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I keep hearing this song on the radio and finally looked it's ALSO by Of Monsters and Men! I thought it sounded similar to Mountain Sound. I'm really loving this band, their music is so pleasant and just..different. Better than most of the stuff they play on the radio (I love they get played on the radio too!). One of the best musical discoveries of the year..their music makes me so happy <3

My friend from high school, Caitlin, got engaged yesterday! That is so weird to think about haha. Congrats to her :)

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Driving through Dallas

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Today's stupidest quote: My car was legally parked as it backed into the other vehicle (actual statement on an insurance form, in which the driver was trying to explain an accident in as few words as possible)
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Wooo Caitlin made an LJ! It's [ profile] gurl4puppies. Well this morning she picked me up and drove to Scarborough of the first things we did was see Frank play haha. He was playing songs from the musical he wrote (he needs money to perform it on stage though). Frank saw me and gave me a hug :D I told him I was moving to made me sad to leave Frank. Caitlin and I walked around and saw shows and we watched Frank again and said bye for real. If you need some happiness hug Frank. THEY ARE AWESOME. *squee sigh* Caitlin and I also got our hair braided too. I also went to a sword place I have swords from and one of the workers remembered me and my "cute smile" hehe. Last year he said he'd date me if I was older *blushes* We got a characture (sp?) of us done too. We didn't stay till closing cause we got bored and left a few hours before haha. We tried to find a restaurant and got lost and totally ended up in old town Waxahachie. When I was reading the novel Texas the author told of a courthouse there and I wanted to see it. HOW coincidental is it that we ended up in old town Waxahachie? AND I saw the courthouse!!! I just looked it up and yes the building I saw was it! I couldn't get a pic cause I was using Caitlin's GPS (it's possible I might not have got it anyway though) but here's one I found online: We ate at Applebee's in Waxahachie and then drove home. We now have lovely sunburns yaaaay :P Pictures will come tomorrow!

Caitlin said she'd try to save money to visit me in Alaska...awww

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Today's stupidest quote: I'll find it eventually. I do things differently. I play with myself up there and eventally I'll find it. The last two innings I had it (pitcher Pedro Martinez, on how he found his groove after his last start against the Nationals)


Apr. 4th, 2008 11:04 am
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The other day I saw that Ryan put gay as his sexual orientation on Myspace..I asked him about it yesterday and he said he was and has been for a long time. Uhh? Why didn't he tell me when I asked if he and Christi were together? Is he saying he's gay to be "cool" or something? I mean in his Myspace picture he's grinning cause Christi said something about his teacher's boobs. Though Ryan said that stuff's for show or something? Umm..confused much?

Caitlin and I are going to Scarborough Faire tomorrow..wheee

Friday five:
If you became ruler of the world, what three things would you do first? How would I know?
If you were a superhero, what would be your name and what powers would you have? Sill Heather aaaand..yeaaaah :P
You can ask one question to someone who knows EVERYTHING. What is it? Hmm..does God exist?
If you were invisible for a day, what would you do? *shrugs*
If you saw a mythical/religious deity walking down the street, what would you do? Be like "OMG"?

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Today's stupidest quote: The engineering staff has discovered a blockage in the pipes to drain the building restrooms. This is causing the pipes in the 2nd floor restroom to back up and drain into SunTrust Bank. If possible please refrain from using the restrooms unless it is an emergency. A plumbing contractor has been called to fix the problem and will be here in a few minutes. I will send another email when the problem has been corrected. I apologize for the incontinence (actual email sent within a company)
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Movies watched this week: Elizabeth: the Golden Age, Stardust

Cate Blanchett totally should have won best actress! That movie and her performance was GREAT. One of the best movies I've seen for awhile

Scarborough Faire opens next weekend! I invited Caitlin and Wendy to go with me..they both said they'd like to. I haven't heard anything back from they since I asked though..

I found this on haha: Texas: place of extreme weather (If you don't like the weather in Texas, wait five minutes) :P

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Today's stupidest quote: I don't think about anything too much....If I think too much, it kind of freaks me out! (Pamela Anderson)
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Movies watched this week: One Night with the King, Beowulf, 10,000 BC

Yesterday Caitlin picked me up and she drove us to the mall (she has a red bug haha). She's a responsible driver (mom wouldn't let me ride with her before cause she was a new driver). We went to the food court first..I went to Jack in the Box. Hello slow and incompetent people! And the food was bleh. Then we walked around and I found a sword/dagger, etc place..Caitlin was like "this is your favorite place!" haha. I found a dagger (they called it a hunting knife :P) and told the guy I'd buy it but I didn't have an ID proving I was 18 so Caitlin bought it for me! Aww..I have pics too. We also went to Bath and Body Works, Books-A-Million, Bed Bath and Beyond, and Deb's. I also found a Dippin Dots stand!! OMG I didn't even know they had it there! I got some of course haha. Then we saw 10,000 was alright. Before the movie I saw the trailer for The Dark Knight...HEATH LEDGER *sniff* Then we drove to Sonic and the bank (so I could pay Caitlin back) and then drove me home. Overall it was a good day haha

Friday five..they posted late :P
1. Did you vote in your most recent applicable election? (If you're not yet old enough, do you plan to vote in the future?) Not in the primaries
2. Have you ever protested or attended a march? No
3. What political issue is the most important to you? Umm
4. Are you a member of a party in your country? If so, which? Not technically?
5. Do you ever plan to run for office? No way

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Today's stupidest quote: "Many Easter services will be canceled tomorrow morning. Before heading out to worship services, I recommend that you contact your church or synagogue" (weather forecaster, covering a major blizzard on a Denver nightly news show)
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Caitlin and I are gonna go to the mall and the movies today. She said she felt bad about not talking to me enough at the party. It might have to do with moving to Alaska too. Wohoo haha

I had a dream I was at a concert and Alex Staropoli shook my hand haha

There's no new Friday five yet..I suppose I'll post it tomorrow if they update

Pic of the day:
Die TV die?

Today's stupidest quote: Here--Good Friday--7 PM--Live crucifiction (sign outside a church in Grand Rapids, Michigan)
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Today's stupidest quote: This product moves when used (label on a children's scooter)
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Movies watched this week: Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium

Mom and Ryan left earlier..yesterday Ryan went to visit Christi at school and stayed till 1:30 AM or so. They say they're not in a relationship...he didn't get much sleep since he had to get up at 5 or 6 something. Dad and I will go up there soon..

Yesterday I went out to eat with Caitlin and her friends (she LOVED my present haha). Emily saw me when I walked in and was like "HEATHER!!" haha. I only ate with them since it was mom's last day here. Caitlin had to stand on a chair and "dance" while the waiters sang to embarrassing :P

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Today's stupidest quote: on BBC Radio 2
Radio host Steve Wright: What is the capital of Australia? And it's not Sydney
Contestant: Sydney
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Yesterday Christi came over and I hung out with her and Ryan while they made spaghetti. I put on some Iced Earth (the latte band haha) and Kamelot. The other day I looked and Ryan's ipod and found some metal and I was like "whoa! :D" We watched this Family Guy spoof of Star Wars 4..lmaooo. Ryan's gonna come back here to go to school next school year and Christi was like "OMG YAY *CLINGHUG*" I meet someone cool but I gotta leave soon? I do have her Myspace though..

Caitlin's "party" is later..she said (tech theater) Emily works at Bennigan's so I'll get to see her!

Friday five:
What do you see when you are looking out of the window closest to you? Trees, houses, etc
Who was the last person who came into your room? Me
What is the most predominant colour around you? Brown?
What is right behind you? The back of the chair
What is on today's calendar sheet? A stupid quote

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Today's stupidest quote: at Wendy's, Detroit
Customer: What is the difference between the large and small chili?
Wendy's cashier: The large is bigger than the small
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Yesterday mom and I ate at Mi Patio (Jamie wasn't there though) and went to Sam's to see if they had another leather jacket. They didn't that I know of but I got Caitlin movies for her birthday and The Other Boleyn Girl and another book for me

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Today's stupidest quote: from the movie Tarzan the Ape Man
Jane: I'm Jane Parker. Understand? Jane [pointing to herself] Jane
Tarzan: [touching her] Jane...Jane...Jane
Jane: Yes. Jane [pointing to him] You? [no answer, then pointing to herself] Jane
Tarzan: [touching her] Jane
Jane: [pointing to him] And you? You?
Tarzan: [thumping chest] Tarzan. Tarzan
Jane: Tarzan
Tarzan: Jane. Tarzan. Jane. Tarzan. Jane. Tarzan. Jane. Tarzan. Jane. Tarzan. Jane. Tarzan. Jane...
Jane: Oh, please stop! Let me go! I can't bear this!
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Mom and Ryan are hereee (well Ryan's at Christi's house and mom's going to Kohl's but you know what I mean :P). We've hung out and took a walk and talked to people. Their luggage got lost though (why mom's going to Kohl's). Mom's grown out her hair some and she totally looks like Aunt Cindy haha

Caitlin's birthday is on Wednesday and she's having a party on Friday. She invited me and other friends..we're gonna eat at Bennigan's and see Jumper. Mom said I could go..sweet

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Today's stupidest quote: "I think war is a dangerous place" (George W. Bush)
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I met up with Caitlin at the mall and we talked before the movie..Enchanted was good I suppose. The music when the evil stepmother went into the real world was AWESOME. And whoever made her costume did a REALLY good job

Go see my new layout like it?

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Today's stupidest quote: "Now it's more about crossing the i's and dotting the t's" (Seattle Seahawks wide reciever Darrel Jackson, discussing his game plan)


Jan. 26th, 2008 10:31 am
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Movies watched this week: The Hunchback of Notre Dame (1956), The Last Legion, Batman Begins

Caitlin and I are going to the movies today..we haven't seen each other in person since the summer haha. We're gonna see Enchanted

HOW is The Golden Compass anti-religious?? It doesn't even talk about religion..sure there's daemons but they're animals and connected with the human soul..NOT evil

Today's stupidest quote: "Six and a half million people have visited the Dome and six and a half left happy or happier" (chief executive of England's Millennium Dome, PY Gerbeau)
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Transformers was awesome and somewhat funny..the music was awesome too. And it was nice to see Caitlin again. Optimus Prime is Latin for "best first" or something like that..

My Thea score came in and I think I'm gonna register for classes tomorrow..I also have to go back to the heart doctor and get a sonagram on my heart..the thought at looking at my organs is scary..

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Today's Latin: ceteris paribus (other things being equal)
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I think Caitlin and I are gonna see Transformers tomorrow..I haven't seen her in person since May! Hope we have fun haha

One of the Dave Barry books has a humorous description of most of the 50 states and I'll write one here each day..see if the description of your state is amusing

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Kathryn did her 10 top songs so I will too..

"Battlefield"-Blind Guardian
"Guardiani Del Destino"-Rhapsody
"O Fortuna"-Carl Orff
"Come and Get Them"-300 soundtrack
"Adulruna Redibiba"-Therion
"Sanctuary"-Hunchback soundtrack
"1812 Overture"-Tchaikovsky
"In the Hall of the Mountain King"-Edvard Greig
"Planet Hell"-Nightwish
"When the Lights are Down"-Kamelot

Friday five:
1. Tea or coffee? Neither really..
2. Do you speak your mind? Depends
3. What is your escape? Music, surveys..
4. When is the last time you cried? Last week?
5. What are your bedtime rituals? Pick out my clothes, brush my teeth, mark the day off, read, pray (on Friday I put my clothes away)

Today's Latin: radix lecti (couch potato)
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Wowww a lot of people loved my new red hair! Caitlin didn't though. Haha people were like "*gasp* OMG HEATHER THAT'S AWESOME"..haha and I shall post pics too. It kinda makes me look more metal..heck yeaaah

Tomorrow in tech theater we're making fake blood, cuts, etc and we get to put it on ourselves haha..I think I'll take pics of that too. My tech theater teacher showed us gross pics of fake/non fake cuts and stuff..ewww. He also showed us how stage makeup can transform someone MAJORLY (like making a guy look like a girl!)

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Today's Latin: res pecunia (financial affairs)
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There were tornadoes in the city I live in yesterday! They didn't come where I live but were near Caitlin's house...Kathryn said she saw it on the news...suddenly the town who practically no one knows about is famous. Of course the weather interrupted House..

Group counceling was sooo good today...yay Caitlin and Ilyssa for giving good advice!

OMG I was nominated for Jammin' Jags AGAIN...haha this is my third time to be nominated! Someone really likes me ;)

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Today's Latin: me valde oblectavi (I had a grand time)
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So yesterday was Caitlin's party...while I waited for people to arrive I bought the Star Wars 2 soundtrack (yeah I buy a lot of CDs). We ate at Chili's then saw Ghost was a good movie. And the music...OMG at one part it was operatic epic Latin (I think it was Latin). Sooo awesome. And the preview for Spider-Man 3 *droooools* EPIC MUSIIIC. Then after the movie someone hit their head on a light pole on purpose and it made the light go was so funny haha

Waterloo (a book in the Sharpe series) is soooo epic...I wanna see the movie!

Today's Latin: si hoc legere scis nimium, eruditionis habes (if you can read this, you're over-educated)

"Bravery was not something that was inspired by king or country or even by battalion. Bravery was what a man owned his friends. It was keeping pride and faith in front of those friends"--From Waterloo
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It's Caitlin's 18th birthday today so she, Emily (tech theater), maybe other people and I are gonna go to the mall and eat at Chili's and see Ghost Rider (I really wanna see 300 but not everyone's 17 and over. Oh well). They're gonna IM me to tell me when to leave. Yay haha

I'm in government now...I have the same teacher I had for Sociology. I wonder if we'll watch any movies haha. And Wendy's in my class! YAY

Today's Latin: ipsa scientia potestas est (knowledge itself is power)

"Estne volumen in toga, an solum tibi libet me videre?"--Funny Latin saying ;)


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