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Merry Christmas! Yesterday it snowed like crazy..beautiful, but I'd still rather have warmth and sun lol. I got a quilt mom made with cats on it (her very first quilt, it looks awesome! I'll get a pic one of these days lol), a wallet, and an Amazon gift card from Dana (I've been saving up books there till now, since I knew I'd probably get a gift card haha. Must add to my polar exploration collection :P)

Tomorrow we're driving to Cindy and Dean's house in Santa Fe! Not only will it be nice to see everyone again, but I'm also very tired of being cooped up in the house lol. Hopefully we'll get lots of pics!

Speaking of pics, I looked at a lot of old pics's so weird, and sad since I can't remember a lot of the events in the pics (or very little). I'm taking some back to Alaska with me, I like having them around lol. Here's one of me and Snowy when he was a kitten!:
 photo 15726676_1527034327321717_3547373151838800188_n_zpsn58t3imy.jpeg
Aww. I wanted to take a pic of this picture (haha) last time I was here, but didn't for whatever reason. I made sure to this time! Mom made that cat outfit I'm wearing you can see, I've always loved cats :P
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1. What presents did you get for the holidays? Amazon gift cards from mom and Dana, money from relatives, and Ryan got us Cards Against Humanity LOL
2. Is there anything you were hoping to get that you didn't get? I didn't really ask for anything..
3. What is your favorite/least favorite holiday songs? "Wizards in Winter"-Trans-Siberian Orchestra, etc. Not sure what my least favorite one is..maybe annoying slow ones :P
4. When do you take down your holiday season decorations? After January I think..
5. What are your plans for New Year's? Maybe watch fireworks..depends on how cold it is

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Merry Christmas! I hope you guys are having fun and got good gifts! I got:

Money and cards from relatives
A couple "all weather" pens for geocaching that write in extreme heat/cold, upside down, etc
Geocatching pathtags (you can collect them)
A cat lamp
A cat mat
A little fake kitty
An gift card from Dana
A gift card to Barnes and Noble and an espresso place (Ryan regifted them to me haha..hopefully the place has smoothies :P)

Yay, good gifts! I hope I'm not forgetting anything haha. Here are some pics!

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Merry Christmas! Hope yours was good. :) I already opened my gifts. Here's what I got:

A shirt that says "money can't buy happiness, but it can buy books, which is kind of the same thing"
A big cat PJ shirt that says "the sound of music"
Kitty PJs
A headlamp for geocaching
Geocaching trackables (you put them in caches and they travel around to different places. You can give them a goal too, like "travel to Iceland")
A card organizer
A kitty keychain
$100 from dad
A movie called The Big Year and a $50 Amazon gift card from Dana (all of her gifts haven't come yet though)
Money from my grandparents

I think that's are some pics!

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Dec. 27th, 2012 04:20 pm
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I indeed got Dana's presents..I got a $50 Barnes and Noble gift card (I was just there a few days ago..good thing I didn't buy anything haha), these paw print keychain things (one says I <3 my Cat and the other has sequins on it) and a 2013 Glaciers calendar. Awesomee haha

Work was busy today! I always love going back after a long break. :) Though now New Years' break is coming..must not go crazyyy

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Would you rather eat a steak that's been left on a busy freeway for an hour or drink a glass of wine that has been slowly sifted through the hairpiece of a sweaty fat man with dandruff? The steak..hopefully cooking it would make it edible :P

Today's trivia: Modern hair conditioners were introduced at the turn of the last century to soften men's hair, beards and mustaches
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Yesterday after mom got home we opened our presents! I got a new bracelet holder (I had been needing a new one for a looong time) and TONS of new bracelets mom made! Yaaay..I've needed new ones to freshen up my collection haha. Dana sent me stuff but I haven't been to my apartment since Friday..hopefully they'll be there today haha. Ryan made a nice simple dinner of Cornish game hens, mashed potatoes, green beans and there was yummy Riesling wine. Nicee haha

Abby and Snowy slept with me last night. Aww. Greyboy wanted to but he took one look at Snowy and ran away. :P I'm loved hehe

a pic of my bracelet holder and bracelets )
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Hope it's good! Mom's working (boooo) so we have to wait till she gets home to open presents and stuff haha. Maybe we'll go visit her :P

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Merry Christmas! It's even snowing haha. Last night mom and Ryan made cookies and I helped ice them..funn haha. Though I had to resist eating all the icing. :P Today we opened our's what I got:

An gift card from Dana (woo!)
A 12 Days of Christmas charm bracelet from Pat
Chocolate from Becky
Some Alaska books from this organization that gave people gifts at the apartment complex I live in
A glacier DVD from Aunt Cindy and Uncle Dean
An Alaskan Wilderness and Cat calendar from mom
A cat figurine
Super warm looking socks
Crossword puzzles
Pine scented air fresheners (like you hang in your car)
A $100 gift card to Barnes and Noble!!! Oh yeaaah!
A GPS (geocaching!) and a case for it
A laptop cooler thing (you put it under it and there's a fan to keep it cool)
A Time Bandit sweatshirt (Time Bandit is one of my favorite boats on Deadliest Catch)
Tissues with cat paw prints on them haha
A cat bookmark
A 32" grabber so I can reach stuff haha
"Invisible Bookshelves" mount them on the wall and put books on open the bottom book and slide it in between so the shelf looks "invisible" haha
Black pants

I think that's it..nice! I hope yours has been good too

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Merry Christmas! I opened my's what I got:

Stocking stuffers: socks, a light up blinky worm thing haha, picture frames to put my glacier postcards in..
An gift card from Dana! Yaay haha
Money from relatives
A purse from Aunt Cindy (bleeh..I thought people knew by now I hated purses)
A big book called has info on the planets and stuff
A Glaciers 2011 calendar that mom has pics of our glacier trips and glaciers we've seen. How awesome is that?? (She has a program on her computer where she can make stuff like that)
Huge warm mittens made of beaver fur
This skirt's like snow pants only it's a skirt you can just slip on. Easier than snow pants haha
Magnetic picture frames
A shirt with a kitty on it from Pat
Notebook journal things..good for writing addresses and stuff
I hope I'm not forgetting anything haha. Hope your Christmas is good hehe

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Hope you guys have a great Christmas, whether you celebrate it or not haha. We got up at the crack of dawn! At almost 10 AM! Haha. Here are the gifts I got:

Amazon gift cards from Aunt Cindy and Dana (woo!)
A desk calendar about weird weather from Dana (yeah! Good thing I hadn't got another one haha)
A scarf from Grandma Mills
A glacier book from Becky
A Wii Fit Plus from Aunt Cindy
Money from relatives
A big HD TV! Woww haha
A shirt with a polar bear on it that says glacial adventure on it
All my glacier pictures and my northern lights one framed
A furry keychain thingy
A case to hold my money and cards
DVDs made by Hallmark
A pen with my name on it

Ryan got his own TV! He was so happy haha

pics! )

Today's trivia: Favorite pizza toppings in Japan: eel and squid
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Woww it's already Christmas Eve! My tradition is to open one present on Christmas Eve..I opened one from mom. I got these black slip on shoes with warm padding inside to wear to town (they're Uggs but oh well haha). I'll have to try them out next time I go to town

Today's trivia: Shrek got his name from the Yiddish word for "fear"
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Merry Christmas! Hope it was good. I got:

Forces of Nature (a huge book haha)
100 Wonders of the World (another huge book)
Mountains (book..there are glaciers in it :D)
Universe (book..umm ok haha)
Are You Smarter Than A Fifth Grader? board game
Masters of the Arctic Ice DVD
A webcam from Aunt Cindy
A gold vase thing from Grandma Mills
A light to wear on my head for skiing in the dark or something
A shirt, magnet, post cards, and an ornament from Cape May, NJ from Dana
An ipod touch
Fingerless gloves, furry slipper things that reminded me of a monster haha, earmuffs, a cashmere scarf, socks, leather gloves
A case to put my money and cards in
Sharpies and pens
Post it Notes
A small notepad
Jellybeans and Lifesavers
A black bag to carry stuff to work in (I was like looks rather high fashion..)
Money from my grandparents

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Today's stupidest quote: conversation in a bank
Bank customer: What day does Christmas fall on next year?
Teller: Christmas falls on the 25th next year
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I open one present on Christmas Eve..I have to wait till mom gets home from work though :P

I got an gift card and a Northern Lights calendar from Dana yesterday! And she said more is coming :D

On Saturday the low is supposed to be near -30..eep! Though not up here since it's warmer in the hills. On Monday I have to work and it's supposed to be -25!! *cries*

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Today's stupidest quote:
Family Feud host Richard Dawson: Name one of Santa's reindeer
Contestant: Nixon
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Merry Christmas..the rest of my presents were from Dana (unless I'm getting more late haha). She got me "End of an Era" by Nightwish (live DVD and CDs), a picture frame, The Belgariad by David Eddings, and The Dragonriders of Pern by Anne McCaffrey. Dad and I may go out to eat if there's any restaurants open

Well..enjoy the holiday or whatever you celebrate haha

Today's Latin: phy fabulae (bah, hambug)
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On Christmas Eve it's my tradition to open one present..I opened grandma's (the one who lives in England). She got me a shiny heart thing I could put on a backpack or keychain or something

Your Christmas Song Is

When it snows
Ain't it thrilling
Though your nose gets a chilling
We'll frolic and play
The Eskimo way
Walking in a winter wonderland

Even though you've seen many holidays...
Every single one is magical to you

Today's Latin: in excelsis (in the highest, to the greatest measure)
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MERRY CHRISTMAS!! I got LOTS of money, a Latin Bible,  a Latin dictionary,  a shirt that says carpe diem, epic PJ's, a game called Word Spot, a shiny 1-2 ft. knight, a scented pen, a heart necklace, an AWESOME Gothic bell, a handbells magnet, warm sleeveless gloves, POTC 2 on DVD, Christmas tree ornaments, and an epic red and black bracelet mom made. Yay good presents!

Last night I went to the Christmas program at that church...OMG the church was sooo beautiful!! There was a HUUGE organ and lots of stained glass. The program was mostly boring. I got pics and a video though. I haven't uploaded the video yet but I'll post the pics here

pics )

Today's Latin: phy! Fabulae! (bah humbug!)

"Ornaments and evergreens with packages as yet unseen, all wrapped in paper colored bright, reflecting candles in the night"--"A Star to Follow," Trans-Siberian Orchestra

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I think later my family and I are gonna go to a church in Ft. Worth...there's gonna be a dinner and a Christmas program...there's gonna be a choir and a huge organ...ahhh I'm gonna melt! I hope I can take pictures and videos

1. How old will you be in five years? 22
2. Who did you spend at least two hours with today? mom
3. How tall are you? 5'
4. What do you look forward to most in the next six weeks? Christmas, new years..
5. What's the last movie you saw? eragon
6. Who was the last person you called? dunno
7. Who was the last person to call you? ruth
8. What was the last text message you received? none
9. Who was the last person to leave you a voicemail? dunno
10. Do you prefer to call or text? call
11. What were you doing at 12am last night? getting ready for bed
12. Are your parents married/separated/divorced? married
13. When is the last time you saw your mom? earlier
14. What color are your eyes? blue
16. What are you wearing right now? black pants, white shirt
17. What is your favorite Christmas song? carol of the bells, an angel returned
18. Where is your favorite place to be? europe
19. Where is your least favorite place to be? dunno
20. Where would you go if you could go anywhere? carcassonne, germany
onward )

Today's Latin: Hanukka felicem vobis (happy Hanukkah)

"We set aside our dreams, ambitions; we are one we will unite, at the threshold of the universe we will rise!"--"Threshold," HammerFall
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*bounces around* Merry Christmas shiny peoples of livejournal!! My two gifts from yesterday multipled to like 10...Santa *cough*mom*cough* came. ;) Anyway, I got Dear America books, a Kamelot necklace, an Italy calendar (too bad I already have it *tear*), perfume (why??...WHY?!?!), Luca Turilli shirt (yeah!!!), Kamelot shirt (it has Latin on the back, yay!), Blind Guardian cloth poster, Holy Thunderforce, Queen's Greatest Hits, another Trans-Siberian Orchestra shirt and all the CDs (so that's why mom took so long getting food at the concert...she said she didn't hide it at all...she put it on her lap but I didn't notice cause I was so enthralled with the concert...haha!!), TSO DVD, tickets to see POTO live on stage (we got tickets close to the stage!), Knife of Dreams (11th book of the Wheel of Time), and $200 from my dad!! Wow...this is probably one of the best Christmas's ever!! I haven't forgot the true meaning though...happy birthday Jesus!! Haha I'm gonna be busy destiny the next few days!

*rocks out to the sweet sweet music of TSO* Heavy metal Christmas ;)

"Brothers, I'm ready, the ride can begin, for you I must win"--"Flames of Revenge," Rhapsody
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I got fluffy socks, an Italian bracelet, an Italian dictionary, an IPOD, Left Behind books # 34-40, the last 2 Wheel of Time books, slippers, a book about publishing books, candy, WOT info book, pajamas, a backpack, an Italy calendar, a game called Wit's End, and Nightwish CDs (from Amanda, YAY!). Thanks everyone!

OMG guess what movie was on TV last night?! Yep, First Knight! I watched it, of course. I'll never, EVER get tired of that movie. I think I'll watch it tonight, too! Oh, and I saw "Flight of the Phoenix." It was very good. I *must* see "Elektra"! It looks SOOOO GOOD!!

And here's a survey I did at 11:30 last night.
come-back-in-time-to-bless-the-child... )

"Over the hills and far away, for ten long years he'll count the days."--"Over The Hills And Far Away," Nightwish
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We haven't opened our presents yet, but our tradition is to open our stockings before. I got warm, fuzziy socks. It also had a paper saying a Rhapsody shirt, "Glory to the Brave" by HammerFall, "King of the Nordic Twilight," "Ancient Forest of Elves," and "Prophet of the Last Eclipse" by Luca Turilli were being shipped. YAY! Also, on Christmas Eve my tradition is to open 1 present. I got an Italian dictionary. It doesn't have guardiani though. *cries*

Well, I hope everyone has an awesome Christmas!

"Still the wind blows, calm and silent"--"And Then There Was Silence," Blind Guardian


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