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Yesterday we arrived at Payson! Getting up at 5 something was totally fun..yuck (you know you've gotten up too early when you put your glasses on and your vision is still blurry LOL). I wish I could have seen Denali or something, but between the darkness, clouds and moisture on the window from the de-icer thingy, I could hardly see anything lol (yeah I know I've flown around it many times, but I never get tired of seeing it :P). When we landed in Anchorage we had to RUN to our next flight, since the plane arrived late in Fairbanks to begin with (they let everyone who was going on that flight get off first..thanks Alaska Airlines, you are awesome!!). I hadn't run that far in years LOL. We made it just in time, phew. The captain of this flight was a woman, heck yeah! She was super awesome and nice and funny. I looked for glaciers after we took off, but I only saw one for sure. I wish I knew which one it was (I couldn't get a good pic with my phone, booo)'s so hard to tell when you're not exactly sure where you are and when everything's so snowy lol. It was pretty big and ended in water though, which was cool. I wanted to see more, but apparently when you fly directly to Phoenix you go over more of the ocean than land (direct to Phoenix is almost 5 hours from Anchorage). On the flight I watched Kubo and the Two Strings (very, VERY good movie) and Ice Age: Collision Course ("the ice is too icy" LOLOL)..pretty ridiculous but still amusing lol. After we landed and got the car and stuff we ate at a yummy barbecue place near Phoenix and then drove up to was cool seeing everyone's Christmas lights! Sleeping was nice lol (Also after I opened Pokemon Go at the airport like 10 Pokemon showed up at once haha..lots of Ekans and Sandshrews here lol..I got at least two new ones, yay! At the BBQ place there were two Pokestops right on top of each other! I'd never seen that before :P)

Except for going to the store, today's been pretty lazy lol. Ryan has a cold, ouch. I hope he doesn't give it to us! Being sick on vacation is awful. The weather's cloudy and it's supposed to snow this weekend..noooo, I came here to ESCAPE the snow, not find more LOL

One thing I love about coming to Payson is reading stuff I wrote when I was a kid and stuff, even if I read it last time I was here lol (dad put a box by my room that had school binders in it..pretty sure I had written on every inch of those things haha). I found a school journal entry that I have to share here:

Feelings about The Diary of Anne Frank: I learned that you should have a positive attitude no matter what situation you are in. Anne Frank always had a positive attitude. Even when she was in the concentration camps she never gave up hope that she would get out of there. While she was in hiding, she never gave up hope that they would go back to their normal lives. I think everyone needs to have a positive attitude like Anne Frank had

Wow..WOW. That's deep for a middle schooler!! I guess I got my positivity from Anne Frank then..there aren't enough "wows" in the world to describe how I felt after reading that..

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 photo 12347575_1145599045465249_7571003596295814405_n_zpsvycfcx6b.jpg
Mormon Lake..not much of a lake anymore

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Yesterday we decided to take a road trip to the Grand Canyon, though we decided to stay the night at Flagstaff (a couple hours from Payson) so we'd have time to geocache and stuff. We found 10 geocaches, which is pretty awesome lol. When we got to Flagstaff we got a hotel room, went to Barnes and Noble, and had dinner at Olive Garden, yay!

Today's first stop was at Walnut Canyon, where a bunch of Native American cliff dwellings are. Unlike at Montezuma Castle, you could go in to some of the rooms there. You could see dark spots on the walls from their fires. You could see more dwellings on the other side of the canyon where there wasn't a trail. Wow..that must have been an interesting life. I thought it would be awful walking back up the canyon since it's at over 6000 feet, but it wasn't that bad since we went slow. Next we went to Sunset Crater, an old cinder cone (there were a bunch of other cinder cones around too). You could walk around the old lava flows by the Crater..weird, it kinda felt like we were in Hawaii haha. Next was a stop at Wupatki National Monument, which has a bunch of old Native American pueblos. We stopped at the biggest, most intact one..weird they built their homes in the middle of nowhere in the desert lol. It must have been hard work dragging all those rocks to build their home! After that we continued to the Grand Canyon. We saw some kind of cat cross the road! It may have been a bobcat since it didn't have a tail. We saw another javelina too! I hadn't been to the Grand Canyon since elementary school, so it was cool to see it again. It's definitely one of the most amazing things I've ever seen..amazing how a river carved all that. All the colors in the rocks are pretty too. I was definitely hungry so we had dinner and found our hotel. We're gonna stay tomorrow night too. I'm tired after being so busy all day, it's nice to relax lol (I think we found 5 caches today, must keep our streak going lol)


Dec. 2nd, 2015 04:29 pm
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Yesterday we finally arrived at Payson. On the redeye flight to Seattle I watched American Sniper and on the flight to Phoenix I read, dozed and did a crossword. I do NOT like the airport at seems outdated and disorganized. The drive to Payson is nice and interesting, though kinda painful when you're tired lol. The weather was beautiful, nice and sunny! We at at Chili's when we got to Payson and took a much needed nap when we got to the house and just relaxed online (mom said it was weird not having cats trying to crawl all over us haha). We recently switched to Verizon and got new phones, so the service is sooo much faster than the just Alaska company we had before. I can go online through the hotspot on mom's phone, and that is so much faster too. I'm glad I don't have to go to Safeway or the library for fast Internet lol

Today we had lunch, found a couple caches and stocked up on food. It's Alaska you open the outside door into an enclosed entrance before opening the door to go inside (it's to keep the cold air from getting inside). When we walked into the restaurant I was expecting to open another door before going inside, and it felt weird to just automatically be inside haha. Today is another nice day..I hope the sunsets are as nice as they were last time I was here!
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Since I'll be traveling to Payson tomorrow, here's the books I read in November:

Making Rounds with Oscar: The Extraordinary Gift of an Ordinary Cat by David Dosa (Nov 2-5)
Shelf Life: Romance, Mystery, Drama, and Other Page-Turning Adventures from a Year in a Bookstore by Suzanne Strempek Shea (Nov 5-10)
Dewey's Nine Lives: The Legacy of the Small-Town Library Cat Who Inspired Millions by Vicki Myron (Nov 11-18)
The Horse Boy: A Father's Quest to Heal His Son by Rupert Isaacson (Nov 18-25)

Tonight I start on the journey to Payson! It's supposed to be in the 50s and 60s this week, so that'll be nice. Too bad I'm gonna miss work's Christmas party and the geocaching Christmas party though..they're both so fun! I can't wait to see Dana! I'll update when I can :)

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This vacation has come to an end..tomorrow we fly back to Fairbanks. NOT looking forward to it being -21, but I am looking forward to seeing Abby again, going back to work and fast Internet haha. The town of Payson itself is kinda boring, but it's the scenery that makes it special..I love that our house has such awesome views. We found 59 caches on this trip! (14 days in a row, yeah!) We might try to find at least one on the way to the airport tomorrow..59 just isn't a round number haha. Now if I could just learn to pronounce "Mogollon" that would be great. :P I don't know why it's so hard haha. I'm glad I finally got to visit!

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 photo DSCN2266_zps8ffb0a46.jpg
The Painted Desert with snow!

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Today was another warm gorgeous day! Mom and I did more caching (found 5!) to take advantage of the warmth before we go back to cold Alaska. Tomorrow it's supposed to rain..ugh


Jan. 24th, 2015 07:43 pm
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Today mom and I went to Sedona! (80 some miles from Payson) Today was definitely the warmest and prettiest day so far. The red rocks were super gorgeous in the sun. I didn't remember much, but it had been a long time since I had been there. We ate lunch, did some shopping (my suitcase is gonna be stuffed D:), and hiked up this rock where a vortex was. They're like..a "hot spot" of energy in the earth. They're supposed to give you spiritual and emotional balance or something (Becky said she went to one and she just started laughing and crying and couldn't stop). It didn't feel any different to me though. :P The views up there were amazing though. After spending a few hours there we drove back to Payson..such a gorgeous day to drive up there! We also found seven caches I think (two we didn't!)

Yesterday mom and I went through some of the stuff in the black hole garage that was easy to get to. It's packed with would be easier for dad to do stuff in there than us. Too bad, I really wanted to go through my books. We did find some great pics though..oddly enough, some of the first ones I looked at were when I went to the Petrified Forest/Painted Desert, the Grand Canyon, etc when I was a kid!! So weird lol. There were also pics of Paris, camping, birthday parties, etc. It's really funny to laugh at our fashion sense back then LOL. I love looking at old pics..
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Today we drove back to was rather weird seeing snow in the desert haha. We had lunch at a casino..I had never been in one before, so it was interesting seeing the slot machines and stuff (we didn't play any though). I felt pretty uncomfortable cause mom and I were the only white people at the restaurant (the casino is owned by the Navajos I think). We also stopped at the Painted Desert and the Petrified pretty!! I hadn't been there since I was a kid. Both places had such interesting landforms. Petrified wood is cool too, it has lots of colors! So weird to think that desert used to be a huge forest. I bought some petrified wood to take home with me. There's hieroglyphics there too, but they had you look at them through a telescope thing, which wasn't particularly fun. Kinda soon after we left the park, I saw a coyote!! So cool, I love seeing wildlife. :D Too bad it was dark when we drove across the Rim, I love that drive. We found at least 8 caches too..nice!

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The drive to Santa Fe yesterday was interesting..I LOVED driving on the Mogollon's so pretty!! I loved the ponderosa pine trees. There was quite a bit of snow too. When you leave the Rim, the trees suddenly disappear and it gets pretty arid. But we drove through the Painted Desert and past the Petrified Forest..the red rocks were so pretty!! We also drove past an extinct volcano, which was cool. We ate lunch in Albuquerque (yikes! Too big cityish for me!), found a couple caches and continued the drive to Santa Fe (around 60 miles from Albuquerque). I think we found 11 caches in total! Most were on the was lovely caching up there. Santa Fe is definitely more relaxed and nicer than ABQ. It was nice to see Cindy and Dean and their new dog Blanca and relax haha

Today we had breakfast and explored downtown Santa Fe. The architecture is really cool! I think the buildings are made of adobe. There are a bunch of shops there too..we looked in one and went to a couple churches..pretty! Cindy and Dean also went caching for the first time (their name is "chilipup" haha). One was in a hotel and you go up to the counter and ask about the cache and they bring it out to you..weird! I've never found a cache like that before haha. There's a certain area where Native Americans sell the things they've made (it's regulated, so they can't sell cheap knockoff stuff) and we checked that out. I'm wearing a Payson shirt, and they kept commenting on it haha! There was a LOT of jewelry, but I found a magnet and these cat things made out of clay or something. It's nice to support local artists. :) After that we found a couple more caches and walked to where Dean would pick us up (he went back home to check on Blanca). Well at that spot was a used bookstore!! I definitely had to go in haha. It was actually pretty nice and organized. I didn't have time to look at everything I wanted to, so I think I'm gonna go back. There was also a brochure with the used bookstores in Santa Fe, which is definitely useful haha. Then we went back to the house..tired haha

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So the two flights went fine (except for the screaming babies, ugh). One of our geocaching friends and his wife was on the plane too! Awesome haha. I didn't even try to sleep on the redeye..I'm so miserable and uncomfortable it's not really worth it, so I watched the in-flight movies instead (there's now an app where you can put their entertainment system on your iPad or whatever device you!). I watched Despicable Me 2 (I had to see the Minions everyone raves about haha..they're definitely hilarious :P) and Gravity. That movie annoyed the heck out of's basically just Sandra Bullock flailing around and freaking out in space. I think it's kinda overrated..Interstellar was definitely better. Since I didn't sleep I guess that was my first "real" all-nighter (I haven't slept on redeyes before, but I always went to sleep before the sun came up). On the second flight one of the pilots was a woman! Sweet, that is so awesome. :D :D There needs to be more! I got to see the Grand Canyon from the cool!! I don't remember seeing it from the air before. After we landed in Phoenix we picked up the rental car and started the drive to Payson (I think without stopping it takes a little over an hour to get there from Phoenix). Even though we were tired, we couldn't resist getting three geocaches on the way haha. The drive was interesting and beautiful! The cacti look so cool and the mountains are lovely. Even so, I was relieved when we finally got to Payson since I was tired and really had to go to the bathroom (TMI lol sorry). We ate at Chili's and then went to the house. It's pretty cool..the views are great! It's weird seeing stuff from Texas again. I was looking through some of my stuff and didn't even remember some of it (like school projects and stuff). So weird. I definitely took a long nap, so nice. I got into my PJs at 4 PM and didn't even care. :P I think I'll go to bed early too. Later!
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Tonight (well..technically tomorrow, since the flight leaves at 1 something. Ugh redeyes) I start on the journey to Arizona! Unlike Florida, there's only one layover. The house doesn't have wi-fi, but mom has her iPad and I have my phone for quick things (I'll bring my laptop anyway, just in case). I'll update when I can!

2014 was the warmest year on record for

6. If you could offer a newborn child only one piece of advice, what would it be? )


Jan. 5th, 2015 05:28 pm
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Next week mom and I are going to Arizona for a couple weeks! I can't wait to finally explore Payson and check out our house. Hopefully we'll travel around to places like Sedona (haven't been there in years!) and meet some Internet friends that live in that area. I'm excited to geocache there too. It'll be nice to get away from the darkness and cold for awhile. I'll have to work late to get my hours in, but that's alright :P

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New house

Apr. 22nd, 2014 05:40 pm
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 photo IS-dfpx4alzqjq5_zps5f8fda6e.jpg
This is the house dad is planning on buying in Arizona. He's been wanting to buy a house there for ages, and it'll be nice to go somewhere nice for awhile when we get tired of winter up here. Dad said it's at 5000 feet and at night you can see every star in the sky. It has three decks too! It sounds lovely. He also wants to get everything out of the five storage units in Texas (it's expensive!) and bring it there

 photo IS-dfq4hs7pcc4d_zps77c2f52d.jpg
The view..sweet! It'll be nice to go here when we need a break from winter I think haha. If you would like to see more pics, go here!

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Today's trivia: "PEZ" candy is short for pfefferminz, German for "peppermint"


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