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Tomorrow mom and I go to Northway! (She's working there for a week) There is a computer there but I'm not sure how fast the Internet is there. Hopefully I'll be able to check in haha. I'm bringing lots of DVDs and books. Northway is about 5 hours southeast of'll be cool to see new scenery! It'll be interesting to see mom at work too. Hopefully it'll be fun haha. We come back next weekend (I so wish I could have titled this North to Northway :P)

OMG GAME OF THRONES YOU'RE KILLING ME. Geez, he's killing everyone! (I'm on page 700 something in A Storm of Swords). I about had a conniption in the car haha. Ryan was so scared I'd give something away but I wouldn't do that. :P I swear when something good is about to happen it just gets ruined somehow. Before now I've never read a series where so many horrible things always happen. Yet I can't stop reading..

The final grade is posted! I got an 86 on the test (I kinda expected that, still good though!) and a 99 in the whole class!! Whoa haha, that's awesome for a math class!

Day 10: If you had a direwolf what would you name it? )

Final exam

May. 7th, 2013 04:33 pm
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Today was the Pre-Algebra final..I was lost on some questions at the end but a bunch were easy too. I hope I did ok haha. I may take the next level of math, especially since the same teacher will be teaching it..he's a really good teacher

There's gonna be Internet sales tax? Weird :/

Day 7: Favorite Friendship )

Would you rather be stupid and rich or smart and poor? Smart and poor..then I'd be smart enough to get rich. ;) Haha

Today's trivia: The world's largest stained glass window is in the mausoleum at Resurrection Cemetery in Justice, Illinois. It contains 2,448 panels and is a whopping 22,381 square feet
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I got a 98 on the evil fractions test!! Woww haha..I guess I knew what I was doing. :P If I can do fractions I guess I can do anything now haha. We're doing decimals now..MUCH easier :P

Mom met her weight loss goal..she weighs less than me! She lost 30 some pounds. I'm losing, but much slower than her. I'm still catching up from vacation haha. We got dessert (heh) to celebrate..she enjoyed every bite ;)

Day 2: A song from a movie sequel that was better than the original. )

Would you rather have someone throw a scuba tank into the middle of the ocean, then have to wait 10 seconds, dive in, and try to retrieve it so you don't drown or have someone throw a parachute out of a plane, wait 10 seconds, dive out, and try to retrieve it to avoid splatting? The scuba tank

Today's trivia: During the Great Blizzard of 1888, 40 inches of snow fell on New York City in 36 hours and drifts of 50 feet were recorded

Book meme

Mar. 28th, 2013 03:50 pm
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The rules: Grab the closest book to you, turn to page 52, post the 5th sentence as your status. Don't mention the title. Copy the rules as part of your post.

"I bear a letter from my father, Lord Tywin Lannister, the Hand of the King"

Today was the worst math test yet..all on fractions. Ugh. I never feel confident with fractions, even if I know what I'm doing. So far the professor hasn't posted the test grades till after we get them back during the next class. Ahh..I don't wanna wait till Tuesday! Haha. Hopefully I'll do better than I think I did..

197. Lost )

Would you rather knowing full well that the charges are without merit, be accused in the tabloids of crossdressing or of sleeping with an underaged person of the opposite sex? Crossdressing

Today's trivia: The longest recorded sneezing fit lasted 978 days
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 photo 382283_558045297546773_1703154072_n_zps92b67816-1_zpse9b153b6.jpg
Nicee pic of Aialik Glacier! (Kenai Fjords posted it on their Facebook) I saw that glacier last's huge! One of the biggest tidewater glaciers I've seen (UGH the new Photobucket is annoying..)

can't resist posting a couple more haha )

I got a 97 on my last math test..woo!

181. Clone )

Would you rather win a Nobel Prize for an idea you stole or become wealthy from an invention that hurts people? The Nobel Prize

Today's trivia: The first speed limit law in the United States was established in Connecticut in 1901. The limit for cars in cities was 10 MPH
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Today I had my second math test. Mom was late picking me up cause she was making reason for being late ever. ;) Haha. The test was pretty easy. I feel like the teachers in the regular schools weren't great for whatever reason..the math teachers I've had in college have all been awesome and I can understand what they teach. Weird..

176. Insanity )

Would you rather have to always eat standing up or always enter your car from the passenger door? The second one, know..I don't drive ;)

Today's trivia: Mark Twain was born in 1835 when Halley's Comet appeared and died in 1910 when Halley's Comet returned
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OMG in class we had a "group quiz." I seemed to know what I was doing and getting things right that people were asking help from ME (and I could see what they did wrong!). Dude..when did I get good at math?? Haha

Today at work someone bought $323 worth of DVDs and VHS tapes..Paulette was like "are you sure about this?" and she just shrugged and bought them. Wow haha (plus we just got in TONS of DVDs so there were lots to choose from). Our goal in the store is $300 a day..guess that didn't take long today :P

Hmm..looks like they finally changed the update page..not particularly a fan (come on, I was using the old one for like 9 years!). Too much white. O_O Oh well..I'll just turn the brightness down when I update. :P I really like the new userpic thing though..I like seeing the pics displayed haha

162. Effort )

Would you rather lick a melted chocolate bar off the sidewalk or a friend's plush pile car seat, including all the crevices? The chocolate

Today's trivia: Delaware was named for Lord De La Warr, an early governor of Virginia

Oh yeahh!

Feb. 7th, 2013 04:16 pm
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I got the math test back today..I missed a couple but I think I got partial credit cause he took off just one point. So with the extra credit I got a 104!!! OMG I never do that well in math haha. I think having my own private area helps too. The extra credit was a word problem taken right off the online stuck in my head and I remembered how to do it! Woww. I HAVE MATH SKILLZ. Haha

They caught the guy behind that explosion on Saturday..he was at the airport about to leave the state. Apparently he had 300 pounds of explosives he wanted to get rid of. Out of all the millions of acres in Alaska he chose to do it in a populated area? Smart :P

This article is super awesome! I'm jealous. :P I love the pic of Gilkey Glacier. I want to go to her presentation on Saturday..maybe she'll invite me to work with her heh ;)

155. Mutation )

Would you rather eat a bottle cap or a spider the size of a bottle cap? A bottle cap

Today's trivia: A third of Taiwanese funeral processions include a stripper

Math whiz

Feb. 5th, 2013 06:11 pm
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We had our first math test was SUPER easy. I hope I got a 100, but the high 90s are good too ;)

Oh my: "A tsunami alert was issued Wednesday for several South Pacific island nations after a strong earthquake struck near the Solomon Islands. The U.S. Geological Survey said the 8.0-magnitude quake struck Wednesday 50 miles west of Lata, in the Solomon Islands, at a depth of 3.6 miles." That's a huge earthquake! Good thing it wasn't centered in a populated area..

153. Stress )

Would you rather be a millionaire and then hit rock bottom or live your entire life with just enough money to get by? The second one

Today's trivia: Great Britain was the first county to issue postage stamps, on 1 May 1840. Hence, UK stamps are the only stamps in the world not to bear the name of the country of origin
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FAIRBANKS - A pair of minor earthquakes shook the Fairbanks area early Tuesday morning.

The first quake, with a preliminary magnitude of 2.95, was centered just off Chena Hot Springs Road, according to the Alaska Earthquake Information Center. It struck at 4:38 a.m., 5 miles north of North Pole and 9 miles east of Fort Wainwright at a depth of 8 miles.

In Two Rivers, it was felt as a single strong jolt.

The second quake came at 7:58 a.m. and registered a preliminary magnitude of 2.55, according to the AEIC. It was centered in approximately the same area as the first quake.

I think I felt it! I don't remember what time it was..but I was sitting in bed against the wall (I'm super weird and wake up randomly and decide to do a crossword haha) and I felt myself get pushed away from the wall. It was a weird sensation haha. I figured it was an earthquake and meant to check in the morning but forgot till I saw it on Facebook a few minutes ago. Interesting haha

We had our first math quiz today..I'm not very confident about it even though it's just simple stuff. Sure I understand it when we go over in it class but when I try to do it myself I'm just like huh?? Ugh..I hope I did better than I thought

146. Photo )

Would you rather be unable to stand up for yourself or never know when to back down? Never know when to back down..maybe

Today's trivia: A kangaroo's jump can be over 30 feet long and 10 feet high
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I think I may have been right about math being easier since I'm more mature..I'm actually interested and having fun doing the homework..whaaat haha. Then again we're doing basic stuff. :P I like the online homework'll help you if you're having trouble! That'll definitely help when we get to the harder stuff. I need to get my anxiety/depression under control before I do anything else though..English just panicked me and had to drop it. I feel like I don't belong in any career and don't see myself getting through college. I feel awkward and useless. I have an appointment with my doctor next week..I hope we can find a medicine that works..cause Paxil isn't anymore. Ughh..

141. Play )

Would you rather have to suck all the ink out of a ballpoint pen or paint your tongue with Wite-Out? Whichever is less poisonous haha

Today's trivia: It is considered rude to talk with your hands on your hips in Indonesia
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Today school started again. Before class I went to work for a bit..they were glad to see me. Kathy kept saying how much she missed me..aww. I'm glad I'm appreciated over there. :D My first class was Pre-Algebra. All of our homework will be online..interesting. I hope I'll understand it better now that I'm older and more mature and working towards a goal. My next class was English: Introduction to College Writing or something like that. I was "meh" about it cause writing papers is annoying..but it actually seems interesting. The professor is awesome..she's funny, "hip" haha, etc. Once a week we're required to write a journal entry..either on a topic she chooses or whatever you want to write about if you don't know what to write about on the topic. Awesome..I've had to do that in English before and it's fun to go back and read them. We're also required to keep a blog and comment on other students' blogs. that is cool! I've had lots of experience with that. ;) The professor said one of our essays will be on zombies heh. I have a feeling this will not be a normal English class :P

I shall post the rest of my Hawaii pics tomorrow!

135. Flight )

Would you rather marry someone who is kind but not really in love with you or marry someone who treats everyone else terribly and disrespectfully but totally adores you? The first one

Today's trivia: People evolved to like sweets because most bitter things are poisonous

New hairr

Jan. 3rd, 2013 07:05 pm
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I just had to get my hair cut before I went to just felt right. :P I'd like to get my nails done too haha

I saw Mary (the disability person at the university) today (I'm taking pre-algebra and an English class this semester). She was very happy with my A+ in Glaciers, Earthquakes and Volcanoes..I thought she would be :P

132. Robot )

Would you rather drink a two ounce glass of liquid from a huge blister or eat a salad covered with scabs? Eww

Today's trivia: Hong Kong has 195 skyscrapers higher than 500 feet. New York City has 186
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The grades are now posted online..I got an A+ for the class! I wish they posted the exact grade haha. /ocd. Awesome though :D

I saw two moose today! They're so cute hehe

122. Time )

Win :D

Dec. 14th, 2012 04:30 pm
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The volcanoes professor emailed everyone with our exam scores..I got a 96!! Apparently the average exam grade was 75 (Ryan got an 86). I AM AWESOME. Haha. I'm excited to see what my overall class grade is..

Today I had a meeting with a geology adviser (with mom and Nina of course) about majoring in Geology and classes to take and stuff. There definitely is math involved, but both mom and Nina think I can do it..and there's no point in taking an easier degree if I want to be a glaciologist. The adviser said I can just register for classes since I haven't declared a major yet. So I think I'm gonna take English, developmental math and a geology class (if there's room anyway). I'm also gonna fill out the paper to declare a major (she said it takes awhile to get the signatures and stuff though). Sweeeet

112. Confusion )

The end :(

Dec. 6th, 2012 04:10 pm
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Today was the volcanoes final (I took it in the professor's office haha. It was rather easy) and now the class is It was such a great of the best I've ever taken! Now to figure out what to take next semester..

This is the hotel we're staying at in Hawaii. *drools* Aunt Susan got us a good deal (she's a travel agent and has been to Hawaii a LOT). Mom said it's the hotel we stayed at when I first went to Hawaii as a little kid. Cool! It will be awesome :D

104. Change )

Would you rather have double vision or hear a constant echo? The echo

Today's trivia: The tower of St. Bride's Church in London inspired the three tiered wedding cake. A London baker decided to copy the idea as a design for fashionable weddings and it has continued to be as popular today as it was almost 300 years ago (I've been there!! We came across it accidentally haha)


Nov. 28th, 2012 05:36 pm
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It's so gross..when I go up to the university I can see all the nasty brown pollution hanging in the valley (there's a big inversion since it's been cold for so long). When I go inside my hair smells like that stuff..eww. I feel so unhealthy living in and breathing in that stuff. There isn't really any sign of it warming up either. Ughh

We finally got our glaciers exam back..I originally got a 93.65, but with the extra credit and stuff I got a 103.3!! AWESOME haha. :D We made ice cream in lab was delicious haha

Because of the inversion and the sunset, there was a pretty sweet Fata Morgana mirage over the mountains today. Mt. McKinley looked HUGE haha. I is a huge mountain haha but from Fairbanks it's smaller of course. A lot of the time it's hard to see behind a hill but you could easily see it over the hill today. So cool
here be pics! )

Would you rather have to eat five peach pits or half a pound of watermelon seeds? The seeds..peach pits are poisonous

Today's trivia: Adding three or four sugar cubes to a suitcase before storage will help prevent musty odors
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So begins a looong 4 day weekend..hopefully I won't get too bored. :P There's cats to pet, movies to watch, food to eat, walks to go on, games to play, my volcanoes essay to write..boredom is not allowed :P

Today Nina met with me and we looked at the requirements for a BA in Geography..we mapped out the first classes I need to take and on Monday she's gonna call about an adviser so I can declare a major. Cooool. I think I'm gonna take an English class next semester since a lot of the classes list that as a prerequisite. I'd be so lost without Nina..

89. Through the Fire )


Nov. 13th, 2012 06:22 pm
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I met with Regine today (lots of squeeing! Hee :D). She said the Black Rapids Glacier idea was good but would be too big for the grant money I would get (like it would take years to do), plus Black Rapids is hard to get to. Plus fieldwork is hard in the winter anyway. So she said to start small..she gave the idea of using Google Earth to map surging glaciers and maybe finding undiscovered ones. She recommended taking this geographical mapping class so I'd have the skills to do mapping. The grant questionnaire thing wants you do put the name of the faculty mentor you'll have..Regine said she would definitely like to be my mentor. SQUEE haha. She is sooo nice. :D The deadline to get your project idea is November 20, so I definitely should sent the questionnaire thing as soon as possible. Regine said once I have the info written down to email it to her and we'll talk about that. Yay! I hope it works out :D

81. Pen and Paper )

Would you rather laugh when you should cry and cry when you should laugh or never be able to do either? The first one

Today's trivia: To preserve their elaborate coiffures, geishas in ancient Japan slept with their heads on bags filled with buckwheat chaff
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So I sent my project idea to Regine's a rough idea and maybe not totally possible but I hope she likes it haha. Here it is:

Black Rapids Glacier is due for a why isn't it surging? Has it thinned too much? I'd like to compare records of how thick it was when it surged in the 30s (if possible) to how thick it is today. I'd like to see how much snow is in the accumulation area and see if it's building up strength on the upper parts of the glacier in preparation for a surge. I'd like to study the inner plumbing of the glacier and if it's changing at all. Finally, if possible, I'd like to figure out how far Black Rapids has ever reached (finding an old moraine?) and if it could ever reach that far again and how to keep the Pipeline, etc safe


79. Starvation )


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