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Today I saw a vole in my office went under a shelf and I don't know what happened to it after that. Weird haha. Then I was biking home and I sped up to catch the light and suddenly this vole appeared. I tried to swerve and miss it..I looked behind me and it was squirming on the ground. I quickly stood my bike up and picked the vole up and got it off the street. I stood petting it hoping it would be ok. Eventually it roused itself and I put it in the grass..when it walked I could see one of its legs wasn't working..oh nooo. :( I hope it can heal! I felt bad, though I'm glad I didn't catch it full on. Poor thing..

Wow..Frank DellaPenna of Cast in Bronze was on America's Got Talent! When I lived in Texas I went to a Renaissance festival called Scarborough Faire and one year he performed there (he plays a carillon) and I fell in love with his music. He came back other years and I'd watch his shows (twice a day even haha) and we'd talk and we became friends..he was special to me. He even invited me backstage once without his mask. I know one of his dreams was to be on TV and get his music out there so I was so happy he was on AGT! I heard the judges didn't like him Another reason not to like that time I watched it and this very talented guy named Luca was voted off..never have liked it much since then (my Luca bias is showing :P). I keep getting comments on my YouTube videos of Frank since he was on the show haha..I hope more people see his awesomeness! Here's the video:

Day 94: A picture of something really old )

Would you rather wake up nude and unharmed on a park bench and have no idea of how you got there or expecting a costume party, dress as a giant banana for a black tie affair and have to stay the whole night? The banana

Today's trivia: The pygmy shrew, at 1.3 grams, is the lightest mammal
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To everyone who wished me a happy birthday: thanks! Yesterday mom and I went to the neighborhood get together..I met this cool lady named Barbara. She was happy and talkative and stuff haha. When we left she and her husband took us to their house and we met their dog Sirius. Then we went home for a bit then saw Narnia: Prince Caspian. I read the book but I hardly remembered anything haha. Ben Barnes (Prince Caspian) was soooo hot omggg..and his accent *drools* They're making the next Narnia (The Voyage of the Dawn Treader) and he'll be in that one too :D Today we're gonna get a cake and go out to eat (the restaurant I wanted to go to is closed on Mondays. :P Mom said there's an Italian restaurant in town though)

Here's the things I bought on amazon:
Prince Caspian soundtrack (I actually just bought that..with my own money since I spent all the gift card :P)
The Ultimate Book Of Personality Tests: Personality Tests For Enjoyment, Entertainment And Self-Discovery
A Blind Guardian shirt (
A birthday card for mom
Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban (DVD)
"The Bells"-Frank DellaPenna
The Twister soundtrack
"Tales from the Twilight World"-Blind Guardian
Fixin' To Be Texan (book)
Pirates Of The Caribbean: At World's End soundtrack
Quiz Therapy

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Today's stupidest quote: Mad Cow Talks (headline in the Huddersfield Daily Examiner)
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Wooo Caitlin made an LJ! It's [ profile] gurl4puppies. Well this morning she picked me up and drove to Scarborough of the first things we did was see Frank play haha. He was playing songs from the musical he wrote (he needs money to perform it on stage though). Frank saw me and gave me a hug :D I told him I was moving to made me sad to leave Frank. Caitlin and I walked around and saw shows and we watched Frank again and said bye for real. If you need some happiness hug Frank. THEY ARE AWESOME. *squee sigh* Caitlin and I also got our hair braided too. I also went to a sword place I have swords from and one of the workers remembered me and my "cute smile" hehe. Last year he said he'd date me if I was older *blushes* We got a characture (sp?) of us done too. We didn't stay till closing cause we got bored and left a few hours before haha. We tried to find a restaurant and got lost and totally ended up in old town Waxahachie. When I was reading the novel Texas the author told of a courthouse there and I wanted to see it. HOW coincidental is it that we ended up in old town Waxahachie? AND I saw the courthouse!!! I just looked it up and yes the building I saw was it! I couldn't get a pic cause I was using Caitlin's GPS (it's possible I might not have got it anyway though) but here's one I found online: We ate at Applebee's in Waxahachie and then drove home. We now have lovely sunburns yaaaay :P Pictures will come tomorrow!

Caitlin said she'd try to save money to visit me in Alaska...awww

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Today's stupidest quote: I'll find it eventually. I do things differently. I play with myself up there and eventally I'll find it. The last two innings I had it (pitcher Pedro Martinez, on how he found his groove after his last start against the Nationals)
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So there ARE church bells in Texas that ring like the ones in Europe (every half hour and hour). I saw it on the news..this guy lived across the street from the church and were annoyed with it (they used to ring only on Sunday). The church has an electric carillon..what would Frank think of that?? Haha

Pic of the day:
Hanging out in Galveston

Today's stupidest quote: Last year, the vice president launched a new efffort to help make communities more liberal (President Bill Clinton, during his 2000 State of the Union speech. He was meaning to say "more livable")
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Cast In Bronze will be performing at the Victorian Christmas Festival in Waxahachie, Texas during the first two weekends of December

Ooo!! Frank will be in Texas again whoooo

It's Thanksgiving Break and it's cold and windy..greaaat haha

Today's Latin: caput inter nubilia condo (I hide my head among the clouds)


Aug. 19th, 2007 09:59 am
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People on Youtube..STOP TELLING ME TUBULAR BELLS ISN'T IN PHANTOM OF THE OPERA..stop telling me it's in that one someone said to change the title since it's misleading cause Frank plays a carillon and not tubular bells..THE TITLE IS TUBULAR BELLS/PHANTOM OF THE OPERA (well the official title is Medley). LISTEN TO FRANK PLAY AND YOU'LL HEAR BOTH OF THE SONGS..jeez!!

Speaking of Phantom of the Opera..I had a dream I was seeing it was way different though haha

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Today's Latin: dum vivimus, vivamus (while we live, let us live)
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It's Frank DellaPenna's birthday today! Yaaay haha

"Adulruna Redibiba" is the best Therion song ever..OMG it's so beautiful and awesome..and 13 minutes long haha

I listened to most of Epica by Kamelot's definitely not as good as The Black Halo (except there's Luca haha). Interlude I (Omen) is's sung in Latin mmm..

kathryn and i's convo while watching fotr..yay nerds! haha )

Today's Latin: nil novi sub sole (nothing new under the sun)
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Yay I've had my LJ for three years!! So many memories haha. Well you mostly saw what I did at Scarborough from my pics if you looked at them..I got another of Frank's awesome hugs haha..I don't CARE he was sweaty haha. I was waiting for him to start playing and when he did I was not ready and it was LOOOUD haha..I think his wife was there too. I also bought lots of things haha: goblets/chalices, a pewter dragon with a rose, a pewter sword, a pewter sketeton playing a guitar with "rock and roll never dies" on the bottom, a Scarborough Faire shirt (a dragon riding a motorcycle), a Cast In Bronze shirt (Frank signed it), a book called The Bells, a replacement DVD of Frank playing his carillon, hair thingys, a program thingy, and food of course..yay haha

We're watching O Brother, Where Art Thou? in Latin's's based on The Odyssey but set in the 1920's

Today's Latin: a priori (deductive reasoning, from cause to effect)


May. 6th, 2007 10:23 am
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I emailed Frank DellaPenna and he said he remembered me..I wonder if he thinks it's weird I'm not there so much haha

Man I should work on my tech theater paper..

*goes to do stuff*

Today's Latin: hoc ei propinabo (I'll drink to that)
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I watched Pearl Harbor was sooo good!! It must have cost tons of money to do the attack on Pearl Harbor. Amazing movie

[ profile] softpaw went to Texas Renaissance Festival and saw Frank and took some pics and I'm gonna caption them haha

frank maaan )

Today's Latin: eventus stultorum magister (experience is the teacher of fools)

"From far away, from the state of decay you've come to wisdom. Many've been led into madness instead, toll of my kingdom"--"The Looking Glass," Avantasia

Frank yay

Aug. 19th, 2006 09:33 am
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This morning before I woke up I drempt of Frank...he was like in a cave or something and mom and I got to talk to him...maybe it's not that interesting a dream but I enjoyed talking to him. He gave us this drink mom said was mead and I liked it. I woulda drempt more but my watch beeping woke me up...oh and I was wearing gloves like Frank's too...and he started looking at my Europe pics which were actually pics of Frank...

Ryan's been getting on my computer and talking to Kathryn and today Dean...I can see why Kathryn but I dunno why he IMed Dean. At least he's not saying bad things about me

Today's Latin: num ista licitatio maxima est? (is that your best offer?)

"You were my first love, the earth moving under me. Bedroom scent, beauty ardent, distant shiver, heaven sent"--"Feel For You," Nightwish
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In gym today I worked mostly with doesn't really seem like there's anything wrong with her (same with me but I'm not in a class like that). She's nice and kinda shy. In my opinion I don't think she needs to be in a class like that

We got new Latin books's called Wheelock's Latin...oh yeaaah

English is becoming one of the best classes I've ever teacher rules!! He actually makes teaching fun and is very animated. Nice class to end the school day with eh?

more frank captions...i've been meaning to post them )

Today's Latin: nihil agere delectat (it is pleasent to do nothing)

"A siren from the deep came to me, sang my name, my longing. Still I write my songs about that dream of mine, worth everything I may ever be"--"Ghost Love Score," Nightwish
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Look what someone said to me! "thats why i like talking to you. you have no idea when im not being serious. you never really get anything. its funny. no sense of sarcasm or irony or humor" Well if you think I have no sense of humor you don't know me at all. If she talks to me just for that reason...she's a saaad person...

I asked mom if I could take pics of churches around here and she said yes. They're really not that interesting looking though...well actually the one across the street from my neighborhood is cool looking...

Mom found more Frank gloves for me...I like them better than the others cause they're lighter and not as bulky as the others...and it says "bell" on them ;)

The phrase Kyrie Eleison is stalking me

i made a music player survey! )

Today's Latin: scribe (write)

"We should bring salvation, not give in to his temptation, no! Read and preach the holy world and no forbidden lies that hurt"--"Reach Out For the Light," Avantasia


Jul. 22nd, 2006 10:04 am
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Genesis and Frank's DVD came yesterday. The DVD doesn't work...on anything. Maybe it's a bad disk? I think Frank wrote my address on the package and drew bells on it haha. Genesis is really good! My favorite song is Freedom...OMG I about's just Frank playing the bells and it's sounds like church bells. I've never heard him play like that before. I almost cried listening to it cause it was so awesome! Church belllllls *droooools*

I had a dream I was trying to translate Latin with someone...

Now I gotta do laundry...whoo!

Today's Latin: summa cum laude (with highest praise)

"Give me all the storybook told me, the faith and the glory till my kingdom comes"--"Hymn," Edguy
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Rhapsody changed their name to Rhapsody of sounds like a classical song haha. It's an alright name...I would've preferred Epic Rhapsody ;)

Oooh...I bought a looot of CDs yesterday. I got Genesis, Frank's DVD, Avantasia-The Metal Opera, The Hunchback of Notre Dame soundtrack, Edguy-Vain Glory Opera, Infinite Wonders of Creation-Luca Turilli, and Lost Horizons-Luca Turilli's Dreamquest (it'll be released in a few days). Now I gotta wait till they get here and chase UPS trucks down the street! Haha ;)

I had a dream it was snowing here in July...why on earth? It's like...100 degrees almost every day

Today's Latin: melius tarde, quam nunquam (better late than never)

more frank captions! )

"The pied piper played the song, beautiful but strong. He was never born, never he'll be gone"--"The Piper Never Dies," Edguy
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Kathryn and I watched Shrek together yesterday...I love that movie. Watching movies with her is fuuun even though we're not together in person! *hugs IMs* Somehow it's more fun watching movies with another person

Since I still have money on the credit card I took to Europe I'm gonna buy some CDs...Frank had his DVD out and I want his CD Genesis that he doesn't carry around with him and I want Luca's new CDs

*dances with Guardiani*

Today's Latin: e pluribus unum (from many, one)

"Standing at the temple where the wizard shall arise you listen to the beauty of a song, a melody of promise calling from the dark"--"The Piper Never Dies," Edguy


Jun. 10th, 2006 09:56 am
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Kathryn came back yesterday!! Yay!! We talked about the first page of Frank captions (which seriously took hours) and I'm so putting her comments with mine. She leaves for Europe on Tuesday

I actually like watching tennis...well men's tennis. When I watch woman's tennis they all sound like they're having orgasms. Roger Federer is awesomeee...he looks like Luca and they inteviewed him AND OMG HIS ACCENT *drooools* He's from Switzerland...OMG ALL FOREIGN PEOPLE RULE!!!

I got birthday money from grandma and dad!! I'm gonna put some in the bank of course and I'm definitely gonna buy CDs...huzzah!

Today's Latin: diabolus fecit, ut id facerem (the devil made me do it). *gasp* HOW CAN YOU BETRAY US?!

"Come all ye faithful beneath the moon, into the void as one, marching on"--"When the Lights are Down," Kamelot

I'm 17!

Jun. 8th, 2006 10:32 am
glacier_kitty: (Default) I turn 17! Ooo next year I'll become an adult...wooow. When mom comes come from work she said she'll take me to Mi Patio...whoo! Hmm maybe I could buy a CD too...

Last night I had almost the exact same dream as the night before (or before that). These medical people like...had me trapped and I pretended to sleep as someone took me away...they were doing all this stuff on me. The place looked exactly like my house and the people exactly like my family. I was yelling at them that I wanted to go home but they wouldn't listen and said I'd eventually become part of the family. I was screaming "I'll never be a part of your family!! I wanna go home!!" and I was writing on a bed with Sharpie. The person who looked like mom went into the bathroom and when she came out she was crying. Then I was in Galveston swimming in the ocean and this huge tidal wave was coming and I told someone else who was swimming to swim as fast as she still caught up to us but we managed to swim to shore. There was another coming so we ran as fast as we could. Then I was looking at pics of Frank in a treehouse and wondered if he was coming to Galveston...

more frank pics with captions )

Today's Latin: cavete ne (watch out)

"Hell and glory, honor and pride, a gun will decide where the outlaws ride"--"Outlaw," Manowar

Epic gloves

Jun. 7th, 2006 09:56 am
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I really want those glove thingies Frank wears when he plays...they're so awesome and epic. I'm weird haha ;)

Not a soul has IMed me since Kathryn left (5 days ago). *raises flag of lonliness and flies it over my house* Huzzah!

Last night I drempt I was at this place where my friends and other people were taking driving lessons and I wasn't but I wanted to...then after I saw the stuff they had to do I decided I didn't wanna anymore

Edit: Is Christmas Eve Sarajevo TSO's version of Carol of the Bells?

Today's Latin: qui nimium probat, nihil probat (one who proves too much, proves nothing)

"Voices are calling from somewhere below, melting on the eastern shore. Rain is falling down on me, been waiting for eternity. I'll be there! Freedom for us all!"--"Rebellion In Dreamland," Gamma Ray
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Yesterday I got a birthday present from grandma and grandpa Hopkins (mom's side). It's a majorly epic black shirt with dragons grandma embroidered!! I must thank her!! I also got $50...whoo! My birthday's in two days...wooow

Wikipedia said the Antichrist would be born would anyone know that?!

more frank captions )

Today's Latin: ne feceritis ut rideam (don't make me laugh)

"The gods made heavy metal and they saw that is was good, they said to play it louder than hell. We promised that we would"--"The Gods Made Heavy Metal," Manowar


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