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(Wow, that was quick lol.) Aww. I think Abby and Greyboy are like..the only cats ever that don't care about boxes haha

Speaking of Abby..
 photo 15589711_1510447252313758_8200715269243786388_n_zpsizf9anox.jpeg
I love snuggling with her! <3

2. an electrical outlet )
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 photo 15380307_1500586719966478_2758265534663907767_n_zps64zpggka.jpeg
Aw, Weezing is allergic to Abby! Hehe

bold = new )

It got above 0 today! Much nicer than -20 haha. Too bad the clouds made the 3 hour and 46 minutes of sunlight still seem like twilight :/

Today's trivia: In France, Captain Sarret made the first parachute jump from an airplane in 1918
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Abby's scared of the vacuum too, though she hasn't tried to destroy it yet :P

One of my cousins from California was in Fairbanks this weekend (briefly anyway)..I didn't even know till I saw his Facebook pics. It would have been cool to see him, but he didn't have enough time I don't think. He saw the Northern Lights too, nice! I asked mom to guess who was here and she was like:

Mom: Obama
Me: No
Mom: TRUMP??
Me: Nope
Mom: Hillary??
Me: Nope
Mom: Cherry!

LOL..if only that could happen..(I seriously think we would have gotten along so well..I was born in the wrong era :( *sniff*)

Ughhh I have to go to the dentist tomorrow. D: The hygienist is going to get onto me again about the medicine (Prozac) that makes my mouth dry. I'd rather have a dry mouth than depression, and I'm not going through the switching process all over again, especially since Prozac works so well! Hopefully she'll understand..

next meme: handwriting )

Today's trivia: The first foreign aid bill was passed by Congress in 1812. The funds were for earthquake relief in Venezuela
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 photo 14495335_1414656338559517_2300651522547739651_n_zpstp0iuibt.jpg
Me and Abby say "happy World Animal Day!" (She was more interested in eating lunch haha)

These are apparently my most used words on Facebook lol:
 photo 0bf15c88f_zpsfbldezif.jpg
Glacier, kitty, Cherry..what a surprise LOL (I automatically burst out laughing at work when I saw "Cherry" in the list haha..good thing no one was around, that would have been super embarrassing LOL)

Day 2: Post a picture of you when you were younger )

Today's trivia: J.K. Rowling was the first author to earn $1 billion
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 photo 14494629_1406234226068395_6589121131904160392_n_zpsa83477er.jpg
Here are two of the bookshelves dad built for me..better than anything you can find in the store! He's awesome for doing that lol

Here's the third one:
 photo 14449024_1406234229401728_5813385111559528359_n_zps6mitbay7.jpg
Yay, now I have lots of room for new books!

Here's a funny story..Abby usually wants a snack in the middle of the night, so last night as usual I got her some food and put it in the bowl..except I didn't hear the usual "food in dish" sound LOL. I had accidentally put the food in her water bowl haha! I'd never done THAT before. :P Note to self: next time, turn on the light and/or put my glasses on haha (I couldn't see Abby's face, but I could tell her reaction was like "WTF" when I did that LOL). Sorry Abby :P

It snowed this morning! It didn't stick, but still..WINTER IS COMING *hides*

Favorite brand of toilet paper )

Today's trivia: Today is Google's 18th birthday
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 photo 14446019_1405136236178194_5544166800299279815_n_zpsu3gzyabn.jpg
Aw yay! I put it above my bed..but I might have to move it if Abby scratches at it (I told her she can look, but she can't touch it LOL. Other people have posters of Justin Bieber and other random celebrities...I have one of a long-dead Antarctic explorer LOL. Cherry is way cooler anyway :P)

Speaking of Abby..
 photo 14463062_1405136239511527_2789380496548322932_n_zpsvtddxh4x.jpg
Hmm, I think she loves me haha (ooh, I need to post pics of my new bookshelves too!)

So one thing Cherry did in Antarctica was to help write their newspaper, The South Polar Times (that's what he's doing in my poster lol). I wondered if it still existed anywhere, and it does, though in a facsimile (a reprint that looks like the original). Someone was selling three copies for $30,000!!! I found one that was pricey, but reasonable enough that I couldn't resist buying it haha (I was squeeing so hard I literally could not talk when trying to tell mom about the awesome book I found..I just started laughing haha!). This is what it looks like:
 photo md17078487785_zpstmqeolp5.jpg
That's gonna be so cool to read!!

The color of your hair )

Today's trivia: The Tanzanian parasitic wasp is the smallest winged insect with a wingspan of 0.2 millimeters. It's smaller than the eye of a housefly
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 photo 13164233_1258489034176249_8355578233329152797_n_zps4lrzx8mv.jpg
I call this Abby's polite/dainty pic lol. I love how photogenic she is <3

List three things that are green )
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 photo 13092174_1251128941578925_3633633209620397059_n_zpspegtmr6i.jpg
I love how blissful she looks (and how she raises her leg) when I rub her belly hehe <3

List one spice you like )
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Awww, cute, and pretty true lol ("make deposit" LOL). Except Abby never reschedules her snuggles..she lets complete strangers pick her up and doesn't even struggle! And yep, very familiar with nightly karaoke :P

Speaking of Abby, I've noticed she doesn't care about being around dogs. A couple days ago I took her to the vet to get her shots..I took her out of her cage and she went nose to nose to a dog, they sniffed each other, she walked away not even caring lol. One time this HUGE dog shoved its face in hers and she pulled back like WTF haha but didn't growl or hiss or anything. Weird! If it had been another cat, she'd have been hissing and growling. Weird :P

It's amazing how much better I feel after going to counseling..I wish I hadn't waited so long, but so it goes. Whee!

Day #19: Your favorite Pixar film )

Today's trivia: Frankincense and myrrh are both derived from tree sap

Abby <3 <3

Jan. 21st, 2016 08:55 pm
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I know this is no surprise lol, but I love Abby so much. I've had her around 6 years and my love for her is always growing. I've had nights where I've been so depressed I've laid in bed crying, and Abby is there next to my head purring. It may not have meant a lot at that time (too depressed to care), but after I recover I feel so grateful. I'm constantly amazed at how loving and loyal she is. When I'm about to go back home Abby somehow knows and runs to Ryan's closet..this weekend I called to her to come out, and even though she knew she was going in her carrier, she still came to me. <3 I'm so happy to have such an awesome cat..I love when she looks up at me and blinks slowly with bliss, when she goes "mggh!" when I touch her unexpectedly, her little white paws, etc. Thank you Abby, I don't know what I would do without you <3 <3

Day #16: The first movie you saw )

Today's trivia: The largest number of children born to one woman is recorded at 69. From 1725-1765, a Russian peasant woman gave birth to 16 sets of twins, 7 sets of triplets, and 4 sets of quadruplets (D: D: D:)
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I am home, I got back last night. We were able to get 8 geocaches before turning in the rental car..we found 56 during the trip, nice! One thing I noticed was all the dogs in the airports..there were at least two or three on each flight. Dad said he noticed that too last time he weird! It must be a new trend or something lol. One dog barked some on the flight, but I'd much rather hear that than a screaming baby (and we had plenty of those, ugh). It was cool seeing Flagstaff, Sunset Crater and the Grand Canyon after we took off from Phoenix. The red rocks in the canyon looked beautiful in the sunlight. It felt great going back to work today (even if I felt like a zombie when I woke up haha). I love that everyone is always genuinely happy to see me when I come back <3 (Abby was happy to see me too hehe)

Today's trivia: Eugenie Mikhailovna Shakhovskaya was the first female military pilot in 1914 during World War I
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Today we drove to Phoenix (well Tempe, close enough haha)..since our flight back to Alaska leaves tomorrow, we thought it would be easier and less stressful to get to Phoenix a day early. We expected snow today too, but we didn't expect to wake up to a BLIZZARD. Luckily it kinda cleared up late in the morning, but it was still a little scary getting down the very steep driveway. When we got to Tempe we checked into the hotel and then went to the mall next door, Arizona Mills (like Grapevine Mills in Texas!). We ate at Rainforest Cafe and then went to the aquarium (a mall with an aquarium, that's a first!). It was a REALLY nice aquarium with lots of interesting animals and information. The sharks, manta rays and turtles were definitely some of the coolest animals (they rescued both their turtles..they had damage from boats on their shells, aww :(). That was a nice end to the's always sad to end a trip, but I miss Abby a lot and can't wait to hug her! It'll be nice to go back to work too lol

The other day mom and I went through some of the boxes in the garage and found TONS of pictures..we spent hours looking through them, and there's still lots more for next time. So weird seeing pics of myself so young..too bad I can't remember a lot of the events from the pics. I especially loved seeing pics of me and Snowy as a kitten!! Next time I should take a pic of one of them and post "now and then" pics. Lots of history in that box..
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 photo 12065699_1123546381003849_3596581086487133425_n_zpsjvciwywc.jpg
Meow! (lol she's like "wtf are you doing??" haha)

One of my geocaching trackables is in Finland! It was stuck in Germany for a long time and then it traveled to France, Ireland and now Finland (its goal is to go to all 7 continents). Sweet!

An album that tells a single, coherent story )

Today's trivia: There’s a prison in Finland where the only thing keeping the inmates in is a yellow picket fence
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I love the cat's expression at the end lol. Abby hates being in her cage too..she seems to be able to sense when I'm about to put her in it lol..she'll hide in Ryan's closet or under my bed :P

An album that reminds you of Summer )

Today's trivia: Most bird bones are so hollow and light, their feathers weigh more than their skeleton


Oct. 3rd, 2015 08:00 pm
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Today mom and I saw Meru (a mountain climbing documentary) with Bonnie. I had never even heard of it till Bonnie texted mom asking if we wanted to see it (it's at one of those places where you can eat dinner and watch the movie at the same time). It was pretty good..Conrad Anker and his climbing partner were trying to climb a super hard route on Mt. Meru that had never been climbed before. It took like 20 years and at least 3 attempts, but they finally made it. I'd heard of Conrad (he found Mallory's body, who died trying to climb Everest), but I'd never heard of his attempts on Meru (that I can remember lol..I've read a lot of mountaineering books :P). Tomorrow we're gonna see The Martian..I hope it's as funny as the book!

Yesterday mom found a dead grouse that had flew into a window..Ryan was like "OMG let's cook it and eat it!!" So he plucked it, cleaned it and cooked it (Abby wanted some of the grouse too lol..she was trying to claw up Ryan's legs :P). Ryan has been wanting to do that for a LONG when he was a kid in Texas he walked through the woods with a slingshot looking for rabbits, and one year up here he put squirrel snares out (he didn't get any though). He was so happy he finally got his chance now lol..I didn't have any, but mom said it was pretty good! Mom said they had window kill for dinner LOL

30 Day- A Screenshot showing how much memory you have left on your local disk )


Jul. 18th, 2015 09:18 pm
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 photo 22083_1063226397035848_3239906697342814157_n_zps6tyt0yz8.jpg
I hadn't seen Abby in awhile so I went up to Ryan's room and saw her like this haha. For some reason she likes sleeping up there. :P She looked cozy anyway lol

 photo 11695846_1063226400369181_541224016808697205_n_zps3htwpiwl.jpg

24:A song by a band you wish were still together? )


Apr. 20th, 2015 03:31 pm
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You Are History

You are a big picture sort of person, and you love how knowing about the past helps you put everything in context.
You have a mind for remembering details and making connections. You like seeing how the world fits together.

You are also a huge lover of stories, especially the true kind. You find history fascinating - because it's real.
You love learning about the past, but you don't live in it. You apply everything you know from history to understanding the present and the future.

Dad brought Abby into work when he came to pick me up, so I showed her off to everyone hehe. I was so happy too see her :D

The Tanana River in Nenana is probably gonna go out soon. My next guess for the Ice Classic is the 23rd..not sure if it'll hold till then though :P

23. An Activity you find fun )

Today's trivia: Many of today's streets, roads, highways, and interstates were laid down over existing Native American trails. For example, the route called the Wickquasgeck Trail is now New York City's Broadway
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Abby gave me a scare today..I looked for her everywhere but couldn't find her. Sometimes she sleeps in Ryan's or dad's closet, but I didn't see her there (I tried bringing catnip to lure her out, but nope). I was concerned..she isn't usually a "hidey" cat..she likes being around people. I was worried she had gotten eaten or something. I went home without her, but told Ryan to text me when she showed up. After I went to the store and got home, Ryan texted a picture of her to me! He said she just showed up at the door. Soooo relieved!! I think she can sense when we're about to leave and must have hidden away somewhere (she still hates going in her carrier lol). Dad said he's gonna bring her by tomorrow..SO glad she's ok!!

Yesterday someone put a cache at a park a couple blocks from my apartment! I was like "aw mann!" since I was at my parents' house and I was sure someone would get first to find before I could get there. Well no one had found it after I went to the store, so dad and I (mom's in Anchorage right now) looked for it. Unfortunately we couldn't find it (boo..I hate DNFs!! Haha), but dad's gonna look for it again when he brings Abby. I wonder if it'll get found before then..

22. A Picture that gives you hope )
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 photo 10363574_987657674592721_6460459684793172293_n_zpsaggvr63b.jpg
They're so fun to watch haha. They're not very nice to each other though..they fight with each other over the food lol. I think Abby wants to go out and eat one D:

two more )
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1. Have you ever spent time on a farm? I've been to my cousin's buffalo farm..I didn't do any "farm chores" though lol
2. Have you ever been to summer camp? Yeah
3. What is your favorite summertime memory? Traveling, swimming, etc
4. Did you ever play Kick the Can or tag as a kid? Tag yeah
5. Can you milk a cow? I don't think I've ever tried..

The redpolls are going CRAZY today at mom's feeder haha..there's tons of them! Abby is LOVING watching them haha. There were even a bunch of redpolls in the parking lot of my apartment complex..I've never seen them there before! I guess they're hungry :P

day 24 - that one awesome movie idea that still hasn’t been done yet )


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