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One thing I've learned when going through stuff in the garage: we never threw ANYTHING away..I've found price tags, empty boxes, and we still have our baby clothes and toys! Wow lol. It's interesting to see my old journals and schoolwork and stuff, but it's also..strange. A lot of projects I don't even remember doing. When I was bored in class I wrote out entire scenes from Lord of the Rings from memory. I must have driven my teachers crazy with my obsessions with Scotland, LOTR, Viggo Mortensen, etc..I constantly mentioned them. I found one of my swords though, which was pretty awesome. It's just WEIRD seeing all this stuff again lol

I get to see Dana tomorrow, yay! It's also supposed to snow..not fairrr lol

I'm loving the LJ Revival!! I'm always worried it'll shut down and I'll lose all the memories from here, so I'm glad people are rediscovering it!

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Woww I can't believe it's the last day of 2011. This year was the fastest ever

Good things
It started off really well. I was excited to start the new year. Watching fireworks at home was awesome. Later I went to Chena Hot Springs and saw a bunch of shooting stars and satellites. It was amazing
I started my 3rd term with AmeriCorps
I went to San Diego to visit Dana. Went stargazing in the desert which was cool
I started on the cash register for the first time in June..I saw I really liked it and wasn't as scary as I thought. I am more confident now
My birthday was AWESOME. I was showered with love and gifts and was just happy. I got my first tattoo and went shopping at Barnes and Noble
I went to Valdez and Cordova..I fell in love with Cordova. I went on an AWESOME glacier flightseeing trip..there were glaciers EVERYWHERE. I saw Childs and Miles glaciers which I couldn't drive to since the bridge was washed out. Amazingg
I kayaked to Shoup Glacier in Valdez
Went to summer BOW which was really fun
The winter hasn't been treating me that bad..the darkness hasn't bothered me as much as before. Maybe cause of Paxil or being distracted..or I'm used to it now
Aaand more

Some depression/anxiety still, but better than before
Repeating thoughts
TMJ (gonna see a specialist next month), worsening psoriasis..
...the good totally outweighs the bad haha

Hopefully 2012 will be awesome too!

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1. What is the one place you never want to live? Iraq
2. Do you consider yourself to be a "picky eater"? Sure..I eat more things than I did as a kid though
3. What do you think people say about you behind your back? Sometimes I think bad things..but I hope they don't
4. If you could own and operate any major business what would be? A bookstore?
5. Do you feel as if you are a black-and-white only person, or a person who sees many gray areas? That is to say, do you have strong opinions on everything, or do you recognize the need to compromise? I can compromise

Wow..I can't believe this is the last day of the year already. This year went fast. First it started out with depression for whatever reason..then I got my apartment and slowly adjusted and got much happier. This summer was filled with fun adventures. I got to meet [ profile] rdyfrde and meet HammerFall and see them in concert. I tried going off Paxil but had horrible withdrawal symptoms and my mind was negative and judgmental on everything. I feel better now that I'm back on it. Aaand much more. I hope next year is good too

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Definitely going to Portage Glacier..being cold and wet just made it all the more memorable haha. Also seeing the scenery from the airplane on my trip to San Diego, going to San Diego, etc

Depression and anxiety..I never write about it here (not really comfortable with writing it) but for some reason I have it. I wish it would go away..

Going to Texas again..going back there and seeing how everything changed and just being in my old house again (plus dad was having health problems) and boredom..I've never been the same since then. Like all my happiness melted away. I really missed my cats when I came back and felt lonely without one..Abby's helped with that though. Also other things I listed

No thanks :P

Today's trivia: Minnesota's Mall of America is the size of 78 football fields
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Well since school's out, I wanna write the memories of the year here. Well, after school I went to the mall with my friends and saw Chronicles of Riddik. It was ok. And I got another Rhapsody CD. "Emerald Sword" is my fave song on that album." I can't wait to see everyone next year. OK...memories now.

*Fencing. Fencing was great this year! I learned so much! I remember asking the coach to teach me to twirl the foil and she said no. I tried it anyway, and I kinda got the idea. I can't wait for fencing next year.

*Going to Hawaii in the middle of the school year. That was fun!

*Our classrooms were all in portables, and so we had to go outside to change classes and stuff. Well, one day, it was *pouring* rain, so me and my new friends (this was near the beginning of school) said we were getting lunch (since it was lunchtime), and we ran out in the rain and into the main building to look like we were getting lunch. Well, after a few minutes we went back out. The door wasn't 30 ft to the portable, and I was running, but by the time I got inside my hair was *dripping!* It was hilarious!

*PE was interesting. We always played soccer. I was bad at soccer; I never went after the ball. Well, we played so many times I got good and I went after the ball and everything! I was proud.

*Scarborough Faire-Yep, the Renn Fest. We went on a field trip. It was fun, even though half the things were closed.

*The college trip. Wow, that was a tiring week! I discovered SoBe, and now I'm addicted!

*Mrs. Astrup/Ucinski. She was one of my favorite teachers. We became great friends. I'm glad I met her! And I remember she brought her puppies to school. They were soooo cute! She was a great joker, too.

*Another PE memory-we were gonna play softball, and I look over and see Nick, twirling the bat. (That's how I knew he could twirl things) So I walk over to him and ask him how he does it. He showed me, and told me to try it. Well, I walk to the coach and try to do what he did. Well, a day earlier I was at my old school's courtyard and really hit my leg hard against a bench. (The dent is still there-after what-2 months? And it still hurts!) Well, while I was trying to twirl it, the bat swung against my leg right where the bump was. Boy, did that hurt. My whole leg was on fire. Then, while I was in pain, they said it was my turn to bat. I'm like "great." That was the only time I ever asked Nick to show me how to twirl something, and now I can't for some reason.

*There was this house with 2 horses on the way to school, and after I saw Hidalgo, I noticed one horse looked like Hidalgo, so I named him Hidalgo. The other I named Snowmane. I looked forward too seeing them everyday.

*The band. The 7th and 8th graders played when I had writing-Mon, Wed, and Fri. I mostly didn't pay attention to what thay played cause it was kinda annoying, but then they played a song that got stuck in my head every time I heard it. Well, I asked the band teacher what song it was and he said 1812 Overture. I liked the song everytime they played it.

*Found out one of my teachers was 30 something and had gray hair and arthritis. Her face was pale. She looked more like 60.

*Yesterday, there was a "Field day" and we got to go on a waterslide. That was fun!

*Speech. In the middle of the year I had to go to speech cause I have Asperger syndrome. I've had speech since 3rd grade, and all my teachers were cool. Well, this one was *horrible!* She treated me like a baby and did other things too many to name. I might have her next year...AHHHHHHH!!! *times 1 billion*

*PUDDING!! LOL, that arose when one of my friends said that and my other friend, Kayleigh, burst out laughing. Soon, everyone burst out laughing when someone said that at random. Then there was monkey tequila. Someone was hyper or something, and laughing hard, and someone said, "breathe, in, out, monkey tequila." It stuck.

*My 1st fencing tournament. Well, I got 3rd place, and someone hung up a piccy of me and others in the tournament, and everyone knew about it. I suddenly became famous.

*Genna. WAY too hyper and liked to flash me in the bathroom when we were changing out for PE. I soon learned not to look in her direction when she said "look, Heather" LOL

Well, that's all the memories I can think of now. If I think of anymore I'll post them. *sigh*


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