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(Wow, that was quick lol.) Aww. I think Abby and Greyboy are like..the only cats ever that don't care about boxes haha

Speaking of Abby..
 photo 15589711_1510447252313758_8200715269243786388_n_zpsizf9anox.jpeg
I love snuggling with her! <3

2. an electrical outlet )
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That is totally Greyboy, he loves being under the covers for whatever reason haha :P

Day 16-Handwrite whatever you want, filling up the whole piece of paper )

Today's trivia: The Castilian and Burgundian flags of Spain, the Mexican flag, the Confederate flag, and the flag of the United States have all flown over the land area that has become Arizona
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 photo 14067507_1360228014002350_7486507985747074057_n_zpsffc3ixl5.jpg
I love how crazy Greyboy gets when he's high on catnip :P

And I can't resist this meme since The Worst Journey in the World is the closest to me right now haha (I told mom she HAD to read it, so she took it to her house and I found it on a table next to me lol): Grab the closest book to you and open to a random page, what's the most beautiful quote you can find?

I'm..not sure how out of all the pages I turned to this one, but this is exactly what I was talking about when I talked about how great friends Apsley Cherry-Garrard (*shivers* I love typing his name!!) and his companions were:

'You've got it in the neck, stick it, you've got it in the neck'--it was always running in my head.
And we did stick it. How good the memories of those days are. With jokes about Birdie's picture hat: with songs we remembered off the gramophone: with ready words of sympathy for frost-bitten feet: with generous smiles for poor jests: with suggestions of happy beds to come. We did not forget the Please and Thank You, which means much in such circumstances, and and the little links with decent civilization which we could still keep going. I'll swear there was still a grace about us when we staggered in. And we kept our tempers--even with God

Wow. Great friendship like that is hard to come by! This actually made me super emotional. (Now I'M thinking that weird "stick it" saying, like when I push a cart full of books lol.) Very amazing and inspiring <3

I was reading old surveys from the end of last year and the beginning of this year, and wow I could see how depressed I had become! I can't believe I waited so long to get help!

Name something beautiful )
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 photo 12651048_1180552918636528_5561386311915441970_n_zpst7cpmcff.jpg
Greyboy don't usually snuggle with me (Ryan's his favorite person lol), but for some reason he has a lot this cute hehe

 photo 12512721_1180552981969855_7342009347495813962_n_zpsod2uscas.jpg

Hi new friends! Hopefully I'm not boring :P

Day #21: Favorite sequel )
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I couldn't resist posting this pic of Greyboy from this weekend lol..all stretched out and cozy! He loves burrowing under blankets, it's so adorable. <3 Some things I'd love to photograph would be the glaciers and volcanoes in Iceland, Margerie Glacier, the Red Tide, etc

Day #15: Your favorite kiss )

Today's trivia: The Hollywood Walk of Fame has a star for three dogs: Lassie, Rin Tin Tin, and Strongheart
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 photo 11058268_1043895088968979_9091531054463070141_n_zpsqlh9gaoc.jpg
It's so cute how Greyboy likes to burrow under the covers hehe <3

Day 29: Something that you used to hate, but don’t hate it so much anymore )
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 photo 10411826_1030223860336102_1778908027543111459_n_zpsy3tekizv.jpg

 photo 11148774_1030224077002747_212862608448629174_n_zpseiieqkrv.jpg

Ugh it's too hot (all the cats probably agree lol). Monday it's supposed to be 68 with a chance of rain, but then it's just gonna get hot again..bleh. I hope no crazy fires start up D:

Day 15: Something that everyone else loves but you hate )
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Merry Christmas! I hope you guys are having fun and got good gifts! I got:

Money and cards from relatives
A couple "all weather" pens for geocaching that write in extreme heat/cold, upside down, etc
Geocatching pathtags (you can collect them)
A cat lamp
A cat mat
A little fake kitty
An gift card from Dana
A gift card to Barnes and Noble and an espresso place (Ryan regifted them to me haha..hopefully the place has smoothies :P)

Yay, good gifts! I hope I'm not forgetting anything haha. Here are some pics!

cats love christmas too :P )
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 photo 1528514_933209860037503_363333001763456534_n_zps1d448c1c.jpg
I'm surprised they didn't try to kill each other haha (Abby definitely hissed and growled though :P). Probably the closest they'll ever get to snuggling :P

It was -4 today, but mom and I went geocaching anyway haha. Subzero caching ftw :P

Day 9: What are you doing for Christmas this year? )
glacier_kitty: (glacier - margerie) it! Reminds me of Greyboy..he likes to lick his favorite catnip toy haha

day 24: what If you were given a chance to go to the moon, would you go? Why or why not? )

Today's trivia: Scientists have found that bee venom can control the harmful inflammation in joints that leads to rheumatoid arthritis. They have shown the venom contains molecules that cause an increase in natural hormones in the body that regulate inflammation. Bee Sting Therapy, in which patients endure hundreds of stings by bees in the hope of getting better, is often used as a form of alternative medicine to treat a range of conditions such as asthma and multiple sclerosis
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 photo 9d576e63-f28e-48f0-95b0-9066a06f2bdb_zps962f3cf4.jpg
Greyboy and Abby watching the chickadees hehe. It's really amusing to watch them chatter at the birds haha

two more )

Other people went shopping on Black and Bonnie and I went geocaching. Much more fun than getting trampled haha :P

day 19: what if you were given three wishes what would they be? )
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This is soooo Abby haha..she can't stand it when I close the door on her, especially if I've just taken a shower and she wants to drink the leftover water from the tub (she's so weird :P). Greyboy can actually open doors, which is cool but kinda annoying too :P

26. Throwback Thursday: Your happy place )

Today's trivia: The Google homepage loads the fastest out of any other site
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 photo 20141018_143110_zps515963d0.jpg
She looked adorable and I had to get a pic hehe

a few more )
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 photo 10433940_884076658284157_8029682625299047947_n_zps96bcb743.jpg
Looks like winter is here. :P It's pretty though haha

a few more )


Jul. 14th, 2014 02:46 pm
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Aaand my cold turned into a sinus infection..ugh! No wonder I've been slacking on reading and LJ. I told the doctor my teeth hurt sometimes and he was like "yep, you definitely have a sinus infection." He also said if I cough a lot to eat dark chocolate since that suppresses coughs..I did not know that haha. Too bad I hate dark chocolate. :P He prescribed antibiotics and said if I wasn't better in two weeks to call him..he gave me his number on the back of a Band-Aid (still in the wrapper of course) and said it was his business card LOL. Hilarious. :P The antibiotics better work fast..I'm tired of feeling run down!

Yesterday I had Cheetah and Greyboy on my bed..Cheetah does NOT like Greyboy and glared at him, but he was far enough away I guess she tolerated it haha. I don't know why all the cats hate him so much..he's so sweet! Poor guy..

8. Are you a fitness guru or a couch potato? Talk about your exercise habits )

Today's trivia: Nepal has 240 mountains that are higher than 20,000 feet
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 photo 10357193_818328254858998_6395206144823539246_n_zps3eeb9dfe.jpg
I love how her eyes match the grass hehe. I wish I had gotten a pic of her rolling around in the amusing :P

 photo 10456262_818328234859000_2075478781996867992_n_zps21bb2bbc.jpg
His eyes kinda match the grass too. It amuses me how you go outside to give one cat attention the others come running too haha

Today's mom's 59th birthday..her friend Laurie's gonna come over later and make her tacos..yum!

DAY 11: Favorite beverage )
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Wow, it's been in the 70s the last two days! It always amazes me how fast the seasons change here haha. The trees are budding out too (ugh allergies). It's supposed to get cooler next week though (maybe we're having a Chinook..). The kitties are enjoying it too hehe:

 photo 10338776_793043944054096_7529523222789818541_n_zps9ce8dd29.jpg
Cheetah and Snowy saw me giving attention to Abby and were jealous and wanted attention too haha. Greyboy likes to sleep on Ryan's bed during the day and go out at night..being a cat must be so hard :P

Day 29- What Pack Animal would you like to be? )
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 photo 10152497_784444854914005_1560804187345613601_n_zpsbdfd9d3b.jpg
Abby was loving rolling in the catnip in the sun hehe. She was drooling all over the deck. :P I wish I got a pic of Greyboy, he was covered in catnip haha

 photo 10153754_784444868247337_2052575191467596761_n_zps3e62327c.jpg

Day 17- An Animal that would be the most helpful to you )

Today's trivia: Mike Lanier and his twin brother Jim Lanier are the tallest identical twins in the world, born in the United States, and stand 7 feet 6 inches each


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