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Yesterday mom and I went to the State Fair with Laurie, her boyfriend, their baby and Laurie's mom, who I met for the first time (she lives in Washington). It's become a tradition to go with Laurie..she's so fun lol. We ate ALL THE FOOD and pet cute animals lol (Laurie loves goats, so we always have to visit them a couple times lol). I wish I could have gone to the petting zoo, but it was probably closed by the time we got there (I had to work till 6). We got a super delicious cinnamon roll that was so huge we could divide it up among the five of us no problem. Yesterday was one of the nicest days of the summer so's nice to not have to worry about rain lol. I also got way too excited about catching a new Pokemon LOL (the Pokemon update will come tomorrow lol)

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I can't believe I got invited to Antarctica once and was like NOPE cause it would have been "too cold." I about fell out of my chair when I rediscovered that post lol. I probably wouldn't have enjoyed going there back then anyway, but still..I want to go there SO bad lol (I'm probably one of the only people on the planet that daydreams about going to Antarctica :P). I bet it's super expensive though..

Mom and I are going to Valdez at the end of the month and we're gonna take a cruise to Meares Glacier!!! Woohoo!!! I haven't seen that glacier in awhile..I wonder if it's still advancing..

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Today's trivia: Mexican jumping beans are seed pods that have been inhabited by the larva of a small moth. When the bean is warmed the larva twitches and spasms, causing the characteristic hop (please tell me I'm not the only one that didn't know that. D: lol)
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Yesterday mom and I had to shop for wedding clothes..ugh, clothes are SO weird and ugly nowadays. D: We went to Macy's, when we probably should have gone to JcPenny instead (much cheaper)..oh well, next time. It took awhile, but thankfully we found something. After that we were just completely done with malls and crowds and noise and just wanted to relax at the hotel for awhile. I so prefer the slower less crowded pace of Alaska (and freeways are completely scary and stressful D:). We did that and then went for a walk by these parks and the ocean before it ~got dark~ (omg). THAT was much nicer than the stress of the mall, and we got three geocaches! (We got one at the mall too.) After that we just went back to the hotel

This morning I was looking for bookstores in San Diego, and found one that had cats! (Adams Avenue Book Store) I was like "YEP, we are going there today!" haha. So we did, and yay kitties!! Hehe. One didn't mind getting pet (and mom said when she sat in a chair she and the cat had a conversation haha), but after a minute the other cat put its paw up like it was gonna scratch me, so I had to stop. :( I'm glad the other cat liked to be pet lol. I found some books too, so that was cool. After that we went to the USS Midway, a decommissioned aircraft carrier turned into a museum. It was pretty cool! I've been on military ships before, but I think this was the first time going to an aircraft carrier. It was huge, like a floating city! We saw everything from the engine room, sick bay, post office, air traffic control area (mom loved that, of course lol), kitchen, bridge, etc. Cool place. After that we went to Dana and Matt's rehearsal dinner. They wanted an evening to just relax with the people that are closest to them (aww, honored <3). It was cool seeing people she talks about a lot, and seeing people I've met before too (like her parents..when I visited Dana when she lived in New Jersey we crossed the Delaware River into Pennsylvania and they always think of me when they go over that bridge..aww!). It was definitely nice, though planes flew over us like every 5 minutes, which was rather annoying (we much have been right under the flight path)..oh well. :P After that mom and I went into the Jacuzzi when we got back to the hotel since the evening was actually kinda chilly and we were tired of being cold lol. It definitely felt nice, and we got to see the fireworks from Sea World too (they're like practically across the street from the hotel lol). Long day!

Yay, Dana and Matt's wedding is tomorrow!! So exciteddd!! :D
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Mom and I had lunch with Laurie again today (her poor baby was fussy!), so here's a pic of her kitty El Gato:
 photo 13592323_1310280005663818_7840055025983246534_n_zpsoebvd6at.jpg
His face is different, but he looks a lot like Abby!

And this hilarious street sign near her house:
 photo 13615310_1309714112387074_1497296760386251163_n_zpsrpnwqboe.jpg
I've also seen "Angry German" and "Loose Moose"..someone had fun naming our streets :P

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1. If you could, would you be a movie star or a rock star? Probably not..being an extra in a move would be cool though
2. Have you ever been in the media (TV, Radio, Papers)? Yes to all three (TV: commercials at work and I was interviewed for autism once. Radio: I talked about the book drive at work. Papers: When I was very little mom took Ryan and I to a field of bluebonnets, and someone took a pic of us there. I think I was in the paper during a Girl Scout event, and when my team got first place at the Biz Bee last year)
3. Do you know anyone who's been on a reality TV show? I knew Jimmy Gaydos from Ultimate Survival Alaska before he got murdered (they caught the guy who did it, thankfully). He would come into the bookstore sometimes..he was so interesting! I miss him..
4. Have you ever met anyone famous? Yeah..HammerFall, Jimmy Gaydos, Mark Begich, etc
5. Who would play you in a movie? Jennifer Lawrence

Today mom and I had dinner with her friend Laurie. She had a baby last month, so it was cool to meet her son (though newborns kinda freak me out lol)..I was more interested in petting her three dogs and cat haha. Her cat is a Maine Coon, and he looked a lot like Abby! He had extra toes, and Laurie said he was 17 or 18 years old! Like Abby, he was also very friendly and lovable..he came right up to me and let me pet him. A lot of cats don't like strangers, so that was cool..friendliness must be a Maine Coon trait lol. I loved hearing him purr <3

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Yesterday mom and Bonnie and I drove up to Circle (around 156 miles north of Fairbanks). Mom and Bonnie are going on a float trip on the Yukon River out of Circle in July, and wanted to check it out (and they invited me cause they're awesome lol). It was funny..when mom and I drove to Birch Hill last week we passed the mileage sign for Circle..I was thinking "we should just randomly go there someday" and like two days later they were like "let's go to Circle!" Haha. It was COLD and SNOWING up at Eagle Summit!! Last week it was hot and in the 80s, this week it's in the 40s and!? There was still a lot of snow (like FEET of it) left over from Before Circle is a community called Central (not confusing at all :P) was pretty nice for a town in the middle of nowhere lol. Circle wasn't as nice, but it was still interesting to see it..though I felt like we were invading the town since it's so small lol (OH NOES OUTSIDERS). We looked in their grocery store, which was VERY interesting..the cashier was smoking and eating popcorn straight off the counter (O_o), the back desk looked as if it hadn't been cleaned in years, and there were tons of fliers and political stuff on the walls. We also checked out Circle Hot Springs, which for whatever reason closed some years ago. Too bad, it looked like a cool place! I wanted to explore, but I also didn't want to get shot :P (you never know, it's Alaska lol). Thankfully on the drive back it got pretty! Mom and I found 10 geocaches, and Bonnie found a couple more we already had..she now has over 1000 caches!! (The one cache in Circle was her thousandth lol.) I wanted to get 700, but there's only so much time..too bad, I just need one more! We actually found every cache we looked for, even ones that hadn't been found in months! That's pretty awesome lol. One cache was up this steep hill filled with dead trees and random undergrowth..we felt accomplished getting that one lol (my poor legs got scratched up though..geocaching battle scars lol). For wildlife, we saw birds, a grouse or ptarmigan, a couple bunnies, an ermine with a vole in its mouth, and a fox! Aww :)

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Today's trivia: In Saving Private Ryan, during a brief break from fighting, Captain Miller (Tom Hanks) sits with Private Ryan (Matt Damon) swapping stories about what it was like back home for them both. The story Damon tells about his brothers and the barn was made up entirely by him during filming. None of the story was part of the original script
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Last night mom and Bonnie and I went to a program called Dark Winter's where regular people tell a story of something that happened to them in Alaska (they broadcast it on the radio too). My favorite story was told by a guy who used to drive the buses in Denali. He was having a great time engaging the tourists and getting them to sing and they were seeing cool animals..but there was one person he kept looking at, a 10 year old boy with just a blank stare on his face..this group of people kept trying to engage him and encourage him but nothing happened. When they stopped for a break his mom came up and said his dad shot himself right in front of the kid a year ago and he hadn't said a word since..they were with a prayer group and they thought a trip to the wilderness would help the kid. The tour guide got a drum out and started singing and he was drumming with the kid's hand in his..and then he just started mouthing the words and beating the drum harder and harder till he destroyed the drum and fell to the ground. He said the kid's first words were "I'm thirsty" LOL. After that the kid kept asking questions and him mom was just sobbing. Wow. He said that now the guy is training to be on a talk show radio I think

Another powerful one was this guy who helped build the new Black Rapids Lodge (I think he served us lunch when we stopped there once). He and his friend and dog were caught in an avalanche while backcountry skiing..he was able to dig himself out, but it took two hours and he knew his friend and dog were dead. A couple months later he went back and dug them out..the dog was curled up by his friend and had a paw on his shoulder..OMG. So sad, but the dog provided comfort till the very end. I loved how people kept saying that even though Alaska can be a hard place to live, everyone bands together and helps each other. Alaska is our home, with amazing experiences (like one person said they saw amazing Northern Lights at a hot springs) and nice like-minded people :D

There was also a cute reindeer you could take pictures with!
 photo 12987229_1241829942508825_1986301895996131218_n_zpsmpkr6iyc.jpg
I pretty much turn into a five year old when I'm around animals LOL ("it's so cuteee!!!")
 photo 13000377_1241829939175492_7917223484229179392_n_zpsnxgbhrnx.jpg

We also found three geocaches, so it was a successful day :D

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Yesterday's dinner was crazy..Danny and Jack had already started drinking while hanging out by the pool, so they were drunk when we went out for dinner. It was already loud in the restaurant, and with my family's loudness it was just crazy. Danny drank even more and was just SO drunk by the time we were done..he's not a nice drunk either, he's super obnoxious. I felt bad for our poor waiter..though Susan thought he was horrible and gave him no tip at Eventually I just couldn't handle the stress and craziness so mom and I stepped outside for a little walk, which was awesome cause OMG KITTIES!! Apparently a bunch of feral cats live nearby..there were a whole bunch of them out there! Mom and I spent like 10 minutes meowing at them LOL. One cat let me get pretty close to seemed like it did want somebody to pet it, but I guess it was a little too feral to trust humans though. It was still great seeing all the kitties though hehe. Eventually we went back in the restaurant in time for dessert and then then thankfully left (Susan and Patty were squeeing over the cats too hehe). I hoped Danny wouldn't have a too bad hangover in the morning..he was just yelling and embarrassing everyone. That was one of the craziest dinners I've ever been to lol

This morning we at met for breakfast..everyone was much calmer and back to "normal" (what passes for normal for my family lol). Danny said he didn't feel too bad, and he and Jack knew they both had overdone it. I didn't see either of them drink all day today, phew. After breakfast we hung out at the beach. Finally the wind was much calmer today. After reading and relaxing me, mom, dad and Carl went snorkeling! Thankfully the hotel has prescription goggles you can rent, otherwise I couldn't see anything. :P It was so cool, I loved seeing all the colorful fish and anemones and turtles though, boo. I'm glad I felt well enough to do it, it was fun! After the beach we moved to the pool. Mom and Susan and I went in the pool for a bit and then munched on nachos. For dinner we just got sandwiches at a market and now we're relaxing. I got more of a sunburn today, especially on my feet..ow. I'll have to be more careful tomorrow..

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I am home, I got back last night. We were able to get 8 geocaches before turning in the rental car..we found 56 during the trip, nice! One thing I noticed was all the dogs in the airports..there were at least two or three on each flight. Dad said he noticed that too last time he weird! It must be a new trend or something lol. One dog barked some on the flight, but I'd much rather hear that than a screaming baby (and we had plenty of those, ugh). It was cool seeing Flagstaff, Sunset Crater and the Grand Canyon after we took off from Phoenix. The red rocks in the canyon looked beautiful in the sunlight. It felt great going back to work today (even if I felt like a zombie when I woke up haha). I love that everyone is always genuinely happy to see me when I come back <3 (Abby was happy to see me too hehe)

Today's trivia: Eugenie Mikhailovna Shakhovskaya was the first female military pilot in 1914 during World War I
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Today we drove to Phoenix (well Tempe, close enough haha)..since our flight back to Alaska leaves tomorrow, we thought it would be easier and less stressful to get to Phoenix a day early. We expected snow today too, but we didn't expect to wake up to a BLIZZARD. Luckily it kinda cleared up late in the morning, but it was still a little scary getting down the very steep driveway. When we got to Tempe we checked into the hotel and then went to the mall next door, Arizona Mills (like Grapevine Mills in Texas!). We ate at Rainforest Cafe and then went to the aquarium (a mall with an aquarium, that's a first!). It was a REALLY nice aquarium with lots of interesting animals and information. The sharks, manta rays and turtles were definitely some of the coolest animals (they rescued both their turtles..they had damage from boats on their shells, aww :(). That was a nice end to the's always sad to end a trip, but I miss Abby a lot and can't wait to hug her! It'll be nice to go back to work too lol

The other day mom and I went through some of the boxes in the garage and found TONS of pictures..we spent hours looking through them, and there's still lots more for next time. So weird seeing pics of myself so young..too bad I can't remember a lot of the events from the pics. I especially loved seeing pics of me and Snowy as a kitten!! Next time I should take a pic of one of them and post "now and then" pics. Lots of history in that box..
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Yesterday we started off the day by finding 5 geocaches, then watched an IMAX film about the Grand Canyon. I was hoping it would talk about the geology, but only really talked about the people that discovered it and the narrator said dumb stuff like "the Grand Canyon doesn't need mankind." Whut. We also visited the visitor center and the geology museum, where a ranger was talking about the geology of the that's more like it. My ASMR was going crazy listening to it haha (yeah I'm a nerd :P). The museum had great views of the canyon. We also went to this watchtower, which had great views of the canyon too. On the way to the tower I was reading the book I got on the geology of the canyon and suddenly it said the mountains near Flagstaff were glaciated during a couple Ice Ages!! Wow, I didn't expect to read about glaciers here haha! A picture in the book showed old moraines and stuff..niceee. After that was dinner and relaxing. We saw a few elk this day too! Aww. For some reason I kept seeing people from Alaska..they must have been getting away from the cold like us :P

Today we drove back to Payson, with a stop at Montezuma Well (it's pretty near Montezuma Castle). The well is a sinkhole fed by an underground spring. Weird seeing all that water in the desert lol. There are five animals endemic to the well, including water scorpions and leeches D: (mom read that right after I said I wanted to go swimming, since the water's so warm..uhh NEVERMIND haha). It was a pretty cool place. I think we found 8 geocaches today. I was so glad to get back to the house and take a nap lol. It's nice to just relax. I'll post my pics soon lol
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Yesterday we decided to take a road trip to the Grand Canyon, though we decided to stay the night at Flagstaff (a couple hours from Payson) so we'd have time to geocache and stuff. We found 10 geocaches, which is pretty awesome lol. When we got to Flagstaff we got a hotel room, went to Barnes and Noble, and had dinner at Olive Garden, yay!

Today's first stop was at Walnut Canyon, where a bunch of Native American cliff dwellings are. Unlike at Montezuma Castle, you could go in to some of the rooms there. You could see dark spots on the walls from their fires. You could see more dwellings on the other side of the canyon where there wasn't a trail. Wow..that must have been an interesting life. I thought it would be awful walking back up the canyon since it's at over 6000 feet, but it wasn't that bad since we went slow. Next we went to Sunset Crater, an old cinder cone (there were a bunch of other cinder cones around too). You could walk around the old lava flows by the Crater..weird, it kinda felt like we were in Hawaii haha. Next was a stop at Wupatki National Monument, which has a bunch of old Native American pueblos. We stopped at the biggest, most intact one..weird they built their homes in the middle of nowhere in the desert lol. It must have been hard work dragging all those rocks to build their home! After that we continued to the Grand Canyon. We saw some kind of cat cross the road! It may have been a bobcat since it didn't have a tail. We saw another javelina too! I hadn't been to the Grand Canyon since elementary school, so it was cool to see it again. It's definitely one of the most amazing things I've ever seen..amazing how a river carved all that. All the colors in the rocks are pretty too. I was definitely hungry so we had dinner and found our hotel. We're gonna stay tomorrow night too. I'm tired after being so busy all day, it's nice to relax lol (I think we found 5 caches today, must keep our streak going lol)
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Today mom and I met up with Dana and met her fiance Matt for the first time..he's very nice and easygoing. It was great seeing her again, it had been a few years since we'd seen each other in person. We showed her around the house and decided to go to Montezuma Castle, with a stop at Tonto Natural Bridge along the way (mom and I went there in January too). The hike back up the hill from the bridge is a killer, especially since the altitude is above 5000 feet (I'd die trying to climb Mt. Everest D:). We also taught them to geocache, which was fun..Dana found the second one we looked for all on her own, nice! Montezuma Castle was cool (more exciting than the ruins we saw yesterday lol). Building the dwellings into the side of the cliff must have been hard work! After that we were hungry and saw that Sedona wasn't that far from where we were, so we decided to have dinner there, yay! Sedona is so beautiful. Unplanned adventures are the best lol. We had dinner at a Mexican restaurant, yum. I liked seeing all the Christmas lights as we drove back to Payson. I'm sooo happy I got to see Dana again..definitely one of the best days this year! They're getting married next July, so I'm glad I won't have to wait years to see her again lol. Yay <3 (Dana was mentioning how cool it was that we've been to so many states together..Texas, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, New York, California, Alaska, Arizona..nice!)

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Oct. 3rd, 2015 08:00 pm
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Today mom and I saw Meru (a mountain climbing documentary) with Bonnie. I had never even heard of it till Bonnie texted mom asking if we wanted to see it (it's at one of those places where you can eat dinner and watch the movie at the same time). It was pretty good..Conrad Anker and his climbing partner were trying to climb a super hard route on Mt. Meru that had never been climbed before. It took like 20 years and at least 3 attempts, but they finally made it. I'd heard of Conrad (he found Mallory's body, who died trying to climb Everest), but I'd never heard of his attempts on Meru (that I can remember lol..I've read a lot of mountaineering books :P). Tomorrow we're gonna see The Martian..I hope it's as funny as the book!

Yesterday mom found a dead grouse that had flew into a window..Ryan was like "OMG let's cook it and eat it!!" So he plucked it, cleaned it and cooked it (Abby wanted some of the grouse too lol..she was trying to claw up Ryan's legs :P). Ryan has been wanting to do that for a LONG when he was a kid in Texas he walked through the woods with a slingshot looking for rabbits, and one year up here he put squirrel snares out (he didn't get any though). He was so happy he finally got his chance now lol..I didn't have any, but mom said it was pretty good! Mom said they had window kill for dinner LOL

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On Thursday the weather turned on us, so we decided not to go to Valdez..we stayed at Copper Center instead. Still a long drive, but from there it was still over 100 miles to Valdez (you had to cross the Glenn Highway so you could get to the Richardson Highway, where Valdez is). It was cool seeing Matanuska Glacier again. The place we stayed at was a trailer where the inside looked like we had been transported back to the 70s, but at least it was a place to sleep :P

Yesterday we drove home! I was definitely road tripped out haha. It rained almost the whole way, ugh. We finally saw two more moose..considering how many miles we covered, it's surprising we didn't see more wildlife! We covered a lot of the state, from Barrow all the way down to It was nice sleeping in my own bed again :P

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Yesterday the flightseeing tour took us up close and personal to Mt. was so cool seeing all the volcanoes I've heard about (Redoubt, Augustine, etc). It was so clear you could see Kodiak Island, 100 miles away!! Wow. Iliamna is a dormant volcano, but you could still see steam coming out of different! It was definitely heavily glaciated..I wanted to go all the way around the volcano and see the glaciers on that side, but we didn't. After getting an eyeful of Iliamna lol we descended to a river delta and saw lots of bears! They were probably eating lots of fish lol. What a beautiful day for flightseeing! After that we looked in shops and had dinner and looked in even more shops lol. It's always nice to relax after a busy day :P

Today we drove to was still a nice day, but I could tell the weather was changing cause clouds were coming in. I'm so glad we had a few days of nice weather though. After shopping (my debit card feels tired. :P lol) and dinner we had fun watching the sea otters in the harbor! They're so cute lol. There were also some really red cool. I want to post my pics, but the Internet is kinda slow where we're staying. Tomorrow we drive to Valdez..that's gonna be a loooong's 423 miles from here. D: Good thing I keep buying books :P

Fair time

Aug. 10th, 2015 09:00 pm
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Today I went to the fair with mom and her friend Laurie (we went with her last year too). It was chilly, but at least it didn't pour down rain like last year. We had lots of yummy unhealthy fair food lol and pet lots of animals (Laurie loves the goats, so she went over there multiple times lol). In one of the pavilions was people selling stuff and one guy was like "wanna try my cheese graters?" and I just had to LOL cause it sounded like a pick up line or something haha! It seems like there were less vendors and stuff this year..I heard it's expensive and not well managed..sad. I'm exhausted and my feet hurt but it was fun lol

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Today's trivia: Michigan is home to a floating post office, the boat J.W. Westcott II, which delivers mail to ships on the Great Lakes. It is the only floating post office in the world that delivers mail to ships as they are underway


Jul. 7th, 2015 04:36 pm
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FAIRBANKS - Monday's scorching temperatures caused several wildfires in Interior Alaska to blow up. A reported 649 fires have burned more than 3 million acres in Alaska so far this season, putting the state on pace to break the 2004 record wildfire season record.

While the official high temperature in Fairbanks was 89 degrees on Monday, just shy of the record of 90 degrees, thermometers throughout the area showed temperatures several degrees warmer.

Heavy smoke was degrading the air quality in and around Fairbanks Tuesday, with visibility reduced to less than a mile in many areas. At noon, the state Department of Environmental Conservation Air Quality site showed concentrations of PM2.5 particulates at 315, a level deemed hazardous.

Paulette told me today the smoke was as bad as it was in 2004..I knew yesterday's 90 degree weather would be bad for the fires..the smoke now is some of the worst I've seen. I'm glad it cooled off and is in the 60s today..90 is way too hot for here!!

Colleen is the new kitty I'm sponsoring..she has epilepsy and kidney disease..aww. She's so cute though :)

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Today's trivia: England is the windiest country in Europe
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So weird..last week it was rainy and in the 50s and this week it's supposed to be sunny and in the 80s. Our weather changes are crazy haha

Today mom turned 60..I do get worried since both my parents are "up there" in age, but they are pretty healthy, which I am definitely thankful for!

OMG the ravens outside that have a nest nearby will not shut up. D: Get a room already! LOL

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Today's trivia: Red is the first color a baby sees
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 photo 10363574_987657674592721_6460459684793172293_n_zpsaggvr63b.jpg
They're so fun to watch haha. They're not very nice to each other though..they fight with each other over the food lol. I think Abby wants to go out and eat one D:

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1. Have you ever spent time on a farm? I've been to my cousin's buffalo farm..I didn't do any "farm chores" though lol
2. Have you ever been to summer camp? Yeah
3. What is your favorite summertime memory? Traveling, swimming, etc
4. Did you ever play Kick the Can or tag as a kid? Tag yeah
5. Can you milk a cow? I don't think I've ever tried..

The redpolls are going CRAZY today at mom's feeder haha..there's tons of them! Abby is LOVING watching them haha. There were even a bunch of redpolls in the parking lot of my apartment complex..I've never seen them there before! I guess they're hungry :P

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