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Yesterday mom and Ryan and I saw Rogue One (Payson's theater is tiny! Haha). It was pretty good. We didn't realize the showing we wanted to see was in 3D till we got there..not a fan of 3D movies, but we were already there and I was bored, so we watched it anyway. 3D doesn't really make it more special..I can't see right and it makes the movie harder to watch. Diego Luna though?

 photo MV5BOTE0MjI2NDczMl5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwMTgwMDgyMg._V1_UY317_CR20214317_AL__zpsftdaywly.jpeg
Yum YUM *drools*

pokemon update )

Awww, today's Cherry's birthday!! Squee! :D :D
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Yesterday we indeed went to the plaza downtown and had lunch and went shopping..I found the PERFECT's blue and has mountains and says "Santa Fe." It was screaming my name when I saw it haha. I also went to a "new" bookstore (and was happy to see many people shopping there). I like "used" bookstores better..they're more interesting (still won't say no to a bookstore though lol). After that we just hung out at Cindy and Dean's house. They watched The Worst Journey in the World docudrama with me (my 5th time!! I wish I had thought of it sooner, so Julie and the others could have watched it too..oh well :P). Now that I know more about Cherry and Antarctic history in general, it made more sense (like meeting Angela and the quartz thing and stuff). At the end they showed a pic of Cherry I had only seen in Sara Wheeler's book, so I had to take a screenshot to share LOL. When I went to my little trailer thing where I slept I was super hyper and just kept yelling "stick it!!!" haha! It's crazy Cherry still has that big of an effect on though :P

Today we drove back to sad leaving, even if we had an extra day. It was super fun and I'm glad we could get together again! We stopped at the Petrified Forest again to stretch our legs..yeah, I am officially tired of looking at petrified wood now LOL. Still nice to get out of the car though. We got back in Payson just in time for it to START RAINING AND SNOWING AGAIN WTF. It's supposed to do both all week!! Wow, the weather is usually nicer than this here! Not cool :P

a few pics )
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Hi from New Mexico! On Monday we drove was finally a beautiful day, yay! Ryan was all stressing out and saying how he had to ~talk to people~ if he went and irritating, ugh. He's not the best person to travel with, but he has ended up having a great time so far I think (shh don't tell him though ;)). On the way we stopped at the Painted Desert and the Petrified Forest..such beautiful and interesting places! We just continued on to Santa Fe after was so nice seeing everyone again!! The last time I saw my cousin Joelle (almost 10 years ago) she was like one or two years old and now she's 13! She said she didn't remember me, but that's alright, she was too young lol (Jessalyn said she remembered me though). Cindy and Dean made margaritas and Gina was like "I am SO happy you can drink with us now, I've been waiting years for this!" I felt the same way haha, it was nice lol. We had dinner and talked and I think just went to bed (it's been a busy few days, it's hard to remember everything haha)

Tuesday was a beautiful day, so we went hiking at Tent Rocks, which is a slot canyon with formations from volcanic eruptions. It was my first time in a slot canyon, and it was AWESOME. It was so cool!! I'll describe it more with my pics (easier lol). Very unique! After that we hung out at the house and then went to dinner at a Mexican restaurant that (except for the chips) wasn't very good at, we're in New Mexico! Mexican food in *Fairbanks* is better than the food at that restaurant! Ew. After that we looked at the Christmas lights downtown (pretty!) and went home and did our White Elephant (we also called it Dirty Santa haha) gift exchange. Funnn..there's been LOTS of laughing these past few days lol. I stole this glowstick thingy, a tiara and chocolate covered cherries from mom ("CHERRY!!" *hugs it*). Gina called me Queen Cherry haha (yep, everyone knows all about Cherry now LOL). After that we decorated gingerbread cookies and went to bed (so tired!! Having fun is exhausting :P)

yesterday, and pics under here! )

And here's me reciting (from memory!) the last passage (one of the best) of The Worst Journey in the World! I hope I don't look dumb, but I think it's pretty good myself ;)
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Just me reciting a great passage from The Worst Journey in the World lol (what I decide to do at midnight..haha). Filming yourself is hard, I always feel dumb lol. I'm suuuuper uncomfortable watching/listening to myself, so you'll have to tell me if it turned out alright. :P I'll type the passage here too!

A hard night: clear, with a blue sky so deep that it looks black: the stars are steel points: the glaciers burnished silver. The snow rings and thuds to your footfall. The ice is cracking to the falling temperature and the tide crack groans as the water rises. And over all, wave upon wave, fold upon fold, there hangs the curtain of the aurora. As you watch, it fades away, and then quite suddenly a great beam flashes up and rushes to the zenith, an arch of palest green and orange, a tail of flaming gold. Again it falls, fading away into great searchlight beams which rise behind the smoking crater of Mount Erebus. And again the spiritual veil is drawn...

Beautiful. *swoons* Like I said in the video: "Cherry is awesome!" hehe (he was such a great writer!)

Day 20-Handwrite a letter to somebody )

Today's trivia: Vultures have stomach acid so corrosive, they can digest even anthrax
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I love doing this at the end of the year lol: Post the first sentence of the first post of every month in 2016 (as usual not counting the books I read lol)

January: 1. When were you last up on the house top?
February: This list may seem small compared to my lists last year, but The Worst Journey in the World was over 500 pages long haha
March: Reading "longer" books makes my monthly book lists look sad :P
April: That's more like it :D
May: Only one book finished this month?
June: The Fur Person by May Sarton (May 16) (I read this one in less than an hour..I read May's book in May!) [Well nevermind, I guess that one does count lol]
July: How is June over already? D:
August: Antarctica by Kim Stanley Robinson (July 8-24. Loved!!! A novel, but full of Antarctic history, and lots of mentions of Apsley Cherry-Garrard, who wrote The Worst Journey in the World)
September: Crossing Antarctica by Will Steger and Jon Bowermaster (Aug 23-31). This book sounded like a modern Worst Journey in the World..I'm surprised Cherry was never mentioned!
October: I probably could have finished a 7th book this month, but it just didn't happen lol..darn :P
November: Some guy in the introduction to The Home of the Blizzard said that book outshone The Worst Journey in the World..umm no lol
December: Also, my job is awesome

I love that The Worst Journey in the World was the first book I read this year. :D I didn't know it would change my life so dramatically though!

I just discovered the song I've been loving on the radio lately is "Smells Like Teen Spirit" by Nirvana. It's weird to Google a song to see if you've heard it before and it's one you hear all the time haha

dashing cherry is DASHING )

Day 17-Handwrite on something other than paper )

Today's trivia: Dachshunds were originally bred in 1600 to hunt dachs, which is German for badgers
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FAIRBANKS — The skies began clearing Monday afternoon over the Interior, and the temperatures began dropping.

In addition, the National Weather Service is predicting several snow storms will move north across the Interior, starting tonight.

Monday’s high temperature at Fairbanks International Airport was 1 below just before 6 a.m. Since then, the temperature steadily dropped to 10 below just before 2 p.m.

According to the Weather Service, lows Monday night were to drop to 25 below zero. The north wind could drop the temperature to 40 below with wind chill in areas.

It’s likely Fairbanks won’t have 30 below weather until early next week, Fischer added.

It’s been more than a year since Fairbanks experienced temperatures colder than 25 degrees below zero.

For reference, the coldest temperature recorded last winter was 29 below, in November 2015. It marked 2015-16 as only the second winter in 109 years that did not see 30-below-zero temperatures. On average, Fairbanks experiences 25 days at or colder than 30 below during each cold season.

Temperatures for the next week are expected to be highly variable, with lows around 25 below to highs in the single digits above zero.

It was weird..yesterday it was 0 and when I woke up today it was suddenly -21! Me and a coworker were also talking about how warm it was last winter (compared to -40, -29 is warm lol). I should probably start wearing my goggles now (so I can cover my face without my glasses icing up), but I feel so ridiculous wearing them lol (maybe pretending to be Cherry trekking through Antarctica would help haha). I guess that's better than worrying about frostbite though :P

Yesterday Becky was like "I have a book for you in my office, it was written by your boyfriend!" haha. I was like "you found The Worst Journey in the World??!" She and Denise were laughing because I kept hugging the book LOL. Now I have three editions of the book, yay! Haha (well, I went one day without mentioning Cherry at least :P)

Day 13-Handwrite the first 10 things that pop into your head )

Today's trivia: The Toltecs, 7th century native Mexicans, used wooden swords in battle so they didn't kill their enemy
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OMG I'm glad I'm going back to work tomorrow, I've spent waay too much time thinking about Cherry lol. Since I had luck with Ponting's pictures, I decided to watch his video of the expedition also to see if I could spot Cherry (where he's not named of course :P). Plus I just wanted to see him in "action" LOL. I'll post some screenshots, then I'm gonna try not to talk about him for the rest of the week :P

squee cherry! )

One of these days I'm gonna find something else to talk about.. :P

Day 12-Handwrite your name using the opposite hand of what you normally use )
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look a new pic of cherry i found!! )

a survey too! )

Dad's flying in later today! I can't wait to have yummy food lol


Nov. 25th, 2016 04:32 pm
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 photo 15181117_1477115542313596_1160351758809562676_n_zpsm8e11sxn.jpeg
OMG I can't believe my local bookstore actually had Cherry's book haha. I was completely freaking out LOL. I own it already, but I bought this version anyway..because Cherry. :P Day = made :D

pokemon update )
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Happy Thanksgiving! (We're having Thanksgiving dinner this weekend since dad's in California and couldn't get a flight in time, but that's alright.) I am soooo thankful I found an anti-depressant that works..I feel happy, alive and like a new person. This year by far has been better than last year. I know how depressed I was, but it still surprises me to read old posts and surveys and stuff and see how miserable I was. I would cry in bed and was getting in a scary state of mind..if I hadn't got help when I did..*shudders* It was hard just existing. I am NEVER taking happiness for granted again, and I'm definitely not going to let myself get depressed like that again. I'm sure everyone who has known me long enough has noticed (mom was getting very worried). Thank you, Prozac. :P lol

I'm also thankful for Cherry (shut up LOL). He is also a source of inspiration and strength..if I'm in a tough spot, I'll think "stick it stick it" or some other quote in my head (such a weird saying, but it really does work lol). He was an amazing person, and I love him <3

There are so many other things to be thankful for (family, my job, etc), but this post would turn huge lol. I love them too <3

speaking of cherry, have more pics of him :P )


Nov. 22nd, 2016 04:03 pm
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 photo 15179233_1473829609308856_2142145537490658992_n_zps24hbci5h.jpeg
This picture is in the book of Ponting's photos I got (the pic is online too, but this version is better lol). The caption says something about officers unloading the ship..Cherry wasn't an officer, but the second person to the right sure looks like him..that hat is one he wore, and it somehow looks like he's wearing glasses haha (either that or I'm imagining things, because I want it to be Cherry. :P I feel like I have a good idea of what he looks like now though). FEELS like Cherry, and his smile is the same as it is in this picture. Dana said she felt the Cherry Aura too when I showed her the pic..I'm glad I'm not the only one that can feel it haha (I've spent waaay too much time staring at this picture LOL). He seems to be the right height in this pic too lol. I could be completely wrong, but I really feel like that's him :D (Yay, pointless Cherry posts :P)

I'm pretty sure apple apricot applesauce is one of the most disgusting things I've ever eaten. D: I got it by accident thinking it was normal applesauce..NEVER AGAIN. SO gross lol

Day 11-Handwrite all the websites you’re signed up with )

Today's trivia: In 1939, President Franklin D. Roosevelt moved Thanksgiving one week earlier than normal, believing that doing so would help bolster retail sales during one of the final years of the Great Depression
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Usually I'm relieved when Election Day is here (I get tired of all the political ads and stuff), but I am actually genuinely scared right now. I can't believe Trump is actually winning so far. D: I proudly voted for Cherry LOL, I couldn't help myself. :P After voting I had time to kill before work so I went to this shop nearby that sells old books and spent waaay too much money on books about Robert Falcon Scott/Antarctica (good thing I was walking and had to go to work, otherwise I might have bought the whole shelf haha). One of the books had an introduction by Cherry!! ("*GASP*" *tries not to fall off ladder* LOL) I definitely couldn't pass THAT up..another was one of Ponting's photos, I couldn't pass that up either lol. I asked the guy who works there if he was familiar with The Worst Journey in the World (I'll buy any edition I can find that's not $3000 like the first edition of that book haha), and he was like "I think you got the title wrong, it sounds familiar though." LOL no, that is definitely the title of the book. Then he invited me to the basement..he said he has over 1000 books down there! Unfortunately (or fortunately? Heh) I had to go to work, but it would be cool to look at the books down there (he's invited me down there of these days lol). Me and my coworkers were talking about Cherry today, and they said we'd be a great match for each other too..siiigh :P

Day 8-Handwrite whatever you want with a black pen in capitals )

Today's trivia: The longest continuous sidewalk in the world is along Bay Shore Boulevard in Tampa, Florida. It's 4.5 miles long, and 10 feet wide
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The Loneliest Continent: The Story of Antarctic Discovery by Walker Chapman (Sept. 27-Oct. 3)
The Home of the Blizzard: A True Story of Antarctic Survival by Douglas Mawson (Oct. 3-13)
Alone: The Classic Polar Adventure by Richard E. Byrd (Oct. 16-19)
Karluk: The Great Untold Story of Arctic Exploration by William Laird McKinlay (Oct. 20-24)
Fatal North: Adventure and Survival Aboard USS Polaris, the First U.S. Expedition to the North Pole (Oct 24-29)

Some guy in the introduction to The Home of the Blizzard said that book outshone The Worst Journey in the World..umm no lol. They're both amazing survival stories in their own right (not that I'm biased or anything :P). Mawson's Will was one of the first Antarctic survival stories I read, after I moved up here..I was excited when I saw he had written a book too! I think Cherry was a better writer though lol

Day 6-Handwrite your crush’s name )

Today's trivia: The founders of Hewlett-Packard flipped a coin to determine whose name would come first in the company

Heeehhh :D

Oct. 26th, 2016 07:47 pm
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 photo 14713525_1441204919237992_4564863097916944780_n_zpsrfkxmksl.jpg
What happens when mom and I both get dessert, and it comes with cherries, and mom says "Cherry!" when taking the picture LOL

 photo 14720330_1441204915904659_3647213833243531490_n_zpsjzfxpoks.jpg
Fuuun times LOL :D

The dentist yesterday went fine..the hygienist totally understood when I said I'd rather have a dry mouth than depression. It also helped repeating every Cherry quote I could think of in in my head haha ("stick it stick it" *stares intensely at the ceiling*). Other than the dry mouth, the dentist said my teeth look fine..phew!!

Day 2-Handwrite your LJ name )

Today's trivia: Police dogs are trained to react to commands in German because the German tone sounds harsher than an English tone, which immediately gets the dog's attention
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Abby's scared of the vacuum too, though she hasn't tried to destroy it yet :P

One of my cousins from California was in Fairbanks this weekend (briefly anyway)..I didn't even know till I saw his Facebook pics. It would have been cool to see him, but he didn't have enough time I don't think. He saw the Northern Lights too, nice! I asked mom to guess who was here and she was like:

Mom: Obama
Me: No
Mom: TRUMP??
Me: Nope
Mom: Hillary??
Me: Nope
Mom: Cherry!

LOL..if only that could happen..(I seriously think we would have gotten along so well..I was born in the wrong era :( *sniff*)

Ughhh I have to go to the dentist tomorrow. D: The hygienist is going to get onto me again about the medicine (Prozac) that makes my mouth dry. I'd rather have a dry mouth than depression, and I'm not going through the switching process all over again, especially since Prozac works so well! Hopefully she'll understand..

next meme: handwriting )

Today's trivia: The first foreign aid bill was passed by Congress in 1812. The funds were for earthquake relief in Venezuela


Oct. 17th, 2016 03:54 pm
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So I found this article about Cherry the other day..

When Apsley Cherry-Garrard, one of Captain Scott's companions on his doomed polar expedition in 1912, fell in love aged 50, his lovemaking followed an unusual pattern. He met 20-year-old Angela Turner on a Norwegian cruise in 1937. He was alone, she with her parents and brother.

One day, the boat docked and Angela and Cherry slipped off for a walk on their own. They sat on a bench where Cherry picked up a small piece of quartz and offered it to Angela. 'Years later, when she had become an Antarctic expert, Angela discovered that the courtship ritual of the penguin centres around stone-giving, stones being a vital commodity for the construction of the nest.'

This story illuminates the reserved, passionate Cherry-Garrard (always known, except to his mother, as Cherry) in several ways. At that time, almost no one in the world would have known such an intimate detail about penguin lovemaking, but Cherry had made 'the worst journey in the world' to collect penguin eggs and always retained a deep affection for the comical, determined birds he had nearly given his life to see.

He was also chronically shy and afflicted by bouts of dark depression which made expressing his emotions painful for him. This type of non-verbal communication was the perfect solution for a man who felt things deeply but had terrible trouble talking about them.

Awww. OMG I love this so much. *swoons* I think I just turned into a hopeless romantic LOL. That's quite an age difference, but I'd marry him too if he did such a sweet gesture like that. I hope I can find a modern Cherry somewhere..please, give me a rock and I'm all yours LOL. What a sweet and amazing guy! <3 (Cherry giving Angela quartz was even in the docudrama! I was wondering what that was about lol)

It can stop being windy ANY time now..20 degrees + wind = NOPE. Brrrr! A cold front must cave come through or something..

Day 12: Post a picture of you just before you go to bed )

Today's trivia: The only satellite that has ever been destroyed by a meteor was the European Space Agency's communications satellite, Olympus, in 1993
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Today I went to the eye doctor for my regular checkup (I couldn't read the numbers clearly on the gauge at the Chena Flood Control dam, and mom could just fine..I figured it was time anyway :P). My vision did get a little worse (ughh how can it even get any worse?? Haha), but nothing too crazy. My right eye is a lot worse than my left, it's -7.75 and my left is lol. I picked out new glasses too (they're gonna be blue and brown I think). Guess that's what I'm using my PFD for lol. They should arrive in a couple weeks I think..

I got The South Polar Times today, and it's gorgeous and amazing and OMG I love it. I about fell over when I read there's a mountain (Mt. Cherry-Garrard) and an icefall (Cherry Icefall) in Antarctica named after him!! I'd been wondering if there was anything named after him there, and I'm SO glad there is!! He definitely earned it anyway lol (new item added to bucket list: see Mt. Cherry-Garrard and Cherry Icefall :D)

Day 7: Post a picture of you without make-up if you usually wear make-up, or with make-up if you don’t usually wear it )

Today's trivia: One gallon of water can produce 1 billion snowflakes
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cut to spare you my obsessing LOL )

Today at work I found a book on Antarctic explorers..there was a pic of Cherry in it, so I went up to Denise and was like "that's my guy!!" haha. She must have recognized him from my Facebook posts, because she was like "oh, Cherry-Garrard?" The book had his whole name, so I was like "yep, Apsley George Benet Cherry-Garrard!" and she nodded and empathetically (is that a word?) said "CHERRY" haha!
I also came across Antarctica by Kim Stanley Robinson when cleaning books, which mentions him a lot..yeahhh I was a bit distracted at work after that :P

Mom, Ryan and I are going to Payson in December and the beginning of January! Mom mentioned having Christmas with Aunt Cindy, which would be cool :)

Day 6: Post a picture of you at a party/wedding/convention/organised social event )

Today's trivia: When a male penguin falls in love with female penguin, he searches the entire beach to find the perfect pebble to present to her (d'awww)
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I apologize in advance for the craziness of this post, but OMGOMG I just came across some pics of Cherry I've never seen before (they were taken by a different photographer, not Ponting..somehow I missed them even though the photo collections are on the same website)

 photo p54-16-345-img_zpsp042uatk.jpg
A PICTURE OF EXISTS WITH HIM WEARING GLASSES OMG. I am completely freaking out right now OMG lol. You don't know how badly I've been wanting to find a pic of him wearing glasses!! And check out that smile! *swoons* I haven't looked through all the pictures from this other guy's pics, but here are a few more of Cherry I found so far (so happy they were on the very first page!)

yay new pics of cherry! )

Well that made my day/week/year LOL. Mom and I also found a few geocaches today, so that was cool too. Now I need to calm down so I can sleep LOL (at least I'll think happy thoughts before bed :P)
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Mom and I saw the movie Sully was pretty good. It's definitely amazing how he pulled off landing in the Hudson River successfully.. (I thought the guy who played his copilot looked a lot like Viggo Mortensen, and it was driving me crazy the whole movie trying to figure out why he looked familiar. I looked him up on IMDB and he was in The Dark Knight..yep, I can see that now lol. Also, that car commercial with Kit Harington they showed before the movie..YUM *swoons*)

My counselor is so awesome and funny lol..he always makes me laugh. Like today I showed him the pic of my Cherry shirt and he was like "so you could have made it say "I love you, Heather"? LOLOL (my ears are burning thinking about it!). I love how easygoing he is lol

I don't know what is up with Firefox's new update, but I definitely do not like it. It doesn't seem to work right..

pokemon update )

Last name of your crush/love )

Today's trivia: Valentine Tapley from Pike County, Missouri grew a beard attaining a length of twelve feet six inches from 1860 until his death in 1910, protesting Abraham Lincoln's election to the presidency


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