would you rather in your 12 year old child's room, find a box of condoms or a bottle of "uppers"? Ugh

Today's trivia: The U.S. Navy has developed a laser powerful enough to burn through 20 feet of steel in a second
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One of my Facebook friends posted this video to my wall since I like "Epic Heroic Fantasy Metal" haha. It's awesome, I love it! They remind me of Rhapsody, especially with titles like "The Unicorn Invasion of Dundee" and "The Epic Rage of Furious Thunder." :P It's been a long time since I've found a new metal band I've really liked. I wondered why I hadn't heard of them before but when I went to buy their CD on Amazon I saw their first CD came out earlier this year. Cool, I hope they make more :D

Day 24: Who would you like to see battle it out? )


Feb. 26th, 2013 06:07 pm
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*droooools* I seriously love this song. I was so happy when I saw it was on the soundtrack. It's just so..mesmerizing. I definitely had it on repeat haha. I especially like the lines "the pines were roaring on the height, the winds were moaning in the night." So epic *shivers gleefully*

174. Video Game )

Would you rather have kids who are very smart but don't do well socially or who are popular and engaging but only C and D students? The first one I think..

Today's trivia: The Apollo 11 had only 20 seconds of fuel left when it landed
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Ever since reading Game of Thrones certain phrases (dark wings, dark words for one) and song titles (Take the Black, etc) have stood out to I decided to research and this is what I found..

"Chapter V: Unbent, Unbowed, Unbroken"-HammerFall
The album's title was inspired by the family motto of the fictional House Martell of Dorne from the series "A Song of Ice and Fire" by George R. R. Martin, as well as the name of the songs "Take the Black" and "Fury of the Wild". The lyric "Nothing burns like the cold" from "Never, Ever" is taken from the first chapter of A Game of Thrones, the first book in the series

As with several songs on the previous album, the song "Dark Wings, Dark Words" is inspired by A Song of Ice and Fire

"At the Edge of Time"-Blind Guardian
War of the Thrones: Based on George R. R. Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire series.
A Voice in the Dark: Based on George R. R. Martin's "A Song of Ice and Fire" series. It tells the story of Bran Stark, a key character in the series.

"Gods of the Earth"-The Sword
"To Take the Black" is a direct reference to the Night's Watch in George R. R. Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire

Wow..that is just awesome haha. I always wondered what Take the Black I know. :P I love that the bands I listen to sing about books I like :D /nerd (I wonder if there are any more..)

173. Random )

Would you rather occasionally and intentionally treat people you care about like dirt or occasionally and intentionally ignore them when they need you? The first one..then I would apologize and say I was having a bad day or something..

Today's trivia: Eyelashes last about 150 days
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A couple days ago I took a quiz and it asked when I last found a new musical artist I liked..I had to choose the "You honestly can't remember" option. That..bothers me. I need to fix this haha. My playlist felt like it was getting stale anyway. So..anyone have any requests for me? I like metal (HammerFall, Kamelot, etc. No death metal please!), Enya, epic classical, Owl City, etc. Suggest away! Haha

"The Lyell Glacier at Yosemite National Park has stopped moving and could lose its status as a glacier." Noooo..don't get demoted!! You'll be a sad glacier if you get demoted! It needs anti-depressants *gives it tons of snow cones* (I didn't know Yosemite even had glaciers..)

154. Froof )

Would you rather find inside a cake bought from a bakery a wad of bloody gauze or a piece of a broken hypodermic needle? O_o

Today's trivia: Oliver Cromwell was hanged and decapitated two years after his death


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