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When mom was here Jody and Ruth (we knew them and their kids at UA and used to fence them..the kids that is) invited mom to lunch and now they've invited me! I've been wanting to go haha. We may go next week

Yesterday was Ryan's first day of high school..he gets out at 2 something and has 12 minute passing periods..well that means you gotta be at school at like 7 something and 12 minutes is just like 2 minutes from what I there :P

For some reason I'm determined to be less controlling..maybe I don't wanna mess up more friendships and wanna fix what I did to Kathryn..

ohio )

Today's Latin: terminus a quo (the earliest possible starting point)
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School starts in a week..oh my haha. At least I don't have to go every day. I still have to get my books though. I guess I am kinda excited to see what it's they penalize you if you're late to class haha?

Do I have a certain "look" about me? Kathryn looks elegant, Dana looks like a surfer girl (and my half sister) but what about me? Am I just normal haha?

north carolina and dakota )

Today's Latin: nec vitia nostra nec remidia pati possumus (we can endure neither our vices nor the remedy for them)


Aug. 5th, 2007 09:52 am
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Man I was feeling guilty yesterday for not being a great friend to Kathryn..for what she said about my past..I'm wondering if our break will last like two years..was our friendship mostly fake? Unless she really needs me should I leave her? I want her to be able to say anything to me without me like freaking out or something (ahhh that was hard to write)

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Today's Latin: optima mors Parca quae venit apta die (the best death is that which comes on the day chosen by Fate)
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Kathryn and I are taking a break from talking on IM for awhile. We're gonna still read each other's LJs and leave comments though. I treated her badly in the past..she told me the absolute truth about sounded like what happened with Amanda. Man how could I be such a bad person? But she forgave me when I apologized..and she apologized for hurting almost made me cry! And to everyone else I've annoyed/hurt, I hope you can forgive me too. All this started with a conversation with Dana..I wasn't totally truthful in it though. I wanna be a good person again..but I can't let my past haunt me. I can't change it and I'm different'll make me guitly, depressed, etc if I dwell on it. Dana..please help me to never let this happen to us..don't let me control you..I think you should be able to say what you want to me and even curse. I'm NOT messing up another friendship again (but of course we could disagree with each other and maybe fight but that's somewhat normal). Why do I usually have to learn my lessons the hard way?

Today's Latin: odor lucri (the smell of money)
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It's Frank DellaPenna's birthday today! Yaaay haha

"Adulruna Redibiba" is the best Therion song ever..OMG it's so beautiful and awesome..and 13 minutes long haha

I listened to most of Epica by Kamelot's definitely not as good as The Black Halo (except there's Luca haha). Interlude I (Omen) is's sung in Latin mmm..

kathryn and i's convo while watching fotr..yay nerds! haha )

Today's Latin: nil novi sub sole (nothing new under the sun)
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I bought a permanent account haha..I'm crazy, no?

I watched Apocalypto was somewhat disturbing but good..of course Mel Gibson has to put gory stuff in it haha

Kathryn's computer is fixed! Huzzah haha

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Today's Latin: deliras (you're nuts)


Jun. 21st, 2007 09:59 am
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Mom's back surgery went well..we visited her in the hospital after she woke up. Hopefully the surgery fixed her problem

I've talked to Kathryn on the phone more times this week then in two months haha..I had a dream her computer was fixed..maybe God's telling me it is?

Happy first day of summer..THE DAY I WAS DRIVEN TO CARCASSONNE *dies*

Today's Latin: noli ludere alimento (don't play with your food)
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Group counceling was funnn haha..the councelor and speach teacher (and other people) sang and rocked out to Bohemian Rhapsody for my graduation present..luckily it was a moment where I was feeling outgoing enough to participate and headbang..that was my last counceling meeting there *tear* Maybe there will be a good councelor in college I could talk to...people who say counceling is for babies is so wrong..

We watched Napoleon Dynamite in Latin class (didn't finish it though)..haha I kinda like it *hides from Kathryn*

Whoaaa two days of school left..

Today's Latin: o di immortales (good heavens)
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It shows Kathryn is online but she's not answering...I wonder why...well in two weeks I'm getting my hair dyed red! Yay! I'm trying to keep it a secret at school even though I'd get major attention (I think I would anyway though)

In BCIS we had a project where we had to create businesses...mine was Ellipsoidal Enterprises which sold ellipsoidal stage lights (the light in my userpic). People really liked was surprising haha. But something funny is there was a question on the evaluation sheet (we had to evaluate the projects) that asked "would you invest your money in this company?" and someone said "no, I don't visit places I can't pronounce." Hahaha

Today's Latin: mirabile dictu (wonderful to say)
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There were tornadoes in the city I live in yesterday! They didn't come where I live but were near Caitlin's house...Kathryn said she saw it on the news...suddenly the town who practically no one knows about is famous. Of course the weather interrupted House..

Group counceling was sooo good today...yay Caitlin and Ilyssa for giving good advice!

OMG I was nominated for Jammin' Jags AGAIN...haha this is my third time to be nominated! Someone really likes me ;)

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Today's Latin: me valde oblectavi (I had a grand time)
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I'm scared for Kathryn...her sister did something really scary (dunno if Kathryn would want me to tell what she did) and I was hoping I'd hear from her from her LJ yesterday or today but I haven't yet (she has dress rehearsals for the musical she's in so she's busy). I wanna know if everything's ok..

Maaaan I have three movies to watch from Blockbuster..Beowulf and Grendel (with Gerard Butler!), V for Vendetta, and Tora! Tora! Tora!

We watched this video in government about the Constitution and this guy could read Latin when he was 11 years old!! *cries*

Today's Latin: magnos homines virtute metimur, non fortuna (we measure great men by their virtue, not by their fortune)
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Answer the following questions honestly; nobody else needs to see this if you don’t want them to! Rate yourself for the following questions 0-5 (0 worst, 5 the best).

..:Physical Characteristics::.

Eye color: 3
Eye shape: 3
Hair color: 4
Hair style: 4
Skin: 3
Body shape: 2
Legs (upper): 2
Legs (lower): 2
Arms: 3
Feet: 3
Face shape: 3
Nose: 3
Lips: 3
Chin: 2
Hands: 3
Chest: 3
Ears: 3
read onnn )

Wow that was a good survey Kathryn..very professional!

This weekend is a 4 day weekend!!

Today's Latin: iube tuos colloqui cum meis (have your people talk to my people)


Mar. 20th, 2007 12:05 pm
glacier_kitty: (Default) I am in England..while Kathryn's still majorly stressed and hating life. Not fair..she deserves a good life. But I'm taking lots of pics like she and Dana told me to. I wish I could talk to Kathryn or something

*goes to look for London's subway history*
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Is it bad that my life is basically good right now? I mean mad things happen of course..but Kathryn's life just seems horrible right now and it doesn't seem right. I stress about stupid small things while she has tons of things to be stressed about. What did she do so wrong? And her boyfriend may not come and I REALLY want him to cause I don't wanna see her crushed! You know if Latin was taken away from me for Kathryn to be happy I'd do that. She things she's immature and she's the farthest from being immature ever! She's one of the most amazing people I've ever met. If other people can't see that then they have problems..

Today's Latin: bonis quod bene fit haud perit (whatever is done for good men is never done in vain)

"Still on my own, chasing the sun of a time long ago, the shade in my heart, tearing apart everything that I long for"--"The Fallen One," HammerFall
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Yesterday mom and I went on a walk (to get ready for London but it felt good anyway) and got cool pics...I shall post them here

I haven't seen Kathryn since Friday *cries* And Dana even longer but I bet she's having fun in Europe ;)

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Today's Latin: amor caecus est (love is blind)

"The heart's a righteous wind that comes to fill the sail, for the glory of the king we fight to stay alive, by the power of the will, the spirit to survive, to be king"--"King," Manowar
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Ok two days ago Caitlin was waiting for me by the school's library and almost immediately started snapping at me and being grouchy. I told her and she blamed it on ME and said I was in a bad mood. Grrr. Since then she's hardly talked to me and looked at me like "go away." And today I saw her laughing and happy with her other friends. Does she not wanna be my friend anymore? I wanna know what's going on..

This entry inspired by Kathryn..

Today's Latin: injuria non excusat injuriam (injury doesn't excuse injury)

"High above the rainbow and in the tarn deep in the wood you'll find the elves, follow their light, it's brighter than the sun, it makes you fly"--"Ljusalfheim," Therion
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Happy 16th birthday Kathryn! I hope it's awesome haha *has SoBe and popcorn in your honor*

We watched Shrek 2 in technical's funny haha

1. Would you rather have a fun job that doesn't pay well or a boring job that does? I want a job that I like
2. Would you sacrifice your morals for a job? No!
3. Would you ever take a job that requires you to be in costume? Oh yes!
4. What is your fantasy job? Ooooh I'm not sure
5. Would you like fries with that? Yesss

Today's Latin: graviora quaedem sunt remedia periculis (some remedies are worse than the disease)

"Shades of weathered statues made with hands that carved precious marble, through the gothic portal she walks"--"Too Late," Dreamquest
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I'm gonna see TSO today!!! I hope it's awesome like last year!

I opened Kathryn's present yesterday...she got me a shirt that says "rock and roll never dies" and it has a crown on it (definitely wearing it to school Monday). She also sent me a small cannon and an epic gargoyle pen she got at The Tower of London (I love that place). I'm gonna bring the pen to school too. Thanks Kathryn *thumbs up*

a survey about the summer of 2006.. )

Today's Latin: nunc aut nunquam (now or never)

"The dream is alive, I can run up the hills every night, go around and see another side of the tree. Freedom has a meaning for me, howl with me"--"The Cage," Sonata Arctica


Dec. 15th, 2006 04:53 pm
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Mom's back from DC! She bought me some shirts from there. I'm definitely glad she's back

We're watching Hope Floats in's good so far. The teacher said she cries in some parts and she offered some of the men tissues...haha ;)

I got Kathryn's Christmas present...yay!

Friday five:
1) Who was your first crush? (Celebrity or average) Orlando Bloom
2) Who do you currently have a crush on now? Luca Turilli, Nick
3) Have you ever become so obsessed with a crush, you went to extreme measures to find out everything about him/her? No
4) Has your crush ever turned out to be your future girlfriend/boyfriend? No
5) Did a best friend ever turn into more than just a friend? No

Today's Latin: nihil novi sub sole (there's nothing new under the sun)

"So I began to trust my instinctive feelings to live in truth and harmony, one day you realize it's right before your eyes, truth is the key to inspiration"--"Fight," Gamma Ray
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Today is Pearl Harbor Remembrance's also Dana's and my school principal's birthday. I hope they have good birthdays! *throws confetti*

We're reading The Importance of Being Ernest in's boring. I bet Kathryn would like it cause it's victorian and it's written elegantly. Not my style though. Part of the play was in Spider-man 2 (me and my weird trivia facts I know...haha)

Crystal hasn't been at school for two days *cries*

Today's Latin: cogita ante salis (think before you leap)

"May your heart be strong and true, for life's a gift of love to you, in my visions I have seen the world of mystery"--"Revelation," Gamma Ray


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