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Like a lot of other people, I made a Dreamwidth account (same name). I don't think anything will happen to LJ (I would die!!), but a backup is always a good idea. I've been here since 2004 and would be devastated if I lost everything. I'll definitely keep using LJ though, it's the best! I'm sure the Russians would love my endless posts about Cherry LOL, so not too worried about security stuff either :P

Yesterday and today the weather was finally decent enough to go hiking! Yesterday we went to a place with giant boulders (I like that boulder. That is a nice boulder. Haha) and explored and found a couple geocaches (before that, we'd only found one on this trip! It's pretty hard to geocache when others in your group don't care about it lol)

Today we went to a place about an hour south of Payson. Mom decided to go down there because it's warmer and Ryan's super cold blooded (even today, in the 60 degree weather, his hands were still cold!). Except Ryan was like "I don't wanna drive and go out to eat and geocache etc etc." Ugh, he's one of the least fun people I've ever met..it's really frustrating! He just wants to stay home and watch TV. Meh. He did go anyway though. The weather was sunny and the perfect temperature for hiking. We were in the desert, and all the holes made by burrowing animals (snakes?) were creepy. O_o I kept feeling like something was going to bite me at any moment haha. It was a nice hike though (I think we did 3 or 4 miles maybe) and we found 13 geocaches!! (Sorry Ryan, we can't pass them up when they're right by the trail lol.) The mountains were so beautiful on the drive back to Payson. <3 So nice to see the sun again!!

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Hi from New Mexico! On Monday we drove there..it was finally a beautiful day, yay! Ryan was all stressing out and saying how he had to ~talk to people~ if he went and stuff..so irritating, ugh. He's not the best person to travel with, but he has ended up having a great time so far I think (shh don't tell him though ;)). On the way we stopped at the Painted Desert and the Petrified Forest..such beautiful and interesting places! We just continued on to Santa Fe after that..it was so nice seeing everyone again!! The last time I saw my cousin Joelle (almost 10 years ago) she was like one or two years old and now she's 13! She said she didn't remember me, but that's alright, she was too young lol (Jessalyn said she remembered me though). Cindy and Dean made margaritas and Gina was like "I am SO happy you can drink with us now, I've been waiting years for this!" I felt the same way haha, it was nice lol. We had dinner and talked and I think just went to bed (it's been a busy few days, it's hard to remember everything haha)

Tuesday was a beautiful day, so we went hiking at Tent Rocks, which is a slot canyon with formations from volcanic eruptions. It was my first time in a slot canyon, and it was AWESOME. It was so cool!! I'll describe it more with my pics (easier lol). Very unique! After that we hung out at the house and then went to dinner at a Mexican restaurant that (except for the chips) wasn't very good at all..wtf, we're in New Mexico! Mexican food in *Fairbanks* is better than the food at that restaurant! Ew. After that we looked at the Christmas lights downtown (pretty!) and went home and did our White Elephant (we also called it Dirty Santa haha) gift exchange. Funnn..there's been LOTS of laughing these past few days lol. I stole this glowstick thingy, a tiara and chocolate covered cherries from mom ("CHERRY!!" *hugs it*). Gina called me Queen Cherry haha (yep, everyone knows all about Cherry now LOL). After that we decorated gingerbread cookies and went to bed (so tired!! Having fun is exhausting :P)

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And here's me reciting (from memory!) the last passage (one of the best) of The Worst Journey in the World! I hope I don't look dumb, but I think it's pretty good myself ;)
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On Sunday we drove to the start of the trail to the cabin..we were worried there wouldn't be enough snow on the trail since most of the way there was barely any snow at all. There were spots with no snow, but we managed. That hike was HARD..everyone kept postholing and falling over. Ingrid carried a heavy bundle of firewood a lot of the way since Bonnie's sled was so heavy..I was impressed, that thing was heavy and Ingrid's almost 70! It took us three hours to get to the cabin..it was so nice getting in there and starting a fire and having dinner lol. That cabin has AMAZING views of the Alaska Range and is right near a lake..it was the perfect spot for a cabin! It was so hard sleeping..I was on the top bunk and it was SUPER hot and there was some snoring..

..buut we all made it to Monday morning, though none of us felt super great lol..mom said she felt like she got run over by a truck (pulling that sled looked hard!!). We lazed around by the fire and had breakfast and then went for a hike..the mountains were SO beautiful..it's scenes like that which make me love Alaska. I'm surprised we didn't see any moose since there were lots of droppings around. Eventually I reached my limit so mom and I turned back..I'm always nervous hiking or geocaching with Bonnie since she never seems to want to stop lol. I think she and Ingrid hiked 6 miles, they were gone a long time! They saw caribou though, nice! I need to get in better shape lol..mom said I did well anyway though. We got a text from Bonnie's friend Christine that she was gonna join us for the night..we played Apples to Apples while we waited for her..that game is so fun lol. She got there earlier than expected, probably because she wasn't pulling a sled lol. After she got there we had dinner..mmm pasta. After dinner everyone else played Yahtzee while I just lazed in bed lol (I hate Yahtzee, too many numbers and thinking lol). It was too hot on the top bunk again, so I moved down to mom's bunk (luckily there's room for two people!). We also opened the window for awhile, which helped. We didn't start the fire again, so I was too cold the rest of the night..no happy medium I guess. :P Christine also snored like crazy..eventually I did sleep though

Today we had breakfast and then packed up and left..I was dreading the hike back, but it was soooo much easier than when we hiked up..it was early enough (10:05) that the snow was thicker and there was pretty much no postholing (we saw our deep tracks from before though, poor us!! Haha). Those two miles took exactly an hour..we took a break and took pics by the Pipeline and then continued down, which took maybe 30 minutes. We were all glad it was so easy lol. We stopped in Delta Junction for food and then continued home..weirdly enough, we didn't stop for any geocaches (we did stop for one on the way up though). Taking a shower and a nap in my bed felt amazing lol. I'm glad I went, it was fun! It was nice to get home, but I usually still feel a pang of sadness returning to "real life" haha. I'll post pictures soon!


Aug. 29th, 2015 09:54 pm
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Yesterday we drove to Denali..it was sooo cold and windy..ugh. Our hotel suite is AWESOME though..it's more like an apartment! I think after we settled in we looked in a couple shops, had dinner (best sourdough bread EVER *drools*) and then relaxed at the hotel

Today the weather was even worse than yesterday..cold, windy, rainy and SNOWY..like, a full on snowstorm. Ugh wtf. We still went hiking at Savage River (mom and I hiked there before, it's really pretty). It was a two mile hike round-trip. It's amazing how much my special shoes help when I hike now..I don't feel like I'm flailing and tripping all the time (mom noticed too!). I'm amazed just a pair of shoes helps my ankle problems! On the drive back to the hotel we saw two moose! A lot of people got out of their car to take pictures, which isn't really a good idea, especially if it's a mom and her calf! I wasn't even comfortable being that close in the car..eesh. You could definitely tell the mama moose was alert and a little stressed. We had lunch at the hotel, went to a bunch of the shops (I got a really cool opal vein rock!!), had dinner (the snow was REALLY coming down now), looked in more shops and now we're relaxing

Tomorrow we're going to Girdwood and staying at a ski resort (mom and I stayed there once a few years ago). The forecast says it's supposed to be CLEAR down there and other places we want to go to down south. It BETTER be, I am soooo tired of the rain and cold. I don't know what is up with the weather in the Interior, but I can't wait to get out of it and see the sun!!
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Today was our last day in Switzerland. :( :( We went up another mountain in a gondola and went hiking through meadows and tamarack forests and cool scenery. Mom and I did the moderate hike this time. It didn't seem too bad at first, but then we hiked up this huge hill to a restaurant..owww. Soo tiring. Dave (the guy we went to the cathedral with) is ALWAYS in front way ahead no matter the terrain, if we're going up and down or have been walking for hours. That man is a MACHINE haha..the group nicknamed him "Mr. Speedy." :P It was nice to eat at the restaurant after that awful hill haha. After lunch we walked all the way back to the gondola and went down. When you got down you could hike up to this gorge if you wanted to. I didn't exactly want to since I was already tired and sore, but mom was going so I did too. It was uphill again..I didn't think I would make it, but I did. The gorge was pretty..lots of water rushing by haha. Then we walked back to the bus station (it was rather far from the hotel so we took the bus there). Most people decided to walk back but there was no way I was..my feet were KILLING me and I was just so tired. While waiting for the bus this cute kitty appeared and got up on a wooden railing thing by us! I pet it and it purred and looked happy! Awwww..I've so missed the sound of a purring cat. <3 It was so nice to relax at the hotel haha. I'm definitely sore :P

I'm so sad this is our last day in Switzerland. :( Besides getting sick, this vacation was AWESOME. I absolutely love Switzerland and must come back! The group we came with were so nice and caring..I'll miss them too. I hope to add some of them on Facebook! Tomorrow we take the train back to London and mom and I will spend a few more days at grandma's house before going home (Wisconsin seems like it was a long time ago by now :P)
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Today we went hiking around Oeschinen Lake ("Oeschinensee" in German). The weather finally changed and it rained on us a couple times. Ah well, that's what rain jackets are for. :P There was a hard hike that looked like it went really close to glaciers on the map..it would have been cool, but I didn't want to crash like I did yesterday, and mom wasn't really feeling well, so we took the easy hike haha. We took a gondola up the mountain and walked up to the lake. It was really nice to be walking out in nature and not being on trains all day! The lake is glacier fed and SUPER gorgeous! The mountains with glaciers you can see in town are right near the lake..nicee. Our guide was very knowledgeable about the area and had great stories to tell. We walked around the lake and had lunch at a restaurant overlooking the lake. When we left to go back to town the guide said we could take the gondola back or walk down..we all chose to walk down (taking the gondola would have felt like cheating haha). We walked through lovely forests and by streams and the sun even came out. It was so nice! I'm glad I did the easy hike cause I could tell I was at my limit when I got back. Mom and I were super lazy and laid in bed till dinner haha. I needed that though, I felt a lot better and more energized! I hope that's a good sign for feeling better tomorrow. We want to try to do the harder hike tomorrow..evil sickness go away! Haha

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Today mom and I went hiking up to Eielson Tower, at the top of the hill mom lives on. I'd never been up there, but mom's always saying she went up there with dad or Laurie. This morning mom was like "you ARE going up to the tower with me today" haha. It was chilly, but still a nice day. It's at least a mile to the tower, possibly more. It's a nice workout without feeling like you're gonna die haha

Tomorrow my parents and I are going to Valdez! Mom checked the weather earlier and it said "clear" for Monday..immediately mom called the Lu-Lu Belle (a tour boat) and booked a trip haha (that is also how she bribed me to go to the tower :P). She found a hotel too. Most spontaneous trip EVER haha. I took the Lu-Lu Belle the first time I went to Valdez..it's a great tour. They try to go up to Columbia Glacier (last time there were too many icebergs). I've seen videos lately where people have been able to get to the face..that would be AWESOME. I bet it calves a LOT since it's retreating so fast. I hope it's sunny too!

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Yesterday we got up earlyish, had breakfast, then drove to my apartment so I could get my hiking boots and stuff. Mom's coworker Troy (who relieved her at Northway) and his wife Ashley met us there. We all got in his truck and he drove us there. The smoke in Fairbanks was REALLY bad..probably the worst it's been..ew. At Eielson AFB we saw this huge smoke plume! I was surprised, it hadn't been like that the day before! I later read the fire had grown and was now over 40,000 acres! They're saying it's zero percent contained..they're working hard but it's proving hard to work with..yikes! Thankfully we left the smoke behind after we passed Eielson. It was gorgeous, I was so happy seeing the snow covered mountains in the distance. <3 We went to the bathroom and had lunch at a lake near the glacier..there were these birds that seemed unhappy we were there and we saw a dead baby bird on a rock. Its mom was standing over it and a couple birds were standing nearby..they got angry at us if we got too close. Aww, they were in mourning! :( One actually divebombed Ashley, it was funny haha. We continued to the glacier down that crazy rocky road haha. We parked and started hiking! It was chilly but fine when you were moving. This hike was better than the first time I hiked to it since then I had just started Paxil and was feeling sick, plus I was disappointed I couldn't walk on the glacier. I was much happier this time haha, though it was still really annoying and hard walking over rocks the whole time. I was curious to see how much the glacier had receded, and it definitely had quite a bit..aww. :( As we got closer we saw a bunch of people on the glacier! We talked to one guy and said if you went around the bend you could get on the glacier from an ice bridge..yay! (Why I couldn't walk on it before, the ice bridge had melted) He said it was a lot of walking though. Another guy said he got up on the glacier and there was a nice view and it was well worth it. It was definitely a lot of walking..I think it was over three miles just to get to the face of the glacier. But we all made it and crossed the ice bridge to the glacier, fulfilling my dream of like 4 years to walk on it. :D It was pretty cool, and not even that hard to walk on! I got some fresh glacier water (yummm) to take home. We wanted to crest the top of the glacier but we soon saw that distances are deceptive and you'd probably have to hike a long way..the glacier is bigger than you think! We had already hiked so far and not everyone was comfortable going further, so we turned back. I was not looking forward to the long hike back haha (my feet were killing me!). Buuut we made it back fine..I'm surprised how well I did! Mom called it glacier fever haha. I was definitely proud of myself. I was sooo sore though. It was AT LEAST a 6 or 7 mile hike, maybe even 8. Woww. We drove back (Alaskan problems..putting your sun visor down at 10 PM :P), had dinner at Delta Junction and drove home. Luckily the wind was blowing the smoke somewhere else. My feet and ankles are quite sore today haha..but it was certainly worth it. :D Now pics, they're pretty awesome! (I borrowed mom's camera haha)

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Pretty forest

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Sunday hike

Sep. 3rd, 2012 02:44 pm
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Well yesterday was an adventure. The other day dad found hiking trails on top of the hill behind mom's house and near an airport. Yesterday we decided to hike there again. It's pretty nice (the trails are even named!). I didn't even know all that was there haha. We eventually descended a steep hill to O'Connor Creek..I was so not looking forward to going back up. We followed this overgrown trail in the valley till we found a decent one that headed back up (my arm got mauled by a plant and my shoes got soaked and dirty haha). That last hill was a killer..I can walk on flat ground for miles but when you add a hill..I'm done. But I drug myself up and when we got back to the airport..it rained on us. Haha jeez. My arm felt numb when I dried it off at the house. I really don't know how far we walked..3 or 4 miles? I was SO hungry when we got back haha..we went to Ivory Jack's which was amazing. :P I didn't get a chance up upload all my pics before I went back to my apartment so I'll post them when I'm back at mom's house

Uncle Carl has prostate cancer. :/ They did catch it early though and he's gonna have surgery soon. I hope he'll be ok..

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Would you rather go to school one day wearing only your tight white underwear or after being sprayed by a skunk? After being sprayed by a skunk..hopefully I could find perfume or something haha

Today's trivia: A male sand grouse soaks himself in water, then flies back to the nest so his chicks can drink from his feathers
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Today I went hiking at Angel Rocks with a few of my coworkers. It was pretty but REALLY tiring cause a lot of it was uphill..my heart felt like it was gonna pound out of my chest. :P Ugh I'm so out of shape haha. We didn't go all the way to the top but we still had a great view of the nice green hills and the Chena River. Round trip it was 3.5 miles and the hill was 1,750 feet. I shall explain more with my pics

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Would you rather be allowed to eat only asparagus flavored ice cream or only broccoli cake? Broccoli cake..ewww

Today's trivia: Elephants, lions and camels roamed Alaska 12,000 years ago
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Last night Ron made a fire and we all sat around it..there was a lovely sunset and eventually the fireflies came out. We didn't have them in Texas so I'm always amazed when they come out. I love them. We were hyper and weird when we went inside haha. We also looked at the stars since I haven't seen them in like 2 months haha

Today is our last day in Wisconsin. *sniff* I really miss Abby but it'll still be sad to leave. We went hiking on the ice age kettle moraine trail. It was 3 miles long. The forest was lovely and full of rocks the glacier left behind. I was definitely hurting and feeling dizzy too. I got bitten by mosquitoes and Teresa got stung by a bee! We though it was funny cause we were just falling apart haha. We didn't have to walk all the way back cause this nice lady came along and said she'd drive Ron to where his car was so he could pick us up. I'm so out of shape :P

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Before I talk about the hike..grandma died early this morning. I'm thinking it was peacefully in her sleep cause she was basically just sleeping before she died. Hopefully she's in a better place now. Well..yesterday we drove to Gulkana Glacier. The whole week I was obsessing over the weather..it said rain and stuff but mom had checked the weather at work and was confident it would get better in the afternoon as soon as we got to the glacier haha. It was raining and cloudy when we drove there but mom was still confident. We met up with Carol and it was misting on us and a cloud was coming over the glacier but the mist didn't last long. Basically the whole way we walked on glacial moraines. Let me tell you..they were rocky the WHOLE way and I got tired of walking on rocks after a minute haha. We had to cross a suspension bridge over a creek to get to the glacier. That bridge was FUN haha. Everyone else was like "OMG THIS IS SCARY" and I was like "THIS IS AWESOME!" haha. We got to the glacier..and it became sunny..like almost exactly mom said it would. And when we left there were clouds all around..except where we were..that gave me CHILLS. Whoaaa. We weren't able to walk on the glacier cause the ice bridge to get to it had melted. I was like "what?!" cause I was coming thinking we'd be able to walk on it. But there really wasn't any way to get on it without killing yourself. The creeks were TOO rushing and wide, the rocks on the glacial silt were too unstable to climb on (as I found out haha), and even if you did get across the creeks the terminal moraines were too steep and possibly unstable to walk on. Oh well. We sat on the rocks for a bit until a falling rock threatened to hit us..it might have if it didn't hit another rock and stop. We decided to leave then. :P We walked back in the warmth, got dinner at Delta Junction and drove home. Mom saw 5 moose and I saw 4! Wow haha

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Today's trivia: In medieval England jurors weren't fed until they reached a decision
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Wowww..today was absolutely gorgeous. It was sunny and actually got into the 70s again!! I had a GORGEOUS view of the mountains this morning. We had to sit by the river of course haha..gotta soak up the heat before winter. :P Fairbanks has some of the best summer weather I've seen..

The glacier hike is a go. :D Yay!

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Today's trivia: Talking with your mouth full expels taste molecules and diminishes the taste of food
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I got an email today that unless the forecast took a turn for the worst Carol (glacier hike/Ester Dome hike leader) will lead the glacier hike this Saturday!! Right now the forecast says mostly cloudy and highs near 60. Eeee!

Here's the list of license plates I've written down so far. The bolded ones were ones not in Fairbanks:

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Today's trivia: Napoleon Bonaparte, a Frenchman, designed the flag of Italy


Aug. 11th, 2009 05:36 pm
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Hi Heather,
Well, the hike to the glacier is a go...this coming Saturday (Aug 15). I hope that is still good with you. I'm posting it on the hiking club listserve to invite anyone else. It's probably going to be the Gulkana glacier, but Don is checking into another nearby glacier that we can all climb on and around and really check it out

AHH!! YAY! Haha I got that message last night and I about died. :P I texted mom not exactly expecting her to be up since it was late but she was (well..she was tossing and turning) and so I just called her haha. She said we can go. :D :D AHH!!

I saw a fox walking down the driveway yesterday! Wow haha

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Today's trivia: The original idea for steak knives derived from shark teeth
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Today we went hiking in a place near North Pole. The mosquitoes were CRAZY. There was a view at the end but not the best. Maybe if you looked real close you could see the Tanana River haha. I got pics but I left my camera in the car so I'll post them tomorrow or when I have time

Tomorrow I'm going on the riverboat Discovery on the Chena and possibly Tanana River (we'll see the confluence at least) and a tour of a gold mine..and then on Thursday after work we're going to Denali and staying there till Saturday!

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Starring: A Russian Christmas tradition akin to Christmas caroling, popular in many Native villages. Singing groups carry a star to each home, and are often invited in for traditional Christmas cookies
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There's this group that goes hiking around Fairbanks and stuff and mom and I decided to join them. We hiked on Ester Dome..it was soooo awesome and gorgeous!! The view of the hills, Fairbanks, the mountains, etc..*drools* There was a dead moose too..aw. The leader person said we'll try to go to Canwell Glacier sometime!! OMGGGG. :D I took pics and I shall post them tomorrow

I went to the family practice doctor today too..the doctor said I should try counseling before giving me medicine and gave me a list of counselors to call. My blood results all came back normal too. The doctor was sort of cute too hehe

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Potlatch: A big party, with gifts, food, and dancing, sponsored by Alaska's Southeastern Indian to demonstrate his wealth. The term has come to be applied to most any Native celebration


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