Jul. 26th, 2014 06:35 pm
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 photo 10424264_792787540753312_8907958790143273245_n_zps8ed2bd84.jpg
This pic was taken in the Brooks Range yesterday or the day before. Ugh, that is so not ok in July. *shudders* This July has been the second wettest on record so far..what a disappointing summer, I feel cheated. :( This morning I woke up a to a perfectly blue sky but like an hour later it got cloudy and rained again. I really wish it would stop..we need some sun before winter!!

20. Do you wear glasses? If so, what are they for? )


Jun. 3rd, 2014 03:51 pm
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June 18th, Boston's Restaurant and Sports Bar located on the Old Steese Highway will close its doors. Opening in its place around Labor Day will be a new Alaska themed family restaurant and Sports bar.

The "Banks Alehouse" will feature a non-smoking environment along with a new and expanded menu, 40 beer brands including locally and Alaskan made brews, and local sea food and game meat products. The new facility will have a complete outdoor Alaska appearance inside to enhance the rustic look

Ugh, why do my favorite restaurants up here always close?? Especially the ones everyone can agree upon? I'll definitely have to go there again before they close. The new place sounds interesting though..I'll have to try it out

28. be deaf and have no legs or be blind with no arms )

Today's trivia: WD-40 stands for Water Displacement, 40th attempt. That's how many tries it took Norm Larsen, a chemist, to concoct a formula that would prevent corrosion by displacing water
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 photo 1005814_552049168181814_527727705_n_zps51a51ce1.jpg

 photo winter-is-coming_zps6d468448.jpg's amazing how fast the seasons change here. One day it's 80, the next it's 40 and it might freeze. It even snowed in the Brooks Range D:

14. A .gif of an actress )

Would you rather always look great to everyone you meet but frequently say the wrong thing or always have the right thing to say but frequently look terrible? The first one maybe

Today's trivia: Teddy Roosevelt was the first president to fly in an airplane


Aug. 19th, 2013 04:03 pm
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Whoa..kinda scary, but it still looks super awesome! Nature will always amaze me..

I wish shirts nowadays weren't so low cut..or weird looking..or made so small only people size 0 can fit in them. It makes shopping so depressing anymore. :( Yesterday I even tried getting tanktops to go under the shirts but they were low cut too so it didn't really make any difference..ugh

11. A .gif from a reality show )

Would you rather be taken too seriously all the time or be thought of only as a partier? Be taken too seriously

Today's trivia: The farthest distance between two exits on any Interstate highway is the 49 miles from Yeehaw Junction/Exit 193 to Kissimmee St. Cloud/Exit 242 on the northbound lanes of Florida's Turnpike
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AT&T hasn't really been working for us (it barely worked at mom's house, dad's in Texas and his phone won't work..) so we had to switch to ACS and get new phones all over again. :/ They didn't have the same model I had before..I was pretty heartbroken since I was really liking that phone. I still got a Samsung Galaxy only this one is somewhat bigger. It's easier to read stuff on the screen anyway. At least they were able to import numbers and stuff. We went to return the other phones and that turned into a mess cause importing the numbers automatically canceled the account and dad returning the phone in Texas became complicated. Blahh *headache* ACS better work..going through this is painful!

I saw Pat's son Corbin today (he donated stuff to the bookstore). I had been wanting to talk to him..I told him how much Pat meant to me. He knew how much the bookstore meant to her and was appreciative she had us to be with her. He said Pat wanted us to have good memories of her and not be sad. I asked him what she wanted done with her ashes and he was like "oh she just wanted them dumped in the river." lol! I could see her saying that. ;) (She probably didn't want a big fuss over her) Corbin said he's gonna hang on to them for the moment haha. When he left he hugged me and said I could call him anytime if I wanted to talk. Nice :)

And now Facebook isn't letting me post comments cause apparently someone reported me for spamming. Wtf..I hope my account wasn't hacked! *changes password* Ugh this day can be over now..

Day 25: A song from the film score of a movie that sucked. )

Would you rather eat a shot glass full of live wasps or eat just a shot glass? Neither sounds pleasant :/

Today's trivia: The first president to shake hands in greeting was Thomas Jefferson. Earlier presidents bowed
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Hii I am in Anchorage! On Sunday we left for Talkeetna. We wanted to get there at dinnertime since mom's friend Laurie wouldn't be available till then. It was quite warm (20 and 30s) so the road was really slushy..the car got SO dirty. We need to find a car wash feels gross touching it. :P While driving Laurie called and said she was stuck in Anchorage and would be back the next morning, but we could make ourselves at home at her house. Mom wasn't very happy with her. We got to her house, dropped stuff off, walked by the river downtown (too cloudy to see McKinley. The sunny weather hadn't caught up to us yet ;)) and had dinner. I met the mayor there! He happens to be a cat named Stubbs, who drinks water with catnip out of a wine glass (really..he is the legal mayor of Talkeetna..the residents voted him in and everything haha). The bartender must have thought I was insane squeeing over him. :P After dinner we went back to Laurie's house and watched Eight Below. It was good, except for the glaring inaccuracies (I don't know a lot about sled dogs/mushing, but I do know they NEVER take their dogs would kill their winter coat. If it was -30 in Antarctica, you would so not be wearing jeans, an unzipped coat and just a baseball cap on your head. And in the winter scenes, it was bright daylight. Umm no, there's not much light there at all in the winter, and it definitely wouldn't be bright. Oh well :P). Then we went to bed

Yesterday (Monday) we slept in, had breakfast and just waited for Laurie to come. She eventually did..but she was all grumpy and was complaining about how she needed to clean the house cause she had more company coming. Mom was like "well..we can leave later if you want" (we were gonna stay another night) and Laurie was like "yeah I'd feel better." Oook..she seems like a really flaky person. :/ Mom said she was about done with her too. She's always rubbed me the wrong way. Oh well. The weather was amazing outside..sunny and warm. McKinley was out in its epicness haha. Laurie and mom went skiing and I had lunch and browsed the shops downtown. Talkeetna is super I was in the middle of downtown in the afternoon and it was silent! Wow haha. I saw Stubbs in the General Store..he was drinking water out of a fishbowl haha (the fish didn't seem to care..they swam right up to him :P). I got the best pic with him hehe. Mom called when they were done skiing and we went back to the house, packed and left. We were headed to Windy's (from BOW) house this time. She had been wanting us to come visit her, so she was happy to see us (she lives in Wasilla, maybe an hour to an hour and a half drive from Talkeetna). Windy is much more pleasant than Laurie. Her house is full of crafty things, knickknacks, scrapbooks, to look at! We had a nice evening visit and went to bed

today )

Oh yeahh!

Feb. 7th, 2013 04:16 pm
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I got the math test back today..I missed a couple but I think I got partial credit cause he took off just one point. So with the extra credit I got a 104!!! OMG I never do that well in math haha. I think having my own private area helps too. The extra credit was a word problem taken right off the online stuck in my head and I remembered how to do it! Woww. I HAVE MATH SKILLZ. Haha

They caught the guy behind that explosion on Saturday..he was at the airport about to leave the state. Apparently he had 300 pounds of explosives he wanted to get rid of. Out of all the millions of acres in Alaska he chose to do it in a populated area? Smart :P

This article is super awesome! I'm jealous. :P I love the pic of Gilkey Glacier. I want to go to her presentation on Saturday..maybe she'll invite me to work with her heh ;)

155. Mutation )

Would you rather eat a bottle cap or a spider the size of a bottle cap? A bottle cap

Today's trivia: A third of Taiwanese funeral processions include a stripper
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Yesterday wasn't very exciting..just going to the beach, the pool, hanging out, getting my period..BAH. At least it waited for me to get some swimming in..

Today after breakfast we drove to Kona (30 or so minutes away) and went to their used bookstore. :D It was pretty big! I obviously can't go overboard so I just got three books. My bookstore is still better..their books are clean, don't smell musty, etc. I'm spoiled. :P After that we drove to a nearby beach. The road to get there was SUPER bumpy and rocky and was painful. D: The beach was really nice though..the sand was really white and soft and the water was so clear! Here are some pics. I saw wild goats too! Aww..weird though seeing them on the beach. :P It was pretty felt like Texas. After the beach we drove back to the hotel..Ryan and mom are swimming and I'm up on the terrace by the fire. The sunset is! I wonder what we're gonna do for dinner..


Dec. 17th, 2012 04:07 pm
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Yesterday when I got back to my apartment it was was like 58 degrees!! I called maintenance but it didn't seem like anything got fixed. Last night was pretty awful..sitting there shivering even bundled up. Everything in my apartment was so cold when I touched it. Not a good thing when it's -34 outside! When I went to bed I turned on my electric blanket and piled my bed with was nice haha. Except when I got up..OMG COLD. I called maintenance again this morning. Other people said they were cold too, so it was the whole building that was messed up. They're doing renovations and turning stuff on and stuff so maybe that messed the heat up (yeah wait till it's -38 to do It's now 60 in here. Still chilly but a little better I guess. I REALLY hope they fix it soon. I need to get a space heater in case this happens again..ugh

And then there's this: "The low temperature of 48 below this morning at the Fairbanks Airport is the coldest pre-Christmas temperature in Fairbanks since 1977... when a low of 52 below was observed on December 13th. This morning's low at the Airport is also the coldest temperature observed during the month of December since 1999. Although 48 below is quite chilly... it does not break the record for December 17th of 52 below which was set in 1933." AGHHH I'm glad I'm going to Hawaii soon (Only in Alaska do we say -48 is "quite chilly"..)

115. Idle )

Would you rather chew the beak of a chicken or bite the legs off half a dozen mice? WTF

Today's trivia: Worldwide, there are more statues of Joan of Arc than of anyone else. France has about 40,000 of them
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Apparently the Leonid Meteor Shower was supposed to peak last night..I looked the past two nights and saw nothing. Of course it was -5 with 25 mph winds so I didn't really want to stay out a long time. I heard it's a weak showing anyway. Guess I'll wait for the next one..

Abby will eat canned food and chicken at mom's house now..maybe she's learning to like it haha

86. Seeing Red )
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The Northern Lights were out last night! They were pretty nice..bright green tinged with pink and dancing lazily. They were straight overhead too (ow my neck). It was windy and FREEZING though. Then I woke up in the middle of the night and happened to look out the window..they were still out! They were moving faster than before..awesomee. I'm glad mom's house is like the perfect place to watch them haha :D

And here's a video of a guy trying to drive through the Bentley Mall:

Apparently he was on drugs and when the police questioned him he thought he could "drive through the doors on one side, drive through the mall and drive through the doors on the other side." Nicee :P

There was ice floating down the river looked like breakup haha

52. Deep in Thought )
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Lately I've been really tired..I'm always thinking about when I'll sleep next and take naps when I can. I've also felt annoyed and grouchy about things that I'd normally brush off. I want to snap at everyone. I don't of course, but I hate it and it's not like me. Today I went to the doctor (a new one since Dr. Werle went somewhere else) since I had no refills of Paxil left..she said depression causes tiredness like that..your body like slows down or something. Makes mind feels fuzzy and I do feel like I move slower than everyone else. She upped my dosage of Paxil..I'm on a low dose and maybe it's not working anymore. I hope it helps..I feel like I've complained more on here too..I don't like that. Depression is evil :(

Has anyone listened to Luca Turilli's Rhapsody? I really don't like it..I HATE the singer. His voice is really high and annoying. I couldn't even get through all the songs cause of him. There is one I like, which is Dark Fate of catchy. The split up was such a bad decision..

Pumpkin is lost. :( She was missing on Sunday and when dad picked me up for school today he said she was still missing. We went to the animal shelter but she wasn't there. Wow..I wonder what happened. I hope she's ok..

27. Foreign )

Would you rather be a 12 year old still in third grade who's liked by classmates and teachers and a 12 year old in college who's considered a total freak? Maybe the first one

Today's trivia: The national symbol of Wales is the leek
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Tomorrow I start school again for the first time in like 5 years haha. I'm excited but nervous. I'm taking Glaciers, Earthquakes and Volcanoes. :D It meets Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Someone told me I know more about the subject than the professor haha

Umm WTF..I just read this on Yahoo News: For the past few decades, autism has been one of the scariest mysteries of parenting, with debate swirling around its definition, how rapidly the epidemic is growing, and most urgently, what causes it

...AUTISM IS NOT A DISEASE WTF. It's not scary either (but of course I'm biased :P). Maybe they should stop trying to "cure" it and just see what awesome and special people they are..sheesh

7. Heaven )

Would you rather have your parents walk in on you having sex or walk in on your parents having sex? O_o My parents walk in on me..I don't even want to think about the other one *cringe*

Today's trivia: The Japanese macaque is a rare monkey that likes cold weather. When temperatures in its mountain habitat drop below freezing, the macaque lounges in natural hot springs
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UAF called yesterday and said the Introduction to Field Methods in Glaciology class was canceled cause not enough people registered. Booo. :( Then later on Facebook I saw something about Girls on Ice, where high schoolers go to the mountains and study things..THEY were gonna go to Gulkana Glacier and study it and present their findings. That made me SUPER jealous and upset. UAF said to try again for the class next summer. I will..PLEASE SIGN UP OTHER PEOPLE! Haha

OMG BLUE SKY! I haven't seen the weather this nice in ages. I'm glad..I was REALLY tired of rain and clouds. Hopefully it'll stay..

Day 75: A picture of someone/something you miss )

Would you rather have to watch, with your friends, a video of every argument you've ever had with your siblings or every argument you've ever had with your parents? With my siblings

Today's trivia: Hell's Canyon in Idaho, at 7,993 feet, is the deepest river gorge in America


Jul. 18th, 2012 03:58 pm
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Some of the trees' leaves here (mainly birch) have started turning yellow and shedding! NOO IT'S ONLY JULY. It's been rainy and cool so maybe that's why. At least wait till July's over..eesh

Wtf..I keep reading articles that say the glaciers in the Himalayas are advancing despite "global warming" and the next one I read says they're melting faster than first thought! Make up your minds people! A glacier in Greenland calved off a Manhattan chunk of ice recently..that would have been epic to see!

Day 68: A picture of your favorite song (or the artist) at this time last year )

Would you rather every day for a year, have to wear the same pair of unwashed underwear or the same pair of unwashed socks? Socks..eww

Today's trivia: Lyndon Johnson was the only US president to be sworn in on an airplane
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Ughh I plugged my camera in to upload pics and it said it was drawing too much USB power and was it won't turn on or anything. I called mom and a help line and they both said I need a new battery. The lady I called was really nice and helpful..she's gonna call Olympus and call me back tomorrow so hopefully I can get sent a new battery. I'm glad it's something simple..I always panic when my electronics die or freak out (like my cell was just a simple battery problem too). I actually have a lot of them on my laptop (I wanted them on both computers) so hopefully I'll get those uploaded this weekend and the rest when my battery comes

Day 62: A picture of something that creeps you out/scares you )

Would you rather have a lisp or pronounce your Rs and Ws? A lisp

Today's trivia: Crocodile-tear syndrome is a nerve disorder that makes people cry when they eat
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Work is closed tomorrow for the 4th of July (so weird it's in the middle of the week haha) so I'm gonna go to mom's house kinda insisted haha (mom's in Northway but she comes back tomorrow). Might as point in spending it alone :P

Speaking of the 4th..those fireworks commercials out of Anchorage are SO ANNOYING. It shows fireworks going off in the dark of night..REALLY?! I don't know if it gets that dark in Anchorage now but it doesn't here! Their song gets stuck in your head too. Ugh fail

A picture of the person, or you and the person that interacts with you the most on facebook )

Would you rather as a woman and in front of a crowd of friends, have to crush ten empty beer cans against your forehead or mud wrestle a friend while you are both in bikinis? Mud wrestle

Today's trivia: Harvard, founded in 1636, was named for clergyman John Harvard


Jun. 27th, 2012 04:25 pm
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Uh..thanks for showing Matanuska Glacier when saying "the glaciers are melting rapidly." MATANUSKA IS A STABLE GLACIER. Also calving does NOT mean the glacier is retreating. Ew..I hate videos like that :P

Day 51: A picture of something that annoys you )

Would you rather give someone the finger when he cuts you off in his car and have him turn out to be your priest or rabbi or have your friends catch you picking up trash while you're wearing a felon-orange jumpsuit? The second one

Today's trivia: Rubber bands last longer when refrigerated


Jun. 13th, 2012 03:57 pm
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Um..why is it 50 degrees and raining in the middle of June? THIS IS NOT SUMMER WEATHER OR KETCHIKAN GO AWAY. I heard it even snowed in the mountains by Anchorage! WTF. It was so nice a couple days ago..luckily they're forecasting 70s again for the weekend


Day 37: A picture of what you wanted to be when you were little )

Would you rather have a hidden video camera at work catch you hacking up a big, ugly ball or phlegm and then looking at it or passing gas and then making a face reacting to the smell? Haha the second one

Today's trivia: There are 35 million digestive glands in the stomach
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OMG today was busy and I am SO tired. We woke up and looked out the window..TOTALLY SUNNY. Why couldn't it have been like that yesterday?? Haha. First we had breakfast and then went to the Sea Life Center, which is an aquarium. We had been wanting to see it since we were last in Seward. It's rather small, but still cool. There were birds, a sea lion, fish, a touch tank (the water was FREEZING), etc. It was fun to watch the birds dive and stuff hehe. After that we drove to see Exit Glacier! We were prepared and brought rubber boots this time haha. I was curious (and kind of scared) to see how much it had changed since I was there last (2009). First we hiked up the hill to the side of the glacier..I was quite hot but when we got to the top of the hill..hello glacial cold wind. :P There was still snow from last winter on the glacier. We took some pics then went down to the outwash plain to get to the front of the glacier. The boots definitely came in handy. ;) There was less water today though..maybe cause it wasn't raining or something. When we got to where we could see the front of the glacier..I was shocked. It has retreated SO much since I saw it last!! Like..I saw the spot where I stood at the edge of the glacier last time (I recognized the giant rock on a moraine I thought would fall on me..I guess it's quite secure haha)..NO ice there now. You had to walk down the valley more just to get to the face..which was covered with ice in 2009. That's soooo weird to think about..such new land. So crazy it's retreated that much. Not even Worthington Glacier has retreated that dramatically! (I've seen it every year so far since 2008!) I mean..I can tell it has retreated but not like Exit Glacier. The front of it is much flatter now and you can kinda walk on it! Though you're not supposed to since there's a sign there that says closed and not to go past that point. Uh..oops. :P It was cool though. After we found some cool rocks we went back to the car and drove to Portage Lake (an hour or so away..the last boat left at 4:30 but we could tell we had plenty of time to get there). The cashier said they hadn't even been at the glacier yet cause that part of the lake WAS STILL ICED UP WTF. In JUNE?! There were places (like the Exit Glacier parking lot and this one mountain pass) that still had snow in piles on the ground!! Wowww. The trees in that one mountain pass literally hadn't even got their leaves yet! It felt like winter all over again! The boat was able to plow through some of the ice (luckily it's built for that haha. It was pretty cool) and we could see a little of Portage Glacier..but couldn't even get near the face. :( Sooo disappointing. Good thing I've been close to it before. I couldn't tell how much it had retreated though. After that we went to the visitor's center..ahh I've spent SO much money on this trip haha..but I keep finding awesome glacier related things like bookmarks and magnets and stuff! Then we drove to Girdwood (40 miles south of Anchorage. It's a big ski area) to spend the night. The hotel is CRAZY high class haha. It makes me feel uncomfortable. :P We ate dinner and then took the tram up the side of Mt. Alyeska (3939 ft but we didn't go all the way to the top). That was SO cool!! It's very vertical and just so fun to watch. The scenery is awesome too (I love being up high haha). There's still SO MUCH SNOW up there..brrr. I want to go back to Fairbanks where it's already summer. :P That mountain looks so scary to ski down. D: After that..finally time to relax!

Tomorrow (my birthday!) we drive home (skipped Homer..would have been too much). Now I'm skipping the picture meme and going to bed cause I am super tired :P


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