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Yesterday we arrived at Payson! Getting up at 5 something was totally fun..yuck (you know you've gotten up too early when you put your glasses on and your vision is still blurry LOL). I wish I could have seen Denali or something, but between the darkness, clouds and moisture on the window from the de-icer thingy, I could hardly see anything lol (yeah I know I've flown around it many times, but I never get tired of seeing it :P). When we landed in Anchorage we had to RUN to our next flight, since the plane arrived late in Fairbanks to begin with (they let everyone who was going on that flight get off first..thanks Alaska Airlines, you are awesome!!). I hadn't run that far in years LOL. We made it just in time, phew. The captain of this flight was a woman, heck yeah! She was super awesome and nice and funny. I looked for glaciers after we took off, but I only saw one for sure. I wish I knew which one it was (I couldn't get a good pic with my phone, booo)'s so hard to tell when you're not exactly sure where you are and when everything's so snowy lol. It was pretty big and ended in water though, which was cool. I wanted to see more, but apparently when you fly directly to Phoenix you go over more of the ocean than land (direct to Phoenix is almost 5 hours from Anchorage). On the flight I watched Kubo and the Two Strings (very, VERY good movie) and Ice Age: Collision Course ("the ice is too icy" LOLOL)..pretty ridiculous but still amusing lol. After we landed and got the car and stuff we ate at a yummy barbecue place near Phoenix and then drove up to was cool seeing everyone's Christmas lights! Sleeping was nice lol (Also after I opened Pokemon Go at the airport like 10 Pokemon showed up at once haha..lots of Ekans and Sandshrews here lol..I got at least two new ones, yay! At the BBQ place there were two Pokestops right on top of each other! I'd never seen that before :P)

Except for going to the store, today's been pretty lazy lol. Ryan has a cold, ouch. I hope he doesn't give it to us! Being sick on vacation is awful. The weather's cloudy and it's supposed to snow this weekend..noooo, I came here to ESCAPE the snow, not find more LOL

One thing I love about coming to Payson is reading stuff I wrote when I was a kid and stuff, even if I read it last time I was here lol (dad put a box by my room that had school binders in it..pretty sure I had written on every inch of those things haha). I found a school journal entry that I have to share here:

Feelings about The Diary of Anne Frank: I learned that you should have a positive attitude no matter what situation you are in. Anne Frank always had a positive attitude. Even when she was in the concentration camps she never gave up hope that she would get out of there. While she was in hiding, she never gave up hope that they would go back to their normal lives. I think everyone needs to have a positive attitude like Anne Frank had

Wow..WOW. That's deep for a middle schooler!! I guess I got my positivity from Anne Frank then..there aren't enough "wows" in the world to describe how I felt after reading that..

lastly, some pics! )


Sep. 6th, 2016 04:15 pm
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I saw this picture of Exit Glacier on Facebook (it was taken a couple weeks ago) and I can't believe how much it has receded!

Here's a pic of me by the glacier taken in 2012, standing where it was in 2009:
 photo P6050149.jpg

What it looked like in 2009:
stylin' at exit glacier photo P6210122.jpg

Wow!! You probably can't walk up to the front of it anymore. :( I read all that water is making the glacier erode even faster. So sad, I don't want it to disappear!!

Current feeling )

Today's trivia: Elephants use the skin folds on their backs to crush mosquitoes
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Yesterday mom and I drove home from was even sunnier, if that's even possible lol (weirdly enough, my coworker friend Kathy was also in Valdez this weekend! She went to Columbia Glacier..we both couldn't believe how nice the weather was lol). We had another nice breakfast with Thea and I think her boyfriend's name is Bob. They're fun people lol, I added Thea on Facebook. :P It was sunny the whole way back, which is impressive! I was sad seeing how much Worthington Glacier had retreated when we hiked up there..poor glacier. :( We found a few geocaches on the way back too..nicee. I also spotted Castner Glacier in the Alaska's tricky if you don't know where to look (and if there's snow)..not a fast look either since the trees get in the way, so I'm excited when I spot it lol. I think that glacier is a popular hiking/research spot. Poor Black Rapids Glacier is still there, but you can't see much of it anymore. :( Valdez is absolutely one of my favorite places..even when it's raining it's beautiful. <3 I love that I can take a two or three hour drive and just see glaciers everywhere! It makes me wonder how people can live in big cities and miss out on all that! My pics are talking forever to upload, so I'll post them tomorrow :P

I had to go to the doctor for the stupidest thing ever lol..I've been having bad anxiety and depression again...because of Cherry. I just could NOT get him off my mind, and it made me depressed that he was depressed and in bad health the rest of his life after coming back from Antarctica. And I was sad I'll never be an explorer like I'm wasting my life or something. My regular doctor didn't have anything available today, so I saw another doctor. I was super embarrassed to have to say that my crush on a long-dead explorer was making me crazy LOL. OMG I can't believe what the doctor wrote in his report though..I am not making this up: "she is perseverating in her ruminations about this historical figure. I want her to use clonazepam 1 mg up to twice daily as required to reduce the compulsion of the rumination." Hahahah what!! Clonazepam is like Xanax, but not as potent I think. I hope it helps till I can see my regular doctor. (This could be a funny conversation.."why did you last go to the doctor?" "I have a crush on a long-dead explorer that was making me crazy, what about you?" OMG lol.) I seem to be doing better now, so maybe it's helping. Having anxiety is so annoying! lol

Name someplace beautiful )

Today's trivia: The back of the Nobel Peace Prize medal depicts three naked men with their hands on each other's shoulders
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Yesterday mom and I drove to was cloudy and rainy till we crossed the Alaska Range, then it got nice and sunny! We found 6 geocaches and saw a moose, which was cool. We're staying at the same bed and breakfast we stayed at when we came with Bonnie a couple years ago (they're nice, make a great breakfast, and their bathroom has very soft cushy towels and their shower is great, so we had to come back lol). I could not believe how WARM is was, in the 70s!! Valdez is never that warm it seems! We had dinner at our favorite Italian place here (we even sat outside!). There was a Pokestop there so I set a Lure and caught two new Pokemon, yay! (Tentacool and the crab with the giant claw lol.) Valdez is overrun with Drowzees too it seems. :P Another couple from Fairbanks checked in after we got back..we didn't know them, but still, small world! I also did a double-take as I thought the guy looked like an older Cherry LOL (on the boat I kept glancing at him and a picture of Cherry comparing them heh. Oops, talking about him again. :P) Sleep was nice :P

Today at breakfast we got to know the couple more..they live in Fairbanks, but they also live in Texas (they knew where Flower Mound is!), AND they were going on the same glacier cruise as us! How crazy is that?? I don't know where Weather Underground gets their forecasts from, but they were COMPLETELY wrong. 30 and 40s? No way, 70s yet again!! The sun was shining, the sky was super blue, the mountains were bathed in sunlight, and when the wind was right you felt a WARM breeze go by (Chinook or some kind of katabatic wind..I love that word lol). The cruise out to Meares Glacier was AMAZING, perfect, incredible..I was even too warm! We saw orcas, humpback whales, bald eagles, sea otters, puffins, Dall porpoises, seals, sea lions, and lots of other birds! The other people on the boat were a great group..when we were waiting for the orcas a lady was like "hereee orca orca orca!" haha. There seemed to be a lot of people from Fairbanks on the boat, and two people came up to me and said I looked familiar. When I said I worked at Forget-Me-Not Books they were like "a-ha! I knew you looked familiar!" Alaska is small apparently. :P Unakwik Inlet (where Meares Glacier is) was especially gorgeous and it smelled sooooo good, like evergreen trees. *drools* If perfection exists, Unakwik Inlet is it. It was funny..the captain was like "I bet you're wondering where the glacier is..." and then he turned the corner and was like "welcome to Meares Glacier!" and all of a sudden it was just THERE. I was like "aw YEAAAHH" haha. I was bouncing on the soles of my feet..for one since I'm short, and that's apparently what I do now when excited LOL (like when I got the Cherry book haha). I couldn't believe how blue the sky was..there were NO clouds above us at all! It's so awesome just standing under the face of a glacier (and Meares technically isn't THAT big). The glacier is still advancing slowly (you can see the trees it's pushing over!). It calved little chunks here and there, but nothing too exciting (maybe because it's a stable glacier?). Meares will always be more special since I went there with Dana a few years ago. I couldn't believe how beautiful and warm it was. I'm glad Meares Glacier didn't kill my camera this time lol (weirdly, the other two times I went to that glacier my camera died lol). Eventually we had to leave (NOOOONOOOOOONOOO *grabby hands*..I always feel that we should spend longer at the glacier since we have to get all the way out there, but time goes by super fast for me at glaciers, so it was probably longer than I think it was :P) and made our way back to Valdez. There's not enough words to describe the beauty and awesomeness of today..I feel SUPER lucky. It would be cool to live here if the weather was like this all the time! Wow. I was super excited to catch my first Pikachu on the way back to the B&B!! Woohoo!

Tomorrow we go back to's supposed to be sunny and warm again! This weather is amazing. It'll be a nice day to hike up to Worthington Glacier (we stopped there on the way, but the glacier was in the shadows and decided to hike up Monday instead when the light would be better for pics. It looked like it had receded quite a bit! Sad :(). I'll post my pics when I get back home lol. Epic trip was epic!
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So Saturday was Dana and Matt's wedding! Before the wedding, mom and I were determined to find more than one or two geocaches, or looking for one and not finding it (caching in such a busy place is hard! Especially when you have to figure out where to park). We ended up finding ELEVEN!! Heck yeahh. I think that's my third best day of caching (my second is 16 I think and my best is 20). That was satisfying lol. After that we got ready for the wedding. It was pretty much the best wedding ever..Dana looked perfect and gorgeous and just bursting with happiness. When the officiator was reading his notes both of them stood there looking at each other bursting with love and happiness. It was so awesome when they were finally pronounced man and wife!! They were made for each other. <3 After that was happy hour or something, or "standing around eating and talking" lol. Mom and I snuck up to our room to get a book since that's neither of our fortes lol. After that was dinner..I met Matt's mom and stepdad, the ones that live in Payson. None of us can get over how dad bought a house in the same town Matt's parents live haha. There was also a photobooth (fun! I'm gonna hang those pics on my fridge :D) and dancing. Mom and I hung back at first (we're the worst dancers ever, and shy lol) but when Uptown Funk came on (a great dancing song!) we decided to go up there. Might as well let loose and have fun! We might have been flailing more than dancing LOL, but whatever. Poor Dana was getting tired though (it was fun dancing with her too! She saw the rare side of me lol). Mom and I left around 11 and Dana said the party wound down around midnight. The Best Man and Maid of Honor made great speeches too, which were 100% true. It was a great night!! So happy they're finally married :D

the rest, and pics under here! )
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Yesterday we started off the day by finding 5 geocaches, then watched an IMAX film about the Grand Canyon. I was hoping it would talk about the geology, but only really talked about the people that discovered it and the narrator said dumb stuff like "the Grand Canyon doesn't need mankind." Whut. We also visited the visitor center and the geology museum, where a ranger was talking about the geology of the that's more like it. My ASMR was going crazy listening to it haha (yeah I'm a nerd :P). The museum had great views of the canyon. We also went to this watchtower, which had great views of the canyon too. On the way to the tower I was reading the book I got on the geology of the canyon and suddenly it said the mountains near Flagstaff were glaciated during a couple Ice Ages!! Wow, I didn't expect to read about glaciers here haha! A picture in the book showed old moraines and stuff..niceee. After that was dinner and relaxing. We saw a few elk this day too! Aww. For some reason I kept seeing people from Alaska..they must have been getting away from the cold like us :P

Today we drove back to Payson, with a stop at Montezuma Well (it's pretty near Montezuma Castle). The well is a sinkhole fed by an underground spring. Weird seeing all that water in the desert lol. There are five animals endemic to the well, including water scorpions and leeches D: (mom read that right after I said I wanted to go swimming, since the water's so warm..uhh NEVERMIND haha). It was a pretty cool place. I think we found 8 geocaches today. I was so glad to get back to the house and take a nap lol. It's nice to just relax. I'll post my pics soon lol
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On Thursday the weather turned on us, so we decided not to go to Valdez..we stayed at Copper Center instead. Still a long drive, but from there it was still over 100 miles to Valdez (you had to cross the Glenn Highway so you could get to the Richardson Highway, where Valdez is). It was cool seeing Matanuska Glacier again. The place we stayed at was a trailer where the inside looked like we had been transported back to the 70s, but at least it was a place to sleep :P

Yesterday we drove home! I was definitely road tripped out haha. It rained almost the whole way, ugh. We finally saw two more moose..considering how many miles we covered, it's surprising we didn't see more wildlife! We covered a lot of the state, from Barrow all the way down to It was nice sleeping in my own bed again :P

the rest of the pics )
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Yesterday when we left Denali there was lots of new snow..ugh. When we crossed to the other side of the Alaska Range it cleared was sooo nice to see the sun again!! We got some good views of Mt. McKinley Denali (!!) before it clouded up. We drove around Turnagain Arm just as the bore tide was coming in! It was amusing cause we found a geocache relating to the bore tide as it was coming in. :P After we got settled in Girdwood we rode the tram up the mountain..windy, but nice views! After that we had dinner and then it was time to relax!

Today we drove to Homer. It was such a nice sunny day. We decided to take the boat to Portage Glacier since it was on the way. I forgot how big it was! The glacier has definitely retreated since I last saw it. :( I was worried I'd be cold since it was windy, but I actually felt pretty warm! The glacier didn't calve for us, but it's not really a big calving glacier like Columbia. After getting on the highway to Homer (new territory!) I finally saw the Kenai River (glacial blue and super pretty!) and Mt. Redoubt!! (One store we stopped at was selling ash from when it erupted in 2009 haha.) Homer has such pretty views..there are a bunch of glaciers on the mountains nearby. :D I was so happy to get to the B&B so I could relax..traveling is tiring lol. I hope the nice weather holds!

more pics! )


May. 25th, 2015 07:04 pm
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That is some AWESOME calving!!! Lucky, Surprise Glacier didn't calve that epically for me lol. That wave definitely looked scary, wow :P

I LOVE when it cools off and rains after it's been really hot..such a great feeling!

Day 16: One of your biggest pet peeves, that you just hate! )

Today's trivia: Memorial Day used to be called Decoration Day because the purpose of it was to visit cemeteries and place flowers on graves of fallen loved ones who had died in the Civil War


Sep. 4th, 2014 03:57 pm
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Wow, I need to go flying with them! I've never done a flightseeing tour out of Anchorage before. That panoramic view of Colony Glacier was super pretty and epic. *drools* I would LOVE to do the Prince William Sound Glacier Tour..OMG that sounds SO epic :D

Favorite Power Ranger the movie scene )

Today's trivia: Emus are picky eaters preferring the parts of plants that have concentrated nutrients such as seeds, fruits, flowers and young shoots. The rich foods they favor become abundant after a rainfall. Once the food in a specific area has been exhausted, emus often travel hundreds of miles following rain patterns across the arid Australian land. These nomadic birds have an uncanny ability to orient their movements toward areas where the rain will fall. They seem to be attuned to subtle weather cues, such as the sight of distant cloud formations and the sound of distant thunder, to lead them toward areas where rainfall will produce the rich foods they seek


Aug. 25th, 2014 07:25 pm
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 photo 10583905_10152407210067815_6735532117770940300_n_zpscc4142d9.jpg
OMG this picture of Kahiltna Glacier is amazing (I found it on Facebook). Alaska is so beautiful and stunning :D

Do you still have your kids toys? Post a picture of them if you still have them, if not, tell us your favorite toy back in that time! )

Today's trivia: Thomas Edison had a collection of over 5,000 birds
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Yesterday someone mom used to work with was having a retirement party down the street from mom's house. Mom had hid a couple geocaches around there a couple days ago, so mom and I took a bunch of kids with us that had never cached before to find them. They LOVED it..I'm not a huge fan of kids, but caching with them is SUPER fun. They were like "this is the adventure of a lifetime!!" and "OMG TREASURE" haha. Mom gave them the address..I bet they're gonna beg their parents to go caching now hehe ;)

When we hopefully go to Valdez after BOW we're gonna kayak by Valdez Glacier (it's hidden from view by a mountain and we've always wanted to kayak on the lake and see it). Sweeeet. There are also caches by Worthington, Gulkana and Valdez glaciers, which we'll definitely have to get :D

List your three favorite girls' names, three favorite boys' names, and your three favorite names for a pet )
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Aww this is cool! I loved walking on Matanuska's so unique! That one guide was hot. ;) Hehe. When he looked at the camera I was like *drool* :P

It's raining and in the so doesn't feel like June :/

27. be stuck in a room with dead bodies or eat 5 spiders )

Today's trivia: The grizzly bear is the official state animal of California, though no grizzly bears have been seen there since 1922


Apr. 14th, 2014 03:00 pm
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Oooh, so pretty! That was cool when they zoomed in on the glacier calving and pieces of ice were flying everywhere haha

Day 10- An Animal That makes you Laugh )

Would you rather be offensive or incredibly passive? Incredibly passive

Today's trivia: An octopus has three hearts, nine brains, and blue blood

Alaska <3

Apr. 12th, 2014 04:41 pm
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32 Photos of Alaska Will Blow Your Mind and Make You Insanely Jealous

OMG this article is amazing..especially #3. There's nothing like standing next to a glacier in the fresh Alaska air <3 (I knew that was Columbia Glacier before reading the caption haha). It's such an honor to live here!

Day 8- What Animal’s Diet would you like to be on? )

Warm winter

Feb. 4th, 2014 04:05 pm
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 photo 57-53560_zps6f9c5cba.jpg's been so warm, almost all the snow has melted from the Black Rapids area in the mountains. Crazyy. That can't be good for Black Rapids Glacier though :(

Yesterday I tried calamari for the first time (mom and Laurie ordered this hot appetizer platter and I felt adventurous haha). It wasn't even that bad! I also tried tzatziki, which was delicious. Mmm food..

Day 2: Five movies you last watched )

Would you rather have to hold a one inch roach in your mouth, unharmed, for five minutes or have to lie motionless on a termite nest for ten minutes? The termite nest

Today's trivia: All Uranus's 27 moons are named after Shakespearean characters


Dec. 2nd, 2013 03:07 pm
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I love how those guys were like "that whole face is about to break off" while they were sitting right under it. :P That would be WAY too close for me haha. They're lucky they didn't get hurt..

Day 29: Surprise! )

Would you rather as a woman, have the string of your tampon hang out of your bikini or have a significant amount of visible public hair? Ugh..I guess the first one

Today's trivia: In 1916, people could bring their old, dirty money to Washington, DC, to be washed and ironed
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Today mom and I went to Zermatt to see the Matterhorn. I woke up feeling kinda better, but now mom has the cold! Boo. Luckily we just had to switch trains once on the way. It was another gorgeous day and all the mountains and glacial rivers looked so pretty! There was also a cool glacier you could see from the train. Mom had been to Zermatt before (many years ago) but when we arrived she said nothing looked familiar. We decided to take the gondola to Matterhorn Glacier Paradise (how could I not?? Haha). Mom wanted to do that when she was in Zermatt before, but it was too cloudy. She thought she'd never be back to do it! It was super epic..there were glaciers everywhere!! When you got high enough the gondola went right over these glaciers and awesome looking icefalls and crevasses and stuff. *swoons* I think I took too many pics's impossible not to when I see glaciers though. :P At the top was a building with restaurants and shops and stuff (there were lots of skiers too!). There were great views up there! It was over 12,000 feet though..I just felt weird. I had a headache and I felt shaky and not in my head all the way haha. We didn't stay there very long since we had to ride the train back, but I did manage to get a pic of me in front of the Matterhorn (epic mountain!). I felt awful on the ride ears were all messed up (mom's were too) and I just felt..weird. Note to self..don't go up to high altitudes when sick. We tried to catch the next train, but there were no taxis and we weren't fast enough (there are no cars allowed in Zermatt, just taxis/buses and emergency vehicles, which are all electric). We had an hour, so we ate lunch and got on the next train. I was still feeling weird and there were all these screaming kids on the train..I felt like I was having an anxiety attack or something. We made it back in time for dinner, but I was not feeling well at all..I was nauseous and just couldn't take any more stimulation, so I went back to the hotel and took a nice shower and now I'm relaxing. I still feel weird though..I hope it goes away! I think I'm done with high altitude for awhile haha. I hope I feel better by tomorrow, since we're going hiking. We'll just have to take it slow..

here, have some epic pics! )
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Yesterday I woke up and knew I wasn't gonna go hiking..I really didn't feel well. Ugh, I get all the way to Switzerland and have to stay in bed?? It was such a nice day too. When mom got back from hiking she said it was strenuous and I wouldn't have made it being sick. She also said Dave (the guy who fell years ago) was almost always in front racing up the trail..the other people did well too. Wow, I guess they did surprise me. :P When mom got back we went into town (I was definitely ready to get out haha) and ate lunch and got train tickets to Jungfraujoch, which you'll read about in a minute. After that I went into the hotel's sauna, since I heard that helps when you're sick. It was nice for awhile, but being that sweaty is kinda gross. :P Mom also went in, then it was time for dinner. We went to bed early this night

I woke up this morning feeling sort of better, and excited to go to Jungfraujoch! (Today was a free day) Jungfraujoch is the highest railway station in Europe (11,388 ft). It goes up into the mountains by the Eiger, Monch and Jungfrau, then the train goes through a tunnel in the Eiger and you end up at this building perched on a rock between the Monch and Jungfrau. You have to keep switching trains to get there haha. This is what I wanted to do most in Switzerland. It was soooo pretty and SUPER was so warm and clear! The three mountains and the glaciers on them are amazing (you get so close to them!!). I had been wanting to see the Eiger and go through the tunnel ever since I read about its climbing history. Inside the tunnel are some viewing look down the face of the mountain and at one the glacier is just right there haha..I was squeeing from the awesomeness. :P Eventually we made it too the top..omg so epic!! There's glacier ice everywhere, and I even saw the Aletsch Glacier!! I've been really wanting to see that glacier too!! Climbing up all the stairs in the building is annoying's hard work at over 11,000 feet haha! The building had this cool ice palace, with some ice sculptures and cool tunnels through the ice. You're actually inside a glacier in there!! So cool. :D After exploring up there we took the train back down to Kleine Scheidegg (that is so hard to pronounce!), since it had great views of the Eiger and I really wanted a picture in front of it. We walked up a hill to a great view of the Eiger and I got my pics. :D Yaaay, a dream come true! I looked through binoculars at the North Face of the was soooo surreal to be looking at the features I'd read about so much and where the famous climbers were (like the Hinterstoisser Traverse, the key to unlocking the face). Woww. The North Face looked SUPER hard to wonder people kept dying on it. D: I so love I was able to see the Eiger and on such a nice day too! I bought souvenirs too..omg everything is so expensive here. D: The train goes a different way going back, and we passed right under the Eiger! Wowwowwowww..*swoon* All the little villages nestled in the valleys and meadows are so cute and make you happy and peaceful just by looking at them! No wonder Switzerland is one of the happiest countries. Mom and I were so sick of riding trains and being crowded with other people by the time we got back to makes you feel so dirty! We had dinner, but I wasn't really hungry anymore. Going back to the hotel was so tired!! So worth it though, today was amazing <3

Tomorrow our group is supposed to go to Interlaken, but mom and I passed through there already and want to do something else (other people are going to group said they were going to Jungfraujoch instead..good choice ;)). We're gonna try to go to Zermatt to see the Matterhorn! Sweet! (My cold better go away too!)


Aug. 28th, 2013 03:51 pm
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 photo 960015_664138973612960_966769203_n_zps56bdb1fa.jpg
I'm still uploading my pics, but here's an AWESOME pic of the Lu-Lu Belle (in the middle, by all the ice) in front of Columbia Glacier. Wow!!! That scale is AMAZING! Columbia is still a huge glacier, even though it has retreated so much..

16. A .gif of a music video )

Would you rather have a band of mariachi singers follow you everywhere or have one determined bagpipe player follow you everywhere? The singers maybe

Today's trivia: It takes a sloth about a month to digest a meal


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